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  • Morning Bell: Standing Strong with Israel

    When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits President Barack Obama at the White House today for three hours of meetings, he will likely ask the President a very important question: Do you stand by the long-standing U.S. commitments to Israel’s future as a Jewish state?

    He’s right to ask the question. In a speech yesterday on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East following the “Arab Spring” uprisings, President Obama broached the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Notably, he stated that, as part of finding peace between Israel and Palestine, the two parties should return to their 1967 borders. The Heritage Foundation’s James Phillips explains that the President’s proposal is a “misreading of the past” and an “underestimation of the terrorist threat” that Israel faces:

    Israel’s 2005 withdrawal to its 1967 border with Gaza led not to peace but to expanded terrorism after Hamas staged a bloody coup in 2007 and transformed Gaza into a base for launching rockets against Israeli civilians. Israel cannot afford to return to its 1967 border with the West Bank unless it has ironclad guarantees that any territory relinquished will not again be transformed into a base for future terrorist attacks. This is impossible as long as Hamas, committed to Israel’s destruction, remains a potent force.

    Understandably, President Obama’s statement yesterday drew a sharp response from Netanyahu, who said, “The viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of Israel’s existence.” What’s more, the prime minister’s office requested a “reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both Houses of Congress.” Those affirmations reference a letter to then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from President George W. Bush, which stated that under the circumstances, returning to the 1967 borders would not be possible “in light of new realities on the ground” — specifically, already existing major Israeli population centers in the West Bank.

    House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), too, sharply condemned President Obama’s position, stating, “This approach undermines our special relationship with Israel and weakens our ally’s ability to defend itself.” And given Palestine’s track record, Israel has legitimate cause for concern over its security and defense. Heritage foreign policy experts explain in a recent paper, “After bin Laden: Top Five Agenda Items for Obama’s Middle East Speech“:

    Palestinians are hardly the best partner for peace—they have partnered with Hamas, a terrorist group that denies the right of the Israeli nation to exist and mourns the demise of Osama bin Laden.

    President Obama’s commitment to Middle East peace is admirable, but unfortunately his speech yesterday evinces a misunderstanding of the realities that our ally, Israel, faces. There is a long record of failed agreements with the Palestinians, and there are continuing questions regarding the security of Israel’s borders as well as Palestine’s commitment to enacting concrete policies to fight terrorism.

    Now is not the time to turn our back on the region’s strongest democracy. Instead, the United States should reaffirm its commitment to strengthening its alliance with Israel — a partner in freedom that shares common cause with the United States.

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    121 Responses to Morning Bell: Standing Strong with Israel

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      WHY do we GIVE $$$ to Israel?

      What do we GET for the $$$ we give them?

      Thanks – I just don't understand.

    2. Phil F says:

      Obama is a disaster as a foreign policy leader and he has shown his disdain for Israel with his dangerous & stupid proposal to return to the 1967 borders. What is his goal to help the radicals destroy Israel?

      America must suppport Israel for what they need not what the radicals want, which is to wipe Israel off the map.

    3. lanie, New York says:

      "President Obama’s commitment to Middle East peace is admirable, but unfortunately his speech yesterday evinces a misunderstanding of the realities that our ally, Israel, faces."

      Unfortunately, this quote gives Obama a pass. I believe that he is NOT committed to a mideast peace, but rather the destruction of Isreal. Everything he has done as President points to this. Actions and now his words, show his true colors, in my opinion…..

    4. Bill Downey, Massach says:

      Israel is our oldest ally in the ME. We cannot compromise our support for the true democracy in the region based on the wishful thinking that the Arab Spring will suddenly sprout democracy. There is no historical reference or foundation for democracy to spring forth in these countries. The facts of life on the ground are what count, not what the administration and beltway would like to believe.

      You cannot negotiate from weakness, nor does the United States have the right to negotiate the boundries of an Isralei Palestinian state. For those who have forgotten, we have seen what the path of appeasement eventually leads to. The world can not possibly wnat to retrace that path.

    5. Andy Smith, Denver, says:

      We talk about the "Palestinians" as though they are an oppressed people, but we would be wise to remember that they are Muslims — a word the media never connects with Palestinians. Israel is surrounded by Muslims who do not wish them well whether they are called Palestinians, Iraqis, Saudis or another name.

    6. Teri Newman says:

      I’d say they are regretting it now–like everyone I meet and speak with all day long. I’ve maintained that Obama was totally unqualified for the office of President from the get-go back in 2007. I ran for office in 2010 to help America fight back and almost won and I will win this time–all of which is irrelevant compared to the danger of a second Obama term. NO MATTER WHAT, Obama has to go in 2012. If we have to walk precincts and knock on doors and be poll watchers and election judges, then so be it. There is no sacrifice too large to ensure this effing IDIOT does not get a second term in office. I’m pretty sure his Jewish supporters are gone now and his black supporters are very disillusioned. He’s going after the votes of the illegal aliens and he’s planning to let them vote with some kind of amnesty and we must do whatever possible to prevent this. Call your Republican party. Become a precinct committeeperson and start now because it will be too late soon. Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to the future of America and his re-election will end America as we know it. We must have not only control of Congress and the Senate, but also a 2/3rds majority to override the vetos. It’s game time folks. Nothing else is going to matter if Obama gets a second term if we don’t have control of Congress to stop him , It’s time to get involved to save our beloved America. I’m all in

    7. Jeff Ostema says:

      Joel 3:2: “I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My land.”

      The Bible is very clear: the Lord is going to judge all the nations for dividing up the Land of Israel.

    8. Matt, Paoli says:

      If Obama insists on Israel returning to pre-1967 borders, should the forsaken land be given back to the original 'owners', including the already relinquished Gaza and West Bank? That would not be to "Palestine" then, as there was no such entity then. Should the lands be given to Egypt, Syria, Jordan to re-establish their 1967 borders? Indeed, giving to Egypt and Jordan (forget about Syria) would be a safer choice for Israel than giving to non-existent 1967 Palestine. Would these nations then give up the land (they didn't before). If he wants borders to go back to when there was "Palestine", then all the lands, plus those of existing sovereign nations in the region, should revert back to the British Empire. Shall we go back further in time, well, maybe Rome.

    9. Sidney King 2613 Hig says:

      Obama just stabbed Israel in the back by trying to go back to the 1967 boundaries of the country. He apparently doesn't care about our only ally in the far east countries. As far as I am concerned he's not much of a president.

    10. Gary Brubaker, Sr., says:

      With a president that continually sides with the muslims and Palestinians in their desire to defeat Israel, it is hard to imagine that Netanyahu would even talk to this immature ignorant, now foe, and depend on the strength of Israel and GOD to protect them against all the adversaries in the region and the unfortunate head of the US. I have never seen anyone in our history that was always against our friends and always for our foes, except maybe Benedict Arnold and Jane Fonda. The Heritage Foundation whould be called America's Foundation because they stand for America when the DNC and WH do not…

      GOD Bless Heritage and Israel.

      Gary W. Brubaker, Sr.

    11. Robert E. Lee says:

      why do we dollars to Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti , Philipines,and half the countries of the world; being a fellow muslim like obammie; you could not possibly understand securing our foot hold in the middle east by giving our only Christian ally financial and military assistance, right?

    12. Matthew Knickrehm, H says:

      Regarding President Obama's speech yesterday, May 19, 2010, I have some questions.

      1) Why would President Obama state the Middle East countries have a historical opportunity to create their own destiny and yet specify Israel should return to their border boundaries prior to 1967? Will there be other recommendations from President Obama on how other Middle East countries should re-arrange their borders based on past conflicts or is Israel not considered a part of the Middle East countries who have a historical opportunity to create their own destinies?

      2) If Israel is being asked to meet with Palestine leaders to negotiate a peace accord, how would President Obama advise the Israeli leaders begin talks with the Palestine leaders who publically do not recognize the right for Israel to exist and are also publically aligned with other Middle East countries to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?

      3) If President Obama endorsed the intervention of US forces, with NATO forces, into Libya to stop attrocities against unarmed citizens, what will be our policy if a Middle East country or Palestine send missiles or rockets into Israel that harm or kill unarmed citizens in Israel?

    13. MJF, CT says:

      Mr. Obama's speech shows just how out of touch he is on World affairs.

    14. nl says:

      Jordan was the original Palestinian state. Before the Six Day War of 1967, parts of Jerusalem were Jordanian territory. Jordan's approaches to problems often seem more conciliatory and less polarizing. Significant numbers of Palestinians today live in places such as Lebanon and Egypt. Solutions that unify seem better than solutions that divide.

    15. Cathy-New York says:

      To Ken from Las vegas…what do we get from ALL the middle east countries we give money to??? At least Israel is our friend. We give billions of our dollars to countries that hate us and would love to hurt us. Israel is the only friend we have in the middle east.

    16. jim button jr fort s says:

      i strongly agree now is not the time to abandon Israel. president obama as usual doesn't speak for me. support Israel !

    17. HLK, Kansas says:

      Good question, but you need to include all of the other countries to which the US prostitutes itself by paying out billions of dollars for which the return is questionable.

      You should not be too hard on obama as his foreign policy experience consists of ordering Chinese take out. obama does not understand either.

    18. stephen Fultz says:

      I think the lack of comments speaks for itself, America is tired of Isreal!

      Not that we don't love the peoples of the world,

      But Isreals and Palestines refusal to compromise in anyway certainly will only continue this stand off.

      I just wonder how much of Isreals economy is dependent on it's war machine.

    19. Ellie, FL says:

      Why do we give money to any of the countries we give money to? Beats the heck out of me. At least Isreal is a solid ally who has stood with us in the past. We're paying China millions in interest each day. What are we getting from them? They're looking to change the monetary base of the world and devalue the dollar!

      Obama isn't interested in an even-handed peace in the Middle East. He's just looking to stack the decks for the Palestinians (Muslims). How much would you like to bet that Shariah Law will be in this country before long. Do you think he'd stand against that and say its the Constitution that is the Law of this land? I don't.

      He has no right to stick his nose into affairs of state between Isreal and Palestine. No more than they have the right to tell us what we should do. Butt out. There have been wars over in the Middle East for centuries. Nothing's been resolved, nothing will. The Palestinians want what the Isrealis have done with their country. My opinion is that even if they got what they wanted, they'd just turn it back into a desert wasteland before long.

      Only my opinions but I'm sticking to them.

    20. Mike Grandy, Virgini says:

      If you can't understand the importance of supporting the ONLY true democracy in the Middle East, then I suspect that you completely side with President Obama, who clearly supports every muslim state, however radical, over states with western-style ideals and governments. The U.S. can no more afford to abandon one of our strongest allies, in that or any other region overseas, any more than we can afford another four years of this totally naive, out of touch president. He should go back to what he's good at: Community Organizing, and bilking the American taxpayer out of money through organizations like Acorn, and leave the governance of what was once, at least, the most influential and powerful nation in the world to someone qualified for the job.

    21. Bob O'Brien says:

      Obama's comments can only be interpited in light of of his "revolutionary " mindset. Why should it be surprising that a president that is willing to through his own country under the bus, is willing to undercut a strong ally like Israel. When will liberal Jews in the United States wake up and realize that the support for their homeland from our country lies almost entirely with the conservative side of the isle.

      But do not underestimate the destructive (to the United States of America) power of this president. If he is reelected, we may never recover our greatness!

    22. Cleo Crouch says:

      History, more times than not, always repeats itself. Apparently, President Obama is not a student of history. A reading of the Hamas covenant of 1988 is a must for anyone watching the continuing conflicts in the Middle East. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/hamas.asp I suggest those who have not read it to do so. A lasting peace accord is probably never possible, maybe only managed chaos?

    23. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      Mr. Jarvis: The technology we share with Israel is enormous. Some of that technology is in our missil systems. They is an alliance with this country with a mutual feeling of freedom. They have supported us many time in heated battles.

    24. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      It might be a good idea to get real because the crux of the matter is this: A leader of a sovereign nation, is being subjected to a proposal which, by all accounts, would lead to its total demise. My question is this: By what authority does Obama have the audacity to decide that Israel, a sovereign nation, should commit existential suicide?

    25. Paul, The great stat says:

      The jewish people are God's chose people and are first in his Kingdom. "First to the Jew and then to the Gentile." We must recognize the partnership and kinship we have with the Jewish people. Christians should remember that Jesus was a Jew and this is his land and his people.

    26. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama's left-wing supporters continue to make excuses and defend Obama's

      radical policies which is expected. But for so many on the right to make

      excuses for Obama by writing and saying absurd things like Obama is "misunderstannding realities" or "is naive" or "mistaken". How much more do we have to see before we recognize that Obama is deliberate, manipulating, calculating, and determined.

      Obama did so much more than "throw Israel under the bus". Obama delibertly

      condemned our allie to extinction by supporting the Palestinians position.

      I often wonder how could have Hitler led 6 million Jews to the gas chambers with little efford? How could the Jews not understand what was coming when the first trains were filled? When we ask why did so many Jews vote for and continue to support Obama despite the signs during the campaign, it starts to become clear. It's ofter said "history repeats itself". Well the Jews did it again. This absurd posistion that Jews have a "persecution connection" with blacks thus they should vote for the "first black (half) presidend candidate is a prime example.

      I sincerely hope every Jew in this country have learned the mistake they made. By continuing to support Obama, they are committing treason against their homeland and their countrymen

    27. Chet Sanson, Leesbur says:

      100% correct.

    28. janet - philadelphia says:

      Ken Jarvis,

      I am guessing you are joking. What a preposterous question.

      But I digress.

      I liked a comment I read elsewhere today. "Obama said Israel must return to the 1967 borders. I agree. Since he didn't stipulate a date in 1967, I suggest he meant the borders established on December 31st, 1967."

      Isn't that cute?

    29. john vasko-sammamish says:

      Obama and his administration DO understand. They are a pro Muslim administration. We are watching the US advance the cause of Islam, a new middle-east Caliphate, and the gradual implementation of Shariah Law and the destruction of the Judeo-Christian West, which they abhor.

    30. Carol Bee, Salt Lake says:

      President Obama stated during his campaign that he would choose the side of the Muslims over another, and this is clearly what he has been doing. But he is so arrogant to think that he alone has all of the answers. As I listened to some of the comments on the news shows, with some spouting that it is only reasonable to ask the Israel to go back to the 1967 borders, I wonder how many of the black would want to go back to the time before the Civil Rights law was passed. When the Israelis were forced to give up the Gaza strip, what did the Palestinians do when they moved in? They destroyed everything! They are not interested in peace with Israel. Obama's precious U.N. is the entity that established this land for Israel. We have given millions and billions of dollars to the Palestinian leaders to help their people and what have they done with it? Banked it in their private Swiss bank accounts and fostered terrorism. They have NEVER used that money to truly help their people. Why did the boundaries change in 1967? Because these other countries attacked Israel and tried to destroy them. They fought back and won, and now we want to say, "Too bad, you have to give everything back." No way. I hope Netanyahu tells Obama where to go today. How dare Obama do this on the eve of receiving Netanyahu! Obama promised to raise our approval rating around the world. He has done exactly the opposite and thrown just about everyone of our allies literally under the bus. Even Saudi Arabia is incensed over what we did in Egypt.

    31. Judith in Michigan says:

      Perhaps this administration doesn't misunderstand Israel's realities. Perhaps this administration is in accord with Israel's enemies. That is the hard reality Americans must face..

    32. Leith Wood Richmond& says:

      Israel is our only true friend in the area. If Israel is overtaken, the Middle East follows, leaving America in a vulnerable, weak position. It was shameless of Obama to give his ill informed speech, without telling Israel first, in fact denying it at one point. Statesmen do not act this way. I hope he is given a cold shoulder. It makes me furious, because it did not have to be this way, if handled professionally.

    33. Linda Maddox says:

      I cannot even believe what President Obama has said. He through Israel under the bus.

      Why does he always side with the wrong side? He does not act like an American!

      I along with my whole family, will stand with Israel!

    34. Ronald Conradi, Milf says:

      I believe the president knows exactly what he is doing. He does not missunderstand the area. Like pieces of a puzzle – enough are together to see the picture of a small group of anti-Americans at the highest level of government taking down this country. As far as Israel is concerned the pieces show a picture that he wants that country taken down also. As Israel is the apple of His eye God will not let that happen.

      The next few years will be very interesting.

      Blessings on the Heritage Foundation

    35. B HAWORTH MO says:


    36. Jim North - Englewoo says:

      Why do you conclude that Obama misunderstands the realities in the Middle East? His relationship has consistently been one of, at best, 'near-adversary'.

    37. lawrence ryals says:





    38. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      Let's see….., Isreal negotiates with Hamas for its right to exist?

      How absurd! Once again Obama reveals how deep he's in over his head!

    39. ThomNJ says:

      I read obama's speech from yesterday again this morning – he always amazes me that he seems so clueless about things. He wants the world to bend to his will…his naive ideological will…and he just simply cannot recognize the conflicts in his statements.

      He talks about democracy – which our Founders viewed as inherently a bad form of government. He talks about freedom to worship but dares not castigate the Iraqis or the Egyptians for killing Christians. He talks about letting women have an equal place at the table but skips over the fact that islam will simply not allow this. He talks about how the region exports less than Switzerland yet fails to realize that because of islam they are going to be net takers and not net producers until that changes.

      I will agree with him that unless the status quo changes, they will not advance. I just don’t think he is deep enough to realize his words are incendiary words for the Palestinians – though the left will argue that they are not.

      When he talks of Israel and the Palestinians he says: “I recognize how hard this will be.” Yeah, I don’t think you really do. If you did, you wouldn’t be telling the Palestinians at the start that “efforts to delegitimize Israel will end in failure”, and then spend the next portion of your speech in delegitimizing Israel by telling them and the Palestinians that Israel ought to be shrunk in size and surrounded in toto by Palestine. You also wouldn’t say this and expect the Palestinians to believe it when you have, so far in your administration, shown almost the polar opposite: “As for Israel, our friendship is rooted deeply in a shared history and shared values. Our commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable. And we will stand against attempts to single it out for criticism in international forums. ”

      obama also, in my view, shows his lack of understanding of true negotiation by essentially backing Israel up to the wall but at the same time saying to the Palestinians: ”how can one negotiate with a party that has shown itself unwilling to recognize your right to exist”. THAT ought to be up front and made a condition before ANYTHING else is offered. If you were really serious about making peace between Israel and the arabs, what you should say is basically, “Look you clowns, as long as there is an America, there will be an Israel – so drop the annihilation talk and get over it. Now. Or THERE. IS. NOTHING. ELSE. TO . TALK. ABOUT. Got it?”

    40. gerald skey, princet says:

      One definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing while expeting a different result. It seems that the Israeli/Palestinian confict has been an example of that insanity. But why is it that somehow, the inabiity of the parties themselves, to reach some kind of middle ground has been a US problem?

      Quite clearly, there is a deal to be made, but in making a deal, both sides insist on taking positions that are "deal breakers". The answers to these issues lie between the parties themselves and not with us. Certainly, we can offer assistance in monitoring or providing security – in a sense, facilitating whatever the parties agree to do while remaining on the periphery, but still the goal of an accord remains within the hands of the principles.

      Exactly why do we not realize this?

    41. Robert, North Richla says:

      Obama's handlers are politically brilliant. This move will not cost him 50 votes as Jewish Americans vote over 87% liberal for Congress, and 77% for Obama (hmmm, why the spread?). Israel is wasting their time talking with Obama, and Netanyahu should just do what they need to do. Netanyahu knows our Congress is a fat, sleeping walrus – and Israel is truly on their own. WE do not have a Congress to check the executive or judicial branch, so how could we possibly impeach Obama? Think of this: if a miracle happens, and somehow we defeat Obama, can you even begin to imagine his presdential pardons?

    42. Joe Silvestrini says:

      now, more than eve,r with the instability in the middle east obama's statement is extremely dangerous. No none really knows what will happen in egypt, syria or other middle eastern states that are in the throes of upheaval. remember when ehud barak gave the plo everything they wanted at the negotiation table and they walked out!

      the threats against israel are as a real today as they were in 1948, and even more so since the world community has failed to prevent nuclear proliferation in Iran. these reckless statements could be seen as an invitation to attack Israel on the premise that the us will do nothing. remember how the 1st gulf war started? our ambassador to iraq was not forceful enough in communicating america's support for kuwait and saddam saw this as a cue to invade.

    43. Melody, Illinois says:

      I agree 100% with your article today!

      I believe that the United States should be an ally of Israel and that we should continue in that role. Why would we change our stance now? Is it because the leader of the free world has muslim sympathies or is it some other underlying theme?

      My anger in the case is that the President assumes that he speaks for everyone in the United States, when we know that this is his viewpoint, not our nation's. I hope that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that this is not the opinion of the majority in this country but that the majority stands behind Israel.

      Thank you!

    44. Ross Castle, Montgom says:

      If we understand that Obama's objective in all this is to dismantle the US constitution and end the free interprise/capitalistic system of commerce, then it is easy to understand all that he has done and is doing toward this end…….

    45. elizabeth groves says:

      Both sides are going to have to make concessions or do they want to continue to live in constant fear and spend most of their money on the military. I think there is a possibility this plan may work if supported by all involved countries in the area. Look at Ireland– Somehow they got it together and even the Queen could visit.


    46. Bill Harrington, Geo says:

      Obama is now openly showing his support of the Muslim agenda in the Middle East.

    47. James New Hampshire says:

      Israel is just as much terrorist organization as Hamas. They've killed an order of magnitude more civilians than the palestinians. Hamas's actions are wrong and unjustified, but completely understandable.

      I applaud the president for standing up against this constant groveling we've done for 60 years. The average american has payed Israel something like 60,000 dollars in their lifetime. With the deficit the way it is, this needs to stop.

    48. Edward Kimble, 46725 says:

      Bad people give bad advice. We can't sink Somali warships, too insensitive, but we have no problem sinking the future and ships of Libya and a dozen other countries. We can't build a fence to keep drug and human trafficking down but we have no problem when those drug people kill 40,000 Mexican citizens promoting communism and drugs. We have no problem raiding postal employee pension funds but can't shutter one or two outdated military bases to balance the budget (say, areas 20 through 75). We can't fund NASA and SETI to save the world and explore the universe, but we can fund generations of welfare graft, entitlement challenged drug zombies, and the dismantlement of every hot water boiler, energy producer, or oil rig. Can't get licenses to build sustainable energy, solar and wind farms in the desert southwest, but we can fund every eco-ranting class hatred green grumpy in North America..Just sayin'.

    49. toledofan says:

      I think that at the end of the day there can never be a deal that can be reached between Israel and Palestine. The only way for Israel to survive is to be stronger than it's neighbors and because of the history, that's the only accord that can be reached. I think that Obamas cowering to the Muslims and the pacification approach is a very big mistake and not only puts Israel in a precarious position, it further damges our credibility and underminers our efforts to protect our allies. Our foriegn policy is in total disray and everytime Obama tries to do something it backfires. He has flip flopped so many times on this he should be called the master flip flopper. None of this does anyone any good and I guess what is really sad for all these smart people is that nobody seems to listen to the lessons of history. Throwing Israel under the bus will be another big Obama mistake.

    50. Diane Crawford Sun C says:

      I'm weary of t.v. pundits stating "I'm sure the president thinks he is doing a good thing…………bullcrap! Can't these fools open their eyes and tell Good from Evil? And I'm talking about the Fox Network.

      The only one who seems to get Right from Wrong Good from Evil and isn't afraid to say it out loud is Glenn Beck.

      And he asks day after day "where are you America, wake-up!". The silent majority is awake…who is going to wake our Reresentatives?

      This president is a traitor. He has given aid and comfort to the enemy. He promised to uphold the constitution, he took an oath to protect the citizens of this country from foreign and domestic enemies…need I go on?

    51. George, Florida says:

      With all of the land available in the adjoining Arab States, I do not understand why Israel must cede the land for a Palestinian State. AND, why does our President insist on pushing Israel so hard – an different agenda?

    52. Dennis, East Greenwi says:

      The President has demonstrated once again that he is inept at dealing with foreign policy. He has managed to alienate most if not all of our allies. He is placing what I consider the keystone of the West (Israel) in a precarious position. He has alienated Great Britain by sending a bust of Winston Churchill back and slighting one of our most dependable allies. The President seems to favor the Arab nations over our allies each time there is some sort of confrontation. I believe he is in way over his head and he needs better counsel in order to get things right. My hope is that someone rights the ship before it sinks!

    53. Joseph Greisdoff says:

      A key point of President Obama's speech that most commentators seem to have missed is the statement that in the proposed two-state solution, the Palestinian state must have "contiguous" boundaries. Since the Gaza and West Bank are separated by a chunk of pre-1967 Israeli sovereign territory, the President apparently wants the Israelis to cede a large portion of their midsection and give it the the Palestinians. Either that, or a type of "Polish Corridor" is in the works. It is quite clear that the President has a poor grasp of history in general, and specifically the nature of the Arab-Jewish conflict.

    54. william Childress says:

      I find it shameful and a betrayal BHO's speech yesterday. The Bible clearly states that God, will bless those that bless Israel and He will curse those that curse Israel.for BHO to turn his back on Israel, I think that he has made grave mistake ,because God does not mass around and I think that BHO will soon realize.God has set the boundaries for Israel and He is not going to let anyone or country annihilate his chosen people. BHo claims he speaks for America . Rest assured he Does Not! There is no country in the world that can defeat Israel! For such a small country on the map that can be covered with your thumb, Israel can kick some gluteus Maximus.

      God bless Israel and there be peace in Jerusalem .

      william childress

    55. georga collins, nm says:

      Obama is an outlaw. He's a loose cannon playing with Israel's future as well as ours. If it's now clear by now that one cannot make nice to a raging bear, one cannot make peace with the Islamic world.

      Israel needs to be able to defend her borders.

      Obama needs to go away.

    56. Howard Hart, Charlot says:

      I am surprised that Heritage continues to issue the same old tired boiler-plate, painting – as is usual on the part of both the Left and Right Wing pro-Israel lobbies – Mr. Obama's statement as a question of the continued existence of the State of Israel. Which it an absurd assertion. This is always the fall-back position, designed to obscure the issue of negotiating a settlement.Yes, Netanyahu will endlessly repeat that n"question" on his visit. Precisely to obscure the basic issues. There is quite enough intransigence on both sides – what is needed is a fresh look of what might be possible.One would have thought Heritage capable of a little more sophisticated thinking. Pity.

    57. Roger Thomas MD Newp says:

      I find myself in agreement and impressed with Heritage's positioins. However, I disagree with your assessment on Obama's initiative regards Istael/palestine borders. Israel has not bargained in good faith and the process needs a carrot not a stick. Obama is rigiht to try to change the game. Nothing else has worked over 20 years.

    58. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      Regarding Elizabeth's comments, Ireland was wise enough to accept small but continual consessions from England eventually leading to their independance. The Palistinians under Arafat rejected all consessions fom Isreal, including self determination of the disputed territories.

      The truth is nothing will appease Isreal's enemies but total elimination of the Jewish state.

    59. GotFreedom says:

      In the current 112th Congress, there are 13 Jewish American Senators; 27 Jewish American Congresspersons (Cantor only "R") Do any of them have the courage to stand up and speak out on behalf of Israel or are they all willing to go along with Barack Hussein Obama's vision for the Middle East?

    60. james kornmann longv says:

      It's known Obama, from his father, are anti-british. So maybe Israel should find their own co-alliance allies such as UK, Canada, Australia, and maybe even Russia and Mexico until our administration in voted out.

    61. Carol USA says:

      Hell has surly frozen over. I hope Obama feel the chill. If he ever has shot himself in the foot he did it yesterday. He can never back track, moon walk his way back from such stupid, assinine, crazy dumb a– a statement that has ever been made by the President of the US of A. This man is no mans leader not now not ever.

      May God have mercy on our souls if America does not stand shoulder to shoulder with the Israelis.

    62. Gene MN. says:

      If I was Israel I would give then one inch of land back! As a Ghristian I prefer the Jews over Muslims any day of the week.

    63. Dr. Pete Kleff, Cypr says:

      I have watched the events in Middle East for some forty plus years. The survival of Israel has at times been iffy at best. But always there was the understanding that U.S. would not allow it to be destroyed. It is not so much that the U.S. was pro-Israel, but rather the idea that the Jewish peoples are entitled to a homeland which has historical roots. In light of the Holocaust, such a policy was…and remains…justified.

      Today it is clear that perception and our foreign policy has changed dramatically. It is abundantly evident clear that Barry Obama has adopted a policy greatly favoring Arabs to the distinct detriment of the Jewish state. Do not proffer the tired argument that he is ignorant of history or misunderstands the implications of his policy. Nonsense. This is a man who distinctly understands what he is doing. And what he is doing is giving a green light to pan-Arabism.

      Looking at the current trends in the Middle East, one cannot but conclude that Islamic fundamentalism is ascending. This bodes ill for not only Israel, but also for the U.S. and Europe. If this continues, then a Middle East conflagration is unfortunately inevitable. For this, the historical finger will point at Barry Obama.

    64. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      To answer Ken's question, what we get for our $$$ to Isreal is an ally that's the only democratic country in a region of unstable fiefdoms hostile to the US and her intrests.

      That's a whole lot more valuble and far less costly than the money we throw away on our "friends" in Iraq, Afganistan, and Pakistan.

    65. alfred givens says:

      Apparently ms Groves comments reflect the ignorance of the American public. THE PEACE PROCESS TO PALESTINE AND THE REST OF THE MUSLIM WORLD CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY MURDERING ALL ISRAELIS! I guess americans will never "get it". Just look who was elected to represent our country!

    66. randydutton says:

      Hollywood and the Press helped elect Obama. Perhaps those who want to protect Israel, but funded Obama in 2008, actually will cause Israel's demise.

      Time to look inward. Who will you actively support in 2012?

      And since Progressives are giving Obama the green light to make such dangerous decisions, ALL Progressives should be voted OUT.

    67. Gene MN. says:

      Most people can not see whats going on in the world with these Muslims, there will be wars.

    68. Carole, Valley, WA says:

      I hope, one day, we will have a president the represents the majority of American people. Obama doesn't represent me or the majority of American people (according to the polls). Israel, was given to the jews, by God, long ago. In fact, what we call Israel now is only a tiny portion of what was given to it. Israel has been giviong land away to the insatiable palestinians for a long time now. It would be nice if Obama would try to solve some of America's problems but, instead, he just keeps making more

    69. Michael, West Babylo says:

      Unfortunately, it maybe time for Israel to take on the Middle East on its own. The president has set Israel adrift. He has removed the handcuffs off Israel in yesterday speech. Israel now has the freedom to defend herself. So, it could be time for Israel to flex her muscles and see how the Middle East deals with the most powerful military in the region.

    70. P. D. S. says:

      Every time Obama opens his mouth Muslim creep slips out.

    71. Steven, Louisiana says:

      I agree with the author. Israel shares common values with the United States. Israel, as well as the west, has to stand strong against these 7th century throwback muslims. Muslims do not understand individualism or recognize freedom as an inherent right of all the world's people. Israel is dealing with religious zealots that seek to demolish them and then move on to other western states. We need to nip this thing in the bud why we can. Fighting the muslim ideology and backwardness of a prophet who suffered from epilepsy and pedophilia is our mission and responsibility. We need not sit silent and take a pacifist approach in dealing with nonsensical despots. We need to let them know that if words and actions of war leave muslim lips, we will wash their mouths out with soap without hesitation and "peace talks."

    72. Gene MN. says:

      Mr. Roger M.D. I think Israel has a hard time taking peace when they are getting lobbed by missiles every day from the peacefull muslims?

    73. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Obama will bow to the American people if this gets out of hand. Don't think for one minute that this president has enough gusto to talk tough and act. His hair will become gray quick if he doesn't cave on the issue. He's testing the waters, nothing more, nothing less. He thinks Americans by and large are revolutionary. He is right, but for the opposite agenda he has at heart.

    74. melvyn ,virgina says:

      I wonder who side the president is on he throws money away on Libya and only uses words on Iran and Syria How can he ignore the hammas group that calls for the death of all jews.

    75. Jack Coleman, Port T says:

      I find it ironic that, as President of the United States of America, he thinks he has been given the authority to tell other nations what they should do, and where their borders should be, when he has proven he will not enforce the laws to protect the borders of this country.

    76. Dave McCormack, Wash says:

      Ken Jarvis, that's a great question. The answer is that we get a lot for the money we send to Israel. An even better question is what do we get for the money that we send to Palestine and Egypt.

    77. R.T.; Roanoke, VA says:

      Everyone is saying, "Obama doesn't understand the situation; he doesn't have enough foreign policy experience; he doesn't know the history of the region…"

      These are people who fail to understnad Obama. He is, at his core, anti-Israeli. He's very aware of what he is proposing, and desires the destruction of Israel. Anyone who's been paying attention cannot ignore the fact that Obama stays true to his convictions: hate America and its' allies; oppose anything that has the odor of free-enterprise; seek to control the people of the United States by any available means; destroy Constitutional freedoms no matter the form.

      We have a president who is violating his oath of office virtually every day. He is doing everything within his power (and beyond) to "fundamentally transform" the United States into a socialist state. He does not simply see individual freedom as not important, he sees it as an impediment to his objectives.

      Israel is a type of United States in the Middle East: their government's patterned after ours; their military was based upon our model, but taken to levels we can only aspire to; they're people enjoy freedoms that are being taken away from us here in the U.S.; lastly, they have the strength to stand up to those who wish to destroy them, rather than appease blood-thirsty tyrants.

      Obama knows very well what he is doing. He knows that if he can destroy the one, true representative republic in the region, the U.S. will eventually fall to the Islamic fascists. Europe doesn't have the backbone to deal with Islamic threats, and the rest of the world is oblivious, or complicit. We are very close to standing alone in the war on terror, a war which Obama made clear during his campaign he doesn't want to fight anyway. Why would that be?

      As was pointed out by one observer, the only reason Obama took out Osama was for political viability. If it ever came out that he had the opportunity to take out Bin-Laden (and it would, especially during an election campaign) and failed to act? He couldn't win re-election if the GOP ran the mascot on the ballot.

      Barak Hussein Obama cannot be trusted. He does not place America's national interests ahead of foreign interests. He does not value U.S. citizens above those of other countries. He does not respect the U.S. Constitution. And he certainly does not fear the God of the bible; if he did, he would be standing up for Israel, not standing against it.

    78. Curt Krehbiel says:

      Muslims will appreciate this gesture.

    79. Mike, Elk Grove CA says:

      I suppose next, Obama will cede Texas and California to Mexico in response to the illegal immigration problem.

    80. Rebecca Behrent Mont says:

      WHY will we GIVE $1 billion to Egypt?

      What do we GET for the $$$ we give them?

      Why is Obama telling another country to give up its land, which it needs for its safety and very existence, putting Israelis further into jeopardy with the very real threat of genocide surrounding it? WHY would we expect this of a country which is supposed to be our ally, and is the only truly democratic country in this area?

      Why – if people say we should not be involved with the issues of other countries, (especially those who don't LIKE us), should we continue to have any dealings with them at all, and further, be dependent upon them for oil when we have plenty of reserves HERE that we should be, and should have been, drilling for?

      If we are not going to be involved, then we should not be involved in any way that compromises the U.S. – that includes buying oil from the Mideast.

    81. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Israel is the "Only" True Western Democracy in the Middle East, and our only real Ally. For this Administration to side for the arab countries (which want to wipe Israel off the map) shows his ineptness in understanding the significance of Israel as the cornerstone to the beginings of the 3 major religions of our country. (Christian, Catholic, and Jewish).

    82. NCT, Colorado says:

      There is exactly one stable, self sustaining democracy in the middle east. Obama just threw it under the bus. As I thoughtfully consider the various possible motivations of Obama's request to Israel, the only one which makes sense is that he privately supports Israel's enemies. If Obama has taken any official actions or made any policy statements which disprove the thesis that he supports those who would destroy Israel more than he supports Israel, I would like to see and hear them.

    83. Countrygirl says:

      You are giving O way too much credit. He is not misguided or naive or stupid. He is evil.

    84. Karl , Owasso, OK says:

      He does understand.

      He either doesn't care or has the same agenda as Israel's neighbors, the destruction of Israel.

      He should be impeached regardless

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    86. Toni Macy says:

      BiBi buried Obama in todays meeting…Israel deserves their homeland and the holy city………Obama went to school today….Obama was taught what a statesmen is!!

      I do hope peace comes to the area, hammas hates the Jews…They want to drive them into the sea..Israel must protect their country and people…God Bless you…

    87. T.H. Asgardson says:

      “How dangerous emperors are when they go mad.”

      Walid Jumblatt

      What a magnificent distraction, to become embroiled once again in a situation where the United States of America plays marriage counselor to two parties who plot to destroy one another.

      A Palestinian state carved out of Israel, is a fiction in the Arab mind and is on a par with the similar Mexican entitlement notion that American territory belongs to Mexico.

      The answer to Middle East peace is to let the parties settle the question through unbridled warfare.

      Desalinization plants with massive pipeline projects which convey fresh water into the interior desert wastes of Jordan, would allow for the realization of a Palestinian state in the Middle East.

      Holy places have been violated by Islam; priests, nuns and worshippers murdered; world cultural heritage sites destroyed. Therefore there can be no “ Islamic capital” in the city of Jerusalem for an “Islamic caliphate,” built on the blood of innocents.

      An intolerant ideology cannot take its place among the tolerant world community.

      Why does one man who calls himself the president of the United States of America—but cannot substantiate his claim, except by presenting forged, computer generated “documents”– hold the entire nation in a dominance web?

      Who is this man with no paper trail, who sits at the helm of our ship of state?

      Enough time has already been wasted by this country on the Middle Eastern quagmire and stalemate. Prudence now dictates that this nation adopt the Pontius Pilate paradigm of hand washing until such time as our own domestic affairs are in order.

      It is time to focus the national attention on banking reform and removing the usurper who sits as an illegal alien squatter in the White House.

      Free transit of the oceans of the globe and a strong naval buildup, is where our national security lies—not in the midst of squabbling foreign entanglements and sectarian strife.

      The Mideast peace process, is a Don Quixote fool's errand of chasing desert mirage visions of "nation-building" for people whose only allegiance is to tribe.

      There is no “peace and security” anywhere, until such time as the chains of usury which bind the American people to debt slavery, are removed by the revolution of banking reform.

      “This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system.

      When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.”

      Robert H. Hamphill, Credit Manager, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

      Congress abdicated the power to coin money and declare war to the control of the international bankers. For this very great sin against the American people, Congress is ripe for regime change.

      Independence from the wiles of the international bankers, is the prime strategic security interest of this nation, whether it be squeezing OPEC or abolishing the illegal Federal Reserve, which holds this nation under hostile corporate takeover.

      America has failed to define the field of battle by running hither and yon, in service to mandates coming from the United Nations, all the while this nation remains distracted by questions of limited national importance.

      The Supreme Shogun cannot serve as messenger boy and mediator while urgent national priorities remain unaddressed.

    88. Norbert Stager, Ohio says:

      It is too bad that we do not have someone like the Prime Minister of Israel running our country. That has the guts to stand up to our enemies and allies both foreign and domestic and tell it like it is. We need someone like that to take back our country and return it to what our Founders meant our country to be. I have always valued what Netanyahu has said in the past. He is a wise and seasoned politician and diplomat.

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    90. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      Who? Not Obama, as his father, he wants to destroy our Republic like his father did to Kenya's! He hates the Jews even more than u.s. Im sure! No? Watch! It shouldn't take too long either! And they said the world would never allow another Hitler! But then, that was before the civil rights movement, wasn't it? No? Again, watch! It also is written that the first(Cain) will be last and the last(Able) will be first to be resurrected, don't you know? Hello! Just think about the voting block for a second!

    91. mike hutchings says:

      is there any doubt that obama is in league with the enemy….

      is there any doubt that he is the enemy…??????????????????

    92. Lily Grace, Honolulu says:

      I like getting this information, but a lot we already know. I support Israel strongly. I oppose Obama vehemently. I would like to know what we can do to change the way things are going. We don't have much money to dish out. We write letters, make comments on sites and our FB page, etc. I believe we need more action.

    93. MICHAEL-ELK GROVE, C says:

      Way to GO Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu! America does stand with you!

    94. Bobbie says:

      Why did Hamas say "President Obama has deceived us."? How deep is the connection between them? Obama has no excuse for being so rude, he has advisors and he knows alot about the world and especially the history of the middle east. He again states the term "we" regarding "we believe" Mr. Obama has to speak for himself or specify who "we" are he is referring to.

      For religious reasons they fight over land that is occupied by a people called Jews, why can't they let it go in the name of peace and human decency? Why is everyone attacking Israel when they did nothing wrong? Why did the president emphasize "Israel must defend themselves, BY THEMSELVES, against ALL threats?" Sounds like the president is just playing dumb and setting a world war up.

      Reminds me of that song "one tin soldier."

      "Turn the stone and look beneath it, Peace on earth, was all it said."

      Which tells me, peace is the riches amongst the people of the world. Since Israel displays their peace and is the most peaceful in the middle east Obama shows great favor towards those not peaceful.

    95. P. Korman, Atlanta, says:

      If you are wondering why we support Israel (beyond the moral imperative and our domestic Jewish interests), it is located on the most important land for controlling the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. While that may not be important to us, it is an important military objective for our rivals. Here is an excellent essay by Stratfor on the topic:


    96. Doc Hilliard, SoCal says:

      Mr Obama's Marxist policies have driven the value of the US dollar from 100 cents on the dollar to 43 cents on the dollar. We all see the effects in the prices of fuel, food, education and everything else.

      Our retirement "nesteggs" values likewise have dropped (e.g. from $100,000 to $43,000). So just where is Mr Obama going to seize such giveaway monies? Well, the bridge that we will not enjoy having might result in giving him a couple of millions to give away to people intent on our destruction.

      The USA does not have any tax money to give away – Mr Obama has driven the national debt to some $15 Trillions, beggering every American for generations. No, Mr Obama, NO. The people that have the money (money that used to be in the pockets of Americans but was used to buy oil products) are the oil producers, and these are located practically next door to the people you want to shower with money Americans do not have. NO, NO, NO Mr Obama; their neighbors ought to be supplying the money, not Americans. ENOUGH

    97. Robert N Ivy; Dawson says:

      The President is out of touch with the history of our country and the need for Isreal as an ally. I think his arrogance and presumptive attitude are signs of his self sufficiency, and the power that the people of the United States have given him.

      He needs to read the Bible and absorb what he reads.

    98. Frank, Florida says:

      I know this will sound silly, but I believe God gave the land to the Jews about 2000 years before Mohammed was born and warned everyone that He will bless those that bless Israel & curse those that curse Israel. So I think the USA would be very wise to avoid trying to force Israel to give up any of its present land. We should be very clear to the surrounding hostile Arabs that any attempt on their part to "push the Jews into the sea" will be resisted by the USA. Otherwise, we are best to mind our own business & let Israel & their surrounding enemies settle their issues between themselves as long as Israel's existence is insured.

    99. Kaydell Brigham City says:

      President Obama is wrong to committ the USA to any boundary that is back to the 1967 War. Israel was attacked by the Muslims on several fronts. They lost that war and in the end Israel gave back Gaza and the the Sianai to Eygpt. Israel kept only that land to defend herself from her enemies. Jerusalem both historically and archeology proves that the Jews are the founder of Jerusalem and had their temple on the mount. The Muslims have had multiple chances to settle this questinon but ignored and were paid by the USA the money to do so. This is not about settlement of borders but a hatred of a nation and people.

    100. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Israel is our friend. We shouldn't throw our friends under the bus. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

    101. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Soon after Israel entered the land hundreds of years ago they started to compromise with those who wanted to destroy them. Now that they are back in the land they again have made the same mistake, when they were attacked in 1957 & 73 and they beat back the attackers they promply gave them back land they should have kept. By not doing so they lost the respect of not only their enemies but even what should have been their friends.

      They could gain some respect back by drawing a line in the sand, by warnning their enemies that any farther acts of agression will cost those who comit, it land. Shelling them back means nothing to those barbarians, they could care less how many of their own are killed.

      They also would do well to come to grips with the fact that Obama is one with their enemy as he is also one with our enemies!

    102. Norm LA says:

      Obama shows us everyday just who is. In a little over two years, this genius has shown the rest of the world, they cannot depend on the US and who was it that said GW Bush destroyed the respect for America. Removing missile defense, ending the space program, calls America missive & arrogant and then tells Egypt and Israel how to operate. Tells Mobarack – get out yesterday, sends a gift from Great Britain, a bust of Winston Churchill back, disses the chancellor of Germany at a dinner at the G-8. And send fighters to Libya to do what – back off because it is an election cycle.Israel now does not have a friend in DC; they have an enemy in sheep's clothing. Hey there professor, Israel was attacked, beat the enemy back and then claimed the soil they fought on, which happens to be a buffer zone. Good Lord and the Number 1 Contributor here begrudges money given to an ally. Never fear Israel paid for F-16's Obama will not release. There is some payback for you.

    103. F.D. O'Toole says:

      Our President is simply unprepared either by training or experience for the job he holds. Many of his advisors are second raters with no real world experience. Hillary had no foreign experience when she became Secretary of State.

      Nearly all of these folks are all from the halls of ivy! It's all theory! Leftist claptrap.

      But Obama does know politics, Chicago style. And you can take this to the bank…he thought he was giving a pro Israel speech. He said some positive things from Isreal's point of view but he didn't realize that – because the President of the United States said that negotiations should begin with the 1967 borders – that the Palestinians would jump on that position…or be seen as weak by their peers.

      This speech is another indication that the guy is not ready for prime time.

    104. Mike, Chicago says:

      To Ken Jarvis:

      We get an ally with Israel. What do we get from the aid we give to muslim countries? Nothing.

    105. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      Never will forget as a grad student at the U of Wisconsin the jubilation of the Arab students when the 7 day war began. "We will push the **** Jews into the sea and drown them in their own blood," was the common phrase. When Israel pushed back and drove into their territories black gloom prevailed. "We will attack and attack again until the cancer is removed," they told me. Those students returned to their countries as well trained professionals and became their leaders. Unfortunately we have a President who demonstrates repeatedly that in many areas he is unable understand the basic concept that the best way to determine how some one will act is to study their own words over their life time. I have yet to find a single Arab Leader who has said that Israel should be allowed to exist and have a place in the future of the region. Even Mubarak who we thought was a friend to us and Israel was only in it for the money and help to keep his opposition under control.

    106. ALLAN MILES ST. PETE says:

      The President of the United States (most likely illegally in office) is an administrative and devasting person to our Democratic Ally in the Middle East. He once said if cornered he would side with the Muslims and this is exactly what he did. Congress needs to have this Presidential disaster terminated from his position and escorted out of the White House.If the American Public haven't seen enough disasters already from the Obama presidency they must not be keeping up with all the issues. Even Obama's Birth Certificate may have been altered by his relatives who had access to Hawaii birth records. There is a Sinister Sign Post that is being covered up by Obama cohorts.

    107. Luis Heras Canyon La says:

      I'm sorry but I have to agree with Pat Buchanan on this one. Pat says that this is just politics & that Republicans & tea party are wrong on this. President Obama said the same thing that President Bush & President Clinton said when they were in office. I am getting very annoyed with all the flip flopping that the GOP is doing just to please the tea party.

    108. Wayne, Missouri says:

      What else can you expect out of a Muslim President. He's going to be on the Arab's side no matter what. Obama is going to mess with Israel just one time too many and God is going to come crashing down on the United States AGAIN and AGAIN. Hasn't anyone noticed how many "natural" disasters have occurred in this country since you know who and what took over this country? Expect more of the same except with more frequency and bigger events. Mess with Israel and the Lord is going to mess back with vengeance. No one wants to be around for that event.

    109. Alex says:

      Both parties return to 1967 borders? Exactly where was the palestinian state before 1967? Nowhere! Obama has no clue. If they return to 1967 the palestinians still wouldn't have a state. Not even the arab world wants to give them land.

    110. michael j mudrak car says:

      The puppet and puppeteer who is calling the shots?

      Did the bailout package fund terrorism?

      These are the questions the democratic machine should ask of themselves

      and they should start the impeachment process because their insane leader

      is destroying their party for many years to come along with our nation.

    111. Illinois says:

      [What’s more, the prime minister’s office requested a “reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both Houses of Congress.]

      How do we end up with a country that votes for leaders with such radically different points of view (from Bush to Obaama) in such a short time in our history? Really. How does this happen? Back in the last Presidential election, it didn't take much to figure out where Obama stood on Israel or the economy. We need financial big guys who can put an effort (as the liberals do in twisting the truth) in telling the truth to the children. We need to get into the schools and educate the students with real history. Then when an issue such as Israel comes up, you wont see a band of high school kids ready for the slaughter of innocent freedom loving Israelis but lined up to assist that country and any other in efforts to save and create their freedom. Why do we hear about Soros, Soros, Soros… and nothing really about the big top dog wealthy conservative leaders who are for freedom? We need to hear them and we need their help financially to work out ways they can make certain our kids learn the truth. It's been so accepted to have high school kids be liberal. Why? Really think about this. Why do we simply accept this as if it's a natural progression to go from liberal to conservative. And someone explain why the students at the schools in our area did a mock vote during the last Presidential election. McCain won in the elementary schools and Obama in the high school. hmm. We know why but now what do we DO about it. Time to work even harder on educating the students (our future) and the public. I appreciate Heritage but we need them in our schools.

    112. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      All you need to know is Obama's middle name…then you know where he stands on Israel.

      Why in the world do we listen to a community agitator who has done everything to destroy the most productive country in the world. He now attempts to destroy our only friend in the middle east surrounded countries with leaders who are thieves, liars and killers.

    113. Al from Fl says:

      According to Zogby, American Jews will still vote democrat despite Obama's position because of their liberal views. So maybe Obama is correct, he can throw Israel under the bus, buy muslim votes and still keep the jewish vote. In the meantime the democrat party continues to move toward Marxism/Socialism and the destruction of Amereica. Too bad we can't let the liberals have their way without affecting the rest of us in America. They must have loved the USSR during the cold war.

    114. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      That's right Mr. Jarvis — You DON'T UNDERSTAND. And from the sound of your continuing irrational comments as time goes on, you'll NEVER UNDERSTAND. (The definition of "STUPID" is, "UNABLE TO LEARN". The definition of "FOOL" is, "UNWILLING TO LEARN".) Try harder to understand.

    115. eva, new jersey says:

      Those who think that when Israel is wiped off the map, all will be fine, need to think again. That would be only the first step, the Muslims have a wider agenda, they want world domination. And Obama has already said he would side with them. He's in on it.

    116. West Texan says:

      We should help cede the occupied territories over to Israel permanently. It’s true Palestinians in the area would instantly become Israeli citizens. A far better condition than their present situation.

    117. MEJ, Colorado says:

      Thank you for pointing out that trying to force Israel to adhere to pre'67 lines is a violation of a US commitment to Israel. Why are so few media outlets publishing this fact?

    118. John R. Maravich says:

      When will the American Jewish community throw Obama and company under the bus. Is it that they are "Liberals" first?

    119. Keith Godsey,joliet, says:

      The Name is Tax payer

      The Voice of the people is the authority of its nation, men or woman should have no wanton need or desire to pander to other nations for the creation of world governance so that America becomes subservient to the rule of foreign powers.

      Who among us has given America her freedoms; it is the men that have died on the battle fields, the men and women of today that continually spill the blood so that we may remain free. There are them among us today that would diminish these freedoms by the mythic social hammer of the race card, the creating of new rights for foreign born illegals, the wanton destruction of America’s economic structure. These are the manifestations of specious government of 2011.

      These are the conditions that create an apparent dominance over the American tax payer while diminishing personal liberties; the misruling class of the Liberal factions is not and has never been for equality of America’s people. A liberal government of lies is the head that wears the crown of today, this crown will tarnish under the weight of conservative truth.

      As conservative forces amass fear lingers within the White House, a fear that America’s people are now waking up; -we – the- people- are no longer a blinded nation, the actualities are becoming flawless to Americas possible demise. It is the whole of this nation not the individuals that must be taken care of. We shall no longer hang our head in shame and fear: of fraudulent preached racism, of political correctness or anything that causes stagnation to America’s social or economic competence. We no longer kneel to government or laws that deny our constitutional freedoms. We will pay NO homage to thieves that over tax and spend ours and our children’s futures while creating a gluttonous jurisprudent society of liberal panderers and whiners. We choose to stand and fight for what is Americas and what is ours by the constitution.

      A government that creates no prosperity for its people promotes economic disillusioning to its growth. To provoke the American taxpayer with seemingly forced lifetime labor, to enable them that won’t work to be taken care of, while them that will work diligently are forced to pay all the cost, take all the risks is nothing more than pecuniary servitude.

      The lefts empowered propaganda promotes the liberal agenda out in the open for all to see; as the liberal cries equality for all, watch the liberals hand retreat from his or her pocket in protection of their assets. The voices of liberalism flies skyward echoing on the wind “forced giving from the wealthy to the poor with hope and change”- with glee the government is set on high like a crack user waiting for that next rock, waiting to pounce on the savers of wealth and the owners of affluence to get that desired fix; if the tax payer is allowed to save money without being taxed upon in any form of tax by the government, this is considered charity by the liberal mind set. The consideration of charity for ones own labor allowing a person to keep what they have worked for, have slaved for, is not only bordering on elitism by liberals, it is narcissistic.

      Opposition is now awakening among the tax payers; the movement of the American tax payer is the rejected defiance of governmental dominance, we as a nation can ill afford to surround or selves with forced liberal Garden of Eden politics.

      Conservatism is at America’s door knocking, will America answer; we can no longer afford calm judgment in the coming days prior to 2012, this is not a luxury for the working class, the working class must deal in the brutal reality of taxes and a failing economy.

      So we speak up now..? Why did we wait..?

      Is America on the road to collapse?

      Yes we are…the bills are coming due and you are expected to pay.. and pay dearly you will. If we are to be chastised for having money, working, breathing, and raising our families then must we be scourged, severely beaten for not wanting the breaking of our backs for the liberal leaches in government?

      The consensus coming from Washington D.C now, debtors prisons for all that fail to pay or can’t pay. This is the new American prohibition; the person that saves for a future must be prosecuted, brought down to a level playing field, the taxpayer must have no say so in this and no rights.

      When Gestapo tactics are being used to deplete American citizen’s ability to obtain savings, thus creating wealth, we as a nation fail to shine in the eyes and the hearts of foreign born citizens that choose to come to this country legally, we look weak in the eyes of nations that would and will do America harm. Just standing up and saying “No you can not have my wealth” is just cause for government and liberal judges to condemn the American way of life.

      Why is it America must be the light for the entire world while forcing every last dime from the working mans pocket? The world is laughing at America while we flounder under a liberal enforced debt that no common man, women, or child has made for ourselves, yet, we are the ones that must pay for the insurmountable losses that have taken place since 2008. Liberal anarchy is now.

      Should I have the right to walk in your home and take what belongs to you..? NO..!!

      Is a 50%, 60% or 100% tax enough, then when is it enough..? Is standing in the food line at your local church your idea of a good time? Paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas while you’re earning $8.25 an hour your idea of how to obtain wealth? Was it your dream to collect unemployment, to beg for a minimum wage job? Do you mind giving up your retirement savings to an overspending government? Is being thrust from your home and out on the streets your American dream….? If you answered YES.. Then sorry to say America is lost with no hope, causation change for the worst.

      Are we a nation of freebies for the world? We the taxpayer pays while Washington D.C parties on our dime and refuses to invite us the Tax Payer to the party, Well we are the New American Tea Party and we are going to crash D.C’s party… The new America will rise up…are you ready to join us.

      Or are you just waiting for them to pay your way…Who has to break their backs for YOU…..? Not me and most certainly not the Tea party.

    120. Frank Candido Bloomf says:

      BiBi Netanyahu took President Obama through grades 1 and 2 of the elementary school of political leadership. Obama doesn't care about anything but himself, he's a disaster not only on the home front but also on the international front.

      The Republican Party should learn from BiBi and not be afraid to take Obama to task on any and all issues. The truth always wins!

    121. Nadeem Juwle, India says:

      It is for the first time in US history that a US President has shown courage and speaks somewhat justice. Most comments on the article have come from Jews (it seems). In India we are unable to understand how a nation that calls itself the oldest democracy can be so non-democratic in its approach. The US support of Israel is absolutely undemocratic which has been proven by the UN Secutrity Council members where the US has opposed action against Israel by using its Veto powers.

      As far as Jewish belief that they have the first right over the region, such people should pack their bags and head to the region and not spread hatred around the world. Why don't Jew's leave India…. they don't belong here. Jew's traditionally have been spreading around the world with a desire control the world…… sadly they do not have the courage…. being shrude and cruel would never yeild good results. Israel should stop killing people as it would sooner than later backfire with unbareable repercussions.

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