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  • Morning Bell: Time For Thoughtful Moves in Libya

    American military action in foreign wars shouldn’t be taken cavalierly. But President Obama took it that way when he thrust American troops aimlessly into an undefined war in Libya.

    Not only did the President fail to address Congress for approval; he gave the American people little information about his goals for the endeavor. After three months of conflict, Congress is carefully assessing the situation in Libya and forcing the President to confront the issue head on.

    Last night, House Republican leadership postponed a vote on a measure to withdraw troops from Libya within 15 days. While many agree that entering the war was unwise, they are also fearful of making another rash move that could harm our national interest or leave our allies stranded. Relying on the War Powers Resolution as a means for withdrawal, however, is not the correct approach. As Heritage’s James Carafano writes:

    The withdrawal provisions of the War Powers Resolution (often referred to as the War Powers Act) are unconstitutional and undermine the authority of the President as commander in chief. Relying on this legislation is the wrong way to act.

    House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) said that leadership postponed the vote to “allow a process for the American people’s will to be heard on the House floor.”

    That’s a good start. Now, Congress has an opportunity to regroup and think seriously about what America’s next moves in Libya should be. Communication with President Obama in coming weeks will be a critical facet in the outcome.

    Foreign Policy reports that our participation in Libya has already cost three-quarters of a billion dollars, which was taken directly out of the $600 billion appropriated for the Department of Defense. While the President as commander in chief has the authority to do this, the move to rally international support before the support of his own Congress or constituents was unwise.

    As Heritage’s James Carafano writes:

    The hope that a quick Western intervention through imposing a no-fly zone would ensure the toppling of the regime, reassert American leadership in the “fight for freedom,” and eliminate the potential for serious humanitarian crisis was not realistic. Colonel Muammar Qadhafi had clearly mustered sufficient military force to make a stand. It was unlikely that a mere show of force by Western powers would precipitate the collapse of his entrenched regime.

    Moving forth, Congress has some tough decisions to make, but holding strong to familiar principles—including constitutional awareness and support of our NATO allies—is key. Despite the flubs of America’s entrance into the war, Congress is responsible now for omitting any more of them. Carafano writes of four next steps for Congress in addressing the President:

    1.) Rebuke the President for failing to adequately consult Congress on the Libyan intervention;

    2.) Demand that the President clarify the intent and scope of U.S. operations and propose a suitable, feasible, and acceptable path forward;

    3.) Consider withholding funds for operations in the future if, after careful consideration, a majority of Congress concludes that ongoing operations are not in U.S. interests; and

    4.) Weigh carefully any actions for how they may impact on the safety of allied forces.

    House Republican leaders have scheduled a special conference today to discuss the issue, and the Administration will hold a classified briefing for lawmakers as well. Perhaps after lawmakers have had a chance to thoughtfully consider the situation, they can settle on a deliberate next step to take in Libya—one that will maintain vital national interests and also respect our loyalty to allies fighting in harm’s way.

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    51 Responses to Morning Bell: Time For Thoughtful Moves in Libya

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      6 – 2 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com


      DOW went down – 280 Points in ONE DAY.

      WSJ – 6-2-11 – “The drumbeat of bad news about the US economy got louder Wed”

      WHO is the Drum-major leading the Doom and Gloom parade – Murdoch.

      His Doom and Gloom – it is NEVER Going to get better – GOP Orders – got out of – even his control.

      But, the GOOD News is – It was one day. I will be anxious to see what today brings.

      5:45 AM PDT = Dow 12290

      Hey, HF defenders – WHAT do you say NOW?


      Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va on June 1st, 2011 at 11:56am said:

      1st. Ken J. The doctors I talked to will for the most take an early retitrement, some will just do consultions. The shame is that these are D__ good Dr’s who take time and listen to their patients and do hands on care not relying on someone else to take vitals and listen to the lungs and heart.

      *** Thanks Jeanne -

      When I go to the Doctor to get my Rx renewed, I tell the Dr. – You shouldn’t be seeing ME – You should be seeing SICK People.

      Question for YOU – Why is it ONLY People that have HInsurance are the ones telling everybody – YOU don’t NEED HCoverage. When we ALL know that is BS.

    2. Mike D says:

      Rebuke the President? Why have that #1 on the list?

      All the rest are important, but that is just politics

    3. Norm LA says:

      When do you stop idiocy from appearing your blog. There are forums for Ken Jarvis's baloney on the web. I post on one to get some frustration relief from the idiocy I have thought about Heritage as the number one place for information and decent thought. It cannot be that as long as this guy poisons your site. Oh free speech cannot be curbed, but you do have a goal and that is to educate people and everyday he throws a roadblock in the way.

    4. Frank, Florida says:

      President Obama's actions in Libya are impeachable offensives. The Congress is gutless. Our Constitution is increasingly ignored & trashed. Check this out:


    5. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      "Like father like son!" Obama's father overthrew the only other Republic in the world into Marxism, which was Kenya! However, women, this is not Kenya, but the real "Israel" by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), actually given the name "Israel," but losing such knowledge because they broke the "Sabbaths Covenant" that came with the name! Now that man's 6,000 years is about over, women now are going to finish it like they began it through their "intellectualization" of faith! Obama is a self-professed Marxist(Anti-Christ), but unlike other Marxists such as Wilson, the Roosevelts, Carter, etc., etc.,etc., Obama is the right "Anti-Christ" this time put in over the real israel by it's women(you all remember the story of Eve 6,000 years earlier, right? No? Well, besides the blacks, don't you think that all the women who voted for this endtime "forbidden foreigner"(Deuteronomy 17:15) and self-professed "Anti-Christ" will at least give eachother presents when Obama kills Yahshua's(means Yahweh is Salvation in Hebrew) two-witnesses? You also know that the only spiritually inspired language is "Hebrew," right, and not even Greek, Latin, or English(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6)? Just saying…

    6. John Arizona says:

      Why is it you people get into a contest with Ken Jarvis. Remember, he's a union guy who voted for Harry Reid. If that isn't enough said, what else is there to say?

    7. clarence swinney says:


      # ——% Total–Individual tax—Payroll–All Fed Tax–






      numbers rounded source: tax policy center.org

      current distribution of federal taxes by cash income 2010

      Percentile Breaking points

      Bottom 20%=$13,000—2nd=$25,000–3rd=$43,000–4th-$70,000

      (Top 0.1%=$1,800,000)—(Top 1%=$370,000)—(Top 5%=$140,000)—(Top 10%=$99,000)

      Total Federal-State-Local Taxes—Top 20% pay 30% of Total Income and Middle 20% pay 28%

      That is no Progressive Tax System.

      Corporations pay 1% of GDP in taxes down from 6% in the past

      Good Old Republican Pal the Top 2% need a Tax Cut—They own ONLY 50% of ALL Financial Wealth and take ONLY 30% of all individual income. They include those with income per year of 4000 Million-300 Million-2000 Million-1000 Million-500 Million-10 Million-50 million-10 million

      Poor fellows. Only Billionaires. They want to be Deca-Billionaires. They know 120,000,000 workers own 7% of Financial Wealth and they want that 7%. Help them Please! Cut those Taxes.

      Oh! They got much of that Income and Wealth from the 9000 Billion borrowed by three Conservative presidents since 1980. In 1980 we had 10 Billionaires—In 1989 we had 51. 413 in 2010.

      Now you know why they voted for Reagan and Bush II. The 120,000,000 are still waiting for that Pay Increase. Since 1979, their “real” income has not grown one cent during all that Wealth creation.

      I assure all that had we no Safety Nets today 120,000,000 would be revolting like in the middle East.

      There is only a small difference between being held back b a Dictator or Monarch and a Corpocracy.

      Clarenceswinneyolduglymeanhonest madmadmad at Inequality in America very mad

    8. Jill-Maine says:

      HF defenders say time to change presidents. You have to be completely stupid not to lay the blame for all this at BHO's and the democrats feet.

    9. Robert, North Richla says:

      The imposter that wanted nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan decides to attack Libya. Why Libya? Why not Egypt, Syria, Bahrain or Yemen? Maybe we should ask the Saudi's. While I agree with Heritage on principle, Congress should act on this – and on every single other issue in conflict with our Constitution (debt, deficits, energy, education, housing, welfare, mandates). Oops, I woke up, I was dreaming there for a moment.

    10. Donna, Colorado says:

      Why must we thoughtfully consider getting out of Libya, we have no business there in the first place and should immediatly cease all activity there. And which allies are we supporting anyway ? We should thoughfully consider getting out of Iraq and afaghanistan we are accomplishing nothing in any of these countries and should bring our troops and resources home

    11. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      I 've said it before but applies to Lybia. Never fight battles you don't intend to win. And if you fight do everything in your power to win I mean everything and anything, if not get out. It's that simple.

    12. Andrew - Mansfield, says:

      I learned that the reason there are different branches of government is to hold each other accountable and sort of provide a check and balance system so no one branch will have all the authority. That's my understanding. My question is, why does mr. obama snub his nose at the authorities that are in place and keeps getting away with it?

      No other president, to my knowledge has been able to hold up under scrutiny and continue to laugh in the face of their accusers and get away with it. Isn't that the reason these laws and constitution are in place. All this rhetoric leads to nothing but frustration and dissention in this in this country. And it has escallated when he took office. He has and will continue to accomplish everything he has in his mind to do. I think it's silly when his opponents and Heritage say this is the most ineffective president we've ever had…not true. He's very effective. He's doing everything George S. wants him to do. And there's nothing that will stop him.

    13. Gary Brubaker, Sr., says:

      Our troops are commanded to fight in Libya and at the same time our congress and the current occupant of the White House are trying to cut the pay of the men that the president sent to fight in another country's civil war. It was none of our business,unless you realize that BHO is on the side of the muslims in the middle east and against our allies. He is sending OUR TAX DOLLARS to those people and denying the same to the people in Joplin and other effected cities and the social security recipients and any need in the United States….He claims to be the president of the USA (Union Supporters of America) and that is proven to be true everyday. Get our troops out of Libya and Afghanistan…neither country wants us there and still wants our money (foreign aid),

    14. Madisonville says:

      Obomo's only reason the ordered troops into Libya was and is his attenpt to cost the United States Of America excessive amountsd of money as he idoing in his attempt to destroy America by runing our ability to pay the bills

    15. Gary Brubaker, Sr., says:

      Tell Boehner either 'MAN UP' or 'STEP DOWN'…..

    16. THE SOOTHSAYER, New says:

      Troy, Vicksburg, Stalingrad, now our intentions are to turn Libya into seige warfare without commitment, reasoning or coin in just more folly coming from this misguided administration. Firing cruise missiles at Tripoli from the USS Barry, is that a hoot, will change nothing unless the shot is a bullseye killing Daffy.

    17. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh! How kind to call these moves 'errors' so has Heritage Foundation bought into Obama's Game? They just look like mistakes, Obama has plausible deniability! Well! Gosh! He has plausible deniability all over the place! Then he makes 'mistakes' all over the place! My dear friends! Progressives make 'mistakes' ON Purpose! Watch! All the 'mistakes' line up to the Agenda! See? If they were mistakes then the scatter would be random! No dears! This is treachery hidden by a pretense of error. I am the Extreme Right Analyst. I call it Sorcery, deception practiced above the People's heads!

      The whole point of Libya is to create small d democracies all over the Middle East. As you may well know, small d democracies like Unions and Corporations are EASY to USURP! So these Arab Spring uprisings are meant to reassert the New Tyranny, what we have building up in the Agencies of the United States Government! And what is it? High Crimes against the Constitution! And what? You can't see it? It is Sorcery! Obama has picked the fight to avoid the Real Fight! He is drawing down American Military Power sixteen ways from Sunday! Haven't you noticed that all Obama's 'mistakes' serve the Foreign Interest! I swear he is pursuing the Kloward Piven plan, then that and all the things he has done are Treason. (The Plan of a long standing Enemy.)

      This fight now is to stop Obama from building his Totalitarian Dictatorship in the Agencies! Oh! You say there is no time for that? We have to play nice with double dealers? Some body has to be Impeached! I think Obama's Libya Adventure is a High Crime, Separation Of Powers. Obama has Usurped Congressional Powers! Everywhere! And every one of them is a High Crime! It is as Judge Vinson wrote, 'Noblesse Oblige!' That is illegal! Besides, Obama stole his election with Massive Disinformation! Yes! Black Operations!

    18. Dennis, East Greenwi says:

      We have a President that has no clear cut policy or plan for Libya. He seems to think that showing his teeth will scare the enemy. I'm not sure there is any American Interest jeopardized by the removal of U.S. troops. I feel he is risking the lives of these young men and women without reason. That is reckless! This is what you get when you elect someone to learn a position on the job!

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      If the War Powers Act is unconstitutional, Congress should remove it from the books. However, as long as it exist, this president must be governed accordingly.

      One must ask why is Obama picking and choosing into which Middle East nation he engages our military. Why does he demand one leader give up his power, then allow another to remain in power only saying "he must go" but does nothing to hasten his departure. It defies explanation. But perhaps an old saying

      explains? "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, then baffle 'em with B.S.

      Does anyone out there not see the pattern developing. Obama has become the closest thing to a dictator this nation has ever experienced. He lies without shame. He ignores and flaunts our laws. He bribes to get his agenda passed Congress. He will not answer to anyone or seek premission to do whatever he wants to do, then blames others when his plans go to hell.

      Does anyone think Obama gives a damn if he is "rebuked, demand to clarify, have funds withheld, or give a crap about the "safty of our allies". Don't you get it yet? Regardless of what Congress does or doesn't do, Obama will continue to do as he pleases because no one will stop him. If Congress doesn't give him what he want, he just signs an EO or makes a "recess appointment" to have his way, knowing full well the leftist and the media will protect him.

    20. mike hutchings says:

      who are these allies we would leave stranded…?….would they be the christians or the isreali's we would leave stranded in the place where they live and we do not…. not a word is said about them if it offends our allies……that we would strand, lets talk turkey….since straight talk has proved to be elusive and juvenile rants against….. murdoch…is the best that can be managed from los vegas….and it's unfortunate that that is the level of debate represents critical thinking in those quarters….

    21. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Ken Jarvis; DO NOT put words in my mouth, NO ONE has said anything about people, young or old not needing Health Ins. Everyone is telling YOU and others like you , WE DO NOT NEED THE GOV'T. telling our doctors how to practice medicine. Isn't odd that those who c/o about how doctors treat pts did not go to med school. and Mr. Jarvis I hope when you go to get Rx's refilled that your MD does more than hand you the scripts'. I am for everyone having Ins. but it needs to be affordable and NOT controlled by gov't. nor high paid Insurance big shots. Some of the best I heard of is controlled by MD's, not really an Ins. but a health co-op of sorts. Mr. Jarvis, FYI there are many who are taking advantage of both Ins. cos. and Mediciad. medicare, there are those who can afford Ins. and refuse to buy it because the need to have 2 or more cars, big TV's etc. There are also CEO's making way too big salaries and retire getting more a month than my husband and I made working, this is where most of the problem lies, Lets deflate these "Golden Parachutes" .

    22. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      If the "War Powers Resolution" is unconstitutional, WHY is it being utilized???

      AND… Congress has to make the tough decision to maintain Constitutional awareness??? How about Constitutiional COMPLIANCE for a change !!!

      AND… Mike D — A SCREWUP needs to be rebuked. But in this case it doesn't do any good because this screwup refuses to listen to his employers.

      AND… JARVIS, how's the temperature today in the sunny aisles of insanity?

    23. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      The fatal flaw in our middle eastern policy is believing that the citizens are ready for western civilization. The more I learn from multiple sources the more I am convinced that the countries are too tribal and our way of life is too contradictory to Islam. I believe that there are other forces at play behind the scene such as Soros and his agenda. While I truly pray that the conflicts will resolve without further blood shed (such as the thirteen year old boy in Syria). I know that none of this will end soon. I would rather leave the countries to let the Sunni’s and Shiite’s battle it out and deal with whom ever wins. Clearly, both factions despise us and we are their common enemy.

    24. azwayne says:

      The #1 problem is our socialist idiotic president. He illegally got United States into WAR. Congress and DC can't start to correct itself until we eliminate the problems. We've wasted thousands of lives and Billions of dollars in Middle East for what? It's time to remove all politicians using our military to pad their wallets, companies involved with and investments they are profiting from.

      Ken is of no relevance,we can see nothing but disruption, never facts. waste of time to look at, why bother?

    25. Gary , Chicago says:

      Congress has some important issues to deal with. This is bull- for them to step in now on this one. This should not be a political issue but is what is best for our country and for people who are being murdered- yes murdered- in their own country.

      Of course, everything is political with this writer. Back up and open up your mind.

    26. rosemarie douglass says:




    27. Jeff Cunningham, Ath says:

      Who has decided that the withdrawal provisions of the War Powers Act are unconstututional? No court that I know of. Certainly not Mr. Carafano. The president is now in violation of that act. If he wants to continue our involvement in Libya he should go before Congress and seek approval. Let's have transparency, not unilateral involvement in another nation's civil war.

    28. Pete, Carson City, N says:

      Rebuke, hell…Impeach the lyin', socialist criminal !!!!

    29. ThomNJ says:

      How about we just get out of LIbya immediately. We lead – or are supposed to lead – NATO. Let's get everyone out of there. It was a quixotic mission in the first place and should have never been entered into. The heck with waiting for an explanation from obamao – you will be waiting forever. And Boehner is a real disappointment.

      Lastly, why does anyone try to explain anything to Jarvis – what a waste of time.

    30. Dorothy, Georgia says:

      Why would we go into Libya? We get very little of our oil from Libya. The only reason behind our action appears to be that the Saudi royal family requested our intervention, fearing Libya's revolution would spread to Saudi Arabia. We are fighting the Saudis' war because we fear they will end worldwide availability of oil to the US. In the meantime, our chances for current energy independence have been frozen by the Obama administration while they tell us they have approved drilling. Regulations imposed by his administration prevent approved drilling. Political doublespeak.

    31. Suzanne, Florida says:

      All Obama followers rage constantly about the military budget. Well, 3/4 of a billion has been spent in just a few weeks to protect what? We don't know yet, but just taking it from the overall DOD budget is just fine. The dems insist that our brave troops receive everything needed for Iraq & Afganistan while their leader takes another 300 billion from the DOD budget. Security for troops be d___ed.

      Two far left progressives encouraged the President that it was in our best interests to start a war with Gadafi. Well why not! Who did he consult ourside his inner circle.

      Right now el presidenta is sending 2-3billion to Egypt and 2billion to Tunisia.

      Clue………we can't even help the folks in Missouri, Mississippi or N. Dakota but we can prop up America haters with borrowed money.

      Let's pull the covers over our heads for the next eighteen months and pray there is anything left of our beloved country.

    32. toledofan says:

      So, the jigs up, somebody is actually asking that the President do his job and follow the Constitution. Well, there's the problem, we're asking that the rules be followed and that we take this situation seriously. It's obvious that we are being cast into a very precarious position and until Congress gets serious about it's duties nothing is going to change. There are so many big problems that need to be addressed and it's like we don't have the leadership to make it happen. We're trying to force the Republicans to do something, what about the Democrats, don't any of them actually believe in the Constitution or that the President isn'rt doing the right thing, aren't the Democrats supposed to be equally responsible when we put our troops in harms way? Shame on the mainstream media for not doing their jobs on this and outing the hypocracy.

    33. Mike O'Leary U. says:

      Why don't the Republicans do their jobs and oppose Obama? They are as bad for the country as the Demons.

    34. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Worrying over our involvement in Libya is like worrying over a scratch on a leg when its the broken bone there that should be worried over. Ever since WWII, our foreign policy decisions have led us further and further into SuperPower on call, into projecting our power everywhere on earth, into intervention after intervention and war after war, and, lately, into a national debt that is fast approaching $14.5 trillion. Libya is, at under a billion dollars and few lives lost, a drop in that bucket. Forget the scratch. Let's get to that broken bone, the habit of mind that makes us Superpower on call.

      We're broke, folks. And there are those among us who want to begin balancing the books at the expense of domestic programs and areas of need without involving our extravagance in the five areas of National Security: National Defense, Homeland Security, Nation Building, Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries, and Veterans Affairs. Just think of the countries always at peace and without the running expenses required by the interlocking of those five. I mean, what country has Nation Building as an expense? We do, because when we break it, we fix it. And what country has so big a crop of veterans, therefore a huge Veterans Affairs Administration? And so on.

      As I said, we're broke, folks. In flush times, hegemony was affordable. It isn't in these leaner times. Libya is a drop in the bucket, a scratch on our broken leg. When will we wake up and get after the core problem, a foreign policy sorely in need of reassessment, a foreign policy that has led us into international engagement after engagement and, inexorably, to the brink of insolvency?

    35. Richard Meyer, Provo says:

      Obama has a history of ignoring outside input; and the demands of the American people. He also tends to totally disregard the demands he receives from Congress. As good as the ideas expressed in this piece are, is there any reason to believe that Obama will pay the slightest bit of attention to them?

    36. KC - New Mexico says:

      I could care less about Libya and most of the Middle East. They have not helped this country at all except for very expensive oil. I like Trump's suggestion – make them pay for our losses and expenses in trying to help them become democratic. No payment equals no foreign aid or military help. We need to take care of our own country first. We are already in terrible shape! No one is going to help us. Get with it leadership in Washington! Fix the priorities on the USA, not the world!

    37. Robert, North Richla says:

      I agree with Gary …. Boehner should MAN UP or step down. Worse: the republicans who voted for Boehner (as Speaker) knew exactly what they were getting – Mr. Do Nothing – which is what they wanted. They all need to MAN UP!

    38. Pete, Houston Texas says:

      Still believe we should leave Iraq afghanistan, and Libya. At this point, do not know what long term gain we are going to have with dealing with Arabs that don't even like each other. So let them fight it out until the next dictator takes over the ignorant bunch. Seems that war is the only way they can keep themselves occupied and have some self value.

    39. Edward Wolfe, Bowlin says:

      So now conservatives declare which laws are unconstitutional, and hence need not, or in this case should not be enforced (per Mr. Carafano on the War Powers Resolution).

      Enlighten me: just what form of "conservatism" is this, and where do I go to read up on it?

      As conservatives we continually rail against "illegal" immigration, and yet when it comes to going to war, we say the president is not constrained by law. Wow!

    40. Mia, Gaylord, MI says:

      Am I missing something? Is it not unconstitutional to be in Libya in the first place?

    41. R.Small Oklahoma Cit says:

      The Heritage Foundation is a welcome institution. It is hard for me as an individual to make a difference. Our country is floundering under ultra-liberal control. Notice I don't say "leadership".

      I am more uncomfortable now than when WWII in the Pacific was not going well. I was too young for active duty then.

      Every decision makes our chance for economic recovery less. It is as if the government is trying to destroy us.

      I suggest the Heritage Foundation consider a more aggressive position. I often read the first few paragraphs and skip the rest.

    42. John Silver City New says:

      Obama should be impeached or at least found to be intestable!

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    44. JohnL2 SC says:

      The remark was made that Obama is "learning on the job". If only that were true! Obama is obviously either incapable of learning or his idiology is so ingrained that he has tunnel vision! Obama knows no more about effective foreign policy than most people know about rocket science…..ZERO!! There is STILL no clear "VICTORY STRADEGY" in Afghanistan and American soldiers are dying daily due to Obama's indecision. You won't see it on the news, but on the eve of this past Memorial Day, three (3) US Army Special Forces troops were KIA in Wardak province, Afghanistan along with many others. For what? So Obama can cut the military's pay while he spends his time campaigning, insulting US allies like England and Isreal, and internationally displaying total indecision on the Libyan situation, and others! Obama has learned NOTHING "on the job" and continues to be a divicive factor nationally and internationally! Obama and his croonies are a menace to the USA and present a clear and present danger to the security of the USA both economically and militarily! Obama MUST be called to answer for his actions, and total lack of!!!!

    45. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Let's make sure we're supporting the right side.

    46. 2dokie says:

      When your objective is to destroy the nation that gave you your position of priviledge you do whatever you can to waste resources and destroy morale while making pretense at doing your job. Isn't that what he's doing? when do you call your congressional delegates and demand that they start impeachment proceedings? He has no intention of accomplishing anything other than wasteing as much of our blood and treasure without harming the muslim cause as he can. Besides, at best, he has no aptitude to lead a boyscout camp-out, let alone commit our precious children to mortal combat. May God forgive his mendacious soul!

    47. 2dokie says:

      As far as our presence in the area is concerned: an old friend of mine with years of experience in Iraq believed the Kurds were the only occupants in the area that were worthy of any trust. The rest weren't, in his opinion, worth the powder it would take… Shame, the kurds aren't a larger percentage of the population, but Saddam was too effective in killing them in large numbers… with the WMDs he never had!!! At least we kept the Kurds from extinction. Other than that we ought to sell them all small arms and abundant ammunition and cheer them on at each other.(hoping for the Kurds)

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    49. Armin Geist, BG, Ohi says:

      Hey what about the killings in Syria,

      The US-should get out clear signals

      That has to stop!

    50. coyle demoss bells t says:

      Its just a knee jerk reaction because he doesnt know what to do.


    51. BARB, MN says:

      Forget Weinergate: Obama is Impeachable Over Libya

      By Cliff Kincaid | June 2, 2011

      Obama has violated both provisions of the law.

      If you want an indication of why Republicans may lose to Obama in 2012, look at the pass they are giving him over his illegal war in Libya. Nothing is more important than committing a nation to war. The military intervention could be the basis of impeachment charges. But Republican leaders in the House—and Republican Senator John McCain in the Senate—don’t want to hold Obama accountable.

      We have pointed out that the war is illegal and that the media—and now the House Republican leaders—have failed to acknowledge the facts.

      On the other hand, there is growing media fascination with “Weinergate,” in which the Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner has obviously stonewalled about the origin and distribution of a lewd photo sent to a coed.

      In contrast to the Weiner affair, the facts about Obama’s violations of the law and the Constitution are clear.

      If Weiner should be held accountable for an embarrassing sexual matter, which may or may not result in his resignation, why not enforce the law and the Constitution when the president goes to war?

      Columnist Ann Coulter jokes that the Weiner case should go to small claims court. Obama’s war in Libya is a matter of the highest constitutional importance and not a joking matter.

      House leaders could bring impeachment charges. Instead, they want to avoid doing their duty.

      The Wall Street Journal reports that “House Republican leaders on Wednesday abruptly canceled a vote on a resolution forcing U.S. withdrawal from Libya amid signs” that it would pass. House GOP leaders “fend off vote on Libya resolution,” the Washington Post proclaims.

      “U.S. House leaders pulled a bill calling for the U.S. military to withdraw from Libya after a group of liberals and conservatives said they back the measure,” UPI noted.

      In the Senate, McCain, who has turned into an advocate for Al-Jazeera, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the war, conducted with the approval of the Arab League and the United Nations but not Congress. Al-Jazeera, committed to the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, openly backs the “pro-democracy fighters” in Libya, playing down their links to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

      Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, once a prime sponsor of anti-American terrorism, gave up his terrorist aims and nuclear program after the U.S. invaded Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein in 2003. Gaddafi thought he might be the next target. Little did he know that he would be targeted by a liberal U.S. President enforcing a novel U.N. concept known as the “responsibility to protect.”

      The evidence is overwhelming, even though most of the media will not cover it, that Obama’s war in Libya is illegal and unconstitutional. Columnist George Will got most of it right in a recent column, “Is Obama Above the Law?” The war is a violation of the War Powers Act, which says the president can go to war on his own only if there is an imminent threat to the U.S. and there is a 60-day deadline for the withdrawal of forces.

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