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  • DeMint Seeks Answers on NLRB's Boeing Complaint

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) wants the National Labor Relations Board to turn over all documents related to its recent complaint against The Boeing Co. The NLRB, already facing a backlash for its meddling in a private company’s business decision, is now under fire for the secretive process it used to reach that conclusion.

    DeMint’s wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act request suggests that politically connected special interests influenced the NLRB’s complaint against the company. The federal agency has asked an administrative law judge to halt expansion of Boeing’s operations in South Carolina in favor of heavily unionized Washington state. South Carolina is one of 22 right-to-work states.

    DeMint is seeking documents that date to the beginning of the Obama administration, as well as any communications with the International Association of Machinists, the union at the center of the NLRB’s complaint.

    “The public facts surrounding the complaint raise serious questions about the interpretation of the National Labor Relations Act upon which it is based, to say nothing of the troubling appearance of partisan, special interest politics at its heart,” DeMint wrote in a letter to the NLRB’s acting general counsel and FOIA officer.

    In the letter, DeMint references a recent issue of the newsletter published by the International Association of Machinists Local 751, which boasts that “money gains your Union access to officials, which is critical to get our issues addressed and ensure our input is heard.”

    DeMint questions if that constitutes “a pay-to-play system of political influence” that gave the union special access to NLRB officials. The union gave $1.9 million to Democrats during the 2010 election cycle.

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    26 Responses to DeMint Seeks Answers on NLRB's Boeing Complaint

    1. Walter Rice - Auburn says:

      Go Jim ! !

      It's about time to hold people accountable for stepping all over the freedoms of this republic.

      "Without accountability, there are no rules." (Snapshots of Enlightenment)

    2. Tom P says:

      In a letter to Sen Lyndsay Graham yesterday I brought to his attention the Congress had the power to disband the KKK why not disband the NLRB that only represents union workers..And while they were at it disband the ACLU and other self interest organizations out to destroy American Freedoms. Willing to bet if Obama's administration and judges he appointed rule in favor of the Unions then Boeing will take the jobs away from SC and put them in Mexico where the Union has no control over..Guess if Boeing promised Obama they would only hire illegals living in SC he would overrule the courts and let them build and operate in SC..Need to impeach Obama and all of his administration before they finish destroying the United States and our allies…!!


    3. Nino - Cincinnati says:

      The NLRB and the Dems in some union's pocket? How can that be?

    4. Bremerton Washington says:

      Another example of the communist movement in the USand the underlying plan of Cloward and Piven being implemented through obummer.

      This is another example of the government overstepping its bounds. it is time to get rid of the left in America. It is a cancer to us all.

    5. Cary Johnson says:

      It is amazing that the politicians can continue to tax and spend. At age 69 my wife and I every month have to stay within our budget. Both of our Social Security checks recently have had $50 each taken out of our checks for two months in a row with no explanation that was understandable to us. That was $200 for two months taken out of our budget. On top of that no cost of living increase for two years. Now gasoline prices double since Obama took office. To me, reducing the corporation tax to 15% with no allowance for business deductions would give our country back to working Americans. No requirement that a corporation be required to withhold union dues and no pressure for workers to pay a union. We have got to make sure Obama is retired and a President with business related work experience be hired to get our country back.

    6. Ryon D, Summerville says:

      The NLRB is a joke. Just another 'pawn' organization used by Obama to destroy companies that WANT to produce in America. It's disgusting how they are being treated. As one of the biggest companies in the world, you would think these grossly unpopular organizations would just thank their lucky stars they still have jobs. And nevermind the fact that SC and WA have about the same amount of workers, and we DID NOT take any of their jobs. As far as Jim DeMint is concerned, he is the type of congressman we need more of in America today. DeMint is a leading Senator who is more of a representative than a politician. He stands for what we the people need, and want, and doesn't care who agrees with him. He follows his morals (of which, most politicians lack), and stands for the right things. I will vote for Jim DeMint until he either respectfully retires, or chooses not to run. If we had more men like him, and women like Nikki Haley, this country could one day see a resurrection. It's because of honest men like him that we still have hope.

    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Does anyone not recognize every member of the NLRB is an Obama appointee and thus does his bidding. Look around at every other government agencies, including the federal courts, it the same. When are we going to realize that Obama has been installed as this nation's first dictator. Whenever anyone disagree or criticizes, the attack dogs in the media are unleashed to attack in the mode of Saul Alinsky. Wake up America! If Obama is not stopped now, this nation, as we have known it, can not survive.

    8. Eric De Loach Atlant says:

      There is no need for unions this day & age. We OSHA and about 100 other government depts. to protect worker's rights. America should be a right to work country. Down with the Unions, Labor board & Obama.

    9. Gordon, Jonesboro GA says:

      Ryon D, you comment caused me to email my Senator, Saxby Chambliss, and ask him to support Senator DeMint's efforts. As I pointed out to him, if the NRLB can have their way against South Carolina, they will do it against Georgia should a situation arise. A short time ago Kia opened an assembly plant in Georgia and have already announced a plant expansion. If the current NLRB had been in power when Kia select Georgia as the site for the plant, no doubt but they would have tried to prevent Kia from building in Georgia and to force Kia to build in an UAW state.

    10. RonL says:

      This is Big Union Money blatently attacking Right to Work States Business. It most be stopped by Congress a beyond the jurisdiction of NLRB to act in genuine organized labor affairs. If not, the next manufacturing losses will be overseas!

    11. Rodney, Illinois says:

      Thank you, Jim DeMint, for following up on this.. The lack of response from congress on reigning in this kind of stuff has been scarey, and I am glad to see DeMint going after it. When blatant stuff like this happens (and this is extremely blatant) and no one sanctions them for it, regulations will only get more bold and brazen, and then we will lose our country. I am totally on the side of getting this thing reversed, the sooner the better!

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    13. Peggy Brittain, Mass says:

      Every day I am more convinced that if there were more honest representatives in the Senate, President Obama and VP Biden would be rightfully impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. His obvious intrusion into the bombings in Libya should certainly be a high crime. He seems to believe that he is above the rules and laws governing other presidents and congress is complicit in allowing him to do so. He is making congress less and less relevant every day. We must get him out of office before we become like Venezuela. This is exactly the path Chavez has followed to become in essence a dictator.

    14. Doug, Oklahoma says:

      Should the NRLB fail in this outrageous over reach, as they likely will, they will probably go after smaller, more vulnerable companies in the future. This is government harrassment of businesses and must not be tolerated.

    15. Renny, Maryland says:

      Thank you for your efforts in jumpint on this.I pray your efforts are fruitful!!!

      In this atsmophere with political and legal power on one side, how can you win???? God bless you.

    16. Diana Brown says:

      Thank God for Senator DeMint for speaking out and seeking the truth. The truth has no agenda. These darn unions are no good and we cannot let them continue to take away our liberties and rights. We need to vote Obama out in 2012.

    17. Bobbie says:

      When authority isn't equal between private and government, 'competition" is just a nice way to hide the real acts of "take-over."

      Private citizens also seek answers to NLRB's hindrance regarding America's freedom to enact private business decisions. Thank you, Mr. DeMint. Please stand firm! DON'T let them off the hook.

    18. Melinda, Vero Beach, says:

      As a free nation, how can we all just brush aside corruption. We all need to speak out and encourage our representatives to do so too.

    19. Bill, Maryland says:

      Mr. DeMint, please consider running for President. We need a constitutionalist conservative that will fight back the hoards of progressive, socialist, communist, marxist, environmentalist, extremist reprobates that represent the current Democrat party. You are the real thing and we would strongly support your candidacy.

    20. Teri Davis Newman, I says:

      This is the most obvious case of straight-up political pandering and borderline bribery I've ever seen in my life-and I'm no spring chicken. The NLRB has no right interfering in business decisions made by a private company and has blatantly overstepped their authority at the bidding of the union-puppet Obama. Boeing could just as easily build their new plant IN ANOTHER COUNTRY to flee the inexcusable meddling of the NLRB. Just another stellar blunder by the puppet Obama who couldn't run a lemonade stand at a profit and is totally incompetent at running the country. November 6th 2012 is the day we get rid of this incompetent boob and get someone who can do the job.

    21. Kathleen Kirwin says:

      Thank you so much Mr. DeMint for taking this issue head on.

      I hear so many folks state that Obama doesn't know what he is doing. I totally disagree, he knows exactly what he is doing to this country and, if we don't get him out of office, he will win. Hopefully, we are not too late, we can still stop him.

    22. Sheila Reeves, Green says:

      Go get em, Jim. I've never heard of a law that could stop a company from opening another location in another state that is a right to work state. If there is such a law, it needs to be changed or abolished!

    23. Dana, California says:

      Go get 'em, DeMint!!! I won't be satisfied with anything short of cleaning out the labor unionists who have cemented themselves onto the NRLB! And I want any and all information you garner to be trumpeted from the rooftops. America needs to wake up to the nearly-criminal activities of this Administration!

    24. Stephen, South Carol says:

      Every policy decision made by the Obama administration is anti-business and therefore, whether planned or not, guarantees high unemployment. The federal government has no basis in our constitution to insert itself into the affairs of private businesses unless national security is at stake. I support Jim DeMint in his effort to unearth the underhanded dealings of the administration and its union and activist friends in the judiciary.

      Twitter: @stephenblanton

    25. Terry, Virginia Beac says:

      Did I read these are new jobs? Is the government for new jobs or more "bumps in the road?"

    26. Dottie Krull says:

      When jobs are needed shouldn't we be building "opportunities" not supressing for pay-for-play?

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