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  • Morning Bell: Senate Stands Still on Budget Crisis

    Solving our nation’s fiscal crisis is not up for debate, and politicians should be past the point of using it as fodder for political gain. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at the latest from liberals in Congress who are digging in their heels and refusing to recognize the reality of America’s budgetary mess.

    Yesterday, the Senate at long last voted on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) FY 2012 “Path to Prosperity” budget, which had previously passed the House. It was defeated 57-40, with no Democrats voting for it. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) also had their budget alternatives defeated, with Toomey’s bill receiving 42 votes. Senate Democrats have yet to even offer an alternative, and, notably, President Barack Obama’s budget failed yesterday by 97-0, a unanimous rebuke of the President’s proposal. Ryan reflected on where Congress now stands:

    [Republicans are] the ones who actually put the specifics on the table—$6.2 trillion in savings over the next ten years. We put a budget up — we passed a budget, brought it to the table. Where are we now? It’s been 754 days since the Senate Democrats proposed, let alone, passed a budget. They’re not offering any solutions, putting nothing on the table.

    Instead of offering solutions, the left is resorting to smear tactics. The prime example this week surrounds a special congressional election in western New York, where Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican Jane Corwin, who supported Ryan’s budget. Hochul attacked the plan, falsely claiming that it was an attempt to end Medicare.

    Hochu’s attacks weren’t original works of inspired political rhetoric—they were, instead, just more of the same smear tactics against the Ryan plan, which have included a video of a Ryan look-alike pushing an old woman in a wheelchair over a cliff, claims by Rep. Steve Rothman (D–NJ) that the plan would impose “suffering, pain and terror” on “tens of millions of seniors,” an ironic accusation by Donald Berwick, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, that the plan would lead to “rationing,” and a warning to preschoolers issued by House Democrats in the Committee on Education and the Workforce that they could “lose health care if you or your family is low income or has a medical condition.”

    But for all the noise the left is making, an important fact remains. Medicare is in trouble, and neither President Obama nor Democrats in Congress have offered a solution to do anything about it. The program faces a 75-year unfunded liability in excess of $30 trillion, even as it is plagued by serious gaps in coverage, an increasing number of demoralized doctors refusing to accept new Medicare patients, a sluggish and outdated system of inflexible governance, and tens of billions of dollars in annual losses to waste, fraud, and abuse.

    Criticism of Ryan’s plan has focused on a proposal to provide premium support to Medicare enrollees, helping them to purchase a health care plan of their choice. As Heritage’s Robert Moffit and Kathryn Nix write, it’s modeled after the plan that federal workers and employees enjoy, and it would introduce intense competition in a consumer-driven market, which has historically slowed the growth of health care costs and increased patient satisfaction.

    Ryan’s budget, like Heritage’s “Saving the American Dream” plan, seriously addresses America’s fiscal reality—a $14.3 trillion deficit with unfunded entitlement obligations as far as the eye can see. America stands at a crossroads. Standing still, voting present and lobbing partisan bombs in hopes of achieving short-term political gain won’t move the country in the right direction. Now is not the time to leave Medicare withering on the vine, either. Now is the time for solutions and much-needed reforms.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: Senate Stands Still on Budget Crisis

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      5 – 26 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      B. Eric, Syosset N.Y. on May 25th, 2011 at 1:31pm said:

      Ken Jarvis you are wrong as usual. The dems won in upstate N.Y. due to the same reason that Clinton beat George h.w. Bush. A third party candidate that siphoned enough votes from the republican so that she could not win, as well as a slime campaign that said that republicans want to end medicare.

      *** Thanks – B. Eric – Do YOU have a Spreadsheet? If you do, do one on what HCare will cost, if the GOP can end Medicare.

      What do YOU pay for HCoverage NOw? Add 10% per year. How much will you have to pay when you are 70? $1,800 a month.

      At 80? $3,000 a month.

      Can YOU or anyone afford that?


      Angle, O'Donnell, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina

      I thought there were 5 women Murdoch didn’t Help.

      There are 5 NOW he didn’t help – in NY 26

      Jane Corwin LOST in NY 26.


      Front page WSJ >>>

      GOP … revamp controversial Medicare plan.

      GOP Marching Orders – Don’t take about ENDING Medicare for a while.

      GOP abandon – End Medicare Campaign.


    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Mike Brownfield

      Your article suggests that supporting Ryan's Budget plan freezes the $14.3 trillion debt. But Ryan's plan is also not fully funded – unless they raise taxes.

      Let us just say like in any divorce, that the first offer is always the best. This was the best liberal plan the democrats could get. Since they rejected it, it is time to put out a conservative plan with no added taxes and a balanced budget.

      On a 2 to 1 margin, Americans oppose raising the debt limit. Almost 2/3rds of the country is getting to be firm on that. Let us start forcing the RINO's and Blue Dogs to hop on board with the Tea Party and get the hard work done NOW!

      By doing nothing again we just blew through another $4 to $5 billion of debt today!

      Get this, the federal workforce is still spending like crazy, but now they are doing so by borrowing from pension plans that DO NOT EXIST in the real world. These pensions are not funded either, yet we are borrowing against them. We are using phony money based on phony money. I do not think even Madoff would have the wherewithal to go this kind of criminal behavior.

    3. Rick says:

      The bottom line here is not to raise the debt limit. We should have let the cards fall with the stimulas plan as0 the only who saw any money were unions and the corrupt poliyians cronies. Our childern face a black future of debt and no jobs let alone anything from the goverment. These politians who never see there constituates spend our momey having liquid lunches and vacations. When will they wake to the truth. I think a working man could do a better job you cannot continue to do what is needed now

    4. Mary............WI says:

      Maybe, just maybe, it's time to get rid of both parties and put all our eggs in the Tea Party. I am so fed up with both Rpublicans and Democrats! This country is sinking fast and just a small handful of Americans, Tea Party, seem to care enough to try and do something.

      Republicans are on the right track but too afraid to go after what needs to be done! Democrats are in denail that anything is wrong and just want to spend more taxpayer $$. Tea Party isn't big enough to do it alone. I think that's why Trump is so appealing to Americans…he lays it on the line and goes after it. GET IT DONE! or live with the consequnces the rest of our lives.

    5. James, Wisconsin says:

      Is there a report explaining the differences between the Heritage's "Saving the American Dream" and Ryan's proposals?

      If people read the Heritage's plan, I can not see how they would not be in full support of it.

    6. Mike from Long Islan says:

      These sorts of "political shennanigans" as practiced by the Democratic Party shows the considerable drawbacks of the strictly two party political system. I sometimes think that a multi-party system in which no one can have a majority and parties have to manufacture "coalitions" might be a better system, just because people would have to focus on working together first and not on their party differences in order to keep things running smoothly.

    7. Pete, Houston Texas says:

      The Democrats have become the party of "NO". Meaning no budget, no plan, and no end in sight of unrestrained spending. Mom and Dad need to reign in the children and take away their credit cards, otherwise the credit card companies will do it for them.

    8. Mike, Oklahoma says:

      You are preaching to the choir. Obviously, the Democrat scare tactics work and logic doesn't. The conservatives need to use a little rhetoric in response as well.

    9. G. E. Doan, Ardmore, says:

      Beneath Contempt!

    10. Rick74, Manassas, VA says:

      Republicans cannot hope to win special elections in cases where Republican representatives left office due to misbehavior or under ethical compromise. When a party leaves an office by these means, there is a high probability that the seat will change parties.

      Medicare may have been a factor, but misbehavior and ethical lapse is the major cause for the failure to hold this NY seat.

    11. Ron in Saint Cloud F says:

      Our chosen representatives from both parties had a choice to make. To either lead the American people and follow a course for the betterment of the American people or to serve their crooked special interest and foreign government overseers. They have spent and given so much of our tax money to these groups (hundreds of them) from Acorn to Zanzibar that the tax money wasn't enough; they had to borrow 14.3 trillion dollars to keep these increasingly greedy groups satisfied. Now both parties fight tooth and nail to satiate them (Republicans by keeping intact ridiculous oil companies tax breaks of 21 billion) (Democrats by paying off the unions, insurance companies, trial lawyers and everyone else with the fiascos of Obamacare and the stimulus package). 2 trillion dollars of both our tax money and borrowed money have been doled out to the special interest groups for Obamacare and the stimulus package. They have pushed through unconstitutional waivers to all their special interest group supporters who want no part of this disaster. Also, both parties want to keep three financially crippling wars going that can't be in our best interests but certainly are in the best interests of the defense department and all its contractors. So the betterment of America is shunned to provide for everyone else.

      Now we are being told by the leaders of both parties that we, tax-paying Americans, must shoulder the costs associated with this long-standing policy of their turning their collective backs on America. We must give permission to these crooks to gut Medicare. We must allow these crooks to change the retirement age of social security so that they can continue to provide for their overseers. When have we had enough of these deceitful backstabbers? When are we going to rise up and throw all these bums out. These are self-serving elitists that have nothing but disdain and contempt for us until they beg us for our vote. They write tyrannical laws that abridge our basic rights and then carve themselves out so they don't have to comply. They give us a completely inadequate retirement program while providing themselves with 100% pay as their retirement for as little as one term of service. They give us a rationed health care plan where we will be completely be dependent on the government's decision to provide us with possibly a life or death procedure. If the government says we don't qualify for a prostate surgery or a mastectomy then we die. We have no recourse. How much rationing was in place for Ted Kennedy's last year on this planet? When are we going to rise up and fight these bastards? The day will come when America will be so hurting and so crushed and so disenfranchised by these crooks that we'll finally get back to our Constitutional form of government by throwing every elitist incumbent out. It just might get worse than that. It might get so bad that we will have a revolution in this country. We might need one to re-establish liberty through adherence to our Constitution. Jefferson predicted it.

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

      Thomas Jefferson

    12. Robert, North Richla says:

      That's funny, I thought we had 47 republican Senators after the massive victory Rush (harumph, harumph, harumph) told us about last November. This Congress is a joke. I can see Harry Reid coming from miles – but John Boehner and Mitch McConnell stab me in the back with their utter incompetence.

    13. Tom Neitzel, Waukesh says:

      How about Republicans creating a trailer commercial with the real Paul Ryan catching the old lady thrown off the cliff and a cut away to the guy at the top as Harry Reid taking off his Ryan mask. We need to beat them at the game and show who the real villian is in killing Medicare.

    14. Bette, NJ says:

      If they are obviously not doing thier jobs, why can't we impeach them starting with the head guy !

    15. Sarasota John Saraso says:

      The only time the Senate does no harm is when it stands still on legislation. So for the moment we are safe.

    16. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      I am concerned that we have passed the point of no return. While I will continue to demand fiscal responsibility from Congress it appears that socialism is too entrenched in our society to reverse this trend. Our only hope is that the silent majority will wake up and realize what is happening to our country. If voters continue to vote from their greed and not their intellect it’s over and Tytler will be proven correct. And being able to say "I told you so" is not any consolation.

    17. John Eley, Nashville says:

      There is no doubt but that Medicare needs to be reformed. This is a long term problem that should be addressed now only if public opinion and general opinion among the elites manifest a willingness to deal with the challenge seriously. It is very clear that no such inclination exists now. We need to begin to address limitations in public and even elite understanding before we have any chance of coming up with specific proposals that have any chance of being seriously considered. The Ryan plan, even when offered in with Alice Rivlin, is premature and counterproductive. It has set the serious effort back a few years. Now we have to regroup and try to find some means of educating those who do not understand that we are going to go off a cliff if we do not drastically alter Medicare and other entitlement programs. Contrary to the President, they do not make the country great. Being strong and independent is what makes a country great and the entitlement programs work against both of these. We must fight another war for independence by altering entitlements as a major step toward reducing the federal deficit. If we cannot do this the world's financial system will step in and we will lose our independence.

    18. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      The Democrats and Republicans have once again brought America to the financial abyss. They have ruined our Country with their theatrics. Let's face it- jobs, factories and industries are vacating America at ever increasing rates leaving people to fight for fewer opportunities. Add to this debacle the FED printing of dollars to bail out the "too big to fail" companies and the give away of billions for ineffective stimulus plans, and America has morphed into the land of the unproductive, the dependent and the needy. Anyone who knows the slightest bit of economics understands their is nowhere for America to go but down.

      Having said that, their is hope if our political and business leaders can soon recognize the absolute necessity for Americans to begin producing for their own needs.

    19. Lou, San Diego says:

      This Senate has offered nothing to resolve our nation's budget crisis. These fools continue to condemn the Ryan plan yet, again, offer nothing to counter his plan. The idea that spending money this nation must borrow in order to regain economic momentum is ludicrous.

    20. Philbrook Sargent. A says:

      Balanced Budget Amendment should include a requirement for a budget by September 30 and if not passed by then the budget will automatically become the budget for the USA three years prior to the current year. If no budget is passed by that date, this fall back budget cannot be revised or increased except when war is declared, or a national emergency is declared, and only increases for the war or emergency effort would be allowed.

    21. Judith in Michigan says:

      Democrats in Congress and around the country will do anything, ANYTHING, to achieve their main objective. That is major tax increases across the board. to fund their vote buying, uh, I mean social give-away schemes for all.

      Smears, lies, threats & intimidations are the tools of the trade. They won't even pass a budget, as the law instructs, in order to blame the GOP.

      This obscenity will continue until the GOP and the American people call the Democrats out on this and say loudly, NO MORE!

      If they don't, America deserves what it gets, and I don't think the citizens will like the results.

    22. Chris, South Lyon, M says:

      "Now is the time for solutions and much-needed reforms."

      True but more importantly it is time for the Republicans to start spending a little money and begin running PSAs to educate the public. Ryan's plan needs to be explained in simple, non-complicated terms, an item at a time if necessary so the voters will be armed with a clear understanding of what the plan is about and what it will do and expressly, what it will not do such as pushing Granny off a cliff.

      If the Dems are allowed to malign Representative Ryan and his plan, unchecked, there will be no hope of selling the voters on the changes that are necessary.

      The House Republicans are losing their will to fight. Or, at least that is the perception. They started off with bold plans and goals, now, nothing. They really need to find the intestinal fortitude to to keep moving forward. I believe they will find the public will have their backs but they have to show some guts and stick to it!


    23. mike hutchings says:

      ryans plan…. saving the american dream….require people in power who believe that as a nation we are worth while….the upper chambers role as a soothing cup of tea has turned rancid….could we go to the moon today…no…the vision and the resources are being bleed away….the will to aspire to anything greater mirrors the decline of what we were….the public unions and legislated goverment managers fight. for desk space and produce nothing but dependency…the balance point is very close when what was dynamic feasts…on the static of shared sacrifice instead of shared industry….and people find virtue in handouts….find virtue in thugery (acorn in its guises) …virtue in theft and gawp open mouthed in admiration at the cleverness of the distortion and lie of the day….the senate is a past master at kicking the can down the road…and leaving the bill for someone else…they have theirs do they not….no skin lost there…

    24. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      I have both good and tragic news for you: First, the good news: By February 2012 the Republicans in the house will have fixed our economic crisis! However, as a payback with Obama runnng again in the fall of 2012 our women, blacks, and anybody once considered deviant before the age of political correctness will go out in hoards and elect a total "Marxist"(as Islam, Anti-Christ in belief) to run u.s. for 3 1/2 years! Sorry men, but you have less political clout than Blacks since the Johnson era! However, the Two-Witnesses in Chapter 11 of Revelation are coming probably in the fall of 2012 and will call out 144,000 Israelities(12,000 from each tribe of Israel in addition to the true Set-Apart Spiritual Assembly of our CREATOR)! No? Watch! Who do you think, besides the Blacks, will give each other presents as also written in Revelation when the Anti-Christ(Head Marxist) kills these two-witnesses? Duh! Watch!

    25. Frank, Florida says:

      If you have 3.5 hours and want to know about bankers, monetary systems & how they affect politicians, check out:


      Watching this video is a good substitute for reading the book "The Creature From Jekyll Island", about the creation of our Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor has any real reserves). It is a eye-oppener! It concludes that our problem is our fractional reserve & debt based banking system. I agree. It suggests a solution: abolish the Federal Reserve, abolish our fractional reserve banking system, withdraw from the BIS & substitute debt our laden fiat Federal Reserve Notes with debt free fiat new US Government Notes. As these new US Notes are phased in, the fractional reserve by banks will be phased out.

      I'm not sure a new fiat money system will work as it too will be susceptible to manipulation by Congress, rather than the Federal Reserve. But it's handling will be open & transparent and politicians won't be easy targets for manipulation by top bankers & businessmen. Right now we have a system where Congress has abdicated its responsibility for a US monetary system to a group of private bankers (who own the Federal Reserve & usually operate secretly).

      I think we should return to a dual gold/silver (ratio 1:16) standard by Congress with new US Government Notes & eliminate the Federal Reserve & fractional reserve banking system. However, the temporary fiat based "Greenbacks" used during the Civil War did seem to work (it replaced the US dual based gold/silver Dollar Notes prior to the Civil War). Also, the US gold supply in Fort Knox may be gone or owned now by foreigners & our US Mint silver reserve has been exhausted! So without enough gold/silver, we may be FORCED anyways to issue new fiat US Government Notes.

    26. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Why all the fuss. We all know the objective of the Democratic Socialist Party is socialized healthcare and medicare with a single payer. The big government social nanny state that will control every ones life from cradle to grave. This is the sole objective of the liberal/progressive/socialist movement.

      Budget!! The Democratic Socialist Party doesn't need no stinking Budget!!

    27. jdelaney3 says:

      Cynical, self-serving ideology in D.C. once again trumps public trust and the nation's security.

      The majority in the 26th who voted for Hochul are nothing more than useful idiots, blinded by misinformation and as woefully self-serving and irresponsible as those shameless politicians they continue to elect. Another example of tyranny by the majority. Those idiots deserve what they get–ruination. On the otherhand, my friends and I DON'T deserve such a fate. We shouldn't have to go down with the sinking ship, but it appears we and our children will be compelled to do just that.

      Unless, of course, we start seriously planning for and discussing secession. Extreme? I hardly think so. Unity at any price is utterly undeeming. If we can't have a responsible republic throughout the country, then we can have it in at least a portion of the country. And, no, I'm absolutely not kidding about this. I don't want my kids to live in an anemic, oppressive, self-destructive "Atlas Shrugged" world. The rubber is fast approaching hitting the proverbial road. The intolerable Progressives have utterly exhausted me, and alternative solutions to our death spiral as a nation have rapidly diminished.

    28. Charles E. Smith says:

      Politicians love to put people into groups IE: Seniors,Unions, Poor ,Rich, So that they can pit one group against another. My suggestion would be to have a across the board spending cut and tax increase so that we can take the option of dividing groups against each other. It would also allow our politicians to hide behind the pressure of voting cuts.Every agency would suffer the same percentage cuts and all goverment employees would get same percentage salary cuts. Once the budget is balanced and debt is cut to a resonable amount then we can think about restoring increses All cuts would include Education, Defense,SS and medicaid and medcare. The average citizin is facing these problems every day, Why not the Goverment ???

    29. virginia cassell, or says:

      The democrats get their untruths told so well to the public and scaring them. I don't understand why the republican conservatives/Constitutionalists are not able to prove their lies and get their side of the story to the public. They have continually been weak in getting their stand to the Americans. Also, it would be a very good idea to know who the republicans are who are voting with the democrats so that they can be voted out. The American people are so tired of WA D.C. We need to know who votes for what. If there is a particular website we can visit to see the votes, it should be highly publicized. If not, then maybe you could add it to your website. I've looked and am unable to find out who the traitors in the republican party are. Thank you..

    30. toledofan says:

      The Obama approach or the Democrats plan is really simple; do nothing and stay the course. It's obvious from the last two plus years is that there is no plan, no cohesive approach to solving any of our vexing problems and there will be every attemp to spend even more money so Obama can get re-elected in 2012. If you just take a couple of examples like unemployment and energy, for sure a couple of big problems; what has been done to fix either of them, right almost nothing. Unemployment is still over 9%, 55% of the college graduates will end up moving back home because they can't find a job, and gas is still over $4 per gallon. What is baffling to me is that with all the mis-steps and the social left leaning agenda, how can anyone support this administration?

    31. KC - New Mexico says:

      Our country is just screwed due to the current administration and its spending mentality. The liberals and mainstream media do not understand. May be this is because they are too rich to be in the shoes of the majority of Americans. They do not realize the significance of the issue. They are just out-of-touch professional politicians who are egocentric and basically do not give a damn about the country.

      Where are the leaders in America (preferably not professional politicians) who will step up and make a change? So far, there are none that are impressive or capable of influencing the media or political machine in Washington about fixing this country. We need a leader who will balance the budget, gain respect around the globe, improve our infrastructure and education, reduce fraud in our paid-into entitlements, reduce the hand-out entitlements, fix the tax process and establish a flat tax, control our borders, and improve our business advantage. There is a lot to do in a short amount of time to fix the damage that Obama and his democrats have done.

    32. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Doesn't anyone get it yet? This is not your father's Democrat Party. It has been completely infiltraded and taken over by the socialist and communist that have been trying to get a firm foothold in this country for 100 years. They do not want change for the better. More disturbing is that so many Republicans have been infected by the same yearn for power, money, and control. Until we rid both Houses of Congress and the White House of those that want to destroy our American way of life, their will be no change to return this nation to what it once was. We must install a true conservative political party that repersents the majorty of Americans. Simply, today's Dems and Repbs do not have concerns for the best interest of the citizens.

      this country.

    33. Diane Clay says:

      This cannot be politics as usual. What do we have to do to get citizens to realize it is our responsibility and our efforts are important.

    34. Wolfgang, Los Angele says:

      I'm all for doing something to slow the growth of Medicare spending, but let's face it, insurers aren't going to "compete" to cover seniors. Seniors, even those currently healthy, are a ticking time bomb of health care expenses. Why would any insurer compete for this liability? It's flat out not a good business decision to cover most seniors.

      And while the defined contribution plan will lower costs to the government, it does so by shifting the cost to seniors. Nothing is done to actually lower the cost of healthcare. Unfortunately, costs will continue to skyrocket until individuals curtail their voracious appetite for prescription drugs and medical attention.

      We're living longer and feeling better for more of it, but we are paying a huge price for this privilege.

    35. Alexander Simpson says:

      An excellent article on the state of the fiscal health of the country. I applaud you for writing and publishing the piece.

    36. Al from Fl says:

      Wonder what ever happened to the committees doing their job and bringing vetted bills to the floor? Why didn't the house hold committee meetings on the budget in front of C span? What happened in NY is the responsibility of the ignorant voters in that district. Yes, the dems and media "educated" the people and, apparently, the repubs did not show understanding and the ability to explain their views. Question is when are the people going to start taking responsibility for their votes and go find out the real truth? When will the people start rejecting the news media for their propaganda and misinformation that they falsely present as "the news"? On the other hand, if the people want Gov't Handouts, no matter what the cost, then they will vote democrat (even if the republican tries to look like a good socialist/communist).

    37. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Doesn't it strike you, Mike Brownfield, that folks would be more agreeable to cuts in anything that are done equitably? Revamping a whole program, Medicare, and threatening mayhem to Medicaid seem awfully drastic and so much like what Republicans have been pushing for for years. And they've done so without ever acknowledging that our national debt and annual deficit can easily be viewed as having been created not only by entitlements but, maybe, largely the result of National Security spending. We spend on it more than the rest of the world COMBINED and are now spending borrowed dollars–something like what Great Britain went through in trying to maintain empire.

      I recognize it's your role to offer opinion, but can we hope for either better or for debate?

    38. Bob Lee says:

      Cuz it's back to the same old shit as it was before November.

      All nit picking crap.

    39. NCT, Colorado says:

      The first thing individual citizens are told who are in financial difficulties – "Create a budget and stick to it." The message from Democraps – this year and last – can only be interpreted to be "We don't need no stinkin' budget"

    40. Geppetto, NC says:

      The Democrats have demagogued the private sector for so long that the mere mention of introducing competition by backing the Government out of "whatever" entitlement program creates the desired panic in a gullible, ignorant, malleable electorate. Republicans, all Republicans, are illogically but effectively portrayed as evil, greedy, uncaring money grubbers whose only concern is lining their pockets and those of their friends with greenbacks.

      The solution to this problem is to educate the public about how free markets and competition work, driven by the profit motive (another phony "evil" bugaboo) as opposed to the inefficiency and corruption in every Government run enterprise where the "bottom line" and cost overruns are not motivating factors for reducing costs but only to support their never ending pleas for the “rich” to pay their “fair share” of the tax burden.

      The Republicans get an 'F' in this regard, forever bowing, scraping, spouting meaningless platitudes, effectively painting their chests with a bulls eye that the Democrats hit, dead center, every time certain in the knowledge that emotion triumphs over reason in the absence of any countervailing facts which are rarely forthcoming. Republicans need to stop assuming ignorance on the part of their audience and speak the truth no matter how unpopular the message. People will accept the logical argument if given the sound reasoning behind it. If Republicans cannot convey that message then they’d better bone up on the issues that define who they claim to be or make room for others that do.

    41. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Rand Paul, and the four other RINOs, (Republicans in Name Only), should have primary opponents when they come up for re-election in 2016. Rand Paul calls himself a Republican. He's NOT a Republican. He's pretending to be a Republican.

      He's a fake, a fraud, and a phony. He should have voted for the Ryan Plan. That's the

      ONLY way to get rid of the budget deficit, and paying down our HUGE $1.4 trillion national debt. People of Kentucky, YOU'VE BEEN HAD BY PRETEND TEA PARTIER!

    42. JohnL2 SC says:

      We can expect nothing more than no activity from the Senate as long as the insipid Harry Reid is the majority leader, which leads to one, and only one, conclusion. The Democrates must be voted out of the senate thus removing Reid from his abusive seat of power!

    43. MARGARET ORTON says:

      I and my family try to stay focused on the producers of our country. why waste our energy on drift wood like some in the Senate, I did not expect to see these bills pass .The few men and women have become a log jam that will be voted out .Why pay a wqge to some one who does not do their job.Like the Donald say's YOUR FIRED I look forward to the day. I'am a senior on medicare and social securty and need both. I have a few friends who need theirs to. Talk to the seniors and help them understand what this can do to help us,our children ,granachildren, great grandchildren .The everyday people,we are the main voters if you want to change the flow of things go to the grass roots.Get out and sell us on this plan. How will it make things better?

      How do we know we aren't being sold another bill of worthless goods. We have heard so much talk ,and that is all it was talk. With Rep. Ryan we have a big chance of getting this right this timem God Bless Maggie

    44. Renny, Maryland says:

      Do not raise the debt limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray you will stand fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Why does the left always win?????? As we go through life we make dicisions, some right some wrong, we live with them."Don't make the wrong decision when you "know" it is WRONG, do not raise the debt limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will walk all over you in the future because you are weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      The lifer Republicans will capitulate, if they think it will stand in the way of reelection…the Obamacrats will do what ever is legal, or illegal to remain in office. Get real…it's not the country that is important, it's staying in power.

    46. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      For those that don't understand the incomprehensible, try reading " Sell Out". by David P. Schippers. Don't expect to see a total over-night change, it's not going to happen.

    47. hal metzger says:

      Business as usual. The Senate vote was a given. Obamaites and Rhino/Country Club Republicans moved us closer to the Point of No Return with the financial demise of our country. Does anyone really expect the Dems' to actually come up with a budget in lieu of the Obama debacle? This is a new Dem strategy – The House must keep whittling away at the fat underbelly of the Democratic spending machine. The control of the spending is the key – whatever power the house has, it must be used until Obama is toast come the fall of 2012 and the Senate is purged of the ranks of the "do nothings". How sweet it will be!

    48. AMy, Powhatan, VA says:

      Where is a leader?

    49. AMy, Powhatan, VA says:

      We have 24 months…period….After that..the debt will take on a life of its own. trust me.

    50. Denny, OH says:

      What bothers me is the apparent lack of understanding of what our national debt really means to our survival as a country. Is the greed shown by our citizens understandable? We all need to sacrifice to get our nation back. Is anyone willing to do that? It doesn't appear so. I'm at a loss and cannot understand my countrymen. If we don't turn this around by the election in 2012, the next four years will destroy us. I'm usually positive but it is now exceedingly difficult to maintain a "stiff upper lip."

      Oh yeah, I applaud Paul Ryan. He has more courage than almost anyone in congress.

    51. Linda, Louisiana says:

      It is disgusting and depressing what is going on in Washington. Both Democrats and Republicans are playing games and accomplishing nothing. BUT — just wait, Demoncrats (did I spell that wrong, or ARE they Demons) are doing nothing, BUT just wait until closer to election time. You will see them falling all over themselves with proposals to bail out Medicare.

      WHAT CAN WE DO? Pray, is what I say.

      We're in a mess and quickly sinking, LORD HELP US ALL.

    52. charles labounty mer says:

      The DEMs have all turned commie – even if they don't know it.

      They'll support BHO to the end of this country.

    53. D Blackwell says:

      Would you please confirm that Kathy Hochu used the wheelchair video in her campaign.


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