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  • Obama Pays Tribute to Himself During Angela Merkel's White House Visit

    The visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Washington has attracted little attention in the US media, perhaps further proof that Berlin barely ranks as a world power these days, and consistently punches under its weight in international affairs. Compared to both David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy, Merkel is a remarkably low-key figure when it comes to global impact, despite the size of the German economy.

    Judging by the content of yesterday’s joint press conference in the White House East Room, which has to rank as among the most dull in recent memory, almost nothing of any real substance come out of the US-German discussions. Merkel gave no ground on Berlin’s refusal to join the NATO-led military operation in Libya, and bizarrely championed the cause of European integration while the EU economic project is going up in flames back home.

    Obama declared that he wasn’t concerned about the prospect of a “double-dip recession”, while noting that “we’re experiencing some headwinds”, i.e. some catastrophic bad news on the economic front. He also gave Iran yet another half-hearted warning over its extremely well-advanced nuclear programme, threatening “additional steps, including potentially additional sanctions” – whatever that means. In the meantime, Germany remains a huge trading partner with Tehran, actually increasing its trade with the Islamist, terrorist-supporting regime in 2010.

    By far the most telling part of the day’s proceedings came in the president’s welcoming address for his German counterpart on the South Lawn of the White House, where he could not resist a reference to his own rise to the highest office in the land, even comparing it with the momentous changes in eastern Europe at the end of the Cold War. Here is what he said:

    And finally, as people around the world imagine a different future, the story of Germany and our alliance in the 20th century shows what’s possible in the 21st. Wars can end. Adversaries can become allies. Walls can come down. At long last, nations can be whole and can be free.

    Madam Chancellor, the arc of our lives speaks to this spirit. It’s obvious that neither of us looks exactly like the leaders who preceded us. (Laughter and applause.) But the fact that we can stand here today as President of the United States and as Chancellor of a united Germany is a testament to the progress, the freedom, that is possible in our world.

    In 2009 Barack Obama shamefully declined to attend the celebrations in Berlin commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, sending his Secretary of State in his place, which National Review appropriately described at the time as “the most telling nonevent of his presidency.” In his White House remarks yesterday, Obama had another opportunity to remind America’s German friends of the great role played by Ronald Reagan and the United States in defeating Communism, ending the Cold War and liberating hundreds of millions from tyranny, but egotistically chose instead to talk about his own personal achievement in becoming president – hardly a stirring example of world leadership from a president who all too often prefers “leading from behind”.

    Cross-posted from The Telegraph.

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    19 Responses to Obama Pays Tribute to Himself During Angela Merkel's White House Visit

    1. Tom Driscoll So. Mai says:

      It appears he has an extreme case of self – centered egotism

    2. devildog6771 says:

      Great example of the man in the White House. God Save us all!

    3. brenda says:

      How very typical. God save us all and our Republic!

    4. Andrew Smith says:

      The continued partisan position of the US in relation to the issue of EU integration is troubling. It is a hot issue in several European nations and the active pressure from the US creates difficulty for those of us who generally hold America in high regard.

      It is interesting that the integration which the US supports is progressively eliminating those independent nations which have argued and fought alongside the US during international disputes in the past; when did the US last rely on German, Belgian or troops from several other EU member states.

      The EU is anti-democratic, so the claims that recent campaigns in Iraq and Afganistan have been designed to assist democracy create real doubt over here. Why would our friends in the US want to destroy democracy in the UK while encouraging it in the middle East. Why do the Brits not deserve democracy, independence and accountable government?

      Please ask the State Department especially to get off our case.

    5. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      People are more fascinated with his personality and charisma than his ability to tell the truth or lead us in common sense. Its so plain, he has a goal to complete, and that is to bring American down by attacking the foundation of the documents that made us our free country. Has this type of goal ever happen in history? Yes, NO government in history has ever been good to the people who keep it going by hard work. Americans have forgotten the struggle of feeding the family faced by our forefathers. It is very possible our American advancements may take a step backwards, as it has in other countries in history. Its terrible we vote for a feature of great personality that carries sounds of charisma, but uses narcissistic features to rule and lead. We will see the opposite of good take shape, from poor choices in our voting. You don't always get what you see when voting for sound?

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    7. George Colgrove, VA says:

      According to this sycophant, the best thing he sees every morning is when he looks in the Mirror we provide him.

      516 days to go to election day. Looking forward to the day we call this guy – "lame duck." He's already earned the name "lame."

    8. Robert says:

      There was one compelling reason for the drafting of an American Constitution:the restraint of totalitarian power. When these restraints were abolished by the mental gymnastics of a Supreme Court, by Congressional cowardice and avarice, and by would be presidential despots, Constitutional restraints became a myth, and the Constitution itself something of a holy relic to which our leaders pay an insincere tribute.

      Think of government power as a cute little wolf we have locked up in a constitutional cage. We have let it out and thrown away the key.The wolf, now an enormously powerful and invasive creature is more powerful than the collective will of the citizens. Hence regardless of the party in power nothing much changes and everything gets worse. That is because there is now only one constituency and that constituency is not the American people; it is the socialist state now renamed the welfare state.

      When restraints on power are abolished the result is certain. The predator becomes ascendant– as he did under Hitler's NAZI socialism, Stalin's Soviet Union. Mao Ze Dong's 'People's Republic"and Saddham Husein's Bathe socialist Irag.

      Power corrupts, as Lord Acton famously wrote, and "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    9. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      He is an egotistic self centered, rightous, pompous person, he really believes he know more than us and that he isbetter qualified to tell us what we need and how to use it. Nov. 2012 cannot come to soon and lets hope the house keeps him under control between then and Jan.

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    11. Tim Az says:

      Of course he's not worried about a double dip recession. He's worried that he may not be able to do enough to destroy America as we once new her. That America will rise again to her greater glory. I can hardly wait to see how the narcissist in chief responds to losing the presidency on a massive scale. Will the teleprompter hang around to get him through that event? Stay tuned to find out.

    12. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Is it any surprise that almost every day Obama proves he is a self-centered,

      narcissist that actually believes his lies and he is in fact the second comming of Christ. He continues to take credit for other people accomplishments, then tries to convince the American people, as well as the rest of the world, that everything from the fall of the USSR, to the destruction of the Berlin Wall, to the killing of bin Laden, to the sun coming up this morning, is all because he deems it to be so. America, arise and look upon the miracle of Obama.

    13. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      @Andrew Smith

      As if anyone in this administration gives a hoot about any opinion except their own. Just be happy you are not dealing with them full time, and that they are not making your decisions.

      Good luck. Most of us still know who our friends are, Andrew.

    14. jweb says:

      The guy is nuts…a true sociopath. Like any other ceaser, he is going to go off the deep end. You watch.

    15. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Barry is just working on his "street credentials" for a 2013 UN position. Requirements:

      An elitist mindset to run the world (check),

      Dissing fellow capitalist countries leaders (check),

      Hosting Dignitaries on the taxpayer dime (check),

      No repect for the value of monetary value (check).

      A disconnect to the average citizen. (check)

    16. Renny, Maryland says:

      Do "not negotiate" on the Debt Limit!!!!!! That will blow his mind!!!!!!!

      Don't piss away your responsibility to us and give it to him!!!!!

    17. Spearshaker, Glendal says:

      The picture is worth a thousand words–Angela merkel has look of utter disbelief on her face as she listens to the egotist-in-chief as he tries to break his arm as he slaps himself on the back!

      Ronald Reagen must have turned over in his grave.

    18. urganda says:

      Wholehearted thanks Ms. Nix for such a necessary article; that a female leader of such achievements, as Merkel, had to put up with the efforts of this non-achiever Prez of ours to show that he is at her level must have been a painful exercise in self restrain and patience. I wish I could see the pictures mentioned here

    19. urganda says:

      Merkel was consistently right in warning the US about the speculative frenzy & the housing bubble, but she is not flamboyant or given to declarations that are bigger than her achievements, neither does she condone criminal adventures like the attack on Iraq by W Bush, so she is not popular with the GOP. Under her leadership the Germans are doing better in every respect, whereas 90% of the Americans are not under the NeoLiberal Warmongering system —started by Bush Jr. continued by Obama— that only favors the ultra rich & ultra AIPAC & the banksters & the corporations that outsource our jobs, pay no taxes & create wealth for themselves & for other countries but not for Americans. This NeoPlantational system, this D.C. consensus, wants to bring the USers or "Americans" back to the 19th cent., starting by taking away from them all the social network, Medicare first, so that they vulnerable and scared. It is treason.

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