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  • VIDEO: Rep. Ryan and the Truth About Medicare

    When it comes to the budget, there’s fact and fiction, distortions and reality. And today, the left has been lobbing lies about Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) House-passed Fiscal Year 2012 Budget – The Path to Prosperity – alleging that it puts Medicare at risk.

    In a new video, Chairman Ryan lays out the truth behind his budget plan. And in a statement today, Ryan noted:

    This video lays out the clear choice our nation faces on Medicare: Will Medicare become a program in which a board of bureaucrats manages its bankruptcy by denying care to seniors? Or will leaders work together to save and strengthen Medicare by empowering seniors to choose health care plans that work best for them, with less support for the wealthy and more help for the poor and the sick?

    Much of the left’s criticism focuses on Ryan’s proposal to provide premium support to Medicare enrollees, assisting them to purchase a health care plan of their choice. As Heritage’s Robert Moffit and Kathryn Nix write, it’s modeled after the plan that federal workers and employees enjoy, and it would introduce intense competition in a consumer-driven market, which has historically slowed the growth of health care costs and increased patient satisfaction.

    Do you buy into the left’s rhetoric? Join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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    15 Responses to VIDEO: Rep. Ryan and the Truth About Medicare

    1. Kevin H, college par says:

      No one is arguing that the Ryan plan puts Medicare at risk, it's that it does away with Medicare as we know it. It shifts the costs from the government to those who are now 55 and under. Studies show it will double to triple the costs that seniors will have to pay – all the while doing nothing to slow the rate of growth in the health industry.

      You mention introducing intense driven competition in consumer driven market – yet, is this not the same as what the exchange in Obamacare proposes?

      Conservatives act as if government bureaucrats are going to ration care, while rationing is currently alive and well in health care. There is intense rationing in private insurance right now – and it's all based on the private insurers making the largest profit margin.

      Ryan can try and explain his plan in various different ways, and the Dems can only hope he continues to be front and center with his plan for the next 17 months.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Very well said and explained! We'll share this with those we know are misunderstanding the issue, brought on by the deliberate misinterpretation, fear mongering of the President, his lefties and the misguiding media bias.

      We thank God for you, Mr. Ryan. You are a true man of intelligence, honesty and dignity.

    3. Richard Posey, Grape says:

      I don't think healthcare is really a "Left/Right" issue … it affects all of us. If you look at it realistically, healthcare is pretty much a zero-sum game.

      While I think 2014 will be a near-catastrophe when 30-million plus uninsured are brought into Obamacare, I also think the arguments of the Right with regard to "open markets for health insurance" are absolutely specious. Anyone who has actually tried to buy healthcare knows that it is a business DELIBERATELY designed to separate us into haves and have-nots.

      Interestingly, the people who most benefit from the current situation … the insurance companies themselves …. are the very same ones who could have … had they EVER had anyone in the industry with a truly open VISION … are the ones who could have led us out of this morass without the government meddling. Instead, they chose a path designed to benefit some and disadvantage others.

      It's not really about Right/Left … it's about haves and the deliberately excluded have nots. There is no level playing field for Americans to purchase healthcare and medicines. That needs to change.

      Just my opinion.

    4. Canada says:

      The Medicare system really doesn't work as projected because of abuse. Its the only system we have a if it cost in taxes to keep it we will. There r alternatives thou. Americans come to Canada for there drugs why they can't afford brand name drugs? What does that tell u. A regional health committee that over see the system, like a hospital admin but outside. U no what I mean by this? Educating people on the help and support is an asset as well. U cannot have a two tare system because that doesn't work. Maintenance cost less then administration cost. Administration will gorge cost and try justify it. Healthcare can work but it needs a means of control from outside and inside the box. Maintenance is your main concern not whether those in admin have 2 cars in the driveways. Regional control is a solution but not thee solution. Financial controls r needed why we r greedy and will take more then we need.

    5. The Elephant's says:

      Democrats are trying to portray the Medicare controversy as a question of "Do you want to dangerously reform Medicare or do you want to keep Medicare as it is?"

      That is no longer an option. There are 72 million baby boomers beginning to turn 65 this year and in increasing numbers every year until 2024, when the numbers begin to decline a little each year. The problem is not politics, it is demographic. There aren't enough younger people to pay for the current system with the increasing numbers of seniors. We have to reform it before it collapses.

      The question is "Do you want to reform Medicare in a way that protects those already in the system and those over the age of 55, and protect those younger in a different way, or kick the Medicare problem down the road until it collapses?"

    6. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Ryan's plan is a good first draft. It still uses deficit money and its future is dependant on projections that almost always fails. Too many unknowns will put his plan into a tailspin.

      The Medic's were unsustainable at birth and they are more so today. These programs – be it vouchers or whatever needs to be fully funded regardless of the plan. Ryan is relying on a trillion dollars of debt to "fund" this and other federal programs.

      Like I said, this is a good first draft, but in no way is is satisfactory. It is largely unfunded and he is not going to be increasing revenue anytime soon. He cannot raise taxes to support it.

      When it comes to entitlements, the Elderly is the highest priority. The rest of us will need to be told, these programs will not be there for us in the future. And as the rolls diminish over time, so shall the Medic's. The rest of us needs to rely on a free market based on dollars provided directly by the customer. Federally funding healthcare puts too many artificial factors that will only drive costs up.

      Now that we have these ideas in print and in video, we need to set down a little longer and refine the new program to make it fully funded TODAY!

    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      We've been warned over and over again. Obama and the Democrats will use ever distortion and lie to achive their aganda to destroy America as we know it. Yet unless anyone actually seeks the truth by exploring, they will never find truth and honesty from Obama, the Democrat Party or the main-stream media. We must take the time to learn just how we are being led to slaughter. Most of us have lives to live and simply don't have the time. This is exactly what Obama and the Dems are counting on.

    8. Lois Yungton, Bloomf says:

      Excellent – Clear facts – need to be seen by everyone.

    9. JMartin, Cibolo, TX says:

      Another good video by Congressman Ryan, but still too stilted for the average viewer. We need a short, hard-hitting video that begins with "NO CHANGES TO MEDICARE FOR ANYONE AGED 55 AND OVER…PERIOD" and ends with " THIS PLAN "SAVES MEDICARE…IT DOES NOT KILL MEDICARE OR ANY OF THOSE INSURED BY MEDICARE." We might also try a video that shows Reid, Polosi, and Obama claiming that the plan kills medicare and then a clip showing former President Clinton congratulating Congressman Ryan on his courage to begin the debate and chiding the Democrats for not addressing the problem at all.

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    11. Caryl, Illinois says:

      See and hear what you will not be told by the prejudiced media. This video gives an honest and straighforward explanation of how our Medical costs have zoomed upward since the 1960's after Medicare was passed despite PUBLIC oppostion to it, sound familiar??? Paul Ryan patiently shows the contrast between letting you decide what coverage you want and what the Government passed last year that forces you to pay more, and cannot solve the problems it creates. Seniors over 55 will not have their Medicare taken away, which the media has been lying about. What the "Obamacare" plan does is force you to pay more on your insurance, while not allowing you to have the SAME care that Congress enjoys at YOUR EXPENSE. You must open your mind to the truth, please, for your legacy to your children and grandchildren, if you truly love and want that for them. Don't let this clear cut ROBBERY continue any longer, thank you.

    12. Slick in Nebraska says:

      Thank God we have SOMEONE in Washington who sees the writing on the wall and willing to put himself/herself out there to try to confront the problems with viable solutions!

    13. Lee Giles, Sedona, A says:

      Democratic spokespeople all say that Rep Ryan's plan for those under 55 is "$8000.00 is provided to purchase health insurance, and that is all!" I know that is not true, but the video does not cover those details. The Foundry needs to publish those details and reply vociferously to the liberal lies about Ryan's proposal.

    14. Freddel, Walnut Cree says:

      Rep. Ryan is indeed being forthright and honest about the future of Medicare absent significant changes. He explains why the "top down" approach of ObamaCare will result in the significant drawbacks experienced in every government dominated healthcare system tried by Canada and European countries. He explains that Americans know and understand how free markets incentivize medical providers and patients to generate high quality goods and services at reasonable, competitive costs. The market approach also results in economic freedom and liberty instead of government mandates, regulations, and unelected bureaucrats telling everyone what they may do. I'm for Rep. Ryan's approach. At 80 years of age I don't want to be sitting in some run-down doctor's office waiting in line to see a physician who barely speaks English to see if he/she will approve my application, to be submitted to a medical oversight panel, in the hope that they will approve my life-saving procedure so that I can wait for a year in queue for curative or palliative care (depending on their decision), hopefully before I die.

    15. Poole1Dan, Milford, says:

      Response to Kevin H in College Park, Maryland:

      "it does away with Medicare as we know it."

      And that's supposed to be a bad thing? Medicare cannot possibly sustain itself "as we know it." It has at least $30 trillion in unfunded liabilities and probably is closer to $89 trillion according to the 2009 SS Trustees Report. You could tax everybody at $100 percent and not even 1/9 of Medicare would be covered over the next 75 years! Paul Ryan's plan doesn't have to be THE plan, but a plan like it MUST be passed into law unless Medicare dies in a fire…and takes America with it.

      "It shifts the costs from the government to those who are now 55 and under."

      1. Americans who are younger than 55 already directly subsidize current Medicare beneficiaries.

      2. The government gets its revenue from the people. and the rest from China and other debt holders, so it's absurd of you to make it sound like the government has this infinite stash of money.

      3. The government has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it cannot properly manage Medicare, or else there wouldn't be nearly $100,000,000,000,000 in unfunded mandates. Therefore, why would you howl in indignation about costs being shifted from the government unless you're a far left ideologue who secretely craves a totalitarian society?

      4. Costs are not being "shifted" by Paul Ryan's plan. Instead, you are allowed to KEEP the money you pay in Medicare taxes and invest it in your own private insurance. The system Ryan proposed is modeled after the system for Congressional members. Experts Robert Moffit and Kathryn Nix explained this in great detail:


      "Studies show it will double to triple the costs that seniors will have to pay – all the while doing nothing to slow the rate of growth in the health industry."

      Those studies are false in every sense of the word. Chairman Ryan's plan would:

      1. Maximize choice by making Medicare a real insurance program (practically no one relies on Medicare as their primary insurance even though it's so ridiculously expensive to fund).

      2. Ensure consumer protection without excessive bureaucracy.

      3. Ensure that financing is fair by giving seniors purchasing power and options


      "You mention introducing intense driven competition in consumer driven market – yet, is this not the same as what the exchange in Obamacare proposes?"

      Nope. There's no comparison. Obamacare is chalk full of government mandates, thousands of pages of regulations, and is just a total abomination. Everything Obamacare sets up is doomed to fail, as Heritage has explained ad muaseam. Get the facts here:


      "while rationing is currently alive and well in health care. There is intense rationing in private insurance right now – and it’s all based on the private insurers making the largest profit margin."

      Absolutely FALSE. Insurance companies ration, you know, INSURANCE. This is absolutely NOT the same thing as rationing Health CARE, which is what goes on in all countries with Single Payer Healthcare. Whether companies ration insurance or not means nothing, cause in the end, neither the health insurance companies nor the government can deny you necessary, life saving healthcare such as emergency room care, unlike countries like Britain that have SPH, where such care is rationed and where there are indeed death panels that decide who gets necessary care and who doesn't and therefore who lives and who dies. NO ENTITY in the USA has that kind of power. This is because of a law passed by Ronald Reagan in 1986 (and we all know what an evil capitalist and Insurance Company-loving thug he was!). Even if a person with a pre-existing condition doesn't have insurance, he can go into debt and take out a loan and pay his costs back over many years. This process of going into debt and paying it back is exactly what my grandmother did back in the early 70's when my Uncle was in a nasty accident but the family had no Health Insurance. Such a process is quite imperfect but is far more humane then the massacres seen in countries like Britain.

      So no, Insurance companies do NOT ration healthcare by denying insurance to a person with a pre-existing condition. And besides, if a person with a pre-existing condition wants Health Insurance from a certain company, all he has to do is make sure other healthy people (perhaps only 1 or 2 other people) are joining him in his insurance pool. Insurance companies are much less likely to deny coverage to a person with a pre-existing condition if he is joined in his pool by a few new healthy folks (perhaps his spouse or his good friend). Mark Levin has explained this on his radio show numerous times before.

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