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  • “Freedom Cannot Be Denied”

    In his much-hyped speech on the Middle East and North Africa, President Obama made the case that “a moment of opportunity” in the region should not be lost.

    “Sometimes, in the course of history,” the President remarked, “the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has built up for years.”

    If the cause of freedom is sweeping around the world—and all Americans can hope that it is—then history tells us that more often than not it has been the quest for the fundamental freedoms of property rights, trade, and entrepreneurship that has driven revolutionary change and served as the foundation of true democracy.

    As empirically demonstrated in The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, economic freedom is the compelling force that empowers people, unleashes powerful forces of societal change, and gives nourishment to other liberties.

    People in the Middle East and North Africa have long craved liberation from poverty, and they have hungered for the dignity of free will. As President George W. Bush once noted, “Freedom can be resisted, and freedom can be delayed, but freedom cannot be denied.” Unequivocally, people’s actions have vindicated that judgment, and a critical battle for greater freedom is raging in the region. Economic freedom is a powerful building block for advancing democratic governance, and the world needs to be mobilized behind that cause more effectively.

    It is time for Middle Easterners to claim their economic freedom, and America and the world should do whatever they can to help.

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    6 Responses to “Freedom Cannot Be Denied”

    1. Bobbie says:

      It would be beneficial to know what the President's definition of "freedom" is? He wants to give it to the world while he diminishes America's freedoms and liberties by government rules and regulations. I don't believe THAT freedom is the kind the people of the world deserve and are looking for and it needs a clean sweep in America. His definition of "freedom" may be interchangeable depending on who he pertains it to?

    2. Bobbie says:

      the only definition of freedom I know cannot be denied but it can be manipulated when authority is weak with disrespect of it.

    3. Slick in Nebraska says:

      I'm not sure that our President has any concept of what freedom really is. His actions surely have spoken much louder than his words!

      Does it mean that the government controls every aspect of life and dictates what one can earn, whether one must belong to a union, what one must buy, what one must eat, what one must drive, where one must sleep, where one must go to the doctor . . . . . or is freedom really freedom FROM government control where the individual can make choices without fear of retribution???

      Our President and his administration have a hunger for power and control, and I fear they will stop short of NOTHING to get it!

    4. Aquitiane, Alexandri says:

      "It is time for Middle Easterners to claim their economic freedom, and America and the world should do whatever they can to help."

      Without doubt. I hope, however that the 'economic freedom' we intend to help them achieve surpasses in substance that which the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute (not to mention the Koch brothers) intends to provide our own people.

      The folks who are standing up and dying for the cause of the Arab Spring are not doing so simply for another manner of timocracy.

    5. Aquitiane, Alexandri says:

      'Negative Freedom' is the only kind of freedom the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, or the Koch Brothers understand.

      I hope the folks standing up and dying for the causes of the Arab Spring can do better…

    6. Stephen of New York says:

      Regrettably, not all people of the Middle East want democracy. A good example is Egypt. The Muslim population of Egypt want an Islamic state and Sharia law. They are trading in one form of tyranny for another. And Pres. Obama supports the people of Egypt. Slick correctly pints out that Obama does not understand the concepts of freedom and democracy.

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