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  • Different Language; Same Amnesty

    When it comes to immigration, Bruce Morrison has a fix, at least according to an article published in Politico earlier this month. The article frames Morrison, a former Democratic Congressman from Connecticut and chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee, as an independent thinker: “[Morrison] doesn’t agree with everything Obama says or does.” Yet Morrison’s plan is anything but unique. It’s just another amnesty in disguise.

    The article explains the plan: “Under Morrison’s plan, when you change jobs, you would get checked by a new electronic system to see whether you are in the U.S. legally. If you just arrived in the U.S. illegally you would get sent back. If you are here illegally but have a work history, you would get to stay until Congress decides what to do with you.”

    Don’t let the language fool you—this is still a form of amnesty. Throwing in the requirement of a demonstrated work history changes nothing. In fact, requiring that illegal immigrants demonstrate that they have been present in the U.S. for an extended period of time in order to remain is also nothing new. The last time the U.S. granted an amnesty in 1986, the condition was that that an illegal immigrant had to demonstrate he or she had lived in the U.S. for at least five years. Since 1986, the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. has soared from 2.7 million to almost 11 million today.

    Instead of just applying a Band-Aid to illegal immigration, Congress and the Administration should do some independent thinking and work toward a real immigration solution. This must include finishing the job of securing our borders; strengthening immigration and workplace enforcement; and reforming avenues for legal immigration.

    Amnesty by any other name is still amnesty.

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    3 Responses to Different Language; Same Amnesty

    1. R.G. Dunn, Florida says:

      Once again, not hard to figure out. Build a fence. We built the Hoover Dam during the Great Depression. So at a time when we need jobs and a solution to illegal immigration, this is a no brainer. After the fence is built, start deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes. Then begin to deport all those without documentation. Then repeal the anchor baby laws. Then throw out all those who came here illegally, but thought it would then be ok to raise a family here. I do not want to sound insensitive, but we have laws for a reason. Primarily to keep the peace and protect American "citizens." Our laws are not to be ambiguous so people can follow them. Not coming here illegally is easy to understand, and like other laws, not to adhere to them has consequences.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Morrison independent thinker? More like adolescent thinker. No offense to the adolescents, I give them more credit. I'm sure Morrison has a degree he'd never be able to live up to.

      How can the American government refuse their job in protecting America and her people? How can proper leadership ever let it go this far but with the economy and Americans unemployed at a high percentage? When you have leadership of no dignity or integrity, this is a result! How come they don't have schools where they come from? How come they don't get a job in their own countries'?

      Why does American authority insist on holding illegal immigrants unaccountable to their expenses of their actions while government lays the costs and problems of illegals on everybody else who work to live their lives in freedom and peace? Cash, crisis, chaos, control! over the good of America!

      Illegal immigrants are equally human people and all people are expected the ability to reason. America has laws to reflect a civil society. How about the American federal government prove it by enforcing the law instead of forcing complacency on Americans to uncivil acts of invasions and it's expense?

      Wouldn't it be alot more feasible to simplify the process then allow government to build this smoldering resentment between us? I mean, why would the process be that difficult that illegals feel it easier to break the law while the fed government supports it even verbally from the president, at our expense behind our backs then in our faces? Ugly suspicion.

      I'm not for amnesty. I'm for people paying the debt to society they put on society.

    3. Carol,AZ says:

      One BIG factor missing about Morrison, from CT, new age fix-it problem .

      CT is Sanctuary.

      Both Hartford and Hew Haven riddled with gangs.

      CT provided an I'D system for illegals so they can further get all their welfare bennies.

      Gee Morrison does this sound familar to you?

      Maybe, Morrison will clean up his own back yard before he screws- up another system that has checks and balances that no one, in CT for certain, refuses to enforce.

      The police are told to "stand down" there, on arrest for illegal in CT.or any deportation considerations.

      Certainly the predictable out-come, increased violent and every social problem connected with this run away box car,all costs paid for by the tax payers…

      You've got it correct again H.Foundation.

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