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  • Former Attorney General Mukasey: Prosecuting CIA Agents 'Unconscionable'

    Attorney General Eric Holder came under fire today from his predecessor at the Justice Department for pursuing criminal action against CIA employees involved in the enhanced interrogation of terrorists.

    Following a speech at The Heritage Foundation, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey called Holder’s handling of matter “absolutely outrageous.” He said the cases involving CIA employees were settled by career prosecutors who determined the prosecutions should not go forward.

    “The current attorney general, when he took office, without reading the memos, directed that those investigations be reopened,” Mukasey said. “I think that was an unconscionable thing to do — not only to the people involved, but also to the agency, which is demoralized by something like that. People were essentially told they can’t rely on opinions of the Justice Department.”

    Mukasey added that Holder’s actions against the CIA operatives would stifle intelligence gathering by the United States.

    “Regardless of the ultimate outcome, it’s going to do no good and demoralize that agency for a long time,” he said. “We’ve gone through these cycles before in which agency operatives go out on a limb and do things to help protect us and then are criticized for it. And we suffer for years afterward. I’m sad to say I think that’s going to happen this time, too.”

    Mukasey was at Heritage to talk about the expiration of the PATRIOT Act and the action in Congress this week to extend it for four years. He addressed the importance of the law and explained why it protects civil liberties.

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    3 Responses to Former Attorney General Mukasey: Prosecuting CIA Agents 'Unconscionable'

    1. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      Eric Holder has transformed the Department of Justice into the Department of Politics. Where were the Republican Senators with hard questions during his confirmation hearings?

    2. Slick in Nebraska says:

      We all know, because AG Holder said it himself, that in order to rise to the level of his special consideration, he must relate to the people being investigated as being "my people." And we all know by now, that the CIA officials involved in this witch hunt must not qualify because the investigation is on going with no end in sight! AND the President told Debra Burlingame (brother was a pilot in one of the planes from 9/11) that he had absolutely NO INTENTION of encouraging the DOJ to do so!!!!

      I have come to the conclusion that this subject only raises its ugly head when the current administration is on the spot for something they have done. They have a number of subjects they reserve for spotlighting on those special occasions when they find themselves in an uncomfortable position of being questioned.

      One thing this administration should remember is that what goes around comes around and at some point down the road THEY will be the ones being scrutinized for their past actions by a future President and administration. It will be interesting to see what kind of treatment they will expect!

    3. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank you Rob Bluey, and former, ATT. General Mukasey for speaking- out regarding the obstruction of- justice by the, DOJ and lead by, Eric "the red", Holder.

      The stock file of cases blocked by the DOJ, continues without any action from our GOV. to stop this madness and dump Eric Holder.

      The case to dismiss, 'the voter intimitdation case" against the New Black Panther Party, during the 2008 election, that blocked voting polls, carried weapons and hurled racial insults as voters arrived at the polls, was dismissed by the DOJ.

      When the DOJ, refused to protect it's own country from a war on America's borders the DOJ came after AZ with full impunity.

      Proof now being litigated on just ONE obstruction is the use of the ACLU to spread racial propaganda over the AZ law, SB-1070.

      ACLU also worked hand to hand with the DOJ, mounting lawsuit after lawsuit against AZ;

      Russel Peace the framer of the law, Our Governor, and the entire legislative body of Gov. in AZ. After that, they slammed lawsuits on our Sheriff Dept.for doing their job through enforement.

      The DOJ, i.e, Eric Holder further announced after the AZ lawsuits, that the DOJ, wouldn't prosecute sanctuary cities , nor cut off funding to any State that refuses to enforce Fed Law on this issue.

      The on-going ;" Gun Runner Case" with proof of @ least 1200 hundred weapons sold to Cartel operatives , with full impunity by ATF, and the DOJ, is still being heard.

      Another case that has eviscerated for detail, is the refusal by the DOJ, to DEFUND all ACORN organizations.

      Proof of a solid history of election fraud and misuse of funding ignored. What the DOJ did; renamed Acorn, and futher funded this organization allowed to be operational across America.

      The DOJ, used ACLU, in the State of CO, paying the law firm $295,000 to help block cases there.

      They sued one of their own county ( Weld) that identified and wanted to deport the growing number of illegals found to live there. The ACLU, claimed that Weld, had illegally seized tax records, for proof of idenity theft , to help combat their budget crises, Weld further wanted to deport the illegals flocking to their areas.

      Another case in CO: Illegals were lined-up at the polls, allowed to vote, during the 2008 election. Numerous other cases are also pending in CO, based the blocking of over 1000, illegals for deportation. Further,,the illegal process of disabling CO's unemployment payments system, for accountability , and granting illegals living there unemployment beneifts. The W. Blowers who reported this fraud were fired. This case is pending.

      There are numerous cases pending blocked by the DOJ,for deportation of known, violent illegal offenders.( too numerous to list)

      Ca, is now prepared to dump ~ 40,000 immates from their prisons to help save money . ~ half, are immates illegally here from various counrties.There's NO plan at this time, to deport these immates by CA.

      There are hundred more cases being heard that support this article, as stated, blocking clear concise intelligence by the DOJ. THE lies that continued by : HLS, ATF, ICE, and the DOJ. of blocking all evidence presented by border states continues.

      log-on to: http://www.judicialwatch.org click on corruption files, and all other files.

      Thank Tom Fitton, President of J.W. and staff , for protecting our Constitutional Rights.

      Thank you H.F. for exposing the truth.

      At this writing ( mountain time) I just heard the Supreme Court Rule in favor of AZ.

      This is one ruling for the rule law unblocked. It is the most positive news we could hear for thousands of us that have supported our rights as Americans to enforce laws here over just ONE legal due-process- blocked by the DOJ.

      It's hardly over.

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