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  • Morning Bell: Americans Will Suffer Under New Obamacare Mandates

    It’s easy to see why Obamacare’s unpopularity grows substantially with every new detail that comes out. As former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) infamously noted, we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. Well, now we know.

    Many businesses affected by Obamacare—those not lucky enough to receive the coveted waivers—now view their slimming insurance options with extreme caution.

    A shocking new study out by McKinsey and Company finds that 30–50 percent of employers who currently provide health insurance for their employees are likely to drop their coverage. Yes, that’s right. Even if you like your insurance, you will not be able to keep it, as President Obama often and famously promised.

    Obamacare offers subsidies to low- and middle-income workers who don’t have employer coverage while fining employers that do not offer coverage. But for employers, paying the fines will be a lot less expensive than continuing to offer coverage. As the McKinsey report correctly notes, that will still be true even if employers also pass the remaining savings (after paying the fines) onto their workers in the form of higher cash wages or other benefits such as extra vacation days or increased retirement plan contributions.

    In a recent paper, Heritage’s Paul Winfree and Brian Blase write that “the subsidies will encourage employers to drop coverage, perpetuate an already inequitable tax code, and discourage work and upward mobility.”

    Essentially, employers are being forced to drop their coverage in order to remain profitable. Thus, many of their employees will have no choice but the state exchanges for health care coverage.

    Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy, and employers are now being forced to reckon with new health care coverage mandates on top of a host of new and costly regulations in other areas. All of these regulations are expensive barriers that discourage entrepreneurship and job creation.

    The effects will be particularly severe on businesses that employ mostly lower-wage workers, such as restaurants, retail stores, nursing homes, hotels, etc. But Obamacare’s mandates are equal-opportunity small business destroyers. Any business with more than 50 employees must provide the coverage or pay the penalty fee. Either option is likely to damage many of those businesses, because their profits won’t cover either the increased cost of coverage or the new penalties.

    Scott Womack, who owns 11 IHOP restaurants in the Midwest, is extremely worried about the costs the law’s mandates will impose on his businesses.

    “I believe you can’t put a mandate on a business like ours unless you know that an industry can actually pay for it, and without a doubt, this industry cannot pay for it,” said Womack in an exclusive video interview with the Heritage Foundation. “This legislation is going to cost anywhere from $7,000 to 10,000 per employee. … We’re going to have to take drastic actions to trim employees hours down, to trim services, look at cutting a lot of things that we pay for now to make room for this.”

    It’s clear that Obamacare’s overbearing mandates are structured in a way that hurts business growth and jobs in America—something we desperately need to improve right now. The nation’s employment rate increased again last week to 9.1 percent.

    Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers the Obama Administration approved recently, 38 are for restaurants, bars, and hotels in Pelosi’s district. At the same time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D) state of Nevada received a separate waiver from a different Obamacare requirement—one imposed on health insurers but not employer plans—because of the concern that without the waiver insurers would stop selling coverage in Nevada’s individual health insurance market. If Obamacare was so great for these two crusaders, then why isn’t it good enough for their states now?

    The employer mandates are simply too overbearing. As it turns out, most businesses want a way out. Only the few, privileged, and politically connected stand a chance.

    As Representative Mike Pence (R–IN) said, “Higher taxes and government regulations invariably have a cost, and that’s almost always a cost of jobs.”

    And that’s something America simply can’t afford.

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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: Americans Will Suffer Under New Obamacare Mandates

    1. Grabill, Indiana says:

      It seems that all this rhetric is grossly redundant. Why doesn't someone take up the cry to "dump this sham the same way it was fostered onto the American People" ? If it was 'good politics' then, it is now. All these glowing verbizations (my word) are great, but for what? Frankly, I'm sick and tired of this tired tirade. ACTION, is what is needed, not glorified words with some futuristic goal.

    2. rosemarie douglass says:

      i come from a country that is socialistic, i left for freedom ,

      now i will be back in it , socialisom is not a way of leving

      wy are the americans so uninformed , people that never were under socialisom dont know what it is, it is not free free everything free , i wonder huwe told them that,



      • Beth says:

        God Bless You for coming here for Freedom. I wish our born citizens understood what Socialism means. So many people come to this country because they see how good it is or can be, and yet we have our own citizens that don't appreciate it and are willing to destroy our country. We need more people that have come here legally to help us fight for our freedoms and remind us what America means and what she is about.

    3. Billy Wilks, Mississ says:

      I thought our new congress would rid us of Obamacare? What group is the problem?

    4. Norm LA says:

      Knowing about the study is nice. However The Affordable Care Act has already negatively effected me when Aetna raised my individual premium from $796 to $1792 a month. As an employee and now independent worker doing insurance work for 40 years, I would have understood the age 65 scheduled increase to $1100, with a poor medical history. Insurance companies, in order to pay claims, must be solvent and a 2% profit is certainly reasonable. However the increase is highly unreasonable and it is due to Obamacare. To be required to insure people after they become is ill is ludicrous. This is happening all over the country to many people and it is my hope the unconstitutional ruling is upheld all the way to the Supreme Court. Under the Obama Doctrine, the Supreme Court is not there to tell us what we cannot do, but to tell us, what the Govt can do to the people. Lets see what this president does when this case goes the way the corporations giving money to political campaigns, just like unions, goes. Maybe he will not fly on Air Force One, someplace for one day.

    5. Michael Hoyes, Yorkt says:

      Near the bottom you wrote "The nation’s employment rate increased again last week to 9.1 percent."…did you mean UN-employment rate?

    6. Denise, Utah says:

      It sounds like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are doing what they do best: buying votes by giving out political favors. This should be a litmus test for all laws. If a law is not executed fairly across the board to everyone then GET RID OF IT.That goes for the law makers who rammed the Obumercare bill down our throats but have their own gold-plated heath care plans. These people are a disgrace!!!! They should be shunned in the next election.

    7. Mary............WI says:

      If Obamacare gives subsidies for the low and mid-income workers without employer health coverage why is Paul Ryans plane to give subsidies to future Meidcare recipients age 54 and under to seek a supplement plan such a horrible plan?!!! Democrats (and some Republicans) are spewing crud out of both sides of the mouth. I'm getting so tired of all this BS.

      Obama CANNOT be re-elected!!!!! If I wanted to live the way Europeans live I would move to Europe but I'm rather partial to my freedoms in the USA! VOTE NO OBAMA FOR 2012!!

    8. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Quack Quack Quack, Mike Pence thanks for speaking out but why aren't you and every American asking Congress to force Obamanation out of Office it has been proven not only is he not an Naturalized Citizen but also has committed felony crimes that he should be tried for such as Illegal Social Security I.D., Forged Short and Long Form Birth Certificates and the fact he has committed crimes against the Constitution, what do we need for you people to Remove an Illegal Radical Muslim Half Breed America Hating piece of Crap. Someday I'll tell you how I really feel.

    9. Bobby Caldwell Sanfo says:

      One point that is not made often enough is the companies with 50 or more employees are imediatly placed at a disadvantage competively with companies that have fewer than 50 employees. Too many times these regulations sound good with no thought process as to who it harms.

    10. J.L. Tharp says:

      Obamacare which is a form of Marxist socialism shouldn't be legal under the U.S. Constitution. Pelosi and Reid should have been required to pass a test to determine their ability to function as Federal elected officials before being sworn in as members of Congress. Something should be done to preserve our constitution and protect it from toxic insanity and terminal stupidity.

    11. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      The dropping of private sector meddical insurance is exactly what obama and the progressives want. They have said many times that they want gov,t run single payer medical insurance, in other words socialized medicine.Obama is actively working to destroy the private sector. His economic policies are doing exactaly that. It is becoming mare obvious that if he gets a second term America will be forever changed into a 'socialized paradise"

    12. ThomNJ says:

      I have been saying from day one of this fiasco that I don't see how my employer will be able to keep up with the costs, – the signs are already there – and I fully anticipate being forced onto the state exchange eventually. Thank you reid, pelousy and obamao for really throwing a wrench into our lives.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I just reada book "Why Obama Care is Bad for America", the writers list it page by page as how this bill bill affect ALL of us, one way or another, Seniors will be hit and hit hard as doctors will drop medicare patients and the gov't will severly limit care to them. Medicaid patients will also be hit, this will cause health scares as children will not be vacinated and we will see the return of diseases we thought eraticated, anyone remember summers where beaches and pools were closed due to Polio? We might even see return of typhoid, diptheria etc as children from other countries come in and do not get their shots. These are not fiction these are the truths, ask yourself, why would you go to school 8 years,incure a mountain of debt, then spend 2 years as an Intern, four as a resident only to be told you'll get paid less than what you have to pay out. Drs. DO NOT get to keep all the money paid in fees, they have rent to pay on their offices, equiptment to buy, (if they join a practice they pay rent on offices they use) Nurses salaries, on call service, utilities,and MAL PRACTICE Ins., dues to state Medical Assoc. license fees, (these renew every two years in VA.) business license, Insurance on equitment and office furniture. This is just to start, there might be other local fees and they need to either ren or buy a car. Now is ther any wonder why most will not take Medicaid pts. and now it'll be Medicare if Obama care goes through.

    14. Thelma Wright, Dalla says:

      This is just another step in going to government run healthcare. This is what the Democrats want and they are determined to get it passed. No amount of roadblocks by the taxpaying public or by the Republicans will keep them from achieving their goal eventually UNLESS it get stopped NOW in this term.

    15. KC - New Mexico says:

      The Obamacare mandates are expected to have a significant impact on me, my family, and most co-workers that I associate with. I expect that my very large high tech company employer will gladly drop its healthcare to save money so that it looks better on Wall Street. It has already lost sight of its employees and its CEO is very friendly to Obama.

      In addition to the Obamacare screwing of employees, most of us are not any better off today than we were in 2008. In fact, most of us are much worse off than 2008 in today’s dollar values. Our homes are depreciated, our purchasing power is much less due to the declining dollar value and inflation, and gas prices are driving up the cost of goods in addition to the cost of gas.

      Morality stinks, we have illegal’s committing more crime, drugs are abundant, and basically our American values are going down the drain with polititicians who think their package must be exhibited for all to see. Our education standards in this country do not work – evident with the lack of history being understood. Our economic condition is not getting any better and all the polititicians want to do is raise the debt limit.

      It is time for Americans to get involved, demand change, revolt if needed, and show Washington that it needs to change. We are at the brink of destruction – caused by greed and apathy by the general public. Wake up folks before it is too late!

    16. toledofan says:

      No matter how you slice it, Obamacare is bad for America. From the start, pushing the bill through without any meaningful debate, voted for by all of the democrats, and the absense of any signifiganrt Republican input, it was a disaster from the start. As it unfolds and after already over 1300 waivers, the Democrats still cling to the bill as if it were the salvation for America's healthcare woes. The more the economy of our country is eroded, by the Democrats, especially in the area of entitlement spending, the less value of the dollar and the more likely our system will shut down into a depression. It's really sad that we have to sit on the sidelines and watch these people destroy the country from within knowing all the blood and sacrifice given for our country so we could be free.

    17. Sarasota John Saraso says:

      Small business should start now telling employees they will no longer have paid vaction, holidays, sick time and all company functions, other then work, are cancelled until further notice. Once that has taken place they should review thier healthcare cost/impact and/or reduce wages across the board or reduce the number of employees.

      That would at least give a good view of what is coming for thier workers under the Obamacare. It is the responible company that will keep its employees informed.

    18. Gary, Waveland, Ms. says:

      I would like to see The heritage foundation, list all the hidden taxes in the Obama Health plan. for example the 3.5% tax on all real estate sales.

    19. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

      If you are unemployed,…thank a Democrat.

    20. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Ericka – Thanks for the info. But anyone concerned with saving this nation already knows what ObamaCare will do. The unanswered question is "how do we stop it? This bunch in Washington will not. The Dems are completely infected with socialism and communism. They continue to lie and distort the truth to protect their leader Obama. The Repubs are gutless, afraid to do anything that will hurt their reelection chances. Again, how do the American people stop this take over of our medical system, short of marching on Washington, or as James Carvil put it, "insurrection".

    21. Mike from Long Islan says:

      This is how you end up when you have "communist style" government central planning.

    22. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      A word to our friends at "The Heritage Foundation" although we are thankful for the information you continually disseminate, it's becoming painfully clear that you and a few others pointing out the problems being put upon Americans by our government is neither going to stop them or salvage America.

      May I suggest a new approach or an addition to your approach?

      What us voters need is reliable information concerning those who seek political office. I would love to see an organization such as yours come up with like minded organizations. Collectively layout what needs to be done to salvage our country. And then vet the candidates whose track record and promises clearly align themselves with the interest of those of us wishing to reestablish our republic in harmony with our Constitution and the declarations.

    23. J.T. Cooper, M.D> says:

      I wrote and produced a 22 minute film entitled "The Death Panel" last year. There is no copyright claimed by me. I released it under my pseudonum (Alan Smithee). It is on Youtube and is in 3 parts. To call it up, type in Death Panel Alan Smithee, and you can view it. I will also send you a dvd, which you may distribute freely of the film. Let me know if this interests you. All sixteen patients discussed in the film have their counterparts in either the United Kingdom or Canada under their health care plan. It is frankly scary what health care rationing can do to our citizens.

    24. P. Griffin, Indiana says:

      When will we Americans learn?! There is yet to be even ONE government program that hasn't cost far more than estimated, either in money or freedom or both. Also most government programs have unintended consequences. This disastrous program known as Obamacare is certainly no exception! In fact, the financial costs and unintended consequences are so harmful to us as individual citizens and to the fabric of our nation that it's nearly impossible to believe that it wasn't foisted on us deliberately by people who knew how malignant and deadly it would be and were well aware of its ability to control the citizens and the economy, and by members of Congress who always vote along party lines and never thoroughly scrutinize the bills they vote on.

      Our only hope is that we still have a Supreme Court that is not corrupt and that this unconstitutional, evil legislation will be ruled as such.

    25. Frank, Florida says:

      Besides being an obvious Unconstitutional over-reach, ObamaCare looks like it will kill jobs and force everyone into a single payer government system (Obama wanted the latter despite his usual lies, but perhaps didn't realize about the former). Businesses will cancel whatever healthcare they now voluntarily provide for their workers, pay the fine & fire some workers to make up for the fine they have to pay. Services will decline, prices will go up & profits will go down. The overall economy will suffer & the budget deficit will tend to go up, not down. Exactly all the wrong things this nation needs especially at this time, regardless of ObamaCare's Constitutionality.

      This nation cannot afford European-style socialism, those nations are already going broke anyways! Who in their right mind wants to follow them? Only misguided Americans or enemies of the USA want these things. We cannot afford, nor is it an American tradition, all these cradle to the grave "entitlements". America was supposed to be a land of opportunity, not a land of hand-outs.

      When America goes bankrupt (either literally via an outright default or via massive debasement of the US Dollar), all these big government programs will have to be reassessed and trimmed down or eliminated. But in the meantime, all future generations will have to carry a heavy debt. Also, people on fixed incomes will find it very hard to make ends meet with rising inflation. Every American (except the ruling elite) will have to take a cut in their standard of living. America is in a sad, sad state & is getting quickly worse.

    26. Craig Scurato, Kansa says:

      I am neither McKinsey nor Heritage smart but I have been in the group insurance field for over 20 years. I agree with the finderings of both. That said, what both reports underestimate is that there is zero business sense for businesses under 50 to provide a traditional group health insurance plan, unless all of their payroll is over $88k. If they offer a plan then almost all of their employees will NOT be eligible for ObamaCare subsidies. If they drop coverage then all the employees will benefit fully from ObamaCare subsidies.

      For employers that are over 50 and "in the penalty box" it still may make financial sense to drop coverage. Even more likely is that these employers will have a lot of 29 hour per week positions that are not benefitted and not subject to the penalty (check the interim IRS rules on how to calculate what Full Time means).

      The other item that I would argue no one has picked up on in these reports is that there are presently ways to deliver tax free contribution to health care expenses. That means that all the extra money the CBO anticipates from employers "making employees whole" by increasing taxable comp are dead wrong. The $2000 or $3000 penalties do come close to covering the incremental cost of the new subsidies.

      To all you small business owners out there I highly recommend that you start planning on not offering a traditional group plan as soon as possible. get your employees used to receiving additional tax free compensation and then purchasing their own plans. You can even allow them to reduce their salary to pay for these and provide them 20-40% savings as well as reduce your payroll taxes.

    27. Jessie Childress Ken says:

      We need to repeal ALL health care wavers!

      No one gets any NONE

      Then the idiots that keep electing Pelosi and Reid will finally be forced to send someone that isnt stupid to office

    28. Kevin H, college par says:

      You know why the numbers are so shocking in thsi report? Because it's fantasy. The company refuses to release the questions involved in the survey. My survey says 100% of companies love Obaamcare. Is that good enough to post sine apparently Heritage requires no backup to post items they agree with. If this is not the case, then i'm sure Heritage would be fine with asking for the questions and posting those….unless you know it's nonsense.

      Obama is the most capalist president in history of the country. Corporations have never done better under any other president and the stock markets have never grown by larger percentage under any other president. Of course those people calling him a socialist refuse to look at facts and numbers. But i'd be happy for any of you to prove me wrong and find a president with bigger growth in the stock markets or a president where corporations posted larger profit gains.

    29. Tom Georgia says:

      60 to 65 cents of every dollar of the price for medical care is the cost of taxes and fees–cost-of-governments–that is embedded in the price with only about 35 to 40 cents of each dollar paid going to pay for the direct cost of the healthcare services that are being provided.

      If we are to have affordable healthcare we must first have affordable governments as a prerequisite. Governments that trend more and more toward being kleptoparasitic statist institutions with the passing of time will never be anything other than unsupportable burdens.

    30. Renny, Maryland says:

      Don't worry, everything will be OK!! You will get used to the "knife" in your back!!

    31. Renny, Maryland says:

      Don't worry, it will be OK!!! You will get used to the "knife" in your back!!!!

    32. Robert, North Richla says:

      We are still suffering from all of the federal mandates including the "thousand points of light" and the second largest of them all "no child left behind." Obamacare? Weren't the lying republicans going to repeal Obamacare? We will suffer from everything Obama does until we have a Congress that will "check" him (Civics 325, minimum GPA required).

    33. Barbara says:

      The question "how do we stop it?" is a scary one as the thought machine behind Obamacare made sure it was almost impossibl to do away with it.

      They weren't concerned with the will of the people, what we as a people want, rather they were concerned with their own iron-willed agenda.

    34. Charlotte Hearing Qu says:

      This is what the progressives want–to have gov't healthcare. Employees will be forced to sign up for gov't paid healthcare.

    35. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Did you ever think you're preaching to the choir. The people who read Heritage already know how bad Obama, the progressives and Obamacare are…it's not news to me. The big question is, "How do you convince the others?"

      You guys are 'spitting in the wind'.

    36. Tonie Stiles, Bloomf says:

      Please keep putting these errors in judgment out there and slap people off the side of their heads. Good enough for the masses but not for them – what a "———————" is what I'd like to say to their faces.

      Thank you for letting me post my response to their bad judgments.


    37. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      So, Obamacare isn't the answer to health care and coverage reform in the United States. Surprise, surprise. From the moment the Right and their allies in the health care industry torpedoed reform, it has been doomed because what remains is flawed. The health care industry never wanted reform of any sort and, through generous lobbying efforts (and the involvement of groups and their "front" ads") managed handily to be instrumental in assuring the birth of an unworkable monstrosity. The "committee" that reformed health care not only produced a camel, it produced the mother of all camels.

      Some big facts remain. Health care costs continue to rise, and even without mandates, employers would be bailing on their commitment to the provision of fully-paid-for health insurance just because of those rising costs. And then there are the ugly facts we're left with where universal coverage is not the case. No portability for those changing jobs or losing them. No lower overhead costs comparable to those in VA and Medicare programs (health care being ONE place where market forces don't work since competition is so seldom the case outside urban areas around the country). And ugliest of all, more than 40 million folks left uninsured and whose costs at clinics and emergency rooms show up on our bills.

      Republicans have quite a monkey on their backs in trying to reduce the present cost of health care coverage in the United States–twice what is paid per person anywhere else in the world–AND rising. Allowing the purchase of health care insurance across state lines to increase competition won't do much. Putting the burden of health care on states won't either since all incentive for lower and lower costs will be unevenly distributed across uneven population bases, a sure winner for the health care industry. The ONLY answer to truly universal coverage and TRULY lowering costs to more nearly those being experienced elsewhere in the world was lost with Single Payer and its poor cousin Public Option.

      The health care industry has won. The people, as soon will be seen, have lost. Obamacare was just the undesirable residue of a battle lost due to Democrats' incompetence and Republicans' peculiar worries about big government.

    38. Bernard P. Giroux, D says:

      This talk about Obamacare is a sideshow. It is symptomatic of this country's problems: we have let liberals and radical environmentalists take over this country's educational and governmental systems. I was with a logger today; his product is shipped to Canada to be milled and then shipped back to the United States for use. Last year, 13 saw mills went out of business in Maine; there are none left; last year, lumber exports to China went up 143%. Now, the Chinese not only have our industrial machinery, they are taking away our raw materials. So, as I said on opening, Obamacare is a side show. The United States is becoming a nation of people who are giving away their sovereignty and their freedom to foreign governments who are going to control our lives through Washington, D.C.'s stupidity.

    39. Carol,AZ says:

      American Buss across America must boycott this wacko scam…

      If your state has already sign on NOT to partcipate in this wacko scam, email your support until the systems melts down.

      CA and NV are sanctuary and in direct violation of Fed law.

      There're both handlers for more ZU LU politices.

      Certainly they have been handed-out a free pass/go card for promises to keep in, 2012.

      Both states have the highest illegal population in America. Both state are caving-in under the perfect storm created there for sanctuary status. NO one will defund and stop all Federal funds under this continues scam. The Dems and Reps for decades have of ignored this illegal status under Federal Law. Pelosi and Reid will deliver, both states will use their illegal voter base.

      No one will defund the billions of dollars that have already been gifted there way and no one will report it.

      All of us will pick up the tab unless you say, NO.

      Right now America is 14 trillion in debt .

      AZ believes that Americans come first and it's my conviction as well.

      What do you believe in?

    40. Jim Pietrowski Marie says:

      Keep your eyes and ears fixed on what the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta is working on. If Kagan is out of the mix in the Supreme Court for ObamaCare and there is a 4 all tie, the 11th Circuit Court decision will be final. An early favorable decision by the 11th could spike the economy in the mean time! Lets hope!

    41. Henry says:

      If you are WHITE and unemployed, thank the dem-o-rats. If you are on a fixed income thank the dem-0-rats. CAP AND TRADE, HIGH ENERGY PRICES, HIGH FOOD PRICES, LOSS OF SAVINGS.

    42. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      Unfortunately election has consequences and this was the hope and change voters wanted. Inspite of the few talk show hosts that tried to inform the people about his books and biography, his associations with Ayers, Million man march, and Black Liberation theology the Liberal Media-in -the- pocket of George Soros only said they were racists. May 2012 election come before we go under.

      Yet we have a do-nothing Congress that takes vacation when the going gets tough.

    43. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      Misery being the primary domestic product for Leftists. In all places and at all times.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    44. C. Eagle, Knoxville, says:

      You did not post my comment from yesterday, yet you claim to be a site, "where ideas and debate flourish." No profanity. No personal attacks. Just questioned fact that your article did not represent the findings of the McKinsey study that it referenced. Why would you not publish my comment? Burying your head further in the sand to better hide the truth?

    45. Whitney, CA says:

      I'm tired of reading comments from folks about lying Republicans. They've been trying very hard to reverse Obamacare, but the nasty Democrats in the Senate keep backing 'President Marx's" dangerous ideology. Vote them and BO out in 2012!

    46. charles yoderJr. pho says:

      The main thing that disturbes me about Obamacare is the fact that it was passed in congress despite the disapproval of the american public.The way in which it was passed was corrupt.Back in the Watergate era everyone wanted to hang Nixon for the breakin.The way this Evil bill was passed should be investigated by the U.S. attorney general.Let,s scrap this cuurent evil law and start over.Let's have tort reform and a trully market based reform.

    47. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      I can't put my finger on the entire situation, but from what I've seen of BHO's policies, he is deliberately ramming through policies and regulations which by 2013 will put the U.S. in a hole very much deeper than the one James Earl Carter left for President Reagan to deal with. With little hope for a second term, he (and many of the Dems) are doing everything they can to weaken the U.S. economy and our status in the world. It will be very difficult for a Republican Administration to extricate us from the extremist policies in place in 2013.

      (Co)incidentally, in spite of China's investments in our economy, the PLA will be the beneficiary of our financial and other crises. They want complete control of the South China Sea (putting Japan at risk) and Taiwan as a mere province, and Guam the nearest U.S. base to China, and it at risk from Chinese missiles and submarines.

      Budget problems will tempt the Administration and Congress to cut Defense spending (there is already talk of this), weakening our forces in Guam, Alaska and other places. China (and the adversaries/enemies in the Mideast) will benefit also. The U.S. will face the real possibility of becoming a second (or third) class military power.

      The ramifications of all this cannot be predicted, but the future of the U.S. economy and military appears rather dim, except for those positioned to take

      advantage of the situation……

    48. Anne VT says:

      when we talk of the impact of Obamacare, why is not one.. not the press, right nor left.. takes on the fact that NONE of the politicians who rammed this care plan down our throats, is planning to join up?? they will keep their Cadillac benefit plans, at our expense, as will the major supporters (read donors) who ae being given waivers from the "excellent government care" awaiting the rest of us..

      why dont you, Heritage Foundation.. start a battle cry to that tune?? wondering if the Press as a whole also has a waiver of mandated care in return for its complacency?

    49. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I saw a similar article on cnsnews.com. All drones who think Obummercare is so great should read and ponder this article. Then again, how can we expect to appeal to drones or diehard liberal morons?? FIRST, if Obummercare requires health benefits to full timers, no wonder so many full-time positions are being replaced with part-time. Because I am searching for a better job, I know this is true in my profession!! And this is no doubt contributing to the high unemployment rates, which don’t even include the underemployed who can’t find full time work. Of course, the drones and welfare moochers could care less, as long as they get their (unearned) share of what other people worked for!!

      Second, some employers may soon be offering insurance only to certain employees?? Well, if I were an employer, I certainly wouldn’t want to pay premiums for my employees unless I knew they’d get what I paid for if they need it. By that, I mean health care. I don’t know of anyone beside myself who points this out. Why can’t drones or lib-tards see the difference between ‘health insurance’ and ‘actual health care’?? As for the latter, it will soon be rationed and death panels will be set up to decide who gets or doesn’t get health care. Therefore, why should you, or your employer, be forced to pay thousands per year for a (health insurance ID) card which could be as worthless as most lottery tickets?? In plain language, you’re being forced to buy something, but may not get what you pay for!!!! GET REAL!! If a private insurance company stiffs you of what you paid for, you van take legal action. But if Uncle Sam/Uncle Scam stiffs you, there is no better business bureau or consumer protection agency to report him to!! Health insurance mandates are not only unconstitutional, but even worse than forcing an employee or his/her employer to buy a GM product for him/her. I’d rather be forced to buy, e.g., a Chevy Impala, which I CAN use and enjoy!!

      Finally, to all the drones and lib-tards reading this, I must once again ask: if Obummercare is so great, why are so many leftwing groups requesting waivers?? Why would (democrap) politicians exempt themselves from this Obummercare raw deal?? Hmmmmm???????? This article proves what a liar BHO is; remembering when he said if you like your current coverage you can keep it. Well, sadly, most drones/lib-tards just don’t understand common sense, nor will they ….until our entire economic system collapses!! VERY SAD!!

    50. Pingback: The Heritage Foundation: Morning Bell: Americans Will Suffer Under New Obamacare Mandates «

    51. 2dokie says:

      Well, my fellow americans,it grows more evident daily that many of our elected employees serve noone but themselves. Democrat employees especially. You will notice they will stick together to your last drop of blood. It would be fortuitous if we could muster the moral clarity and sacrifice self interest long enough to avoid a civil war or the break up of the last great hope of the self governance of man. The poor better realise they live off the prosperity of their fellow citizens.The labor unionists better face the same reality: their fellow citizens pay their wages, not the socialst halfwit that heads their union. The geniuses in Wash. better consider that the Fair Tax or Flat Tax and the effeciencies and economies they would achieve are preferrable to the aforementioned destructive upheaval. Anyone who can't see what's coming is either dead or dumber than a rock.

    52. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Ironically, many conservatives, including Newt Gingrich, who thought that it was the

      only way to get rid of the free riders who go to hospital emergency rooms and drive up health care prices for the rest of us. However, it's also the trial lawyers. In most countries, there's a "loser pays" system. If someone loses a case in Britain, Canada,

      Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, he, or she, will have to pay the victor.

      Here, it's a "the-sky's-the-limit" system. Thirty years ago, a "psychic" went into a Philadelphia hospital for a CAT scan. She told the hospital: "I don't want a CAT scan.

      If you give me a CAT scan, I'll lose my psychic abilities." She got the CAT scan. She lost her "psychic abilities," and she sued the hospital for malpractice. The suit was thrown out. The reason why we don't have a loser pays system here is because the

      Democrats are a wholly owned subsidiary of the trial lawyers.

    53. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I don’t know of anyone beside myself who points this out. Why can’t drones or lib-tards see the difference between ‘health insurance’ and ‘actual health care’?? As for the latter, it will soon be rationed and death panels will be set up to decide who gets or doesn’t get health care. Therefore, why should you, or your employer, be forced to pay thousands per year for a (health insurance ID) card which could be as worthless as most lottery tickets?? In plain language, you’re being forced to buy something, but may not get what you pay for!!!! GET REAL!! If a private insurance company stiffs you of what you paid for, you can take legal action. But if Uncle Sam/Uncle Scam stiffs you, there is no better business bureau or consumer protection agency to report him to!! Health insurance mandates are not only unconstitutional, but even worse than forcing an employee or his/her employer to buy a GM product for him/her. I’d rather be forced to buy, e.g., a Chevy Impala, which I CAN use and enjoy!!

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