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  • Obama is AWOL, At Home and Abroad

    Consider it a pattern — President Obama speaking to a friendly crowd, papering over his failures of leadership while patting himself on the back for a job well done.

    He did that today in Toledo, Ohio, where he touted his auto industry bailout to United Auto Workers at a Chrysler plant, without directly addressing the morning’s news that unemployment went up to 9.1 percent in May as the economy hit a near standstill. Obama’s explanation about the slow-mo economy? “There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. We’re going to pass through some rough terrain that even a Wrangler would have a hard time with.” How’s that for leadership in tough times?

    Last week saw the same story, different country, as Heritage’s Nile Gardiner explains in the Washington Times. President Obama took his road show to Europe where “he was feted by large crowds and fawned over by European political elites” even though his policies haven’t served U.S. allies.

    Even in London, he was given a hugely warm welcome. Despite an embarrassing track record of insulting America’s closest friend and ally, he was rewarded with a state visit and the honor of an address to Parliament.

    Despite all the fanfare, Barack Obama still doesn’t come across as an American leader of weight, principle or conviction. His flagship speech in Westminster Hall was full of soaring rhetoric and forced platitudes about the importance of the Anglo-American alliance, but was ultimately empty when it came to policy. There was no clear vision for U.S. leadership in the Middle East, including the war in Libya, the crisis in Syria and the growing Iranian nuclear threat. On Afghanistan, where more than 100,000 U.S. troops are fighting the Taliban, there was only talk of an endgame, and no sense of striving for victory.

    President Obama didn’t take questions in Toledo (and refused an AP reporter’s questions about today’s unemployment numbers), but he did take questions last week at Downing Street in London, where Gardiner explains how the Commander in Chief handled (or mishandled) the media:

    Without the presence of his beloved teleprompter, Mr. Obama was left floundering in the face of straightforward questions from the American and British press. When asked about the budget deficit, the president delivered an embarrassingly muddled response that hardly exuded confidence. On Libya he was even worse, forcing Mr. Cameron to explain America’s role in the campaign to oust Col. Moammar Gadhafi. What the White House appropriately calls “leading from behind” was amply on display in London last week for all to see.

    Gardiner says that the President’s European tour “underscores how little depth there is to Mr. Obama’s world leadership at a time of mounting global threats and economic turmoil.” The same can be said of his speech today in Toledo — amid a floundering economy, the President offered little but self-congratulatory accolades while ignoring reality. He’s AWOL on world leadership, and he’s AWOL at home, too.

    Read more of Nile Gardiner’s, “Obama not leading, even from behind” at The Washington Times.

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    19 Responses to Obama is AWOL, At Home and Abroad

    1. Bobbie says:

      Sarah Palin's bus is awesome! Talk about bringing America back! She's keeping the economy going more than Obama and she's a private citizen!!! The most important quality in a person for me is honesty with the reflection and direction of America's strength in principles and values. These qualities have been unrecognizable for years in the democrat party. One of many reasons I left and why I won't turn back. Rather follow a leader of strength and action, not excuses.

    2. Mark Newberg, Oregon says:

      Next November, the Republicans will find out far fewer people vote Republican than used to.

      Seriously, the Republican party has mortgaged their future for a bit of short-term gain by embracing the Tea Party and all this derp. Their handling of President Obama, including attacking him in not-even-thinly veiled racist terms, has destroyed any attempt they might have made to appeal to black voters. Their embrace of crazy-ass illegal immigration laws, and all the derp surrounding those laws (including crazy stories about border towns being controlled by illegal aliens) has wrecked them with Latino voters. And all this Planned Parenthood derp is ruining them with women.

      Yeah, I know that at this moment, scared old white people are the most likely voters, but what do you do when they keel over? Or what do you do if your rhetoric to inflame them gets so crazy it starts motivating other groups to vote to keep you out of power? They've already started to alienate them with ending medicare.

      Who will vote republican anymore?

    3. DanMingo says:

      So, where are the damning quotes that show President Obama's ineptness?

    4. David, PA says:

      Consider it a pattern — President Obama speaking to a friendly crowd, papering over his failures of leadership while patting himself on the back for a job well done.

      Yeah…remember when there were protesters who went to Obama's speeches, so he had Secret Service designate 'free speech zones' out of the earshot of the President and out of sight of the cameras?

      Or was that somebody else? Cause that sounds like something only a Democratic President would do. And no one else. Ever. Under any circumstances.

    5. Fiend says:

      It's hard to argue with the absolute intelligence of one who uses "derp" in a tirade. The same kind of people who voted a socialist with over 14billion dollars in earmarks into office; the clueless cult of personality that is the American public. Have you not witnessed the tea party goings on? Apparently you live Taliban style, or are simply self deluded.

    6. Robert says:

      AWOL assertion without better more substantive facts seems to be as if you want a dictator telling people what to do and how to govern. In the face of a verbal assault led in part by the Heritage foundation its easy to see that conservative policies adre no being championed and thankfully he has failed to champion the policies and issues that led to Bush bailing out wall street the western champion of free market solutions that failed like a badly designed nuclear power plant located next to an area prone to faults and Tsunamis. The free market is like a powerful ox which unless it is properly harnessed spends its time feeding, crapping or rutting. The Heritage foundation it seems would like it to spend its time protecting those self destructive self serving aspects of the free market.

    7. Bobbie says:

      Seriously, the only productive party are the republicans. Of course Republicans are held to perfection but still show they are human with the good qualities of honesty, integrity and dignity something in dire need in leadership, that others refuse to recognize. Of course most of those others are suffering from the contagious illness of brainwash and delusion. All complimentary from the victims view of their mentors. GOVERNMENT!

      It's good to have class in congress, of adult leadership. who take measures to avoid crisis, not set America up for them as the policies, regulations, mandates and all costs of America's President and administration is clearly doing.

    8. Davison says:

      "Strength and action" does not equate to wisdom, experience, or good decisions. If it did, the USSR would never have fallen and China's artistic and musical history would have been forever destroyed.

      and PS… the USA was created and populated by immigrants pushing out the local (native) populations. The laws have always changed and adapted to the new generations and their needs. Why is that so hard to grasp?

    9. Bobbie says:

      True, Davidson. That's why we need leadership that knows what freedom is. :Like Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Sara Palin, Herman Cain, etc. Republican leadership conveys their wisdom as their conversation and background of their life's experience exemplifies.

      America was never established to push people out to make whole the next generation with new laws! Are you American born? America opens her arms for all who chose to live amongst freedom and peace under the common law of civility and the principles of the American Constitution.

      Immigrants ALWAYS assimilated to America and her founding principles until the late 20th century. When leaders failed to live up to their oath of office after their insistence that immigrants were coming to America to assimilate in America.

      Instead the American government used the vulnerability of immigrants from 3rd world countries and imposed government dependency, while government controlled influence defames America's freedom just to give a dependent hand to immigrants, whom the government obviously sees as inferior to living freely for themselves.

      To live life according to culture is the freedom of the people to do for themselves. Personal business. No "right" of America's needs legislative recognition regarding personal lifestyle. That implements racial, cultural discrimination. Everybody is suppose to have the dignity to live according to the way they see fit, independently and under civil law. Look at the destruction POOR leadership has caused!

    10. Rich Chwaszczewski, says:




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    12. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Well, what else is new?? That is typical of BHO. He’ll try to grab credit if the jobless rate goes down 1/10 of 1%. LOL!! Big deal!! But when the rate goes back up, it’s ‘put the blame elsewhere’. While spending Memorial Day weekend at my brother’s house, I met his new cat. I told her Barack Obama should be her name, as she’s always whining. By that, I mean BHO always blames his irresponsibility, mistakes, fiscal follies (e.g., the failed stimulus/porkulus bill of over $800 billion), and his failures as POTUS on Bush and the GOP. Does anybody really believe all of BHO’s ‘Blame Bush’ drivel?? GET REAL!! Bush has been out of office almost 2 ½ years, and during his 8 years, unemployment was never even close to what it has been since that infamous date of 1/20/2009. We may be frustrated with RINOs and GOP wimps who pander to the left. And John McCain was a wimp in his campaign against BHO. However, if McCain/Palin had won on 11/4/2008, I bet the unemployment rate would be down to 5% or 6% by now, our debt would be far lower, and Obummer-care would’ve been defeated. Again I have to say, on 11/4/2008, you made “One Big Awful Mistake America”!! WISE UP AMERICA!! 2012 is our only hope to correct that error. Let’s vote to make 1/20/2013 the ‘end of an error’!!

    13. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      When the unemployment rate decreases, he credits himself and his policies for it, but when it increases, he either avoids it or blames Bush after his handlers accidentally let a real journalist slip into the crowd.

      What other major businesses or industries has he visitied besides GE, GM & Chrysler? When was the last time he visited any south of the old Mason-Dixon line?

    14. Todd - Virginia says:

      Earl, 1/20/2013 will not be an end of an era. It will be an end of the biggest mistake this country has ever made and BHO will go down in history as the worst president, ever.

      I hope Jimmy Carter appreciates what the American people did for him. He will no longer have that title.

    15. Kookie Wheeling, W says:

      When are they going to impeach this illegal president?

    16. John - Mons, Belgium says:

      I guess BO thinks we should all get with the program and do our part. We as americans need to go out right now and buy a brand new car to help get the economy rolling. Why else would he keep going back to inefficient car manufacturers that needed big gov't bailouts to keep going? Poor leadership would be a big change. BO has NO leadership. Leadership by committee is not leadership and he has no idea what is best for the majority of Americans. He only knows what his handlers tell him and that is the ruinous things the liberals want.

    17. David, Ohio says:

      The liberal bloggers are out in full force today. Maybe if you guys actually READ the Heritage site, you would change you mind on the state of the country and Obama's status as President. Stop volunteering for Media Matters or Moveon.org or where ever and do some honest research.

    18. whobodythere, downea says:





      Earl did well to parlay his verbal acumen to a succinct commentary……

      ….1/20/2013…The End of an Error……Precisely!

    19. whobodythere, downea says:


      Me and mine.

      from Downeast

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