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  • Rep. Allen West on What America's Armed Forces Need

    Representative Allen West (R–FL) said in a speech today that funding America’s Armed Forces is the No. 1 responsibility of the federal government. Without the protection they provide, America would cease to exist.

    West spoke at The Heritage Foundation, delivering the closing address for “Protect America Month.” In keeping with the month’s theme, West spoke on national security issues and the need for increased defense spending .

    At a time when many Members of Congress are calling for a decrease in military funding, West is calling for more, urging the government to “be looking at every single way we can increase the benefits that we give to [the military].”

    Appropriate funding is a foundational necessity for fighting wars and protecting America. But, West says, there is another necessity: clarifying America’s strategic goals and objectives. He believes this aspect has been largely missing for the past 10 years.

    “We have the best soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen the world has ever known…but if they don’t have the right type of strategic goals and objectives, the right type of operational goals and direction that then filter down to the tactical level, it’s like a hamster—no matter how much exertion you are putting into that wheel, you are just not going anywhere,” said West.

    West identified four strategic goals he said should be the military’s focus:

    1. Deny the enemy sanctuary.
    2. Cut off the enemy’s flow of men, materials, and resources.
    3. Win the information war.
    4. Reduce the enemy’s sphere of influence.

    These four goals, which West describes in detail here, may be part of what is missing from current strategy. West said that without this kind of strategic focus, “we are turning a blind eye to a very bold enemy that is telling us exactly what he wants to do.”

    West left it to elected leaders and strategic level military leaders to come up with an appropriate perspective that will combat America’s enemies successfully.

    “I don’t want to see a repeat of what happened in Vietnam—where we won on the battlefield constantly but at the strategic level, that’s where we did not have focus or great objective,” he said.

    West stressed that without these strategic goals in order, the “steady state” necessary to ensure America’s protection becomes less possible.

    “We have to develop a national security road map…we did not do that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and who became the bill payer? The U.S. military,” said West. “I can tell you this because I was serving at the time and my friends who were in tank units had to use golf carts to practice tank tactics.”

    While West insists that every bit of necessary funding be delivered to our troops, he is not against cutting waste. In a recent interview, he told NBC’s David Gregory he would stand for cuts in defense but only if there is a specific focus.

    “I have found three wasteful government programs in DOD that will add up to $800 million savings, so its there—and that should be the focus [for cuts].”

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    10 Responses to Rep. Allen West on What America's Armed Forces Need

    1. Bobbie says:

      The government can cut ALL special interests without ever considering cuts to the feds expected top priority in defense of this country that equally protects all here in 100% contrast to "special interests."

    2. Bobbie says:

      Don't get me wrong! Got to remove the waste!

      The military needs all they need and shouldn't be deprived of anything necessary.

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    4. Richard says:

      Excellent, Excellent, Excellent !! This is the man this country needs to run for higher office !!!

      I am sure

      If Rep West was President West he would represent this country proudly and reawaken the spirit and pride of country we carried as Americans when Regan was our President..

    5. LTC Dale Fair, Penta says:

      As an Army strategist I was so pleased with the words spoken by REP. West. He is truly a strategist himself. I can only pray that his message will be embraced by our leadership as the way ahead. I wish I was there in person to thank this fellow officer/warrior. He has his life in order and would make a great president some day. He spoke to duty, honor, country, god, and family and these are all attributes that all those who serve hold dear. His strategy is spot on this war is not over…its part of the 100 year war.

    6. blairblaster3 chicag says:


    7. Rose-Marie Noa Tucso says:

      Now HERE is a future President!!!! He sure Makes Obama look pretty weak as President of our great country!!!

      God bless Rep. Allen West!!!

    8. West Texan says:

      Bravo Zulu to Congressman West on his presentation about having defined strategic goals to address today's belligerent threats. His comprehensive approach was clearly stated and easily grasped. I think he'd make an excellent secretary of defense who wouldn't shy from speaking-up in support of our country's military and its mission objectives. His expert advice would be a real plus to any sensible president. It is simply by coincidence and not race that Herman Cain is my primary choice for the latter. He's also verbalized an appreciation for our country's dual sovereign design and its mandated limits on the nation's government under federalism.


      Retired Lieutenant, USNR

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    10. Wes in cincy says:

      How on earth can we get this guy sitting in the Oval Office.

      He could be our next Ronald Reagan.

      2012 Republican President – Allen West (great in National Defense.)

      Republican V.P. – Michelle Bachman (great in economics.)

      What a team that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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