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  • Why Does Obama Want to Destroy 265,000 Jobs?

    Just how many jobs does President Barack Obama want to destroy in the name of going green?

    According to a new report by The Center for Automotive Research, the number could be as high as 264,500 jobs lost just from new automobile fuel efficiency standards being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Meanwhile, the cost of a new vehicle could go up by nearly $10,000 and sales could be reduced by 5.5 million vehicles annually.

    DBusiness pulls apart the report and finds that under the highest proposed mandate — which would raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) from 35.5 mpg in 2016 to 62 mpg in 2025 — the following effects would occur:

    • The average increase in vehicle cost necessary to achieve the higher CAFE mandates range from $3,700 to over $9,000.
    • The higher mandates will increase vehicle prices that exceed the savings in fuel costs (over five years), even if gasoline costs $6.00 per gallon (in 2009 prices) for most scenarios under consideration.
    • Consumers will shun these technology costs by holding onto their used vehicles longer, especially if fuel prices are low (e.g., $3.50 per gallon), resulting in lower sales and a loss of automotive employment. Over 260,000 jobs may be lost if the highest mandate is passed and fuel prices stay low at $3.50 (2009 prices).

    Hitting the 62 mpg average would be a challenge in and of itself. Analyst Sean McAlinden told Autoweek that attaining that standard would “require a market that’s 64 percent plug-in hybrid.” And given that the cost of vehicles would rise by an average of $9,970, McAlinden says that consumers would hold on to their old cars with lower fuel efficiency, defeating the purpose of the new regulations.

    Environmentalists discount the report, calling it an “industry-advocate propaganda piece” — despite the fact that the center that authored it gets “78 percent of its funding from federal, state and local governments, foundation grants and proceeds from conferences,” as The Detroit News’ David Shepardson reports.

    And the sky-high 62 mpg mandate aside, auto manufacturers already see problems with the significantly lower 34.1 mpg mandate set to hit U.S. automakers in 2016. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris writes:

    [T]he new government regulations become a problem if it forces car manufacturers to produce vehicles no one wants to buy. Gloria Bergquist of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said, “We have a hill to climb, and it’s steep, so we will need consumers to buy our fuel-efficient technologies in large numbers to meet this new national standard.”

    Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of GM echoed Berguist’s remarks saying, “We’ll have to force a lot of hybrids, which people may or may not pay for.”

    That’s the name of President Obama’s game: forcing new regulations on American business and consumers whether they like it or not, no matter the price.

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    47 Responses to Why Does Obama Want to Destroy 265,000 Jobs?

    1. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Why is it that the conservatives always seem to look at forward thinking / innovating as negative. Why not get behind progress and support advancing efforts as a real driven american initiative. Of course there are opportunity costs, but what's the cost in lagging behind other developed countries. Why not lead, take a deep breathe and move forward. With a different mindset, bent on optimism the seeming financial hurdles can be reframed, inspiring quicker advancement that would bring costs down.

      • Stu says:

        Because people like to make their own choices, Jeff, and not hav things forced down their throats. The most interesting thing about the article is that it looks like people will hold onto their old cars-how's that for an unintended consequence? Very similar to Cash for Clunkers, which single handely destroyed the market for afforable used cars for folks who needed cheap transportation. Readup on Bastiat's "Broken Window Fallacy" if you want to see how this works in the real world.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:


      Innovation comes through organic moves in the market – not by force. $50 light bulbs will more than likely be piled up in nearby landfills with the incandescent bulbs returning to the market. Innovation comes from a stab at making something better, and if it sticks, becomes the new norm. Case in point, the 12-volt electric outlets in cars. These were developed decades ago for cigarette lighters. Not many people smoke now a day, so these outlets are covered over by plastic covers, and we can have several of them in the car. The industry just standardized on these large cumbersome outlet form factors.

      Now cars are offering the smaller computer USB ports offering 5 volts of power for newer devices, yet the larger outlets will likely be in cars for decades to come. You cannot force change, it happens.

      We went from 8-track tapes, to tape cassettes, to CD's to MP3 Players that can be plugged in cars. None of these music listening changes required legislation or a federal worker to hold our hand. It took a free market.

      Now I strongly believe people want the most fuel-efficient car they can get, regardless of gas prices. Why do you thing the Mustang is now well into the 20 mile per gallon range? Why can you buy a F150 also deep into the 20's? Ford has no problem meeting CAFE standards. They are recognizing that people want more efficient cars beyond what the government demands. This is not requiring federal workers pressing down on Ford, it is US.

      Ford recognized the demand decades ago when they invested in their new modular engine technology. My first Ford Escort was a 1986 and it gave me almost 40 miles per gallon (highway) with only a carburetor and probably six feet of aggregate vacuum hoses. That car was heavier than my current Focus and had no environmental controls and both gave/gives me the same mileage. It took Ford 25 years to combat federal regs to get back to where it was before and they did it by not capitulating to hybrid technology (at least with this car). It is a simple gasoline engine doing as well as most hybrids.

      What Mike is pointing out is that immediate changes in the economy can hurt the flow. In this case, immediate retooling for green technology is going to have a high cost in money and jobs. If jobs are lost by green technology – all at once – and the product costs more to buy – does that sort of work against each other?

      I believe in time we will be where you want to be Jeff. Moreover, the strides made thus far, I strongly believe we would have been further along had the feds not got involved. Regulations may force some things, but it stifles others. The market has not been wide open because of DC. Not all options have been explored, only the ones the federal workers have vague understanding of.

      I say this to the feds, free the market, and get out of the way. Go get real jobs. The market is we the customer. We do eventually get what we want. Is it always the best, probably not, but it is what we want.

    3. Jon,Texas says:

      I own a third generation Prius. I average 46 miles per gallon. I paid 22 thousand for the car. Compare the Prius with the Chevy Volt. The Volt cost 40 thousand dollars. The government provides an 8 thousand dollar incentive for buying the vehicle. The US is spending millions on new technology that is simply not cost effective. Instead of plowing millions into new technology, the Obama Administration should let the market come up with new products.

    4. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Either Obama still lives in his never- never land or he is trying to destroy this country on purpose. Hopefully, this country can endure him until he is no longer President.

    5. Bette, NJ says:

      I just hope and prayer all the damage being done to country can be undone after the 2012 election but I think it will be too late.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      By this point in time, how can anyone doubt Obama is consciously and delibertly attempting to destroy our American economy? Almost every day

      their are more and more examples. This is not, as some might say, Obama is "out of touch" or "disengaged" or "inexperienced". This is not a act

      of naivete'. Anyone that cannot recognize the end results of Obama plan to

      "transform" this nation into a socialist state, is either a fool or is of the same


    7. Mike, FL panhandle says:

      We NEED to drill more and build more refineries now to hold off runaway gas prices, but also use existing and expanded funding for biofuels and hydrogen. Big oil and the Democrats are the ones preventing the already proven Algae based bio-diesel and gasoline/ethanol replacements that could be widely used today if they would just allow them to ramp up production. As gasoline and normal polluting diesel worked its way out and the plant and algae based biofuels moved in, we would see fuel prices drop to the $1 to $1.50 per gallon range. Of course too many politicians on both sides of the political spectrum are in the pocket of big oil.

      Read history, the diesel engine was designed and expected to run on plant oils. The first gasoline engines ran on Ether which is essentially alcohol (Ethanol/Methanol)… Yet American Standard paid off enough people in the government to force gasoline and diesel as the "fuels of the future". We cannot go back in time, but we can help correct one of the biggest blunders of the past century by going back to the original design basis for automotive engines.

    8. Ira says:

      Forward thinking / Obama's "winning the future?" Trains are the answer for travel, atm's and automation cost jobs, give them pain meds instead of correcting the issue.

      Progressives are not progressive. they are stuck in the 19th century… Only a liberal progressive would see driving around in a electric powered golf cart with sides on it as "opportunity."

      "Liberalism is the ideology of the stupid" — Mark Levin

      Just listen to the liberals and they will prove this over and over again all the while reminding you how smart they are…

    9. Joseph Ordower, Indi says:

      When the administration started their "Cash-for-Clunkers" program it gave a slight bump to the auto industry, but more importantly it had one lasting and devastating effect, there are now less used cars for first time buyers to purchase. The rocket scientists in DC decided that the traded in cars needed to be fundamentally destroyed (sodium silicate dumped into the engine and allowed to harden thereby destroying the engine). This has left a serious dearth of used vehicles. Vehicles that young drivers, those just graduating high school or college, would have normally purchased.

      Again, PPP (Piss Poor Planning) or perhaps it should be called "Central Planning" has led to unintended consequences, and left the very people who need inexpensive transportation; the poor, the unemployed, the young without any options, other than public transportation – if it exists in their city/town.

      These new EPA regulations will bring about the same effect. I can see the EPA mandating that all older cars again be destroyed, all in the name of the environment, and those in the lower socio-economic strata being impacted the most.

      Washington does not and cannot understand the dynamics of real world economics because the government is now being run by academics who do not and have not lived in the real world.

    10. Jennifer, Highland, says:

      Jeff, we did lead, until Obama. What you call forward thinking, I call socialism, and yes, the rest of the world leads in that, but that's not what produces progress, or what we want. These mandates are the same as the Soviet Union's running of their economy- by government, not what the people want. This article doesn't even go into the lives lost because of these cars. You drive what you want, and I'll drive what I want. How about I tell you how to live, and outlaw your behaviors and choices that I see as detrimental to society?

    11. Phil NC says:

      Its not that we see it as negative. we are realist. how can losing jobs at this point in time be called moving forward, we must find a way to sustain what we have before we can move forward. and for most people a tiny ugly car just isnt all that practical it may save mpg but cost us more in the long run.right now we should be developing more diesel powered vehicles that are in a family size package and affordable, we would still have the safety of size the room to haul our family comfortably on trips and the mpg could be better than a sardine can prius that uses batterys we would later have to figure out how to reuse or dispose of

    12. Matt, NY says:

      Jeff – conservatives are forward thinking, they just don't want the government forcing it. We love innovation, and cheer it at every turn, but we don't feel that government requiring things is forward thinking, it's actually rather outmoded and in the past. Opportunity costs are one thing, but removing the opportunity for people to excel by mandating, rather than allowing the more "natural" flow seems rather counter-productive. Let people decide what they feel is "forward thinking/innovative" rather than being told.

      I do find it strange that a group of people so fixated on liberality, amorality, and autonomy can so easily cheer the limitations of liberty and supposed autonomy by the creation of laws. For people so bent on having no one "force their morals or beliefs" on people, they seem very happy to do that very thing through the tool of the government.

    13. jeff says:

      they keep screwing with the gas and soon we won't have the need for gas and that wii mean mor jobs lost way to go jacka$$

    14. John, PA says:

      @Jeff Why is it you liberals need to destroy the country financially to get your "progress"?? We just spent billions bailing out the same industry that Obama is about to kill with his EPA regulations. When was the last time you sent you tax refund back to the treasury?? Instead of making Americans who don't agree with these fail policies, liberals should be paying the max tax with no deductions or refunds. You guys want this, you pay for it. That extra money can go towards paying for the newly unemployed, buying these junk cars for those that can't afford them etc.. Does that still seem like a good idea?? Yeah, didn't think so. You'd be the first one complaining when taxes go up to pay for it. Oh wait, I forgot. We can just tax businesses more. Put down the Kook-Aid. You've had enough.

    15. Dwayne, CA says:

      I'm not going to pay 40 or 50 thousand dollars for a car, UNLESS the president mandates that we all own a hybrid or face paying a fine….ObamaCars

    16. Kathy, Texas says:

      Why would anyone be for something that is not cost effective? Nearly all "green" initiatives use more energy to produce than they save. Windmills for electricity: yes the air is free, so far, but only 45% of their output is usable. Costs more to build and maintain them than what they produce of usable energy. There is no way to store the excess electricity they produce. If batteries were made that were big enough, then a high level of acid gas would be produced every time they were charged. And right now there is no viable alternative to make products that are produced from oil. ….like nylon, rayon, acrylic, plastic, tires, tv's, cell phones, computers, some cosmetics, some medicines, medical supplies, cars, and on and on and on. It is called having common sense. Has nothing to do with being forward thinking.

    17. Austin, TX says:


      It's not that conservatives are opposed to such forward thinking innovations, it's that conservatives don't feel that the government should be manipulating the market and companies within that market just so an agenda can be fulfilled. If the market dictates higher fuel mileage, car manufacturers have a duty to produce them in order to stay competitive.

    18. Rich, Hampton Va says:

      @ Jeff. Why is it that our government thinks they know what's best for us?

      Wouldn't to be wonderful to do as you say and get behind progress? But at what cost? What is wrong with looking at how this will affect the economy or saying, WHAT IF?

      Back in 2001, the Honda Insight was getting 61 mpg. In 2010 the Insight was listed at 45 mpg. Why is that? If you look into it like I did, it's easy to find.

      We can all hold hands and believe the world will be perfect but, we know that will never be. How can someone making less than $25,000 per year afford to purchase one of these cars? They can't. Do we tell them not to drive?

      So our governments answer is to shove it down the throats of the American people like they did with this 3,000 page health care law. Buy insurance or go to jail? The government works for the people not the other way around.

      The governments plan is to tax more so they can spend more. How about putting them on a budget like we budget our own money? It works for our local government and in our homes.

      The 2 years this administration added nearly 4 trillion to the national debt. That's the amount that Bush added in his 8 years in office. Now you want everyone to get behind this president for the sake of progress to move forward. At what cost Jeff? Unemployment his up, inflation is goint through the roof, gas, food and most household goods cost more today that 2 years ago. Is that what you want everyone to get behind?

      I know, but Obama promises this and that. He has broken so many promises so far. Remember these? Close GITMO, End war in Iraq, Afganistan, Spent 700+ Billion and keep unemployment below 8%, Shovel ready jobs.

      Why are we in Lybia? Remember no boots on the ground? Do you still believe that?

      Clean the Swamp. Transparency. Will not raise taxes on people making less than 250K. My taxes already went up.

      Get behind him for progress? Not!

    19. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      Jeff''s comments illustrate libral misunderstanding of what drives progress; it's not government mandates, but rather human desire to benifit form one's own creativity and labor, i.e. the free market.

      He also misrepresents these mandates as "forward thinking"; to the contrary they are a throw-back to the "good old days" of Mao. During the chairman's reign, he ordered villages in China to build steel foundries, regardless of the lack of technology. The result was ecological and economic disaster. That was only one of a number of disasterous "initiatives" mandated by the chinese gov't arguably responsible for over 6MM deaths due to starvation.

      Human nature cannot tolerate libral's desire to enslave the populace with command and control, top-down oligarchs.

    20. Ray, Hampton VA says:

      Jeff, Illinois – Why do liberals think they should be able to just force their agenda upon the American people and we should just accept it and move on regardless of the cost? Who do you think can afford to pay the additional cost of a new car? Where will those people who will lose their jobs as a result of this mandate find work? Will you pay for their unemployment and for how long? Will you pay the higher taxes that will be necessary to cover the taxes those folks will NOT be paying? When will the liberals understand that the more rules and regulations that are imposed upon businesses, whether from OBAMACARE, the EPA, DOE, OSHA, or any of the other "alphabet-soup" regulatory governemental agencies, the more jobs will be lost as a result of the increased cost of compliance?

      And, no, we do not look at "forward thinking/innovating as negative". Only when it is forced upon us by government!

    21. Ed Herold says:

      Looks like Jeff wants to go back to the cave period, That's what forced changes will do to us. It's proven Gov't can not dictate to the people and have a happy, viable population.

      America is the greatest country in the world as the people have been able to invent and produce things in a free environment. In the past several years Gov't has placed more rules and restrictions on the people that has slowed the people down on opening new business, investing in present business. Gov't demands of building auto's that people don't want will destroy the auto business along with much more in the country. More job loss will follow. Ethanol was forced on us causing higher gas prices, less miles per gal and higher food prices along with many outher higher prices. Gov't destroys much of what it touches. .

    22. Jim, Grants Pass, Or says:

      Jeff, It is not conservatives who consider forward thinking as negative. Just a few days ago Obama blamed HIS failing economy on ATM's. In other words "automation" which has been making advances for many decades. Who do you think will object the most about the loss of 265,000 jobs? Unions! And we both know unions to be progressive voters. Stop following the democrat's lead by blaming everything on conservatives. Anyone with half a brain can see Obama knows nothing about fixing a failing economy. The stimulus package which was suppose to keep unemployment levels below 9% was a dismal failure. Obama doesn't have a clue which is why he is now blaming automation as the culprit.

    23. Robb,St Peters,MO says:

      Here is my Common sense Conservitive view. I don't give a dang,about other countrys. I only care about America, We don't need fuel milage regulations. Focus only on emissions. We need to drill,and produce or own oil,and build refineries in stratigic locations accross this country. Put our people back to work in this country,and quite sending our dollars overseas. We can build more nuclear plants accross the country also,and continue to develope our coal powered plants for clean air emmisions. Get or oil needs off the speculative market. So tired of seeing prices jump 15 or 20 cents one day,then slowly decrease a few cents over the next week. Quite blaming oil companies for costs. Government has created all these cost problems with continued regulations,and denial of permits for oil extraction. I have a right to purchase a car with high horsepower,and suck gas like crazy if I want!

    24. NeoConVet says:

      As usual the Pampered Poodle currently in the WH who is planning his next vacation has a view of the business world that is idiotic and foolish in thinking that a gov't driven initiative will generate jobs, or realistic "sellable" products. Barry-the-Poodle continues to prove he has no ideas worth consideration.

      - Why not put our oild field workers to work drilling for domestic sources?

      - Why not cut regulations (EPA, NIOSH, IRS) that are inhibiting job growth?

      - Does he really think "telling" employers to hire people is the way to go?

      - Why is it more gov;t jobs are considered "growth"??

    25. Flemming Toronto says:

      Why is it that the liberals always seem to lack the ability to quantify/qualify and view data as negative. Why not get behind reality and support science and math efforts for real driven american initiatives. Just because the Euro peons fancy nonsense, does not mean we have to follow.

      Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible – Lord Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist (1895)

      Aerial flight is one of that class of problems with which man will never be able to cope – Simon Newcomb, American astronomer (1903)

      Man won't fly for a thousand years – Wilbur Wright, to brother Orville (1901)

      The science is in – Al Gore

    26. Lynne, Michigan says:

      Dear Jeff. You're forgetting one major component of the United States: namely, the hard-earned freedom of our citizens! We are losing many freedoms under this President; being fashioned in a country of sheeple who will learn to depend on our socialistic government for our very breath (or lack thereof due to emitting carbon when we exhale!). What a hoax! Are you aware of Mr. Obama's investments in pressing for 'cap and tax'? Sure he's pushing it, so he can be as powerful as Mr. Soros with all his money.

      The United States is one of the most forward-thinking, innovative nations in the world. Capitalism works that way! That is, until the greed of a few progressives through their corruption of the workings of capitalism, ruined the economy. I predicted and have now had confirmed that our present government m-e-a-n-t to further criple any recovery for the US.

      We have no lack of optimism…in fact, it is what is sustaining us….the 2012 election when we can clean the White House of the suppression enscounced therein, right down to trying to get the statue of Churchill back after the Obamas cleaned the White House of historical artifacts they had no business 'giving back'. What an insult!

      As to your comment on Conservatives fighting innovation, you forget that this exceptional country was founded by them.

    27. Oakland, California says:

      Point well taken. But in a global market, if the U.S, auto industry can't manage to make competitive innovations to meet the new CAFE standards by 2025-14 years away- competitors in Japan, Korea and Germany, and by then China and India-countries where gas prices are consistently much higher than in the U.S-will go from eating PART of this country's lunch to taking ALL of this great innovative country's important car manufacturing jobs. Observe the low percentage of U.S. cars on our freeways right now, and the almost total absence of U.S. cars on foreign freeways.

      The new CAFE standards could be an enormous job builder for this country.

      Unless, that is, the U.S continues to lack what it takes to compete.

    28. O_Henry says:

      Greetings Jeff,

      I fully agree with your desire for forward thinking innovation.

      However, I fully disagree with your use of government to make and force overly "ideal" CAFE standards on manufacturers; standards that are not demanded or supported by the free market or the majority of the citizenry of the USA.

      The present hosts of CAFE Standards are rather uncomfortably too close to the old apparatchiks of the former USSR and the NAZI German Reich Ministers controlling the means of production. Aside from safety standards for workers the government needs to leave manufacturers alone or they will all LEAVE the country! Remember, Jeff, without value added manufacturing there is no economy.

    29. Sally Smith Butler C says:

      Dear jeff,

      The USA does not lage behind the other countries. We know their tactic won't work. Just like health care , our nation is too big, too diverse for their plan to be effective. The bottom line is we don't want to be like them. We stand for freedom of choice and are tired of you types telling us what and how to do it.

    30. David, Kansas City, says:

      The natural gas industry has made great progress, through innovation and (privately-funded) initiatives, developing new techniques to extract oil and natural gas from dense shale–hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, etc. But liberals don't like THAT kind of progress, innovation, and initiative. Instead, they manufacture reasons to oppose domestic resource development (drinking water contamination!) and then dimwits like Jeff will harangue conservatives for not being forward-thinking. It really is pitiful, and belies their real motivation, which is to inflict incalculable damage on the U.S. and its economy.

    31. Bill P. says:

      Why is it that when this country needs to create change everyone looks to the government? After 150 years of inovation in a free market there is substantial evidence that the United states has created the highest stanbdard of living for itself and so many other countries around the world? That did not happen because the government wanted it to. It happened becuase people free to spend their money purchased those products they wanted to improve their lives. People love to say history repeats itself. Why don't we let that happen??

      The last thing I want is a self serving beaurucrat in some perverse dysfunctional department in a distant city telling me what is good for my life. I vote with my dollars, thank you!!!

    32. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Jeff – You, Kevin, and Ken, are proof positive we have "aliens" from another planet

      living amoung us. Not even communist, socialist, liberals, or progressives are as

      out of touch with America and its vaules than the three of you. Why don't you call for your return spaceship and please take Obama and the other Dems with you. I'm sure you all will be happy together living in your little world.

    33. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      Aw, yes Oakland my neighbor to the south, the reason you see more foreign cars on American highways is because those companies operate by a different set of rules than car manufacture's in the US, giving them a competitive advantage.

      The US is pricing itself out of every market thanks to gov't mandates! You want to know why businesses leave the country for foreign shores?…they can't operate here and be profitable, again thanks to gov't mandates!

      Even those foreign auto manufactures who set up shop in the US wisely avoid libral fiefdoms like detroit, who killed their own industry with unrealistic, union driven wage/benifits demands.

      However, you completely fail to see the reality that mandates don't generate innovation; the europeans, and asian countries for that matter won't be able to meet the new CAFE standards either, despite the assistance they receive in heavily subsidized state releif.

      Librals need to make themselves useful and contribute to the country's prosperity instead of leaching off the hard work of others! Learn a trade, make something useful that you don't have to force people to buy!

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    36. David, Kansas City, says:

      The natural gas industry has made great progress, through innovation and (privately-funded) initiatives, developing new techniques to extract oil and natural gas from dense shale–hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, etc. But liberals don’t like THAT kind of progress, innovation, and initiative. Instead, they manufacture reasons to oppose domestic resource development (drinking water contamination!) and then liberals like Jeff will harangue conservatives for not being forward-thinking. It really is pitiful, and belies their real motivation, which is to inflict incalculable damage on the U.S. and its economy.

    37. Jon, Los Angeles says:

      Soon we will all be wearing light brown unitards and driving around in little boring cars that all look the same. Fun. Hooray for "progress".

      Hey electric car driving people — where do you think the electricity comes from to power the car? That's right – from the wall. Which leads to the electric company, who burns coal and oil and stuff. Maybe even a little nuclear power. Not magic. Oil and coal and nuclear. Crazy, huh?

      So guess what — we still need a real energy solution no matter what kind of car you drive.

    38. Renny, Maryland says:

      Hey, no problem, he will just use taxpayer money to subsidise. He does this with everything to get control!!!!!


    39. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Wow, that's quite a response . . At least we've all expressed ourselves.

      We don't want the government to force us to innovate seems to be the predominate thought, or that the government shouldn't be in the business of thinking they know better.

      The GOP wants to abolish or minimize the charter of the EPA (clean air and water must be out-dated desires). The GOP wants to legislate morality. The GOP drove us into some pretty costly wars. The GOP wants to give subsidies to the Oil Industry inspite of their record profits. The GOP wants free trade which guarantees our industrial base will continue to decline, because we can't possibly produce goods as cheaply as third world nations. The GOP would have states compete with other states for jobs, with the net momentum of lower wages (as Unions are demonized and broken down). The GOP would cut social programs, while maintaining a military budget much larger than all the other nation's military budgets combined, and continue to give greater tax cuts to the wealthiest of the wealthy (who got their wealth exploiting our system). The GOP thinks de-regulation is some God given mandate, because we all know, left to our own devices mankind always operates for the best of all.

      No you're right Government is the evil, unless you let the GOP run it.

      • jack says:

        if you're talking about the establishment GOP i agree . but if it's the conservatives you have some really stupid ideas. who really wants dirty water ? ww1 democrat ww2 democrat korea democrat vietnam democrat (ended by a republican ) kosova/ bosnia democrat . american revolution conservatives civil war republican iraq and afganistan republican , overwelmingly we went to war under dem leadership .nafta was passed under bill clinton dem. unions are founded in racism and communism . the current social programs are unsustainable and if not changed will not exist . the top 10% of earners pay over 70% of the total tax burden . most regulations now com from unelected , unaccountable beauracrats . do your home work and quit trying to sound intelligent

    40. Wildcat D-town, PA says:

      Obama is apathetic about the number of jobs he and his policies destroy as that advances his nefarious strategic objective. Spain hasn’t exactly done miraculous things with its attempt to convert to “green energy” and a green agenda.

      Obama would have been a hero in a Communist or Socialist country where they embrace central planning until there are only two classes of people; the rich and working (and unemployed) poor. Here in America we were built on the free market economy and did very well at growing until the Progressives and Statists got involved.

      The only reason Government Motors (GM) appears to be more profitable than the other U. S. auto manufacturers is they didn’t have to pay any taxes like the others did and, equally important, have not paid back the American people the money the federal government used to prop up the unions and take over GM. The Chevy Volt has a dismal sales record even with government backed incentives for several reasons including that it is not what the people in the market want. Secondly, the charging station to recharge the car in the least amount of time costs another $4,500 to have installed in your garage.

    41. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Are these changing and increasingly-difficult CAFE standards the result of laws emanating from the political branches, passed by Congress and signed by the President, or dictates emanating from one of the unaccountable branches, namely the EPA?

    42. Bobbie says:

      Why Does Obama Want to Destroy 265,000 Jobs? Because he can. Because his will is not in line with the will of the people. Because he’ll use any excuse of the EPA’s fraudulent claims to remove the freedom of the private sector. Because green is not about man-made global warming but all the stolen money it brings in under this false pretension.

      Instead of letting business promote protection from mother nature, they’d rather steal our money, convince the vulnerably weak minded, money can control mother nature! No matter what man does or doesn’t do will interfere with the course of nature. Mankind is a part of it, for Pete sakes! But I’ll tell you what’s destroying the beautiful land of this country, those ugly monstrous wastes of land, wind turbines! Oil drilling certainly doesn’t promote such ugliness on land and is much more efficient and is our natural resource and needs utilization before oil erupts the land! Drill here, drill now, drill for economic freedom and energy independence! Unless the environmental agency can explain where wind starts and stops, they have no credibility and should be defunded and expensed privately.

    43. jack says:

      it's always counter productive what the libs do. welfare now rewards bad behavior (you get pregnant out of wedlock we'll pay you).pensions ( work for us for 20 years and we'll pay you for another 28-30 ).can't have a 2 gallon toilet (now i have to flush twice eveytime).poor people should own homes (you're living this one).buy these energy light bulbs filled with murcery poisonous gas. use ethenal that burns up alot of boat engines takes as much fuel to make as produced and envirmentally mixes easier with water then gas. use wind mills (if the whole u.s. was covered with them would only produce 3% of national energy).buy solar panels for your home ( a $50,000 investment to save $50.00 a month it will take aprox. 83 years to get a return on your investment ). the list is endless …. modern liberalism seems to be a form of insanity

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