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  • NEW VIDEO: Busting Gas Price Myths

    As Americans across the country gas up their cars for their Memorial Day getaways this weekend, their wallets will take a bigger-than-usual hit. That’s because gas prices are up $1.06 from last year according to a study by AAA. In fact, prices have more than doubled since President Obama took office. And while the media has been slow to demand answers of the President, he has been busy trying to deflect attention away from his incoherent energy policy with a number of gas price-related myths.

    Our latest video takes several of these myths head on and puts them to rest. From overstating the impact of green energy to downplaying the devastating impact of his drilling moratorium, the President should spend less time trying to deflect criticism and more time working to ease pain at the pump.

    If you’ve heard other myths, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, please help us get the word out about our latest video by sharing it with friends and family.

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    10 Responses to NEW VIDEO: Busting Gas Price Myths

    1. john pass christian, says:

      i realize that democrats don't give tax cuts, atleast not since jfk anyway. is like bailing out 12,000 jobs while almost 3,000,000 are lost. it makes no sense. it seems to me that if a company's overhead is lower and their profit margin is higher their overall costs to the general publis will be cheaper. but still many will back a person such as obama for doing just the opposite just because of the party hes associated with.

      maybe this next election people will think before they vote a straight democrat ticket, and include him in the mix. although he will still have the democrat blind vote and the illegals to fall back on.

    2. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      When Obama claimed he would approve more offshore oil lease sales, we knew something was up. Yesterday, we learned what. Obama has now added another layer of bureacurcy to stop drilling, NOAA! That's right, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been added to the growing list of Obama controled government agencies that have control as to where and when we drill.

      Face it America, as long as Obama remains in office, this nation will never become energy independent, despite having more oil and gas reserves than any

      area on earth. Didn't that become crystal clear when he gave Brazil a drill permit and 2 billion of our tax dollars to drill in the Gulf off of their coast. At the same time he is making it impossible for our own oil companies to drill by denying permits and pushing to take away tax reduction that keep the price at the pump to go even higher.

      As with so many other ploys Obama uses, it's designed to "distribute the wealth" and collapse our economy. Obama hates all fossel fuels and will not

      hesitate to destroying any indursty that provides this nation energy needs..

    3. George Kitchens says:

      The administration has done it again. Yesterday I read that the federal government will purchas a whopping 116 electric vehilces. They have a fleet of more than 600,000 so this will really put a dent in fuel consumption. Their actions don't match the retoric!

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    5. Perry,Oklahoma says:

      I do not agree with the Obama drama on oil. I do believe that the american people need to get it. Cheap fuel is gone. The oil we have is enough for 100 years, Ok what then? Bio-Mass fuels! We as a nation burn these brush piles daily, when we have roads built, churches built or a new mall! So let us at least start to think about what we have available and use it all. Nothing wrong with oil lasting 200 years with a little bit of help from a brush pile on the land of the free!!!

      How is is it that Canada can pelletize woody Bio-mass and send it thru the Panama Canel and make money doing it and we can not even think about using the stuff ourselves? Oil companies are at all time record profits and we the people are feeding them. Our Goverment is giving the tax dollars away so that we end up paying their Bonuses.

      Wake up America!

    6. Thelma, Dallas, GA 3 says:

      We really shouldn't be surprised with what the democrat liberal/progressives do, but every time I read something different I think: Where do these people come from? Not from my world; I know that.

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    8. Thomas, Boston says:

      How is the moratorium on domestic drilling going to help gas prices? There is no current shortage of oil. There is plenty. The problem is speculation. Not one time in the last two decades has there been a shortage for any reason whatsoever. Not one time. But time and time again, there is false 'speculation', and unfounded 'worry'. And guess who starts up the speculation and worry? The problem is not supply, the problem is speculation and lack of regulation on trading. We live in a country where someone who is first in line for Lady Gaga concert tickets can not legally go out and buy them all up when they come out and mark them up as high as they want and sell them, but they can go right ahead and buy up all the oil without even taking delivery much less ever even looking at it and sell it for as much as they want. THAT'S the PROBLEM.

    9. Looking for Shade says:

      Don't you think it is brilliant that we Americans have been able to use everyone else's oil before we have used all of ours? It is now getting expensive and we need to either open up our pristine holes or go to alternatives. I am hoping there will be energy there for our grand children and give them a fighting chance! I hate how Obama has destroyed our beautiful country but if we can afford Brazil's oil, let's use up their first!

    10. Keith, DC says:

      See money saving tips around the home http://tiny.cc/mvzgg and

      at the gas pump http://tiny.cc/fgck2

      Ver consejos para ahorrar dinero en el hogar y http://tiny.cc/mvzgg

      en la bomba de gas http://tiny.cc/fgck2

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