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  • VIDEO: Ryan Goes on Offense, from the White House to the U.S. House

    “We have a budget crisis. We’ve got a $1.5 trillion deficit. We’ve got a debt that is getting out of our control. And what do you do when you have a problem like that? You pass a budget,” said House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) Wednesday from the House floor.

    His remarks came hours after a meeting between House Republicans and President Barack Obama, where Ryan reportedly took the President to task over the continued demagoguery from the left over Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare. The Washington Post reports on Ryan’s remarks following the meeting, in which he described his exchange with the President:

    I simply explained what our plan is, how it works,” Ryan said, standing before a bank of cameras outside the White House. “It’s been misdescribed by the president and many others. So we simply described to him what it is we’ve been proposing so that he hears from us how our proposal works.”

    Ryan brought that fiery defense of his plan to the House floor Wednesday afternoon, where he called Democrats to task for their utter failure to pass a budget, while mounting a defense of his plan’s reforms. And he also took time to set the record straight on Medicare:

    Let’s for a moment talk about Medicare. Medicare as we know is already gone. Our friends on the other side of the aisle – when they passed the Affordable Care Act – stopped the Medicare status quo.

    The President’s new health care law already ended Medicare as know it. It does two things: It raids Medicare; and it rations Medicare . . .

    [The House plan] saves Medicare. This puts Medicare on a path to solvency. And more importantly, by saving it for future generations, we can keep our promises to current seniors.

    We stop the raid. We repeal the rationing board. And we save the program. That is what our budget proposes to do.

    The rationing board Ryan speaks of is the President’s plan to toughen up the bureaucracy and ratchet down Medicare payment to doctors and hospitals. Heritage’s Kathryn Nix explains where the President’s plan would lead:

    The consequences of such a policy for patients would likely be reduced access to care, thus introducing the kind of health care rationing that Americans fear. The way to avoid such an outcome is to repeal the IPAB and the rest of Obamacare and then to pursue consumer-driven reforms that put patients, not bureaucrats, in charge.

    By contrast, Heritage’s Robert Moffit and James Capretta write thatpremium support system like the one proposed by Ryan would “give Medicare patients control over the flow of dollars and freedom to make decisions about how they access medical services. This will stimulate intense market competition among plans and providers, control costs, and promote rapid innovation and higher productivity through the efficient delivery of quality care, thus guaranteeing value in return for retiree premiums and taxpayer dollars.”

    Watch the full video of Ryan’s remarks above, and let us know what you think in our comments below!

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    14 Responses to VIDEO: Ryan Goes on Offense, from the White House to the U.S. House

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      The Health care fixes in Ryan’s plan is the only thing in the budget plan that has merit – but that is not saying much. The rest of the budget still runs up deficits and is heavily reliant on rosy economic predictions.

      Ryan’s healthcare system is still is a massive government program. People who are essentially on the current bloated and ineffective program stays put – so no savings there. For younger folks it will provide vouchers (via more tax credits) to be used in the competitive market – which is somewhat good. However, it is using the tax system for social engineering – something we are trying to stop doing. It has similar redistributive elements like the child tax credit. If you do not use up the voucher for healthcare, I believe the rest yours to do with as you see fit. Meaning, if you do not use the voucher at all, you have what is essentially a stimulus fund to use on vacation or whatever else. We are in a debt crisis and we cannot afford to redistribute money (AND DEBT) like this. My issue with the plan is that it will still require a federal agency of some sort populated with the current incompetence that has created the mess we are in.

      Ryan shores up the federal role in:

      - telling us how to manage our health

      - Keeps the CDC a federal agency when it should be made into a private sector organization free of taxpayer funds.

      - keeps federal workers in charge of presenting confusing and ever changing health and nutrition information.

      - keeps vaccine management in the hands of the federal workforce

      - Dictates to states on how they should manage healthcare

      - Assumes the private sector is incapable of providing affordable healthcare options when before the feds got involved they did!

      - regulates health savings accounts

      - dictates what insurance companies will cover

      - Somehow provide high end health care services to people who cannot pay for it

      - In rosy terms makes Medicaid a universal health insurance program

      - does not fully move the program to the states where any such program should reside

      - Forms state level expert medical boards to control healthcare

      - Still uses price controls albeit determined by private sector organization

      What I did not see in Ryan’s plan is the elimination of the DHHS; reverting health care management back to individuals. In his “short” summary, there are 26 bullet items in six general topics that tells us what the federal government will do.

      There is a lot to Ryan’s plan that can blossom into massive bureaucratic agencies that can be just as cumbersome and costly as we have right now. Give the plan to the democrats in 8 years and in no time flat we will be right where we are now. The assumption that healthcare is a right and that the federal government has to provide means to ensure that right is protected is the core problem with healthcare in this country.

      The problem is and always been – how do we provide basic healthcare and catastrophic care to the poor? Very simple.

      The federal answer is bureaucracy. Ryan does not change that.

      Before the federal workforce came along and made a mess out of healthcare, hospitals largely took care of it themselves at a fraction of the costs we are facing today. I do see the need of some minimal redistribution of money to form a health care “bank” – so to speak. BUT NOT AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL! When taxes are collected, this fund should be (in cash only – not debt) automatically redirected back out to the states based on a formula. Hospitals or healthcare providers should then be able to recover some of the cost provided to the poor by accessing this "bank."

      Each healthcare provider can manage their own procedure or criteria on how they will provide healthcare to the poor (i.e. competition). The best plans will likely be emulated and improved continuously. They can manage their pricing scheme to cover unpaid services. So long as they have a fully transparent accounting of what services were provided that were not paid for, they can submit their total unpaid accounts to the state medical office (of whatever sort) each quarter. These healthcare providers should be ready at a given moment to have an audit of this submittal. Serious penalties should be imposed on any provider that even tries to abuse the system. Then the state simply proportions available federally redirected funds (as well as what they chip in) out to each healthcare provider. If the provided funds do not cover the entire amount, the healthcare provider will be prevented on billing or somehow recovering the unpaid costs from the customers included in the submittal. They will simply have to have in their business plan a means of pricing their services to cover any possible shortfall. If their prices are too high, competition will ensure they go back down. The healthcare provider will also have to adjust how many services to provide to the poor. Competition will ensure this system will be fair.

      This plan requires a very small number of government bureaucrats at all levels.

      Current members of the Medic’s shall have their “premiums” (or taxes) sent to a private sector insurance program (not administered by government) to ensure they have the same benefits they were conned into receiving. If they opt to move to the more efficient private sector options that provide better services then they should be allowed. Again, competition will ensure better and less expensive deals will be available to current members.

      We need to get away from the idea that we need to provide high-end services to people who cannot pay. I feel basic healthcare is essential, but that is basic. You want more you have to work and pay for it. We also have to start realizing that government is the last place we want to manage healthcare or any service for that matter. Charity has no place in government Madison said. We have to be hardnosed about that or we will continue to drive this nation into a debt that will make it impossible to help anyone for anything. Which is where I think we are.

    2. Nikki Louisiana says:

      I'm sure the Republicans cannot get any air time on NBC, ABC…etc., so why don't they BUY air time on these stations and TELL the people what their plans are??? If anyone is watching "paid for a bought" TV stations, they will never hear what Paul Ryan, John Boehner or any other Republican, have to say.

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      I find no reason to doubt any part of Ryan's explanation. However, we must understand the game Obama and the Dems are playing. They do absolutely nothing to address the problems. Instead they wait for the Repbs to propose a plan then, regardless of the good it will do, publicly condemn it. This is all they intend to do. Obama will continue to lie and have meeting with Repbs as nothing but distractions from the fact they have no intentions but to criticize anything from the other side. This is their game and the know the national media will cover and do nothing to expose their game.

    4. karl meyer says:

      This country would be infinetly better off if this man of great integrety would become president.

    5. Robert, North Richla says:

      Excellent video. I am now a bigger Ryan fan. I am under 54 and I fully support this type of reform (I will purchase my own powerchair, if necessary, at absolutely no cost to my friends, neighbors, or fellow working taxpayers). Ryan's plan is an actual plan that will benefit everyone (including welfare bums). Obama and the democrats want to steal all of the money and deny healthcare to 98% of the country. The top 2% will still be able to pay cash for premium care just like the wealthy Canadians, British, and other Europeans do when they come here!

    6. Mike Gabel, Cranford says:

      Paul Ryan is the adult in the room. I thank him for his courage and his service to our country.

      Despite Trump's cowardly attack on Ryan, the country needs Ryan to lead.

      I stand firmly with Paul Ryan.

    7. Farmer says:

      I agree with the guy above about not supporting everyone and their mother….but rather than ripping Mr. Ryan…what have the Democrats come up with? Not a damn thing.


    8. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      I applaud Paul Ryan for his creative thinking. This plan creates a great frame work to a path of reforming our economic situation and saving our great nation for future generations while protecting the current retirees. It does not address all concerns the American people have but I believe it is a great start. At least it is a plan!!! We still don't have a budget in place. So how do we begin to move forward. Are we going to delay these important decisions until the 2012 elections. I do not think our economy can stand it, and our credit rating will definately be in jeapordy if we do not do something NOW!!!!

    9. Carol,AZ says:


      Laziness and ingnorance is the keystone for all decison making for the last three years across America.

      Americans paid for Medicare.

      The funds raped and raided by this administration and diverted to the new { HCP}.

      Over half the states in the USA are appealing for non-participation.

      Waviers are being handed out like gummy bears in CA allowing power based CO's. the due-process of non-participation for a program that hasn't been inacted yet.

      This is the slimiest coup d' etat happening to all Americans that paid inkind, into a system that has been bankrupted, with full duplicity by our own governmet and in total destruction by the Democrates.

      The free market system {free enterprise} must be returned to our Democracy.

      C. Moffit and J. Carpetta are correct.

      Rep. Paul Ryan, correct. Michelle Buckmann, correct.

      The Tea Party, correct.

      Without it, the end-game is clear FACT, no one disputes.

      The certain economic callaspe of our fiscal system.

      el senor, Obama has 300 more days in-office.

      No one has the bungas to suggest , remove him!

      His arrogances disallows him; to, step- out -of- the- way allowing a plan of action from certain failure that he, and his minions helped to create in the first place.

      Yet the press is obsessed with; the story of NY, Senator Weiner and Casey Anderson trial that replaced,

      the scandal of, Arnold the inseminater.

      The total disconnect for reporting facts on this central issue is the same attitude revisting from Charlotte's quip;

      "I won't think about it now," and the pitiful example of, TWO years without a signed budget in America.

      What WILL it take to FORESTALL the NOW?

    10. Kathryn Hyden Housto says:

      This country is in such a mess, we must attack everything. Firstly, the things that were passed without democratic votes. And to begin with SS which is the head of Medicare has got to be fixed and fixed first! NO more money being given to ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER PAID INTO THE FUND! HELLO!!! That is why it was set up, not to pay government their salaries for the rest of their lives, not to give aliens money because they are crippled. not to given aliens money to eat on, send them home! NO, STOP TAKING MONEY THAT WE AS A NATION DID NOT VOTE ON IN THE ELECTION TO BE TAKEN!!!! That is where things have gone totally awry! We were not allowed to vote as a people on any of the changes made to Social Security!

    11. Glenn says:

      It is so refreshing and encouraging to see a real leader in Congress.

    12. Bobbie says:

      I stand with Mr. Ryan also. We can't afford the derelicts. They don't represent America! Ryan shows in effort and words that he works for the people. The only words of Obama he lives up to is "we all have to sacrifice." Only he MAKES it happen by his own doing and tby discrimination. It certainly isn't ALL of us sacrificing.

      Sure would be interesting to know who "ALL" specifically are according to Obama.

      Mr. Ryan's words speak in favor of the will of the people for the recovery of America. Obama creates more waste!

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