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  • Lunch with Heritage: Online Chat on the Debt Limit and Heritage's Budget Proposal

    A few weeks ago, The Heritage Foundation released its plan to balance the budget and reform entitlements and health care called “Saving the American Dream“. There is also a debate raging in Congress about the whether or not we should raise the debt limit. Join us from 12-1 ET for our online chat. We will be joined by Heritage’s Director of the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Alison Fraser. She will be taking your questions about the debt limit and Heritage’s budget plan. If you would like to be reminded about the event leave your e-mail address in the form below.

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    3 Responses to Lunch with Heritage: Online Chat on the Debt Limit and Heritage's Budget Proposal

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      In the 2008 election, I including other hard line fiscal conservatives felt voting for Obama was a better choice than voting for McCain. We felt that if we were going to have big goverment spending, it would be better to put the blame on the right party. I was set to vote for Obama only to put the blame in the right place.

      I ended up voting for Palin as Vice President only because if the ticket won, Palin would likely not let McCain get away with run-away spending and growing the government.

      I warn, if we get a highspending – big government RINO candidate in 2012, I will continue to protect the GOP/Tea Party by continuing to put the democrat in the office to do the job. I do think it matters. Look at the results of Obama! We all know what the democrats are about. There is no way Obama can win if we put a true fiscal conservative in the nomination. Obama can win if we put up a RINO.

      The biggest question I have on Heritage's plan or Ryan's plan is with all the talk about not raising the debt limit, ending deficit spending, not raising taxes – but rather cutting taxes and reducing the size of government – why do both plans continue deficit spending for up to 10 years? This looks RINO to me.

      Two thirds of the country is on the side of freezing the debt limit – reducing the size/scope and costs of the federal government and paying off the debt. We have the argument on our side. Lets not dance around the issue – dive in and make a balanced budget with $2.2 trillion that fully funds the govwernment, pays off the full interest each year and starts paying down the national debt. We can do it! We have the motivation and the drive and the support of the voters. No time is better than now. We the people do not trust the federal government. We see through their lies and obfuscations.

      To give in and use these two plans to continue to protect DC will loose us an election. These plans are just another variation of a liberal agenda. It promotes socialized medicine and retirement. It does nothing to eliminate unconstitutional departments. With your plan and Ryan's plan we still have big government – with the framework in place for further growth to happen.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Today I read an article from Military.com and I learned that the liberal led DoD while protecting it's federal workforce, will seek cuts in pay and benefits for our soldiers.

      The Navy Seals who were credited in taking OBL down – with 12 years of experience gets about $55,000 in compensation – lower than the average private sector employee. The DoD has an "unworkable" bureaucracy of 700,000 federal workers who earn over $130,000 in pay and benefits on average – well above twice the average private sector employee total compensation.

      Like I have been saying, the liberal led DoD political federal department will protect its own while aiming its targets on the Military (two fully different entities with completely different goals) to find cuts. Well its happening.

      While we conservatives refuse to recognize the necessary cuts that have to be made everywhere including the DoD, the liberals are gaining access to the back door and quietly reducing the size and might of our military. We need to cut the DoD in a big way. We need to at the very least preserve the military without cuts. We need to start seeing the duality of the tow peices and work to protect the part that protects this nation.

      These cuts are abusive and offensive. We have asked these soldiers to head out to a war zone without defined objectives and without hope these conflcts will ever end. And now we are taking part of their income and livelyhood away. This is not right.

      What more evidence do we need than these cuts to prove the point I have been trying to make. The DoD WILL BE CUT. That needs to be accepted. Our choice is do we want to lead/control those cuts via appropriations in congress (where we do have the power) or let the federal workforce loyal to their boss in the Whitehouse make those cuts to their own protection? I know what I would do!

    3. Renny, Maryland says:

      You mentioned it in your replys. "Don't increase the debt limit, PERIOD!!!!"

      That in itself will restrict spending and "hiring more gov. employees and czars!!"

      You cannot negotiate with this group, they will walk all over you, leaglly or illegally!!! The just don't care!!!

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