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  • Hotel California: Million Dollar Sheets on the Taxpayer's Dime

    The California hotel workers union is pushing a bill that requires all hotel mattresses to have fitted sheets instead of flat sheets. They argue that the heavy lifting required for flat sheets is causing back injuries for workers. The problem is, the regulation comes with a price tag of $30-$50 million dollars charged to the taxpayers, according the California Hotel and Lodging Association.

    With a $15 billion dollar deficit, more costly regulations are the last thing the state should be considering. Not only that, but hotel operators say the fitted sheets will need to be replaced more often and require new laundering equipment to wash effectively.

    Some argue that even if the regulation bill passes, it will be difficult to enforce. Randi Knott, of the California Hotel and Lodging Association, also noted that “when California’s looking at over a $26 billion budget, you would kind of think that the legislature had other things to worry about.”

    In a state where citizens already pay the highest taxes in the country, the regulated sheets are an unnecessary “hidden tax” that can wait until better financial times. Just as America’s national debt has nearly doubled in two years, the country’s “regulatory burden increased at an unprecedented rate” as well, according to Heritage analysts James Gattuso, Diane Katz and Stephen Keene.

    America is battling a jobs crisis and increasing regulations only contributes to the problem. According to a study by the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Policy Studies, “reducing the size of the federal regulatory budget by even modest amounts will have significant positive effects on both GDP and private sector growth.”

    The same theory can be applied at a state level and California ought wise up.

    Update: An earlier version of this post said the state requirement was for flat sheets. The requirement is actually for fitted sheets. This mistake has since been corrected.

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    30 Responses to Hotel California: Million Dollar Sheets on the Taxpayer's Dime

    1. Erin Shumaker, Lakew says:

      Wow, really? Is this what our nation has come to? This is ridiculous. Why, at a time such as this when everyone is concerned about the economy, budgets, and taxes, are unions deciding that now would be a good time to bring something up like this? It doesn't make any sense at all. :/

    2. Bobbie says:

      it's the owner of the business to decide. It's not the unions job to initiate added costs to the business or assert accommodations for the employees. People applied and were hired knowing the expectations. Stop the government hijacking of the private sector with government's union favorites!

    3. Bobbie says:

      You still have to lift the mattress for flat sheets, ignorant ones! Fitted is a lot less stressing and much more neater looking. This isn't a "catering to the employees" business! If you don't want the job find another.

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    5. dan moore says:

      The California hotel workers union should shove of a few of those bed bugs they find, where the sun doesn't shine. If you cannot pick up a fitted sheet, move to Iran.

    6. Linda Todd, Henderso says:

      The story about California wanting to mandate flat sheets in hotels is just another example of how asinine government has become! They say that it's because there are too many back injuries among hotel maids because of having to lift many mattresses every day to put the sheets on. A flat sheet is HARDER to put on than a fitted sheet! Just as much lifting would be required, if not more!

      I just wish government would get out of our lives, and most definitely out of our pockets! This is just another hidden tax, a way to redistribute more of the wealth that nobody has anymore thanks to government!

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    8. @FWTPtoo says:

      Let the union buy your flat sheets. If the union is so concerned about maids injuring their backs, let the union buy the blasted sheets!

    9. cisa says:

      We are a democrat state and our representatives will do anything to keep the unions happy. The only problem with this is the additional cost associated with it. Brown took $9,000,000 away from my school district and therefore over 140 teachers and another group of others have been laid off. No wonder that the $5,450 per child puts CA at the bottom of education in the United States. The average cost per student in the US is 9,000 per child. How can huge class sizes be good for everyone and then be told the teachers are terrible.

    10. George Colgrove, VA says:

      This, as bad as it is, is still peanuts compared to the chaos any government has become. states are running short by $1.2 trillion, the feds by $1.6 trillion and the CA judicial system is concerned about two types of sheets that require the same work? With fitted sheets requiring nothing more than a snap and a pull – no lifting the corner of a matris and the flat sheet requiring several tucks and precise folds – I think this is more of an excersize of stupidity by unions and government officials desperately defining a purpose in a day of age where their purposes are seriously in question.

      As a customer, I prefer hotels who use fitted sheets – they stay in place. Flat sheet ALWAYS pull out and I end up sleeping on the matris.

      Man, with all the economic trouble we are in as a country, can this arguement be left up to the owner of the hotel, and the customer. Do we really need this much government?

    11. Jeff Yunker, Louisvi says:

      It is silliness like this that drove me out of CA last year. The legistlators fiddle, while the state burns.

    12. Carol, Maine says:

      Are the hotel workers that utterly stupid? Sliding a fitted corner under a mattress is faster and far easier on your back than spending time making a square corner.

      Maybe I'm that stupid for even commenting, but as the saying goes here, "Jeezum Crow" what are they thinking?

    13. Jill-Maine says:

      Actually when I put my bottom fitted sheet on the bed I juts slide it under with my hand. When I put the top unfitted sheet on I have to lift the edges of the (ouch) mattress to put it under. Obviously the persons making the decision don't do the actual work. What a bunch of idiots.

    14. allen says:

      California ,Why do you need Nine Million to TEACH ENGLISH?

    15. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      I'm sure OHSA will back the unions and force this to happen.

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    17. P. Eppler (rancho sa says:

      2 years ago – I knew nothing of Union Robbery of the taxpayer! Now I KNOW!

      Are you telling me that "taxpayers" buy sheets for Hotels!!!!??????

      It is one shock after another – thank God for the Internet! I mean that literally! The MSM will never, ever tell the American people how they are being ripped off!!!! If you haven't seen Atlas Shrugged movie – see it.

      I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time. OMG! Also – study the 10th Amendment of the Constitution – there is so much more to this story.

    18. Barbara says:

      Another example of how myopic and self-serving the unions have become: If the size is right, it's pretty easy with no struggle, don't even have to lift the mattress.

      Unions seem to have brawn but short on thought.

    19. Ron, Sacramento says:

      Why don't you mention who the "brain-surgeon" in the legislature is who wrote the bill, or any of the other masterminds that are supporting it, so we'll know who to vote out next time around?

      Yes, I know I could click the link, but when did reporting all the facts stop being the #1 priority?

    20. Richard Van Pelt says:

      I believe you have sheet type backwards. The bill mandates fitted sheets in lieu of flat sheets.

    21. Springfield, MO says:

      I am 79 years old and cannot believe what is going on in this country. I have lived at the very best time in the history of the world, I doubt that can be said 79 years from now. GOD BLESS us, I am not a bible thumper, not a church goer, but we need help, badly, Doug

    22. Flora says:

      When I first read about this I thought it was the fitted sheets the Union wanted to get rid of. The hotels said that the ironing and storing of the fitted sheets would be a problem for them. We all know that to be true. As for bending and placing fitted sheets under a heavy mattress it can be as equal a pain as the lifting for a flat one. Maybe the unions could just require the guests to make up their own beds thereby elimanating a daily tip!

    23. rodney wolfe, mannin says:

      What's all the fuss? California can afford it, they've got lot's of money.

    24. Ken, Austin TX says:

      The truth is…. if you want a bed made properly… Hire a Marine!

      Unions have outlived their usefulness.

    25. Bob, Charlotte says:

      The bill is to require fitted instead of flat sheets. Ericka Anderson, please put 2 more seconds into your research. You are backwards in claiming it is the other way around. I agree the legislature has no right to legislate in this area, but at least get the facts right.

    26. Vickie Wright says:

      This is the most rediculous idea i have ever heard.I think that the unions should not have as much power to control the public as they do. Everyone suffers monetarily at their outrageous ideas. The unions need to be put in their place for everyone sake.

    27. Ray, Georgia says:

      Did anyone commenting on this article actually read it? The want to get rid of the flat sheets and require fitted sheets. Yes, it is harder to make a bed with a flat sheet, hence, they want to mandate out flat sheets. It would be nice if you all read the article before spouting off about it.

      Having said this, I agree with most, if you don't like the job, find another one. It's definitely not the government's place to decide what is used by a business (safety issues not being considered here).

    28. Bobbie says:

      oops!… sorry about that, to the author! But it's still the business owner's decision

    29. Outraged says:

      WOW, talk about people not comprehending what they read!. The union DOES want ONLY fitted sheets, so all of you that "rah rah'd" about the ease of fitted sheets, helped them enforce their demands. Check the prices of fitted sheets, they are always a few dollars more than the flat sheets, so ongoing prices will always be there, beside the initial replacement costs. The whole thing is absolutely stupid & wasteful. My mom was a maid for 20 years, she not once complained about flat sheets being a problem or about back problems,,,geesh.

    30. dwisem1 says:

      "the regulated sheets are an unnecessary “hidden tax” that can wait until better financial times."….REALLY? I think something this idiotic could wait a lot longer than that. Let's set the date for….THE FIFTH OF NEVER. Unions have long outlived their usefulness.

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