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  • On Libya, Boehner Barks Back

    White House press secretary Jay Carney declared that on Libya the White House has “consulted Congress every step of the way.” Well, Congress begs to differ.

    Congress has been mulling all week over how to give Obama an earful. Unfortunately, some of these proposals would not pass constitutional muster and could put the troops of America’s allies at risk. Now Bloomberg reports that “House Speaker John Boehner moved to head off a resolution seeking an end to U.S. military involvement in Libya by proposing an alternative demanding that President Barack Obama more fully spell out the mission’s purpose.”

    According to the press report, “Boehner offered a resolution directing the administration, within two weeks, to describe ‘in detail United States security interests and objectives’ in Libya.” The article added the Boehner told reporters, “The president really does need to step up and help the American people understand why these missions are vital to the national security interests of our country.”

    The Speaker’s approach to dealing with the President (who botched engaging with Congress from the start of the Libyan adventure) makes sense. It is certainly appropriate for Congress to speak up. President Obama failed to consult Congress in an appropriately deliberate manner. The President has ill-served Congress, and there is no reason Congress should stand for it. As it responds, Congress should be mindful of its obligations: to uphold the Constitution, act in America’s interests, and not unduly put the lives of American allies at risk. The Speaker appears to have proposed a way to accomplish all three of those goals.

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    11 Responses to On Libya, Boehner Barks Back

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I fully support John Boehner in this. We need to know why we are stretching our miltary too thin. It is not wrong to "propose an alternative demanding that President Barack Obama more fully spell out the mission’s purpose.”

      Boehner: “The president really does need to step up and help the American people understand why these missions are vital to the national security interests of our country.” This is a valid question. With the extreme debt we have, we cannot afford these conflicts nor can we afford the human cost as well.

    2. Bobbie says:

      This was/is crazy! Obama is dangerous and this makes it evident. Can someone please make things right and discipline with reprimand? it's too late to say what national interests Libya was/is effecting! There was no reason we were told! The American people would like to know where we stand with this administration that's been slapping us in the face for the last 2+ years?

    3. Joseph Zrnchik, MAJ says:

      Obama should be impeached for violating the War Power Act

      Here is the truth about the NATO War. It is a war to stop African Development and an African Central Bank and African Monetary Fund


      Then join our "Day of Rage in D.C.


    4. Peni AZ says:

      I don't understand why Obama is given a pass each time he brakes the law? Were is the outrage that GW got? and why is congress not stopping this power grab?The last time a President tried to take this much power was FDR. We need to take our government back/ EMAIL/CALL/FAX you congressmen and get something started on stopping the power grab!! It is up to US.

    5. Ted Maguire says:

      Get out of Libya now and secure the United States borders ASAP! No entitlements to illegals will provide the money.

    6. allen says:

      You have to come to realize that OBAMA is a "Liar" and I will remember this when I pull the lever,Case Closed.

    7. Lynda Hulsey says:

      Obama and Casey Anthony have allot in common…they both lie so much that they don't know what the truth is anymore. They think anything they say will be believed. She will get whats coming to her, and I hope he does too.

    8. Robert B. Gammell says:

      no compromise! those days are over.

    9. Barbara says:

      Early on could see Obama's speech talents are not in articulately the truth eloquently, rather in using the meaning of words to deceive, cajol, and assuage his believing audiences that he means what he speaks. The patriotic, freedom-loving words are really a soothing cover for his deepest felt agenda, an agenda that belies his words. If you agree with his agenda, guess it's no big deal. He notion of the law is to go around it when possible.

      Pay attention to his ACTIONS, not his words.

    10. Robert, North Richla says:

      I will give Boehner credit where credit is due. Good job! Now, feel free to DO something for our energy industry (release the shackes); our transportation industry (best use of gov't dollars); our housing industry (see energy and transportation); real, meaningful spending cuts (see 100 million welfare recipients); and shut down Obamacare (see your promises).

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