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  • Monthly Archives: May 2011

    A Timely Call to Prayer


    In the eternal scheme of things, it’s no coincidence that today’s National Day of Prayer dawned four days after intrepid U.S. Navy SEALs rid the world of Osama bin Laden. As Heritage’s Chuck Donovan writes this morning for NRO, the White House on Friday evening issued President Obama’s proclamation for … More

    Faith-Based Organizations Respond to Tornado Victims

    Volunteers salvage usable items from the collapsed Alberta Elementary School in the Alberta City neighbourhood of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano surveyed the damage of the tornado-ravaged South this weekend, promising federal supplies and aid to help victims of one of the deadliest storm systems in U.S. history. But before FEMA or government leaders stood in the wreckage, local community groups and church congregations … More

    Morning Bell: Obama's Anti-Energy Policies Are Bankrupting America

    Randall Stilley has witnessed firsthand the Obama administration’s job-killing agenda. As the president and chief executive of Seahawk Drilling, he had to lay off 632 employees before filing for bankruptcy — a direct result of President Barack Obama’s anti-energy policies. Stilley’s company owned and operated 20 shallow-water rigs in the … More

    Deepwater Drilling Permitting Rate Still Way Below Average

    Drilling for oil

    As gas prices continue to climb — reaching as high as $5.75 to $6.03 a gallon in some places — the Department of the Interior remains stingy with deepwater drilling permits. Since February 2011, the administration has issued an average of just 1.3 deepwater permits per month — a 78 … More

    Doctors Need a Permanent Fix to the Medicare Payment Mess


    This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will consider solutions to Medicare’s flawed physician payment scheme. Physician payment is annually updated on the basis of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), a special economic formula which, as configured today, would result in deep annual payment cuts. This directly threatens seniors’ … More

    Baucus Not Ending Oil Subsidies but Implementing Tax Hikes


    Senator Max Baucus (D–MT) isn’t shy about picking winners and losers. Last December, he led the charge to keep in place a subsidy of $6 billion per year to the ethanol industry. Now he’s picking the oil and gas industry as losers by proposing to eliminate subsidies for big oil … More

    Five Reasons It Was Important to Get Bin Laden

    Newspaper headlines mark bin Ladens' death on May 1, 2011

    #1. Honor matters. In Osama bin Laden’s part of the world, “honor” equals “power.” When the U.S. takes out the chief of the world’s most well-known terror network, that is a deep humiliation to al-Qaeda’s reputation. As with kicking it out of Afghanistan, crushing it in Iraq, and preventing another … More

    Jimmy Carter Adopts Another Dysfunctional Dictator


    If countries were orphans and former presidents could adopt them, Jimmy Carter would have a foster home full of dysfunctional dictatorial states running amok under his care on a peach tree orchard in Georgia, all while he turns a blind eye to their terrifying antics. His latest foray into the … More

    Rep. Tom Graves: My Constituents Overwhelmingly Support Entitlement Reform

    Rep Graves

    Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) — a self-described “pro-life, pro-gun constitutional conservative” — never expected to serve on the House Appropriations Committee. As he puts it, he didn’t come to Washington to be “a part of spending money.” Now, even though he serves on Appropriations, he still makes spending cuts his … More

    Governments Increasingly Entangle World Wide Web


    While the Internet is emerging as an increasingly powerful tool for political activism—most recently demonstrated in the Middle East up-risings—so governments around the world are becoming more expert in the means and methods to control electronic communication. This is the conclusion reached by a new report by the respected human-rights … More