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  • NLRB Faces Backlash on Eve of Boeing Hearing

    An administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board takes up the agency’s dubious charges against Boeing tomorrow in Seattle. The hearing comes at a time when the NLRB, currently controlled by liberal appointees, is facing widespread backlash for its decision.

    The dispute between Boeing and the NLRB came up at Monday’s presidential debate in New Hampshire. Republican candidates criticized the federal agency for meddling in a private company’s business decisions.

    Boeing had already built its plant in South Carolina and hired workers when the NLRB sued to stop it. The NLRB’s action was viewed as retaliation against a right-to-work state in favor of heavily unionzed Washington state.

    Now the case goes before an NLRB judge, whose hearing in Seattle is drawing significant attention.

    Washington state’s largest newspaper came out against the NLRB’s intervention — even though it originally editorialized in favor of Boeing building the plant in the state. The Seattle Times’ editorial Monday took a tough stand against the NLRB:

    In its complaint, the NLRB is attempting to reverse a U.S. investment by the nation’s No. 1 exporter 17 months after the company decided to make it — after the money has been spent, after the equipment is set up and after 1,000 workers have been hired. In South Carolina, assembly of the first 787 is scheduled to begin this summer. For the government to demand now that the company move everything to another state shows no sense of practical reality.

    The “other state” is, of course, our own. This newspaper favored the company building the second 787 line here. We want Boeing to build its next commercial jetliner here and all its commercial jetliners here. But that is Boeing’s decision to make, not the government’s.

    Further undermining the NLRB’s case is Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief executive Jim Albaugh. He told the Seattle Times that workers in Washington state shouldn’t fear job losses as a result of the South Carolina plant. In fact, he expects rapid growth in the future.

    Once the administrative law judge issues a decision, the case could go to the NLRB board. But complicating matters for the NLRB is the potential that the four-member board might not be able to convene a quorum. NLRB Chairman Wilma Liebman’s term expires in August. Recess appointee Craig Becker’s term will end at the end of 2011.

    Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky and James Sherk have argued the NLRB’s actions threaten business investment and job creation. The issue is especially potent with the country facing a 9.1 percent unemployment rate in the country.

    “Boeing made an economic decision involving a large capital investment that was justified by the history of union strikes in Washington and by South Carolina’s estimated $900 million incentive package,” they wrote last month. “The NLRB’s decision to issue a complaint in the matter represents an unbridled, unauthorized, and unlawful expansion of the regulatory power of an executive agency.”

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    20 Responses to NLRB Faces Backlash on Eve of Boeing Hearing

    1. ExZonie, Arizona says:

      This decision is the company's, not the government's or the courts'. Obama needs to be stopped!

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      If Obama has done one thing for America and that is he has exposed the left for what they are and he has exposed how transient and maliable the federal workforce is. We have an Army of 2.7 million high paid complacent federal workers who will actively work against the interest of this country when told to by the politcal party in charge.

      As can be seen in recent deficites of well over a trillion, a national debt of $14.3 trillion and unfunded future mandates of $100 trillion, it is obvious the government has a significant void of leadership.

      This clan of federal workers as with the federal workers in the DoJ are actively working against American freedom and prosperity. This case should not be debated. If the NRLB succeeds, I hope Boeing departs. The more these guys fail, the better off we are in seeing them booted.

    3. R McDaniel, North Ca says:

      The federal government is populated for the most part by blathering morons. Obama and the other socialist, progressive democrats must be defeated in 2012 so as to return this nation into the hands of the makers and away from the hands of the takers. Unions are anathema to productivity!

    4. Ray Estes says:

      A 5 year old can tell this is totally illegal!

    5. Troy Georgia says:

      The president should realize this is an example why our unemployment is so high, The unions are in a take over mode,the companies that could expand are not going to just because of what is happening to Boeing, Companies has lost their freedom to operate like they want to,The goverment is trying to control operations of all business,The president is obligated to unions who helped him get elected which he also has gave millions of taxpayers money to.The freedom to make decisions for companies is under fire from the Unions so the only thing companies can do is nothing just horde it's money and wait until the present adminstration is changed.

    6. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      I listened to NPR's coverage of this story this morning, and predictably the spin is how unfair Boeing is to its WA state workers; what about the thousands of workers in NC that want those jobs too?

      At a time when high-paying jobs are as rare as hen's teeth, you'd think this administration would tell the NLRB to back off ! With Obama, if its not a union site, its targeted for destuction.

    7. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

      This is just one more shining example of how Obama is dedicated to increasing employment and increasing the job outlook in America. This is exactly why our unemployment is at 9.2% and it will go up. Obama was in North Carolina yesterday stumping for more jobs, while he is trying to kill over a thousand jobs in South Carolina. Is he for real? If you are unemployed, thank President Obama!

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      We all had better understand the NLRB is not acting without approval from their

      benefactor Obama. Like all other government agencies, Obama has filled posistion on every board and in every office with only those that have the same ideology and will conform to his wishes without questions. Obama has become this nation's first dictator.

    9. RODNEY says:

      I think it's time that we go on strike against the unions…

    10. Denise, Utah says:

      This sounds like communism to me. This is another one of the Obama administrations strong arm tactics to intimidate companies that are trying to avoid big unions. Go Boeing!!! Sand your ground!!

    11. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      I would have lost a bet that the Seattle Times would editorialize for Boeing and free markets and against the unions and the NLRB. How refreshing! It must have been too obvious to spin.

    12. Adrienne King Honolu says:

      This is just communism masquerading as something else. An oligarchy in the government paying off their cronies and trying to punish enemies…its all about money, union dues in union bosses pockets. Didn't Obama preach about punishing your enemies? The people in this country voted for this man. They will have to decide if they want to continue on this path because nothing short of his defeat next year will reverse this country's slowly changing to a dictatorship form of government.

    13. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      How many times in the past 18 months have we heard or read "the unlawful expansion of the regulatory power of an executive agency"? I have said this before, but here it is again: How can this happen in the US? I was taught we have a government where this cannot happen. Well, here it is. What happened to our rules and laws? I understand why DoJ is not helping. That is part of the problem. But why is Congress allowing the Executive branch to take over so many of their areas of decision-making? We have had trouble for years with some members of the Judicial branch doing the job of Legislative branch. Have they ever read the Constitution? Now here is the last question: How do we fix it?

    14. Wallace Hystad, Okla says:

      Dinah asks "How do we fix it?" There is only one sure way to the "change that we can believe in" and it is the election of 2012. We must make Obama a one term president, and we must put Republicans and-or Libertarians in the majority in both houses of Congress. It won't happen if we're apathetic. Every single one of us who cares about the future of this country must make waves, make noise, talk with your family, neighbors, and friends, stump for real change, and then get out the vote in November 2012.

    15. Renny, Maryland says:

      It's a shame Boeing but it looks like you just waisted a lot of money.The game we are playing today is, "The government and unions win!!" I do compliment your efforts to help this economy out!!

    16. Tim Az says:

      All these govt. agencies that are turning against the American citizenry and usurping the power of the congress we elected, are begging to be abolished. We have to cut spending and pay down the debt. There's no easier way than to eliminate govt. agencies who choose to harm American citizens rather than serve them. There is no other way then reducing the amount of govt in this manner. Had enough yet?

    17. David J., Long Islan says:

      The NLRB ukase is worthy of many third-world countries.

      It seems that the head of the NLRB, as well as several members, have taken as their role model — Robert Mugabe.

      But then, one must recall how the administration strong-armed GM's and Chrysler's secured creditors into ceding their LEGAL rights in a bankruptcy proceeding.


    18. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Why would any body want to do buiness in the US? It has become USSR II.

    19. Bob, Chicago says:

      This incident tell CEO, just open the plant overseas, skip the USA. Obama is out of control.

    20. allen says:

      Why would you Love this Country if your Ancestors were brought here, Think out of the Box some time. Obama does not like this country . He wants it like Shaka Zulu had his. Think just a little would some one after all the Lives that were taken in the name for our Neighbors and Friends really do this to the United States?????????

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