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  • Thousands of Cribs Headed to the Dump Unless Federal Agency Delays Regulation

    Upwards of 20,000 cribs are destined for the garbage dump later this month unless a federal consumer safety agency moves the deadline for selling the merchandise at a meeting today.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission gave retailers six months to sell their inventory of cribs after new rules took effect in December, but the economic downturn has made moving the merchandise more difficult than expected. The result is a June 28 deadline that could result in thousands of unused cribs being destroyed and sent to landfills.

    The inventory of cribs is not considered unsafe, a hazard to children or subject to recall. They simply don’t meet the CPSC’s latest safety test. Congress mandated the agency implement the regulation, but let CPSC commissioners come up with the date retailers must comply.

    Any cribs not meeting the current standard must be destroyed if they’re not sold by June 28. Industry estimates put the number between 10,000 and 20,000 cribs. Some retailers, panicking to sell the cribs before the deadline, have offered steep discounts to consumers. Manufacturers, meanwhile, may still have stock in warehouses that must go or be junked.

    “Overregulation is going to lead to the destroying of thousands of cribs that are perfectly good — many that are better than what will come out after the new regulations,” Gene Francis, a South Dakota-based retailer and member of the National Independent Nursery Furniture Retailers Association, told Kids Today.

    The result is today’s CPSC meeting, open to the public and webcast beginning at 9 a.m. Commissioners will hear about the impact of the regulation — and decide if the June 28 deadline should be pushed back to give retailers more time to sell the cribs.

    The crib rules are a major focus of the CPSC’s work. A lengthy and detailed question-and-answer page exists on the agency’s website. The new safety regulations essentially prohibit drop-side cribs and make retrofitting unused models very difficult.

    A related regulation applies to daycare providers, requiring that all cribs — regardless of age or condition — be replaced by Dec. 28, 2012.

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    12 Responses to Thousands of Cribs Headed to the Dump Unless Federal Agency Delays Regulation

    1. Mark - Eden Prairie says:

      The CPSC is out of control. Millions of "vertically challenged" women are now forced to suffer as they try to figure out how to extract their infant from a non-drop side crib. Unbelievable.

      I work in an industry where tens of millions or dollars are wasted in order to comply with arcane CPSC regulations that have no consumer benefit. Who will stop this profound waste of resources? Who is holding this rogue group of bureaucrats accountable for their actions?

    2. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I am a day care provider and have 2 cribs that are called porta cribs, these have a drop sde. I've been using these cribs for 7 years and not had a problem, now the Feds say I must buy cribs that do not have a drop side. I am short and it's not easy for me to put sheets on a crip with a fixed side, also when kids start to climp out you can lower the side, this keeps them from falling out when asleep but also makes it easier and safer for them to climb over side rails. Another example that the feds have no common sense and react to cases which might come under abuse and carelessness. As a Mother who raised 9 kids and has been a pediatric nurse as well as doing day care I find this is not for safety as much as covering up some errors committed by parents and care providers.

    3. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      I despise the fact that Congress has deferred such rule-making authority to a bureaucracy. The CPSC, along with all other bureaucracies, should only execute the laws written by Congress and signed by the President not fill in the gaps with more rules. If those departments see limitations in the laws, they should ask Congress for more authority where testimony, real debate and the people's voice can be heard. When the public cries out for relief from these onerous regulations, Congress either blames the bureaucrats or adds more laws to the books. It seems like a cop-out.

      How do these cribs become officially dangerous after some arbitrary deadline, be it 6/28/11 or 12/28/12, but aren't dangerous now? If the manufacturers are lucky enough to get an extension and sell these 10,000-20,000 "dangerous" cribs, what will happen to the 10,000-20,000 babies that have to sleep in them? Can those parents sue the CPSC if their child dies in it? We have used one of these drop-side cribs for almost 10 years with our three children, and it has served us well. I guess we'll have to sell it on the black market.

      This debate reminds me of a couple other debates. Cigarettes….if they are dangerous to human health, why not just ban them instead of just tax them to death? Cash-for-clunkers…millions of good, used vehicles, or at least their good, used parts, had to be destroyed in order to get the rebate for a new, more "earth-friendly" vehicle. Landfills fill faster, and the price of used cars increases.

      Next time you hear about the high price of cribs or the overflowing landfills, remember the bureaucracy!

    4. Lydia B, Lompoc, CA says:

      Why don't the retailers donate the cribs to women's shelters, etc. They could write-off a percentage of the loss on the tax returns. At least the cribs would not be wasted and filling landfills.

    5. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I had a small company where we sold used children clothing, toys, books, and furniture. We sold only higher-end products at lower prices. We used several private sector and government consumer protection databases to see if the stuff we were going to sell had issues. In many cases, there were fixes for cribs that were found to have a dangerous feature. There were some cribs that were so old that it was visually obvious we could never sell the crib. We have to physically inspect each crib and ensure the crib was able to be assembled.

      The thing is, any non-standard or defined danger – whether it exists in the real world or not – can be fixed by a manufacturer provided parts package. Usually provided for free! The fact that this STUPID agency is demanding these cribs be tossed is abhorred. Typical federal absolutionist response – black or white. Had this group of ingrates actually worked for the people, they would have gone to the factory and explain the problem and either assist the company on a fix or just let the company do the fix by themselves. But no, the solution is destruction. These companies will lose considerable amounts of money. I am not sure, since I sold the store 9 years ago, but if things still work the same way they did then, the company will likely provide the fix anyway for all existing cribs in use.

      Chock this one up with the lead free regulations that caused many of these businesses to close. Our store closed for other reasons by the new owner, but our very successful competitors are now closed. Those regs were targeted to used children products store and required each item to be tested for lead. That would be clothes, toys, books, etc. From my experience that would have been daunting and impossible for a small business to manage. It would have bankrupt us in our store. Lead testing kits are expensive and hiring a contractor was even worse.

      In these two areas, this agency is working against the American people, at the customer level, the poor, the companies and resell shops.

      • liberti says:

        The federal bureaucracies are out of control. If you saw the number of high-salaried bureaucrats in federal agencies, it would make your head spin. Rank-and-file, the ones who actually do the work, are denigrated and often bullied and made to double their workload while upper management wastes time in meetings which solve nothing, get high bonuses for doing nothing and constantly ask for more funding. To know this, you had to have been within the belly of the federal beast.

    6. Barbaric Bird, River says:

      The CPSC gives us a whole new meaning to the term "Nanny State," and it isn't pretty.

    7. Renny, Maryland says:

      I'm 75, and I cannot comprehend this nonsense!!!!!! I will bet they all are getting around $100,000 per year!!!!! Maybe the "Raptrue" will come and we won't have to worry about this nonsense. Those left behind can fight it out amoungst themselves!! Amen!!

    8. Commissioner Nancy N says:

      I am glad to see the Heritage Foundation finally paying attention to the regulatory excesses at the CPSC. The decision made this morning by a majority of CPSC commissioners is just one more example of the agency ignoring the impact its actions are having on small businesses. I discuss my concerns with the crib standard at http://nancynord.net

      CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord

    9. Walter Midland, MI says:

      Just another example of Goverment control and Power. Let them warn about possible dangers and let the people decide if they want to buy. Don't mandate anything.

    10. MaryAnn says:

      Anyone know a children's charity, here or overseas that could use these? How about having them purchase whatever is needed with donated funds at a discounted price? I'd donate but don't have connections in that area.

      The whole nanny state in the nursery is a bit ironic, as well. I don't know how we all made it past nursery school without them!

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