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  • Union Hypocrisy in the Skies

    Secret ballots protect voters from intimidation. As long as a vote remains private, no one can retaliate against individuals for voting the “wrong” way. The leadership of the union movement wants to replace secret ballot union elections with “card-check”—a system where workers would unionize by signing union cards in the presence of union organizers.

    Publicly, union leaders insist that union organizers would never intimidate workers if they knew how they voted. But it turns out union bosses know full well that without secret ballots, union organizers would intimidate workers.

    Two unions, the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and the Association of Flight Attendants–Communications Workers of America (AFA–CWA) are vying to represent workers at the newly merged United–Continental airlines.

    The election will take place via secret ballot, which does not suit the AFA–CWA. It is pressuring employees to call in and register their votes with the union. IAM has cried foul. In a letter to AFA–CWA the IAM objected that:

    How a Flight Attendant votes is a personal choice, and directing someone to reveal how they voted is a flagrant form of intimidation. Flight Attendants have already begun to register such complaints to the NMB…Flight Attendants are guaranteed by law that their votes are confidential. They should only reveal how or if they voted if they freely choose to do so…

    If you value a Flight Attendant’s right to make a choice free from intimidation, then you should tell Flight Attendants that they do not have to “register” their votes with AFA-CWA or with the IAM, for that matter.

    Quite so. The AFA–CFA has no right to know whether or how United–Continental’s employees voted. IAM knows that with that knowledge, its rival would pressure workers not to support it. Yet IAM enthusiastically endorses card-check. Union bosses understand that getting rid of secret ballots would expose workers to union intimidation—and they object only when that intimidation does not benefit them.

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    4 Responses to Union Hypocrisy in the Skies

    1. Bobbie says:

      If union reps can't TOLERATE the PRIVACY of EMPLOYEES, what's their worth? NONE TO THE EMPLOYEE! HUGE WORTH to those undeserving of an honest vote.

      Get the union indecencies OUT!!!!

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    3. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Unions did have a role in protecting the American workers over a hundred years ago when they battled against unsafe working conditions, adequate breaks, reasonable pay, and other such things like the limiting hours available to work per day. Now we have the Department of Labor, OSHA and other agencies that were designed to protect ALL employees, not just union employees. We no longer need unions in the public or the private sector since we have the agencies and mechanisms to handle allegations of wrongdoing as well as monitor employer/employee actions and all done at taxpayer cost.

      In conclusion I am definitely against card check and for secret ballots where voting by the public takes place, however, as stated above unions have existed beyond their "use by" and "sell by" dates as ALL of us taxpayers already support workers rights for everyone working in America. Why pay for everyone to have a place to go to redress their grievances while allowing unions to cost employers more to provide jobs, meaningful work based on a fair day's work for a fair day's pay and benefits and all while causing prices for those manufactured goods more than reasonable business models reflect?

    4. Norm CT says:

      Why would anyone think the unions would resort to intimidation???

      Just look at Wisconsin.

      I rest my case.

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