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  • Morning Bell: A Showdown over the War in Libya

    For the past three months, the United States has been engaged in a war in Libya, and during that time Congress has remained largely in the dark and on the sidelines about central questions in the conflict, all while U.S. forces remain committed without congressional authorization. Yesterday, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) sent a letter to President Barack Obama warning that the commander in chief may be in violation of the law if he refuses to ask Congress for its approval.

    In his letter, Boehner noted that the President is just days away from violating the War Powers Resolution, which maintains that, without congressional authorization, the President can deploy U.S. military forces for 90 days. In his letter, Boehner demanded that Obama provide legal justification for the operation in Libya by Friday. Though the War Powers Resolution is problematic, Congress is right to be angry and has an obligation to speak up on Libya.

    In response to Boehner’s letter, a National Security Council spokesman said, ”We are in the final stages of preparing extensive information for the House and Senate that will address a whole host of issues about our ongoing efforts in Libya.” But it’s a message Congress has heard before, and it’s not the first time in this near 90-day-old conflict that the Obama Administration has left questions about the U.S. mission in Libya unanswered.

    Nine days after Operation Odyssey Dawn began, President Obama addressed the American people from the National Defense University to lay out his justification for the United States’ involvement in Libya’s civil war. And though, as Heritage’s James Carafano explained, “the President described the brutality of the [Muammar] Qadhafi regime, the United States’ interests in the conflict, the limited nature of U.S. military involvement, and the role the ‘international community’ would undertake in finishing the job in Libya and rebuilding the country,” the question “What comes next?” still remained. And while the bombs drop in Tripoli, Qadhafi hunkers down, and questions about NATO’s capabilities grow, the U.S. mission has continued without congressional authorization.

    It is that refusal to consult Congress that has driven the House of Representatives to take action. Ten days ago, the House voted 268-145 to demand that President Obama give more detail on U.S. policy goals in Libya. And today, those details still have not arrived. Representative Buck McKeon (R-CA), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee explains Congress’ frustration:

    If our fighting forces are sent into combat, Congress’ voice must be heard. Despite the fact that the White House failed to seek congressional authorization for Operation Odyssey Dawn, U.S. armed forces are continuing their participation in the NATO-led operation. It is my hope that the Obama Administration understands that this minimizes Congress’ constitutional role in matters of war and takes appropriate corrective actions.

    Congress’ complaints—and its calls for answers from the White House—are justifiable. Carafano writes:

    President Obama failed to consult Congress in an appropriately deliberate manner. The President has ill-served Congress, and there is no reason Congress should stand for it. As it responds, Congress should be mindful of its obligations: to uphold the Constitution, act in America’s interests, and not unduly put the lives of American allies at risk.

    USA Today reports that the White House is expected to meet Boehner’s deadline, but longstanding questions that have clouded the conflict from the start will still need answers. Tomorrow, The Heritage Foundation will  host an event, “U.S. Engagement in Libya: The Way Forward,” which will discuss how the Administration should proceed in Libya and what Congress’ role should be in developing a sensible strategy for peace and transition.

    After President Obama launched operations in Libya, he promised that the engagement would last “days, not weeks.” Months later, the war rages on and an easy toppling of Qadhafi’s regime has not been achieved. Though gains against Qadhafi’s forces have been made, Libyan rebels are unlikely to achieve victory any time soon, risking more civilian deaths amid a stalemated war. What is needed now is a clear path forward and appropriate congressional involvement that respects the Constitution and America’s commitment to its allies to achieve U.S. objectives in Libya.

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    71 Responses to Morning Bell: A Showdown over the War in Libya

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      6 – 15 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      John Arizona on June 14th, 2011 at 11:27am said:

      It’s people like Wasserman-Schultz who refuse to see the failures of the Obama policies and ideology who will push forward to ruin this country. What is it that they can’t see? How blind can they be? One would think they’re taking their cue from Ken Jarvis!

      *** John – Obama’s message is –

      Things are GOING to GET BETTER, They always have.

      HF and Murdochs Empire, and the GOP have NEVER Said that. Wonder WHY? Don’t YOU think things will get better?


      Wonder WHY HF or WSJ have NEVER reported on – SolarCity?


      Keep 'em coming, Fight the GOOD Fight, Keep the Faith,

      and THINGS WILL GET BETTER – they always have.

    2. Turner says:

      Who is really running our foreign policy? And, what are this person's motives and objectives? I guess we will find out the hard way. Funny how the liberals are silent on all the new war fronts Obama has begun.

    3. jim delaney says:

      For years, congress has routinely abdicated its constitutional responsibilities to an increasingly unresponsive, imperial, overreaching Executive Branch. Congress is the culprit here. It has willy-nilly allowed an unconstitutioinal and dangerous expansion of Executive powers and it is now time for Congress to reign in what has become an out-of-control Executive Branch. It sickens and scares me when I see Executive wielding so much power. Our founders are surely rolling over in their graves. We'd best get on the stick and bring the branches back in proper balance. No Executive should have this much power in a Republic.

    4. ThomNJ says:

      This is a sham – Boehner is going to disappoint us. Just wait and see.

      We should not be in Libya at all and should not have interfered from the get go. The only way to free the Middle East is to conduct a world-wide crusade against islam and destroy it. I hate to sound like a whacko, but that really is it – and I also know a crusade won't happen – it is just not PC. There is no freedom under islam, and the Western World better wake up to it and stop the invasion now – it will only be worse later on.

    5. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      This will tell me just where the Republicans really stand! If they don't allow Obama to do exactly or very closely to what he wants, I'll be shocked! Watch!

    6. Robert, North Richla says:

      We have no business being in Libya, and frankly we should have been out of Iraq and Afghanistan years ago – with real victory. We have real terrorism in all of our urban areas (we call it gang violence), that no one wants to acknowledge because it is "bad for business" and bad for real estate values. Of course, while little johnny beats his chest about Libya, he is doing NOTHING about: ANWR, Keystone pipeline, necessary infrastructure improvements and repairs, jobs, debt limit, wasteful spending, "making government smaller" and the rest of his November lies.

    7. Paul Stratman, Cold says:

      Now that the "war" has essentially been turned over to Italy, a former Libyan ruler, it's high time for us to not only leave this African affair but NATO as well.

      Obama needs to lay out his plans, 1, 2, 3 and with definite time tables for the next 30 days maximum!

    8. Mike, Chicago says:

      Boehner has finally done something right by obstructing Obama from continuing one of the illegal practices of his illegal predecessor. Hopefully this wont be more of his political theater and he can help end this war.

    9. JULIE, OHIO says:

      This action by the President is just a precurser of what is planned for the future of our Republic. The powers of socialism are looming at our door and the irrelevence of our laws are in jeopardy.

    10. M. Barton, Virginia says:

      This President has no need or desire for Congress — or the Scott Brown Senate. He thinks the U.S. Constitution is a "flawed document" that doesn't give the Executive Branch all the powers Obama needs. So he has bureaucrats create legislation.

      Just discovered that the IPAB (the Independent Payment Advisory Board) in ObamaCare will be making proposals that are labeled as "legislative proposals" in the ObamaCare legislation (which, if you recall, was voted on only by the House — not by the Senate — in full violation of our Constitution). Every proposal from the IPAB becomes "law unless Congress passes — with a three-fifths SUPERMAJORITY required in the Senate — a measure CUTTING MEDICAL SPENDING AS MUCH AS THE IPAB PROPOSAL WOULD" (George Will qtd by Peter Suderman "Is ObamaCare's Medical Cost Control Board Unconstitutional", 6/13/11, Caps. mine).

      And that's not all, folks. In order to get rid of IPAB, Congress can't introduce a bill to eliminate them "before 2017 or after Feb. 1, 2017, and must be enacted by Aug. 15 of that year. And if passed, it cannot take effect until 2020" (same reference as above).

      This is yet another egregious attack on the separation of powers and on representative govt. Remember — this is akin to "taxation without representation." This will be RATIONING via Executive appointees. That is a horror embedded in the legislation that was created by some social engineer who loathes life and liberty — and feels perfectly justified in shredding the Constitution for the benefit of the collective.

      (If you didn't know about this, neither did I — til yesterday. Call your Senators, your Congressmen, and if you are in one of the states trying to free us from this monster, tell you Atty Genl.)

      Then there's the EPA enacting Cap & Trade without any Constitutional power to do so. And the NLRB trying to create the Card Check environment and Craig Becker, recess appointee, gets free reign to do so. The Executive wants legislation passed and the people say "no"? No problem.

      If W. Bush had done these things, the Dems. would have started impeachment proceedings.

      But with Obama, Republicans cave during the lame duck and sign the dastardly START Treaty.

      We'd better do something for this country. And fast.

    11. Richard Billies says:

      The Constitution is very clear on this issue. Every pundit seems to think that Congress' power to declare war is superseded by the President's role as Commander-in-chief when the founders thought differently. The founders did not want an all powerful executive. They had seen the effects of that with the King of England. I believe that they saw the roles in this way. Congress declares war upon the request of the President and the President as Commander-in-chief executes the war declaration. A President who goes to war without the support of the Congress and the people that they represent is asking for trouble.

    12. Jim Buzzell says:

      One more unconstitutional event in the Obama administration's executive management of our federal government. As the United States' CEO he is a complete failure. Carter could only wish this would happen to move him down on the list of inepts holding the office. This unknown person is a travesty to our nation, and speaks to the supidity, and the head-in-the-sand people who voted this fraud into the office he currently holds. Chicago know he is a fraud, is an unknown, is corrupt to the core, hides his true identity, uses another's social security number, (a case now before the District Court in DC), puts out a self verified false birth certificate (Robert Bauer has now run for the woods because of this release) (my speculation), and hangs out with those opposed to our constitution, and our constitutional republic; what more does the United States citizens need to see before they demand he and his handlers clear up all the false faces he presents to the public. Using some else's SSN is a federal crime; everyone else caught doing this goes to prison; why not Obama?

    13. Donald McGovern, Bur says:

      I don't see any satisfactory conclusion to the crisis in Libya. I am much more concerned about the security of Israel, and the welfare of our military in Iraq and Afganistan. Of greater concern to our national interests is the nuclear potential of Iran and our relatiionship with Pakistan. Perhaps, it's time for the House to stop funding operations in Libya.

    14. gerald skey says:

      No-one should be surprised at the lack of information supplied to or the demonstrated lack of respect for Congress from this Administration. Lest we forget, President Obama passed, through Reconciliation, arguably the largest piece of domestic legislation in history while most in Congress had not even read it. Of course, Reconciliation is a ploy – a device – to enable troublesome legislation to avoid the debates inherent in a Democratic country. Such debates form the cornerstones of all Democracies but become tiresome and to be avoided in the minds of those who do not truly believe in Democracy. This is equally true of the President's position on Libya. Of course this matter should have been submitted to Congress – at the outset. But our President is a skilled orator and reads his teleprompters with ease and conviction through which he is able to convince a fair percentage of the public that he is a man of conviction. Perhaps he simply believes that he knows best and does not want his decisions second guessed or debated – who really knows. But in the final analysis, his actions are foreign to our way of life and for that one reason – let alone other equally compelling reasons – he should be dismissed in the next election.

    15. charles labounty mer says:

      " mmmmmm mmmmmmm good!"

    16. Douglas Dauntless- f says:

      Obama continually bypasses the Congress and the Constitution and gets away with it, because the old Republican Guard Congressmen are only ibstered in "let's make a deal" to screw the public. In the mean time we will alll work togeather to destroy the United States of America. This way the Muslims, the Communists, Fabians, and the UN can cut America up between them and the people go back to the Dark Ages and become slaves. The America people better be ready for a Rellion. Obama can do a ton of damage before 2012 election that we will never recover. Remember when Obama says tax the rich, he is a billionaire 10 times over, and so are his gang they just robbed the Treasury with the help of Geithner. Obama has no ethics or scruples.

    17. D.F. Pesznecker Stan says:

      Don't mess around with this…impeach the bum.

    18. Johnny Hiott , State says:

      This entire involvement in Libya is illegal. The "war powers act" gives the president the authority to commit American forces "when America is threatened".

      Libya was no threat to America. This "illegal war" sanctioned by our President is justification for impeachment. Not that there were not many other reasons for impeachment. Congress has already failed America by allowing this to go on for in excess of 90 days. Congress should have stopped it the day after it started.

      The presidents of the past four decades have continued constantly to abuse our constitution and gain power without legal authority. Congress has a duty to stop this abuse of illegal power. If congress fails to stop obama and his war in Libya they may as well go home as they will be rendered completely useless.

    19. David Winders Arkade says:

      This is a clear violation of the War Powers Act yet 145 law biding congressional members are also violating the WPA how can this be, that's right I forgot the so called peoples party think just like the President WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW

    20. Norm LA says:

      This president is acting more like the King the American people, at times, accused George Washington of wanting to be. A president, by virtue of the Constitution is the Commander in Chief and that gives him the right to go to war, I believe. However what is required of this president and what previous presidents have done, is to tell the American people why and what the objectives of the mission are and which should be in the interest of America. Hopefully a little more than its alright, things will get better, which is pure nonsense. Like wish upon a star. The same democrats in the congress demanded and received that from the previous CIC and yet they continue to lie about it. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are achieving the objectives laid out, albeit slower than we would like with the enemy on the defense and not attacking here at home [for the Ron Paul passivists]. What gets me is this president railed on Bush [for things that were not true] and for exactly what the wannabe king he is doing. And the king is using good men and women for his own personal benefit. Yes, the report from the administration is in its final draft. Just like the now non existent "shovel ready jobs".

    21. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      Ha!!! How much do you want to bet that Obama isn't even aware of this rule? The man is truly not qualified for the job he holds, he is most obviously in over his head….

      He will attempt to violate it. nevertheless….remember we have an election coming up……and he hasn't been successful on his other military fronts i.e. closing GITMO, getting out of Iraq, (I think he is attempting to do this before 2012) however his opponents have plenty of fuel if they choose to use it, Everything he is doing right now is looking forward to 2012…..


    22. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      Things will get better they always have. Wow! What history comic book have you been reading K.J.? My mom and dad and all the folks they knew suffered greatly during the great depression and I remember all the rationing during the WW II. Now we are about to plunge over the cliff of debt insolvency. We elected a socialist President who seems to be blind in both eyes while joking about his shovel ready projects and then changes how we measure inflation and joblessness to lull us into hoping things are getting better. His Libya policy ?? is just another sign of the imperial, impervious to reality, dishonest Chicago gang presidency.

    23. Frank E. Vincent says:

      It is comments like these listed here that has gained the attention of Congress. Along with the Tea Party member's actions that has led Congress to emphasis the Constitutional process and demand appropriate action. Because finally, the members of Congress are starting to realize they have to answer to the voters, and each and everyone of them must adhere to the standards we (American's) demand.

      I have written many letters to Congress and my Representatives asking them to stop the indiscriminate bombing of Libya's people when the objective was to remove Gadaffi. This act was not only unconstitutional its purpose was inhumane, since this President has no intention of removing Gadaffi.

      Frank E. Vincent

    24. Dave Ferguson, Jopli says:

      This angers me greatly and its all I can do to keep from using fowl language, all in the world they need to do is take an officer of the law and take Obama into custudy and follow up doing the same to others who are working to take over our country, isn't anyone man enough to tell it like it is, how much proof do we need? The constitution, there for the law is on our side, what more do we need?

      Quit pussy footing around and letting these Progressives call the shots.

    25. Robert says:

      We are not fighting for democracy or freedom of any kind in Libya. None of these "Arab Spring" uprisings will result in better living; both Islam and the nature of the Arab will assure that we will replace one horror story for another. In the meantime, we lose our treasure and risk our people in a war that means nothing to us. Let Libya be Europe's problem (haven't we carried their load long enough ?) and get the heck out of there. Obama has ulterior motives and is paying off political promises in this thing, at terrific cost to all of us.

    26. Jon New Mexico says:

      The longer Obama's in the Whitehouse the worse it's going to be for this country! We're being set up to take hits from everything he's done! Who's to say we are on the "right side" in this for our best interest's? So far, so bad!

    27. Polly, Anaheim, CA says:

      Congress is acting like babies. "I told him to tell me, and he won't" , "I wrote him a letter and he didn't answer". Waah Waah. Where are your cojones? We need men like John Wayne with true grit.

    28. g.cassell says:

      Robert, you are absolutely right. Libya has never been our ally. The only thing that is being accomplished in the middle east now is total disruption to the entire area. Who will end up running these countries. Who will protect Israel? These wars cannot be won. Thom is right. It's time to bring our warriors home and take care of our country.

      I also hope Boehner and the republican run congress do not back down. When is this guy going to be held accountable?

    29. Basia says:

      Mmmmm, let's see….

      Obama fires a private sector company's CEO (GM)

      Obama tosses aside secured GM bondholders in violation of established bankruptcy law

      Obama shuts down drilling in the gulf against a judge's court order

      Obama decides which people his justice dept should prosecute based on their skin color (Black Panthers with night sticks at polls)

      Obama puts us into a 3rd muslim war without congressional approval

      Wake up folks because Congress is sleeping!

      Obama is OUR own type of dictator Quaddafi.

      Nov 2012 can't come fast enough.

    30. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Give us a break! Boehner is again playing at being a complete fool, along with the entire Republican deligation. Obama will do nothing and Boehner will not follow up, just posture for the camera and the sound bites to save his political ass. Wake up America, Boehner, and most of the present Republican crop are gutless cowards that are only interested in getting reelected. On the other hand,

      Obama and the Dems are cold, calculating, and ruthless. They know exactly what they want. Until we form another political party of true conservatives, this

      nation will continune to slide into Obama dream of socialism.

    31. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      GO POLLY!!!! Can we say DEFUND all of Obama's executive orders, czars, etc?

      Polly, thanks for a common sense statement!


    32. Doctor Dave, Napa CA says:

      Obama does not respect or uphold the Constitution even though he claims to have been an expert on the document. Being requested to explain the reason for his decision to enter the War in Libya without congress approval is just a small over site. Why spend time dealing with some powerless political body like Congress?

    33. KC - New Mexico says:

      I don't care about Libya or the other countries in the Middle East. These countries owe the US an equivalent of our 14 trillion dollars of debt. They can pay us in oil and the other billions of dollars that we gave them from our ineffective state department. Forget Libya and stop all aid – we need to concentrate on fixing our own country first. The rest of the world can just wait!

    34. Kevin Dougherty says:

      I'm wondering what percentage of NATO's resources is being supplied by The U.S. as President Obama "leads from behind."

    35. Tom, Mineola TX says:

      I don't understand why we aren't hearing the word "impeachment" shouted loud and clear because of this. Oh, wait. Maybe it's because the alternative is Joe Biden. If congress rolls over on this then they are joining Obama in making congress completely irrelevant.

    36. Tim Wiedman, Lincoln says:

      President Obama once called the Constitution a "charter of negative liberties" that "doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf." Thus, he appears to have a more sweeping view of the power of the Presidency than the Founders envisioned. And, as Commander in Chief, it is unlikely that he sees the Congress as having a legitimate voice regarding his use of the military.

    37. azwayne says:

      Polly, you are correct, we're seeing another part of the game, so Congress can verify and cement the actions of the illegal usurper. Voters and citizens are being played like biggest suckers ever. We can't see one bit of observance to our constitution. Boehner is lying and playing to cover up for the socialist, because way too many in Congress are Bilderberg and NWO supporters, we better wake up and start action. The professional politicians are all the same, same goal, forget R and D that means NOTHING. They use that game to convince the uneducated they operating according to the system. Demand the few honest grow a pair, the rest need removed, elections won't necessarily work politicians control complete system with attorneys and courts when needed.. This is small part of dictator in action.

    38. Stephen Anderson, Oa says:

      Be careful of unbridled trust and optimisim. It tends to crush those that do not face reality.

    39. Disgusted, in Illino says:

      The "community organizer" "promised that the operations in Libya will last days and not months" now months have passed and we are still there. By now everyone should know that he is a calculating liar and will do whatever he chooses. The Constitution and agreements mean nothing to him.

      He acts like an arrogant third world dictator.

    40. mike hutchings says:

      when do the needs of an empire outwiegh the health of a nation…when is a pull back in order….i suppose we may find out…but there is no doubt that the counntry we were is being systematically overloaded until a breaking point is reached…and the new world order which looks strangely like the old ones that have crumbled to ruin takes its place….our word doesnt go as far as it did by design…and thumbs are twiddled and excuses made…the speaker is right to do this…but he will be over ridden by the faceless….

      i like it when you post my comments…i dont mind when you dont….it has helped me lay out what i want to write about in simple understandable langauge and concepts….history is being taken away from us…so that we will be no more… there is still time to turn this…but it will be a near thing….thank you for letting me find a voice to help.persuade who can be…

    41. Quentin Johnson says:

      I think that if Obama does not address Congress in an appropriate and immediate manner, that he should be impeached. He has skirted around issues vital to this country and ignores the rule of law and the Constitution.

      He is an abominable president.

    42. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      BHO is aragant, he is doing te exact things he has accused GWB of, he has people who adv isse him that we know little of, and wouldn't know a thing about if not for the likes of Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, the were not veted by Congress, now he takes a seasoned Military Man puts him in charge of CIA and takes Panetta and makes him head of the Military, seems backward. I am with Michelle Bachman and Sean Hannity, MAKE OBAMA, A ONE TERM PRESIDENT, not only get out and vote in primaries and gen. election, encourage your neighbors and friends, give rides, to those who need them, to the poles and if possible contribute to the one who you want to win.

    43. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Boehner is posturing before he caves in on the debt ceiling. There was no reason to be involved in Libya and there is no reason to continue to be involved. In fact, there is no reason to have fine American fighting men in any Middle East country – except to help Israel.

      Those people have been killing each other over water wells, women wearing veils, and other nonsence items…let them continue without wasting another American life.

    44. William R. Barker says:

      {For the past three months, the United States has been engaged in a war in Libya, and during that time Congress has remained largely in the dark and on the sidelines about central questions in the conflict, all while U.S. forces remain committed without congressional authorization.}

      Congress CHOOSES to be "in the dark." And, yes… this applies to Boehner and most Republicans as well as to most Democrats.

      {Yesterday, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) sent a letter to President Barack Obama warning that the commander in chief may be in violation of the law if he refuses to ask Congress for its approval.}

      "May," huh? Great. Just super. Speaker Cryer… er… Boehner doesn't even have a firm position on whether Obama's violation of the War Powers Act violates… er… the law.

      And you wonder why so many of us hate the GOP only slightly less than we hate the Dems?

      {Though the War Powers Resolution is problematic, Congress is right to be angry and has an obligation to speak up on Libya.}

      Wow… way to go out on a limb, Heritage! Congress has a right to be angry… wow…


      Listen, folks… when it comes to the use of the military, this country is no longer the Republic created by the Founders, but instead the Monarchy our Founders broke away from – only now "our" monarchy is in the guise of the "Imperial Executive."

      That's the way the ignorant masses want it and that's the way our oath-breaking Representatives and Senators want it.

      All the rest of this is just school girl drama.

    45. Karla, CA says:

      Polly, I don't view members of the House acting like babies. (Pssst: Your partisanship is showing.) They are upholding the Constitution and adhering to the War Powers Act. Boehner put Obama on notice several weeks ago and has received nothing. Yesterday, another letter from Boehner which was quite assertive. The Friday deadline will probably come and go, probably with a "we're working on it," adding another article of impeachment, should Congress have the cajones (your word) to start proceedings.

    46. Ron, Parsons TN says:

      In the early stages, it was reported that NATO forces were not making sorties because they had no ordnance. That has never been mentioned again. Are WE providing the bombs for NATO aircraft to use? Why is there no discussion about the cost of rebuilding another nation full of people that hate us because we're infidels.

    47. canislupus says:

      The problem isn't one of beginning a war against a murderous thug like Qaddafi, the problem is that the war is being conducted so ineptly. It's as though Obama has said, "Let's get rid of this monster," got the ball rolling, and walked away.The old dictum goes, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Both NATO and Barack Obama have begun a war as though such a thing as a war can be done with the dispassion of washing dishes after dinner. NATO looks to Barack Obama for leadership and it's simply not there.

      President Obama seems injured by Lewis Farrakhan's criticism of "Who do you think you are?". It's as though he is unsure if he has done the right thing. He's hardly adept at conducting a war when he deep down believes that wars on behalf of civilization aren't really necessary. He's kicked over the cooking pot and hopes someone else will clean up the mess.

    48. Yellowbird says:

      Obama and Holder think they are above the law.They repeatedly ignore rules and laws and nothing happens. Impeachment proceedings should begin with Obama at once and Holder needs firing for a host of reasons.

    49. Sandra, San Antonio says:

      Again, Obama has dismissed the Constitution and disrespected the U.S Citizen. Guess he thinks the Armed Forces' are his own special little Army, just the way he thinks Air Force One is his own private aircraft. Perhaps we should all begin practicing "Long Live the King".

    50. Stephen, South Carol says:

      We elected a president. We got a tyrant whose Czars make Congress irrelevant. Has Obama ever, even once, taken the legislative branch seriously? One must wonder, given Obama's stated goal to raise one billion dollars to win the next election, where the administration's "unaccounted for" six billion dollars went.

    51. bruce caldwell says:

      I hope your organization will fight against the Chamber of Commerce for their comments. Their leader should be shouted down by a vast response to his comments. The people elected these Republicans and for him to say he can destroy Tea Party elected officals is disgusting. He shows he is nothing more than a man who believes his money and power make policy. His organization must denounce these comments and there should be a loud response from you.

      Thanks for your time

    52. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      1st, Yellowbird, Impeachment has to start in the Senate which is controlled by Reid and his cronies. Has anyone thought about the ACTUAL unemployment figures, we have thousands of new College and High School grads who haven't worked and therefore do not collect unemployment, then we have thousands more who's benefits have run out or are working low paying jobs trying to get by, my son has been out 6 mos and at 59 YO he stands little or no chance of getting one, if the true figures were aired we would see there is 20% unemployment and this is in private sector. Counting the gov't . jobs that BHO created as his glory is foolish, most are a waste of time, the gov't. has and has had since the end of WWII more people who are either doing a duplicate or triplicate job, we have 20 agencies on Education, BHO stated as a canidate that he would have an on line audit of EVERY dept. of th gov't. yet the first audit has NOT been done On top of this the Gov't is paying all of BHO and Michelle's aides, they also pay out of the treasury for all the trips, parties etc and How about all the m oney he goes around the world promising all these countries that really don't like us. "Charity begins at home' WE NEED TO help those here in the USA before we worry about another country, how about the people of Joplin, MO. and those that are being flooded out as I am typing?? Yet BHO goes fom one country to another giving millions away. ( We sure won't be repaid) How many of these countries, Brazil, etc, came to help with Katrina? Mr. President, stay home and take care of OUR COUNTRY.

    53. 1Patriot says:

      Is this a mistake or is Obama doing this as part of the extreme left's desire for America to become so involved in military actions, becoming so overextended that we fail as a country? I guess my curiosity comes from watching an anti-war President getting us involved in a war action that has absolutely no value for America or frankly the world as a whole.

    54. Doc Hilliard, SoCal says:

      There is zero reason to attack Libya, never has been. Obama likely will ignore Congress as have most Presidents before him. Obama is a destructor whose mission in life is to destroy the USA.

    55. SwampFox2U says:

      With our country Bankrupt is time we stop supplying the world with Men, Money and Material and being the Worlds Policemen. Lets get America back up and running again.

    56. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      I'd like to see on some news or think-tank site: WHO are these rebels who are trying to unseat Ghaddafi and take over the country. There have been too many examples of a country going from bad to terrible after a regime is thrown out. Lenin/Stalin, Idi Amin, Kim il Sung, Khomeini, Mao are examples. Even the defeat of the Confederacy was followed by the KU Klux Klan and Jim Crow because the victors were corrupt or brutal. It is known that some of the rebels are Muslim Brotherhood or al Qaeda.

      There already is one rogue regime with oil money: Iran, not to mention Venezuela.

      Seeing Libya's oil millions taken by radicals or terrorists is not a pleasant Who are these rebels? Who are their leaders? Is the Muslim Brotherhood involved? Al Qaeda? There ought to be more interest in this question, especially at Heritage.

      We don't need another oil-rich rogue regime like Iran or Venezuela.

    57. Renny, Maryland says:

      Some very good comments and most are right on!!

      This guy and his czars don't care about congress, laws or anything else. He is going to do whatever he wants. The only chance/power we have is the "House."

      That doesn't even matter because time is on his side. The court system "sucks!"

      At this stage of the game, why are you worrying about your "political party and careers? We gave you power in the House at least, "USE IT!!!!" He is walking over you and everyone else. Finally, "DO NOT INCERASE THE DEBET LIMIT!!!!" If you do our country as we know it is DONE!!!!!!

    58. Pingback: Enfrentamiento por la guerra en Libia | Heritage Libertad

    59. Jim --New Haven, Ct. says:

      ThomNJ: I'm not sure if you should have used the word"crusade", but you're right on.

      Islam will become a bigger and bigger problem in the years to come. At that time, the western world will look back and see what they didn't see.

      The systematic immigration into westwern countries, and the rabbit-loke breeding is no cultural idiosyncracy. They plan to outnumber us and use our constitutions to take over our countries.(I'm speaking of the free world countries, including ours.)

      I fear for our children and grand kids.

      If the fight must be now, so be it. It will certainly be later.

      This administrations obvious policy of trying to legalize illegals will come back to bite us. Long term pains for short term gains.

    60. David Creighton, Fre says:

      Why are we the country paying the lion's share in NATO. We're protecting half of Europe, and they aren't carrying their own weight.

    61. Taum, Bossier City, says:

      Polly you are correct. Doctor, your comment is right on. azwayne, you have said what I started saying while the kenyan was running against mccain. Both parties are working towards the same goal, just that the republicans are taking a more subtle path. For the majority of them they are all politicians and not patriots. So, my question is…. What is congress going to do? I see that it doesn't matter what congress does, the kenyan is going to do what he wants and congress is going to say, "We tried". They need to get him out.

    62. Taum, Bossier City, says:

      Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va

      You are correct we need to get involved. I went to a meeting last night and it was suggested that we get involved with the precinct in which we voted. I was told very few attend these meetings and usually it is the "good ole boys". I was told it is easy to getin charge of one of these precinct meetings. Since so few attend, take 8-10 people that are like minded and take over the meeting and vote the old guys out unless they feel and think the same way you do. Start locally and move up. We need to do this at a very fast pace. Also get involved in the caucus. Very scary how that really works. It is here in Louisiana anyway.

    63. rosemarie douglass says:







    64. Chuck says:

      This empty suit we have for a president is simply a Chicago thug with no concern about any law or rules. Especially when we have another anti America attorney general who Dances to the puppet masters tune with no regard for law either. How can you beat this Dynamic duo of crookedness?

    65. 2dokie says:

      I hope congress is accumulating a list of "articles of…" but I have doubts. If they do not act in a timely manner the opportunity and the republic may both be lost. Message to KJ: History doesn't back your contention. Look at Rome, look at Egypt, look at Nazi Germany; When societies default on their values and principles they go down. We don't have a concensus on almost anything, and nobody is trying to remedy even that. The two parties presently in power take nothing serious but political advantage…and the Dumbocrats will do ANYTHING FOR IT( the Reps act like they just woke up and haven't had their coffee yet)

    66. Chuck says:

      His gigantic ego will never allow this mentally flawed teenager to admit he is wrong. A Narcissisist like him could fall into the pool that he admires his reflection in and drown, there would be a collective sigh of relief from the masses he so wants to subjugate. Then we could begin to truly take our Country back without dealing with his deviousness to control our every waking moment. Hitler, Mussoliny, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Moa would be proud of the ruination of Capitalism he has accomplished in his short tenure. "We The People" must take our Country back and remind all our elected officials that they serve at our pleasure, not the other way around.

    67. Paul M. Yandura Howe says:

      First, I think we need to take a close look at our lack of a sound foreign policy. If we did not attack Iraq and left Afghanistan to the Russians we would not be in this Financial Crisis in America. Second, Al-Qaeda would not have had the opportunity to set up training bases in Afghanistan to attack America. Now, we have a war in Libya without the consent of congress to go to war. We will spend billions bombing Libya and then spend billions rebuilding Libya. This does not make sense at all. Without a doubt, the past and present administrations and congress are the worst enemy of the working and tax paying people of america. They have destroyed our saving and our home values and everything else we have worked for over the years. They are the real enemy. Paul M. Yandura

    68. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I rarely agree with Ron Paul. When was the last time we declared war? 1944, when we declared war against Romania. We should have declared war on Libya. Ten years

      ago, we should have declared war on Afghanistan, we should have declared war on Korea, Iraq, and Vietnam too. We didn't. As for the War Powers Resolution, it's unconstitutional on its face. It should be either repealed or declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    69. michael j mudrak car says:

      When will the impeachment process start?

    70. Melvin , North Port, says:

      The United States needs to get out of Lybia, and the people of the United States must, I repeat, must, get BHO out of office in 2012.

    71. Powdermonkey says:

      Big deal! Obama has refused to enforce immigration laws, has refused to investigate the illegal transfer of arms to the Mexican drug cartels by the BATF and is pushing for an unconstitutional swallowing of his flawed Obamacare bill by all U.S. citizens. Why should his illegal war in Libya be any different? Congress is obviously cowed by this incompetent ass, and unless someone has the balls to step up to the plate and call him on his egregious act, nothing will change.

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