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  • Morning Bell: Obama Has Something To Apologize For

    When President Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate in West Germany and famously demanded that Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev “Tear down this wall!” he brought to Europe—and indeed the world—America’s conviction that freedom and democracy are a powerful liberating force whose time had come for those living under communist oppression.

    By contrast, as President Barack Obama travels throughout Europe this week and meets with U.S. allies, including the United Kingdom and Poland, he brings with him the baggage of his presidency—more than two years of a foreign policy that has neglected America’s friends in Europe. Though the President has embarked on a worldwide “apology tour” for what he believes are America’s transgressions, he now truly has something to apologize for.

    First and foremost on the President’s list of apologies should be his foreign policy decisions that have led to a weakening of the “Special Relationship” between the United States and Great Britain. That relationship is an alliance based on shared ideals and interests in the broader world, and its strength is not to be taken for granted. The Special Relationship rests on a mutual desire to play a leading role in the world, embracing the classically liberal values on which America was founded, and maintaining relations with other nations that are compatible with that relationship.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Ted Bromund explains how the President’s policies have weakened that relationship:

    [The Obama Administration] does not regard Europe as the most important region in the world or Britain, the leading power in Europe, as America’s most important ally. It has emphasized its desire to win better relations with undemocratic regimes and has therefore played down America’s traditional alliance relationships. Finally, by “leading from behind,” it has further devalued all of its alliance relationships, especially its relationship with the U.K.

    The U.K. is not the only place in Europe where the President has gone wrong. When he travels to Poland, he owes an apology for his 2009 decision to bow to Russia and abandon the U.S. missile defense shield in Poland, thereby reducing NATO’s security and effectively stabbing that ally in the back, after it made the difficult decision to support the United States. The President also slapped Poland in the face when he passed on paying his respects to Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the Polish First Lady and 94 senior officials who perished in a plane crash.

    And make no mistake, it is the President’s responsibility to maintain these relationships. In The Heritage Foundation’s “Understanding America” series, Baker Spring writes that though the Senate has a key constitutional role in foreign policy (via its power of “Advice and Consent”), the Constitution makes clear that it is up to the President to make and conduct foreign policy. And the first priority of foreign policy “is to preserve and strengthen the position of the United States as an independent and sovereign nation.”

    Unfortunately, President Obama has made it his first priority to apologize for America’s exceptionalism and its position as a leader in the world. His apology tour has taken him around the world from Turkey to France, from the G-20 Summit to the Summit of the Americas, and he has issued mea culpas for everything from early American history to the war on terrorists. Along the way, President Obama has weakened the United States abroad and made the job of U.S. leadership even harder.

    It’s time for President Obama’s apology tour to take a new direction. And he can start by righting his wrongs in Poland and the U.K.

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    71 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Has Something To Apologize For

    1. Ken Jarvis, Las Vega says:

      5 – 24 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com


      ALL – OF US – Even he GOP Will benefit, but they refuse to accept it

      or, to HELP Him.


      Nancy Auburn GA on May 23rd, 2011 at 3:59pm said:

      Ken your ignorance is astounding and is only matched by Obama’s.

      *** Thanks Nancy – When I am Criticized by the HF readers

      I conside that a Compliment. Thanks and keep 'em coming.


      Mike Brownfield on May 23rd, 2011 at 8:40pm said:

      Ken, To answer your question about the details of the 39th foiled terrorist plot, today’s Morning Bell cites to a Heritage paper describing the plot in more detail, with citations to news articles reporting on the story. Here are the citations:

      [109]Roco Parascandola, Alison Gendar, and Bill Hutchinson, “NYPD Arrests Two Queens Terror Suspects, Charged with Plot to Hit NYC Synagogues with Grenades,” NY Daily News, May 13, 2011, at http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/05/… 16, 2011).

      [110]“2 Men Busted in New York City Terror Plot,” MYFOXNY, May 13, 2011, at http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/terror-plot-arres… 16, 2011).

      [111]Parascandola et al., “NYPD Arrests Two Queens Terror Suspects, Charged with Plot to Hit NYC Synagogues with Grenades.”

      Thanks for reading.

      *** Thanks Mike – I read the HF as soon as it pops up on my email.

    2. Mary............WI says:

      Let's just make sure he's voted OUT of office as president. GOP candidates are now surfacing…..surely one of these candidates will get the message aross that this country is heading in the wrong direction. Surely one of these candidates will be able to survive the brutal tatics the Obama campaign has in store.

    3. LibertyAtStake says:

      Good recommendation, but argued the wrong way. You argued it from a rational foreign policy viewpoint anchored in American interests. To get BHO to do it, you should have made argument claiming it would get him re-elected.

      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    4. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Heritage Error: this president does not make mistakes. This is part of his plan.

    5. Christopher Popham S says:

      With all due respect, we were just wondering when Heritage and the MSM will

      come around to understanding that our president is the the teleprompted Manchurian puppet of the wealthy, political leftist elites, who brought him up and out of obscurity over the past 25 years.

      IMHO, none of what the president says or does is his agenda alone, for the agenda

      to take America down lies with the people, who surround him. His every statement

      and action are likely scripted to reflect the insidious design of the people, who

      direct, control and manipulate the presidency.


    6. Norm LA says:

      There will be no attitude change on the part of King Hussein Obama. He thinks he is right all of the time and to prove it to the lap dogs; he continues the same failed actions over and over again. I hope they reduce the pomp in Great Britain due to the gift return. [The media in this country would not show that; we would see it on BBC.] And when he apologized two years ago, it was for what America had supposedly been arrogant for – "interfering with other countries". Look at Egypt and Libya. He has done what his false claim was about. The big difference from before his emaculation and now, is that his actions, including removing the shield in Poland and elsewhere, have also shown the weakness that is the man child.

    7. Marilyn - Scottsdale says:

      Good luck with that. He won't apologize for ANYTHING, because his narcissism precludes it. He does nothing wrong in his own mind. Additionally, he doesn't think he has done anything wrong. Everything he does is purposeful, which should scare the heck out of us all.

    8. Stan, Fresno says:

      He won't "start" until he's out of office. He is who he is, and will always be a hollow person, a facade.

    9. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to apologize to anyone for any reason.

      Obama is a supreme narcisist that never feels he has something to apologize for.

      Obama truly believes he is always correct in every decision he makes.

    10. MN J says:

      O may not care about the US – he thinks he'll come out on top for whatever results from his actions. He doesn't know history – the totalitarians use people like him – he's not using others (he may think he is), they are using him.

      Since he's never really had to make a decision, figure out something or whatever, he doesn't understand. Thank you, ivy-league leftist education.

    11. Val says:

      I have never looked at Obama as my President, he is and has been a total disgrace to OUR country. The USA, has taken her last beating from this IMPOSTOR, We all should stand up and VOTE Obama out of OUR OVAL OFFICE and OUR White House, he has never belonged ,he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, and we have suffered all his wrath he has cast upon The USA. I, hope the other countries KNOW ,Obama does NOT speak for the Citizens of the USA.(where ever Obama goes he causes such awful damage, and he does it to Harm The USA, he is HELL bent to ruin The USA) VOTE him OUT in 2012.

    12. Aaron, Asheville says:

      Actually, Turner, only Chuck Norris makes no mistakes. Obama has and will continue to polarize this country and set the stage for a renewed Republic and the revitalization of a truly conservative party in Washington built on the principles laid out on this site (and many others).

    13. a.d. monday , searcy says:

      Obama is a failed president. His growing aura of incompetence and naivete will worsen. He must be voted out in 2012.

    14. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      I think all Presidents for the last 50 years should apologize to Americans for their absolute disregard for our Country's well being. While our leaders, past and present, have been prancing around the world making deals with foreigners, America has fallen into serious economic decline. The Presidents need to spend more time on National issues such as the repatriation of American jobs, factories and industries so our Country will not become totally dependent on foreigners. Americans must produce for their own needs if our Country is to survive as a sovereign, free and self-sufficient Nation.

    15. Dee Va. says:

      I will never understand why this Country is taking all this from that ILLEGAL MUSLIM OBAMA …Congress just whines and Cries but does nothing I AM SO A SHAMED OF MY COUNTRY AND HOW CONGRESS IS KISSING THAT ILLEGAL MUSLIM OBAMA'S ASS…………………………….

    16. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      Does President Obama need to appolgize to our allies? The answer is yes. The question is will he? The answer is no. Look how he has treated Israel during his tenure in office; look at his policies in the Middle East; look at his policies at home with regard to Medicare, look at his budget plan and the the bulging debt. Does this even hint he will apologize for any thing or say he is on the wrong track? This is the change the American people voted for; and the Socialist Media wanted.

    17. PJ, USA says:

      Mike: Obama's slap to Poland was especially distressing when the White House announced the abandonment of the missile defense shield on September 17th of 2009, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. It was a double slap to the face of a reliable ally.

    18. HENRY HUIZAR says:

      While I am not a historian, it is not a difficult thing to see that this President is, in my opinion, the most destructive anti American leader this country has ever had and we have had some terrible presidents in our history but he leads the pack. He began his presidency by doing what he PROMISED in his campaign for presidency he would not do. Such things as doing health care discussions behind closed doors such as C-Span being present in these closed door negotiations but instaed, left the American people and the Republican party in the dark. He promised more jobs, didn't happen. Obama care where we could keep our own health insurance and while that has not been fully implemented yet, my health insurance did incease by $ 100.00 a month. Pelosi says that, and I forget the exact language said, but something like " we have to vote for it to know what is in it". Her district has 38 companies that got waivers from this Obama care and yet she denies she had nothing to do with it. What miraculous coincidences. What arrogance. Sen Reid has given his entire state of Nevada a waiver from this health care. If this health care is so good, why is everyone running from it? So much honesty. Gas prices highest in our history. We are truly a Sodom and Gemorrah in that we have lost our value system thru our Democratic leadership. Lets hope that in 2012, the American people are more knowledgeable of where this country is headed for with another 4 year term for Obama. Perhaps Obama a good man with his own set of values. But a Lover of Country and a leader, he is not sorry to say.

    19. Dennis, East Greenwi says:

      This article is concise. President Obama has turned his back on those that support us in favor of countries that are either envious of us or simply hate us. He has gone out of his way to slight Poland, Great Britain, and Israel. He seems to lack the ability to determine who and what is important. The President does not seem to align his priorities to favor the greater good of the United States. He instead, seems to have some strange agenda that goes against what the average citizen believes is right. In spite of what the congress or the American public think, Obama does what he pleases and we are suffering the consequences of these disasterous decisions.

    20. Ameritianity - Texas says:

      There is lots of misinformation out there about the HealthCare bill passed in Massachusetts with implications that Mitt Romney is in favor of a National HealthCare Plan. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      FACT: Romney was a Republican governor with a very Democrat Legislature – Romney DID NOT write the bill – Romney has said that he will give all 50 states WAIVERS and will un-do ObamaCare.

      FACT: Bush and every president in history have SIGNED INTO LAW things they did not like. THE VOTERS DID NOT GIVE HIM A REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE and he did not have the power to VETO BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN OVERRULED. It is that simple. Massachusetts Liberalism is why Massachusetts is in the mess it is today…just like California. Many insurance companies have CHOSEN NOT TO do business in Massachusetts because of their lack of tort reform and litigious atmosphere.

      QUESTIONS: (1) Why did Romney decide not to run for Gov. again? (2) How much of what the DEMOCRAT LEGISLATURE did in Massachusetts while Romney was Gov. has been reversed? NONE! (3) Since Massachusetts voters voted in Romney as a GOP Gov and still voted in a 85% DEM Legislature, what chance did Romney have of VETOing anything they came up with? NONE!

      ANSWERS: (1) He could not deal with a 85% DEM Legislature … (2) they have reversed NOTHING … (3) NO CHANCE … The voters of Massachusetts tied the hands of Romney in the same way the US voters tied the hands of Bush in his last two years as President. And then naysayers blamed Bush for what the DEMS did in Congress that he had no power to prevent.

      Romney is foremost a successful business man – NOT a lifelong professional politician. What political offices has he held? Just the one. How many Presidents have we had that did not hold another political office first? Who would really want a PRESIDENT with no executive experience?

      Simply suggesting that you take a good look at him again. Pro- Is ra el – pro-Border Security – Integrity – Honesty – Experience in business – Experienced in government – knows Is la m is our enemy – understands where our “Inalienable Rights” came from and Who our “Creator” is – loves AMERICA!!

      Romney "defends" MassHealthCare on the grounds that STATES do already REGULATE insurance. Massachusetts legislature created and presented the bill. Romney knew he would not be successful in VETOing it. Like all governors and presidents, they often have to settle for less than perfect legislation.

      Insurance IS going to be REGULATED…we want it to be the 50 states rather than the Federal Govt. This allows for innovation and creativity. That is what we want. WE "FORCE" people to buy auto insurance liability to protect other people from having to pay for injuries; banks require life insurance on business owners to obtain loans to protect the bank; mortgage companies require borrowers to have insurance if their home is financed to protect the bank and stockholders; we require people to obey speed laws and all kinds of other laws to protect others. REQUIRING people to purchase health insurance is to protect others from having to pay for their medical care due to their own lack of responsibility. Time to get real in this HealthCare Debate.

      Time to quit implying that Federal Regulation is the same as State Regulation. Insurance is already regulated at the state level. This is where we should want it regulated. Insurance companies will not always do what is best for "The People" in the absence of some regulation. Before falsely trashing Mitt Romney about STATE REGULATION OF INSURANCE, do some homework and realize that there MUST be some regulation of the MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR Insurance Industry. Regulation is for the purpose recognizing that without it, there will be dishonesty and lack of responsibility by the companies and those seeking benefits."REGULATION" of Insurance Companies by the States has resulted in BILLIONS OF DOLLARS they have bilked out of policyholders over the years.

      There was litigation against Prudential in 1994-95 that resulted in $Millions in fines and $2.8BILLION+ in money returned to policyholders. Millions in fines and BILLIONS in restitution have been paid by insurance companies in recent years. PRU, MET, State Farm, Allstate, Hartford … virtually all companies. The McCarran–Ferguson Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1011-1015, is a United States federal law that exempts the business of insurance from most federal regulation, including federal anti-trust laws to a limited extent. The McCarran–Ferguson Act was passed by Congress in 1945 after the Supreme Court ruled in United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association that the federal government could regulate insurance companies under the authority of the Commerce Clause. This law is what Obama wants ignored in order to create greater centralized political and economic power in Washington.

      VISIT: Ameritianity . com

    21. Mike, Nevada says:

      Obama feels no cultural connection to Europe and has let that interfere with America's best interests. I echo the sentiments of Mary and Turner.

    22. bobob, UK says:

      Always interesting to see American views of British views of America…

      The "leading from behind" comment is interesting. I assume you refer to Libya?

      I actually though that was a fairly shrewd move on his part, rather than an indication that he a closet communist or something. The US has been complaining for decades about European military spending, with considerable justification. However there has never really been any reason for Europeans to pay any attention. We expect America to not only guarantee our security, but to play the leading role in any military intervention that Europeans feel is necessary.

      Now we get Libya: plainly far more of a European issue than an American one, and once again the demands for American military capabilities are made. Obama's obvious reluctance to pay the traditional American role of making up for Europe's neglect of its militaries has both somewhat insulated the US from blame if it all goes badly wrong, and also put down a marker on the issue.

      It might be too much to hope that this one issue will change anything, but minds have at least been concentrated. A bit of tough love on this issue may be no bad thing, for Europe as well as America.

    23. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      Great article reminding us of some of the many major "mistakes" of Obama. I agree with Turner, however – they are not mistakes, they are deliberate leftist policies. "Progressive" policies are purely reactionary, oppositional. Whatever conservatives want, they will do the opposite.

    24. bobob, UK says:

      Always interesting to see American views of British views of America…

      The "leading from behind" comment is interesting. I assume you refer to Libya?

      I actually though that was a fairly shrewd move on his part, rather than an indication that he a closet communist or something. The US has been complaining for decades about European military spending, with considerable justification. However there has never really been any reason for Europeans to pay any attention. We expect America to not only guarantee our security, but to play the leading role in any military intervention that Europeans feel is necessary.

      Now we get Libya: plainly far more of a European issue than an American one, and once again the demands for American military capabilities are made. Obama's obvious reluctance to pay the traditional American role of making up for Europe's neglect of its militaries has both somewhat insulated the US from blame if it all goes badly wrong, and also put down a marker on the issue.

      It might be too much to hope that this one issue will change anything, but minds have at least been concentrated. A bit of tough love on this issue may be no bad thing, for Europe as well as America.

    25. Jill-Maine says:

      How in God's name does this presidential failure still have such high approval ratings? After the time he has been in office, I should be able to beat him in an election. Wake up America.

    26. Lou, Tucson AZ says:

      President Obama = the least qualified man in any place he happens to find himself. ESPECIALLY foriegn policy.

    27. Barbara, Arlington T says:

      The president may have plans to create a gulf between the US and Britain and Israel, et al, but the American people continue to be strong supporters of our allies around the world. We can hope that the leaders and citizens of those countries understand this and will bear with us until BO is voted out of office.

    28. Charles Urban says:

      This man should never have been elected President. I know that ANYONE else elected to the office in 2012 will be an improvement . He is not for fulfilling his job as President to represent this country he was elected to lead. He is an empty suit politician and a product to the radical left and has 20 years of Reverend ? Wright trash in his brain.

    29. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      The first slap in the face of the UK was the return of the bust of Winston Churchill. This was a direct insult to the British people. This demands an apology also.

    30. rosemarie douglass says:

      i have no idea wy you american`s take so long to see that he is nothing but a moslem that hatet`s the USA, and is totaly destreuing AMERICA , becouse that is his goal ,

      impeach him bevore it is to late , also sent George Soro back to europa , but o well the thrown that embesler out , the dont take him back

      the galloping president has to be voted out of office ore impeached ,

      hase no one of the repoplikens the guts to start impeachment, get red of the old fuggys and the ones that are scered of obamas thugs, that what he is

    31. Pete, Houston Texas says:

      The management style of this executive branch is a scene of contrasts. Increased drone bombings of the pakistani tribal lands and then a speech that Israel give up land to the arabs that have been displaced 40 years ago. As someone that believed in the Afghanistan war and the Iraqi invasion, I have no idea as to why we are in Libya and spending money beyond the 60 days on the presidents intervention in a uncivilized part of the planet. I am totally confused as to what this adminstration is doing besides making a complex world more complex.

    32. Jill, California says:

      Obama should tour America apologizing for all the damage he has done to our country and our citizens.

    33. Skip, Phoenix, Arizo says:

      We have what we voted into office. President Obama had absolutely NO foreign relations experience when he entered office and unfortunately, it clearly shows.

    34. Frank, Florida says:

      The reason why Obama is making these bad decisions, is that he thinks they are the right decisions, since as an illegitimate President (not a "natural born Citizen"), his true loyalties do not lie with traditional American values & principles. The fact that Obama, Sr (Obama's alleged father) was a British citizen (of what was to become the nation of Kenya) was not (and never became) a US citizen should have been enough to disqualify him from being president, REGARDLESS OF WHERE HE WAS BORN!! The 14th Amendment might make Obama a "native born citizen", IF he was born in Hawaii (the newly released "long form birth certificate" is being questioned as a forgery as I write)… but the 14th Amendment would not make Obama a "natural born Citizen" as intended by the Constitution & our Founding Fathers. That would require a re-interpretation on the 14th Amendment by the Supreme Court. Obama himself admits he was no better than a dual citizen (USA & British) at birth… a far cry from the "natural born Citizen" the Constitution requires. Unfortunately, the Constitution did not spell out a mechanism to insure a person running for office was a "natural born Citizen". In fact, at least 1 other American President was probably not a "natural born Citizen": Vice President elect Chester Arthur in 1880, who ascended to the Presidency in 1881 with the assassination of President James Garfield. Chester Arthur was born in Vermont to a father who was a British citizen (born in Ireland, immigrated to Canada & then to the USA) & a US citizen mother. The father eventually became a US citizen when Chester Arthur was 13-14 years old. Knowing the problems with his qualifications to be President, Chester Arthur destroyed all the evidence he could find to hide these facts & the story was only pieced together much later. Not unlike the situation with Obama, who is obviously hiding many things about his past.

      Obama Sr. HATED the British Empire & anyone that supported it (like the USA). He was also a Marxist & HATED capitalism & was a Muslim, not a Christian (again, unlike most of Western Europe & the Americas that supported capitalism & were non-Muslim). Growing up, Obama was surrounded by radicals opposed to much of what America stood for at the time.

      This explains why as President, Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill to England (Churchill wanted to continue the British Empire post WWII) & why Obama goes around apologizing for past actions by the USA & why he bends over backwards (or forwards) to leaders who have been our adversaries.

      It all boils down to Obama's split loyalties from birth, which is what our Constitution & Founding Fathers wanted to avoid in a future President. Obama's split loyalties strike at the very heart of America. No elected or appointed official did the job of properly vetting Obama & the Supreme Court has shirked its duty to interpret/uphold the Constitution.

    35. Don, TX says:

      Yeah, he definitely has something to apologize for. And ya know what? Even if he did, I wouldnt believe him. He has done nothing but lie for the last two years. Up untill Nov. he has crammed a Socialist agenda down the throats of the American people. Since then he and his lap dig media have been on a mission to remake his image as someone who is strong against terrorism and has his finger on the pulse of foreign polocy. The never ending story is Obama campaigning while simultaneously undermining Americas foundation.

    36. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      This is what I meant when I wrote "Obama serves the Foreign Interest almost exclusively!" Thank you for the listing of Obama's failures. What is missing is the Treasonous aspects of Obama's behavior. 'Precedent' Obama is creating Dictatorships in his Agencies. Did you see Glenn Beck pulling magnets off his chalk board of all the Allies that Obama has alienated! The most dispicable one was how Obama interfered with BP to stop their Dividend Payments! Outrageous! Oh! And it cut the British hard!

      Look guys! I love Heritage Foundation. But Prosecuting Traitors is NOT Extreme! It is Middle Of The Road! That's Rule Of Law stuff, not 'Hate Speech!' A criminal isn't innocent of the crime because they do it all the time! "Oh! That's okay! The Crime was in plain sight! So it's legal!" NO! The TEA Party exists as a cumulation of Victim Witnesses to the terrible destruction of Progressive Policies. Do you see? The Victims know what is going on! You can't hide the crime from the Victims! I see a Disinformation Campaign conducted with Public Money! And look! They want the ACORN Payoff again, but they want $20 Billion now! We know bloody well Obama stole his Election! And pure Plutocracy! He is Attempting to steal Election again. "Mis-Representative Government!" Obama lies so much it is mind destroying! Yeah, Sorcery.

    37. Karla, CA says:

      Not only did he have no foreign relations experience, he's not learning as he goes, nor is he learning from his mistakes. Oh, sorry, he doesn't make mistakes.

    38. toledofan says:

      You're absolutely correct in your analysis, the sad part is that it will, again, fall on deaf ears. I think that we have done alot of damage in our European relations and it's going to take some time to repair the damage. The arrogance of Obama won't allow him top make amends and that was obvious yesterday when he said he should paddle some in the congress that don't agree with him. The inexperience coupled with the arrogance has created some really big problems worldwide and I'm sure the problems will continue until Obama is removed from office. What is not only curious but in some cases dumbfounding is that this guy still has a higher than expected approval rating, it just doesn't make sense.

    39. Al from Fl says:

      Obama's apparent high approval rating is a reflection of the people (or poll taking). How can anyone who is an "American" approve of this administration. He can just state a disclaimer while on his tour that he speaks for himself, not the American people.

    40. Alistair, San Diego says:

      Hey people, on a lighter note I just had the pleasure of watching Netanyahu take Obama to the woodshed while delivering his FANTASTIC speech to CON-gress.

      If Liberals do not get the Israeli/Palestine issue after this speech, they never will. My suspicion is they 'never will' as Liberals are pathologically stupid and live in a world of delusion. When pressed with facts they simply fall-back to strident denials while shaking their head and covering their ears and going 'no, no, no'.

      Netanyahu: 2, Obama: 0

      The United States isn't 'done' … but Obama sure is. I predict he'll become head of the U.N. and spend his life undermining the United States, just like his pal Jimmy with his infuriating back-seat driving and idiotic overseas trips. Carter: the perfect example of Liberalism as a mental disease.

    41. clarence swinney says:

      Reagan Tear Down That Wall came from earlier in day speech When a lady yelled out "President Reagan, ask Gorbachev to Tear Down That Wall." Reagan knew one liners and punch lines..

      He involved us in four International Conflicts.Increased Spending by 80% and Debt by 180% and cut Carter Record Job Increase by 24%. He had more convicted of crimes than entire number since 1900. He was nice. I voted twice for him.

      Tear Down Wall But please Gorby old pal do not eliminate my Nuclear Weapons. Ho! Hum! Dim Dumb.

      Reagan has only ONE domestic number considered above average. One. Dow increase.

      Oh! I forget. He took 10 Biliionaires and made into 51 in 8 years. He took the top 1% fron owning 20% of alll Financial Wealth in 1980 to 36% in 1989. Lil 60% Tax Cut help?

      Clinton domestic record makes Reagan look like a brain dead affable dunce

      1 Comparing Democrat’s hero-CLINTON—versus Republican’s hero–REAGAN


      1.JOBS—grew by 43% more under Clinton.

      2.GDP—grew by 57% more under Clinton.

      3.DOW—grew by 700% more under Clinton..

      4. MARKET CAP INCREASE—Clinton + 330%–Reagan + 136%

      5.NASDAQ-grew by 18 times as much under Clinton.

      6.SPENDING–grew by 28% under Clinton—80% under Reagan.

      7.DEBT—grew by 43% under Clinton—187% under Reagan.

      8. DEFICITS—Clinton got a large surplus–grew by 112% under Reagan.

      9.NATIONAL INCOME—grew by 100% more under Clinton.

      10.PERSONAL INCOME—Grew by 110% more under Clinton.

      11.MEDIAN FAMILY INCOME-grew by 75% more under Clinton

      12. DEFENSE BUDGETED-Clinton -2311B—Reagan-2062B (current $)

      13.UNEMPLOYMENT—AVG—Clinton 5.2%–Reagan 7.6%

      (I admit averaging averages can be dumb. I dumb.)

      SOURCES—Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.BLS.Gov)–Economic Policy Institute (EPI.org)—Global & World Almanacs from 1980 to 2003 (annual issues)
      http://www.the-hamster.com (chart taken from NY Times)

      National Archives History on Presidents. http://www.nara.gov
      LA Times 10-11-00 on Market–www.Find articles.com

      Federal Budget.Com 2009

      A vote for a Conservative is a vote for Less Success.

      A vote to reduce the Standard of Living for all Americans.

      Recall 1920’s and Wall Street under Conservative control?

      Recall 2000-2008 and Wall Street under Conservative control?

      Want more of those years? It will take many years to recover.


      political historian

      Lifeaholics Of America


      “All American Party”

      How Democrats created a great Middle Class

      and Conservatives are determined to destroy it

    42. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Mike Brownfield's argument does more to promote the idea of shared presidency than it does to disparage Obama's management of the office as lone president. There's simply too much on Obama's plate. Anyone can see that except someone seeking political opportunity, something more and more the case in a nation which favors sound bites over open discussion and debate. Shouting at each other across an increasing divide has been a poor substitute.

      GIven America's projection of power everywhere on earth, given the biggest economic mess here since the great Depression, given problems left unsolved within and just outside our country's boundaries, and given internecine warfare within the political establishment,"exceptionalism" no president can have the ability to do it all.

      I just finished watching Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of congress and was struck with what this country has undertaken that has led it inexorably away from any possibility for future success. Preaching America's exceptionalism is an elementary-school approach to the major problem of America overextended, America weakened in just about every sector as a result of far too much undertaken, too little really accomplished. It is not the president's fault since an overfull plate and a bickering congress are perfect formula for failure. It is OUR fault for allowing it all to happen without insisting upon discussion and debate and for accepting the poor alternative of an ongoing shouting match between Left and Right, led by the paid-to-talk crew on radio and television.

      When do the discussions begin, the debates, the realistic approaches to lessening the president's load and solving the country's too many problems? I'm both available and ready.

    43. Donald Greene says:

      Please! I love Heritage, but do you honestly believe this socialist/Islamist President will ever apologize for anything? This leopard cannot change his hammer & sickle or crescent moon spots. And unfortunately, we're stuck with this guy for at least 1-1/2 more years. So much for the unthinking voters who accepted the "hope and change" mantra from a person whose past associations and "voting 'Present'" record (or more properly non-record) should have told them everything they needed to know about Barack Hussein Obama.

    44. Donald Greene says:

      Please! I love Heritage, but do you honestly believe this President will ever apologize for anything? This leopard cannot change his spots. And unfortunately, we’re stuck with this guy for at least 1-1/2 more years. So much for the unthinking voters who accepted the “hope and change” mantra from a person whose past associations and “voting ‘Present’” record (or more properly non-record) should have told them everything they needed to know about Barack Hussein Obama.

    45. billy barney las veg says:

      Oh please, I beg of you all; let us get to the real point here America: Thank the Democrat Party for delivering to us all "The Oedipus Man" AKA Barack Hussein Obama. It is clear, were he not a Muslim, and not a Marxist/Leninist, none of his decisions to date, his lack of knowledge of US History, and the people the Clintonistas have surrounded him with; tells the whole torrid story of the intentions of the Democrat Party to take over this country; by whatever means imaginable…

      There are no American Patriots running the Democrat Party – NONE.

      Will Thomas

    46. Kevin H, college par says:

      There is a need to come back to reality. Interesting the conservatives here are saying Obama needs to apologize, while over the last 2 years, the fanatic right has been bashing the 'socialist europeans' left and right – slamming their style of government and slamming anything to do with socialist europe.

      You say Obama has no Foreign Policy experience, yes he serves on the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations. I dare say that alone would provide more foreign policy experience and knowledge than being a governor and runnign several failed companies (President Bush Jr.) or being a governor and former actor (Reagan).

      America is much more liked under the current administration than the former one. You might not like to hear it, but it's obvious.

      Good luck trying to get Obaam out of the White House in 2012 – it's not going to happen. There are no viable candidates for the Republicans. I bet many of you would support Ron Paul, while at the same time typing that Obama has to apologize to Europe. Do any of you have an idea of what Ron Paul's foreign polict agenda is? It's all about isolation. Think of the long list of apologies needed if he were to be given any real power. Romney can't win. He passed Obamacare before there was Obama care. Newt has zero chance. There are a handful of jokes like Palin and Trump that will not actually run, but love to thave their names in the news. Pawlenty makes Al Gore look exciting and is already getting picked apart for lying about his fiscal past. The only chance the Republicans have for taking White House in 2012 is Herman Cain. That's it…and he can't beat Obama.

    47. HLK, Kansas says:

      Obama is more dangerous to our nation than Osama Bin Laden ever was.

    48. gary sheldon AZ says:

      Could those to whom we have entrusted this nation's future for 50 years have conspired to injure this great nation at various levels via elected persons from the "legal profession"? Is this regime the near culmination of our ruin? Do all the people who are responsible for the present situation have assets? As our "leaders" can their assets be siezed as a method of "apologizing" for betraying the trust of their constituents by their failure to do what is best for our nation and only what is good for self in their failure to represent U.S.? Through the I.R.S. the assets of their "constituents" have been seized for years. Some programs developed from these assets were well intentioned but poorly managed. The apology ought to be to the American people for misappropration of funds for frivilous purposes, departments, commissions like Dept. of Energy, Education, E.P.A. and other increasingly powerful layers of of bereaucratic duplication. Time to cut and delete the paste.

    49. Johnny, USA says:

      This president is the worst in our history. Anything said against him or his attempts to destroy the society of this nation that has shed blood, sweat and tears to make it what it WAS is deemed racism by the left wing media and the wingnuts it caters to. My family sacrificed their own personal freedoms in time of war to keep the US free but this one man and his political machine are making a travesty of what the American people call home. I can't abide this administration or its policies – they are the antithesis of everything I was brought up to value and hold dear, and it seems his hubris knows no bounds. He even insults our allies in every way he possibly can and we are all supposed to sit down and shut up about it. I for one will not, and I don't care any more what the left calls me or tries to do to denigrate our heroes past and present by their shameless attempts at placing their man and their agenda at the forefront. I will never support this president or any of his administration or policies. The sooner he is out of office, the sooner we can rebuild all that he has destroyed. We can only hope that our allies and especially our enemies around the world understand that as soon as he is gone America will return.

    50. HLK, Kansas says:

      Never fear. Obama has a great deal of experience with respect to foreign relations.

      He knows how to order Chinese take out and before long I expect him to be able to order tacos. I mean no disrespect to the cititzens of China or Mexico. His presidency is the triumph of unbridled enthusiasm over critical thinking and common sense.

    51. David Bess, Carson C says:

      The total abaloution of america and american values is the agenda of this "president". He holds absolutley no love or respect for this nation, its values or its people.

      His loyalty lies with those who who see America as a threat to the new world order. He is also dumb enough to beleive that he will be part of the new world order. The man is a pawn in their scheme and will be discarded once he has served his purpose.

      Therefore he will never apologize for the problems he has created between the U.S. and our favorable allies. He is a pathalogical liar who dosen't know the differance between truth and lies. He has no concept of reality as it pertains to America and what America stands for.

      To his credit he has swooned the main stream media into covering the debackle that is his presidency. Unfortunately too many Americans get all of their input from th six o'clock evening news and they're the ones covering up the un-american president. Too many Americans are too lazy or apathetic to really look into what is happening.

      Fortunately our relationships with our favored allies is based on decades of mutual respect and they realize what an insult this man is to America. Britton, Poland, France, Canada and so on will weather this out and hopefully will not loose too much respect for America and the American values.

      Our next president has a tough job ahead of him straightening our our foriegn relations with our favorable allies. That be true wether he is democrat, republican, tea party or independent. I wish him the best.

    52. Disgusted, in Illino says:

      What, the "community organizer" of Hyde Park apologize ! Keep dreaming, the only thing that this guy knows how to do is insult the people , namely the FEW allies that America still has left and have respect for us still. Make NO mistake, he has an agenda to destroy America as we know.

    53. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      When the leaders in Europe wear robes and turbans Obama will begin to apologize. This is a self-serving individual who is intent on destroying the country who has given he and 'the bell' luxury subsidized housing, free food & vacations.

    54. T.H. Asgardson says:

      “Citizen of the World”

      Poland and the U.K. need to get in line, behind the American people, if any apologies are to be dispensed by this administration.

      He owes Israel an apology too, for his ignorance in insisting on the restoration of the 1967 borders which defined that country and left it open to shelling by terrorists. Not to mention Obama’s presumption that he has the right to tell Israel anything.

      Obama’s transparent narcissism, makes him imagine that he is president of the world.

      Obama owes an apology to the American people, for insulting their intelligence, by submitting two forged, computer-generated electronic documents, in support of the request that he provide his birth record and academic credentials in paper form.

      There is still no paper trail for this Great Imposter, who has usurped the presidency of the United States of America. Obama has thumbed his nose at the American people, by refusing to disclose his past, in clear violation of the Constitutional mandate that he prove his citizenship.

      Obama needs to apologize to the citizens of Arizona and by extension, the American people, for using the Department of Justice in a cynical manner and under color of authority, to directly thwart the will of the American people for border security.

      He should also apologize for enabling eleven Latin American nations to file suit against Arizona, which is an unprecedented and illegal violation of American sovereignty.

      Obama should apologize for humiliating America on the world stage, by labeling it a “racist” country, for attempting to secure the safety and security of the citizens of Arizona, from the Mexican crime wave.

      Obama violated George Washington’s maxim that there is a certain rank of preeminence due to The United States of America among nations of the world, with his obscene spectacle of running tattle-tale to the United Nations, to complain with spurious charges about a country which elected its first black president.

      This shocking surrender of American sovereignty, defined Obama as the definitive “New World Order” toady.

      Obama stabbed the American people in the back by violating his oath of office and comporting himself as a common quisling. This was the reward our nation received for granting a non-citizen the immortal glory and vast realizations of power of the presidency of the United States of America.

      Considering the in-your-face insult Resident Obama committed against Great Britain, by returning the bust of Winston Churchill, it is remarkable that he is now being so lavishly entertained and feted in that nation, which too is occupied by “guest workers.”

      Barack Hussein Obama is a dark chapter—excuse the pun– in the history of our nation, for his long train of abuses against our country, define him as a greater tyrant than King George III.

    55. Carol USA says:

      History will prove out. That in the history of America we have had some mediocre presidents. But Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama will go down as the absolute worst president America has had thus far.

    56. Don DeHoff, Boone, C says:

      Dr. Feulner, as I frequently advise, your people do not have their priorities in order. What does it take to get all of the PACs, Think Tanks, Watchdogs, AND THE HERRITAGE FOUNDATION, and others, alligned to take action, other than talk, talk and talk (and receive donations to do "great things")? There must be at least 50 impeachable "events" in President Obama's socialist (Muslim/Islamic?) efforts to subvert our Constitution and Republic way of life. You all should start with his "day-one", where was he born, the nationality of his parents, his "provided" birth documentation, his teen-age years, college days, "organizer" days, his real estate dealings, law degree and its current status, his travels as a Senator, performing functions relegated to the State Department, his association with various questionable people, his appointing Muslims to highly sentative governmental postions, with undisclosed "vetting", appointing "czars", Muslims, and other questionable people to positions that insolate him from the government and the people, his participating in international "gun Control" efforts that are diametrically in conflict with our Contstitution, negotiating to give Russia several islands in the Bering Strait, along with the rights to hundreds of square miles of prime fishing grounds, ignoring both the "War Power's Act, and the budget, and probably most important, his refusal to accept that Islam and its voluminous suporting directives are in direct conflict with the American way of life, to the extent, if he is allowed to continue, there will be "blood in the streets"!—must I continue?. Yes, we have many serious problems in this country, but this Muslim/Islamic matter is the gravest problem that this country has faced since the civil war and if Islam and "Sharia" "become the law of the land", most all of our other problems will be moot as all controll will be in the hands of a few pseudo-religious fanatics. Conspiricy is every where; it is time for all Americans, themselves, to start conspiring, defined as "working together for a common goal", to insure the preservation of the greatest civilized social experment in the history of the world. This is not a Democrat or Republican problem, it is an American problem! May I hear from you?.

    57. Renny, Maryland says:

      It is a shame that this type of information never gets to the uninformed public. they will never find out. How do we change that? part of problems would go away if they were better informed.

      Another note, why are we still implimenting the O care? wasn't it decalred unconstitutional????????????????

    58. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      A host of commentators come up with the phrase, "It's time……." to – whatever. Folks, it is NOT "time" for "time" has long since passed. We are in the midst of a clever ruse to completely undermine and 'third-world-ize' our homeland which we hold dear. If we don't fight, fight, FIGHT to remove by whatever means, this ominous threat to our sovreignty, security, and peace, we will, sooner than you may think, slump back into the bondage and slavery from which we ascended some 235 years ago. "Not gonna' happen on my watch" you say? Too late, comrade, it's already over half way there. God help us. Please.

    59. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      Hello America! The Anti-Christ(Marxist) put over the real Israel of the house of Joseph(Gen. 48:16) and did I mention also the "forbidden foreigner"(Deuteronomy 17:15) and put there by our women(remember the story of Eve 6,000 years ago)? Well, she's back because "her" 6,000 years started by her, in fact, is over! Did I also tell you that we need a dramatic ending! No! Watch! p.s. Tell me next year in November! Duh!

    60. Sherry, Little Rock, says:


      "The Special Relationship rests on a mutual desire to play a leading role in the world, embracing the 'classically liberal values' on which America was founded, and maintaining relations with other nations that are compatible with that relationship."

      Am I misunderstanding you regarding America's "classically liberal values" on which it was founded? I thought we had "classically conservative values" (which Obama is now trying to change to "classically" liberal values.

    61. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yes, he does. His union and ACORN cronies stealing the 2008 election for him.

    62. Mary Hillery Henders says:

      Obama is deliberately weakening the United States and offending its frriends while catering to its enemies. Please, those of you who voted for him, correct the mistake and vote against him if he runs again.


    63. Pingback: Obama sí tiene algo por lo que pedir disculpas | Heritage Libertad

    64. Liz, Charlottesville says:

      I see I'm the outlier here. I'm a supporter of this President who twice voted for Bush (God, forgive me.) All I can say is you people are losed and narrow minded, which is how I used to see myself.

    65. Karla, CA says:

      Even if he is voted out of office in November 2012, just think of all the damage he can do between now and Inauguration Day in January 2013. I shudder to think about it.

    66. Brad Kelley, Severna says:

      Barak O'Bama doesn't even consider the U.S. his "home country" according to wife Michelle. His beer guzzling, ostentatiousness and poor work ethic are the pillars of his miscalculation about who and what America really stands for. From his viewpoint, his has nothing for which to apologize. O'Bama is too far below the lowest standards of Presidential material ever to disgrace the halls of Washington. He is incapable of personal fault because he doesn't understand what he has done and is doing horribly wrong.

    67. Terry, St. Louis MO says:

      there is an expression that says "the fish stinks from the head down". This president has surrounded himself with fellow liberals and socialists and even a few communists. He has insulted our closest allies (Israel, Britain, Poland and others). Paid homage and bowed in submission to a Saudi king. His loyalties are not with America. His loyalties are with the world of Islam and maybe this is a stretch, but a one world order with himself as the caliphate.My greatest fear is that he will be elected for another four years.

    68. John Murphy, Woodbri says:

      Obama is a worse President than Jimmie Carter. He is intentionally bringing us down. He has alienated Arizona, Louisiana, our allies, states trying to balance their budgets. I think there is no way he will be reelected, despite what the media says. Unemployment was at 7.6% when he took office. It is now 9%. He has done nothing to create jobs or help the economy. We have all the energy we need in this country and offshore to be energy independent.

    69. MARGARET ORTON says:

      Obama apologize,I do not think he really knows why he should. It looks like he missed the classes that taught how to treat friends and allies. The quicker he is voted out and a strong conservative voted in[ with plenty of experience in many fields] . Will start right off reasuring our friends and allies they a very special and important to us and we are their friends and allies to.

      who do we have running that could fit the bill? God Bless Maggie

    70. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      Yeah, it takes a bunch of pot headed drug addicts to vote in a community organizer / Agitator, to vote in a shyster for President. Not to mention that Marxist whore he has for Secretary of State, and the Black Panther brother serving as his Attorney General. *Oh Boy", just wait until our CIA Director takes over Secretary of Defense, "Viola", Another National Surplus. Just like Bill Clinton had.

    71. Gilbert Doan says:

      It doesn't help a whole lot to build a dialogue on commentary all of which is 46 weeks old………..

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