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  • Taxpayers Win Big in Wisconsin

    Last night the Wisconsin Supreme Court (finally) agreed that the legislature—not the courts—writes the laws. This is a huge victory for Wisconsin taxpayers.

    Collective bargaining powers give unions a monopoly on labor services provided to government. The voters’ elected representatives may not hire employees except on the terms the union agrees to. Unfortunately, monopolies have the same effect in government as in the private sector—raising costs and reducing quality.

    Until now, government employees in Wisconsin paid just 6 percent of their health care premiums and next to nothing for generous pensions, and the average teacher in Milwaukee makes $101,000 a year. Government union contracts also require layoffs to occur on the basis of seniority. Long-time government employees can rest assured that they will never get laid off.

    Monopolies are great for monopolists. But they do tremendous harm to the public.

    Union contracts are one of the reasons Wisconsin has the fourth highest tax burden in the country. Preventing performance-based layoffs keeps ineffective teachers in the classroom for decades.

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and the state legislature decided this needed to change. They passed legislation restricting collective bargaining in government and requiring government workers to pay more for their benefits. They also allowed workers to choose whether or not to pay union dues.

    Government unions strongly opposed taking away their monopoly. They filed suit and persuaded an activist district court judge to enjoin the law. Now that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has reversed that decision, the law will be enforced. Wisconsinites will finally get a government that serves them instead of the other way around.

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    10 Responses to Taxpayers Win Big in Wisconsin

    1. Chasoo says:

      God Bless America.

    2. John Westra, Michiga says:

      The Wisconsin Supreme Court's correct assessment of the role of the legislature and courts, is not only a tremendous win for Wisconsin Citizens, it also has positive implications for how the legitimate role of courts and legislatures in other states as well as the Federal Government.

    3. smiling says:

      Your article hit the nail on the head!

    4. Jeff, Illinois says:

      God Bless America . . . if you're in bed with the millionares. .

      The present GOP is determined to bash through their agenda at all costs . . and unbeknown to the average working class american their goal is lower wages, less representation, exploitation and all the benefits going to the wealthiest of the wealthy . .

      Look who's behind the funding of the Heritage Foundation and ask yourself is their investment in what's reported meant to bring liberty and justice for all . . or prosperity for just themselves.

    5. Low Life Kriminal says:

      Sooo teachers make too much money is the argument here the cops have too much luxury in their retirement is the stated position of this website that government employees are the fat cats sucking this country dry? J/a

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    7. Jim from Il says:

      It appears that Jeff from IL doesn't get it or he is a shill for the unions. Public employee unions bargin against the taxpayer not some imaginary fat cat. I will never get social security or a pension yet have worked since I was 15 and paid taxes. But govt employees get rich pensions and benefits. 14 million people are out of work- yet govt employees don't want to contribute their "fair share" to the taxpayer. Thank God for people like Gov Walker willing to stand up for us not unions.

    8. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Thank God for people like Gov. Walker who talk out of both sides of their mouths.

      The debate about Unions might have a place, but NOT the way it was raised in Wisconsin. Remember when Walker thought he was talking to one of the Koch brothers. In response to the question about putting trouble-makers in the Union crowds. Quote from Walker: " We thought about doing that".

      That statement I think should have ended his political career. Again the debate about Unions in general is a fair one.

    9. Susan says:

      I have belonged to a Union, but the Unions have now become to political and radical and are intimidators.
      To me they act like a branch of the Acorn group. Reasonable bargaining is okay, but to demand the extreme while so many are unemployed and Soc. Sec. recipitants raises and pensions have been frozen for two, going on three years is unreasonable. We have to get America's deficit balanced, then we may be able to get more benefits, but to hurt taxpayers and the elderly, that are suffering, such as myself for excess gain is wrong.

    10. JOHN says:

      Finally…Wisconsin Supreme Court has REFUSED to let the UNIONS take CONTROL & now Wisconsin can continue to GET THEIR States fiscal situation into realistic success..!! NOW…it's time to MOVE ON to the other states that are experiencing these SAME UNION TACTICS to BANKRUPT THEM TOO!!

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