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  • WikiLeaks: Delightful Irony, Rank Hypocrisy, or Both?

    You have to love this story. Apparently, WikiLeaks is plagued by … you guessed it, leaks!

    Confronted with the fact that some of its volunteers and employees are talking to outsiders about WikiLeaks and about some of the materials it has collected but hasn’t yet published, WikiLeaks is now demanding that everyone sign a confidentiality agreement and promise to keep everything about WikiLeaks secret unless authorized to release the information.

    The agreement says that anyone who violates its terms will be subject to a penalty of $20 million (we kid you not). In fact, even the confidentiality agreement itself is supposed to be secret. Oops.

    A year ago, WikiLeaks looked like an important (and maybe even disturbing) new trend in cyberspace. Now, as its leader, Julian Assange, self-destructs in a haze of conspiracy theories, the organization he founded seems to be sinking into irrelevance. It certainly seems to have a penchant for self-parody—or did nobody at WikiLeaks notice the irony and hypocrisy of opposing leaks?

    In any event, it is good to know the WikiLeaks formula for protecting secrets. If only the army had made PFC Bradley Manning (or whoever is eventually determined to be the source of the leaked data) sign an agreement just like that. Wait—we did. Oh well.

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    3 Responses to WikiLeaks: Delightful Irony, Rank Hypocrisy, or Both?

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    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Paul, I take a more serious stand on Wikileaks because I see Leaking American Secrets as a National Defense Issue! Behind the scenes there are Demolition Plutocrats who created the Leaks to benefit themselves politically! (That is, unless they get caught!) I read Kenneth Timmerman's book "Shadow Warriors" and it wrecked my sense of humor! I remember thinking 'way back when, "Gosh! Hillary Clinton is 'Reforming' the Security System at State! (Foggy Bottom!) Since Demo-crats love to Leak, I suppose America will have no secrets left to keep!"

      Sure enough, when Hillary got through with her 'improvements' in information sharing? That's when a Private with no clearance at all, practically, could access and Leak EVERYTHING WE HAVE GOT! I don't take a lot of comfort in the fact we caught what-zis-name! We have not caught Hillory Clinton in this HIGH CRIME! Ken gave the Right Wing all the ammunition in the world! It cost us three thousand American lives because Chalabi was 'dead agented' and falsely accused. He had an Iraqi Provisional Government all set and ready to go! CIA falsehoods caused all that damage! And why? Clintonians in the CIA just wanted to "GET BUSH! Imagine that! CIA working against a sitting President!

      They got away with it! Even now, with absolute proof that Saddam had WMD we still hear it touted as Historical 'Fact' that "Bush lied! Kids died!" It was balderdash! Saddam's WMD showed up coming into Jordan! Enough to destroy a whole Israeli City! "Not a scrap of evidence!" No! Sixteen 'scraps' of evidence were found, enough to Prosecute the Left Wing Conspiracy! Now, really scary! They got away with it!

    3. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:


      I am not meaning to be rude, but I need some information from you. I watch news, read news by the hour and still missed something I think. You said, "…absolute proof that Saddam had WMD" and "No! sixteen 'scraps' of evidence were found".

      Could you explain or give me references? Just to possibly save you time, I already know Saddam had WMD since he killed to many of his own people. Was there other proof that I missed? I surely don't know about the "sixteen."

      Thank you if you can help me.

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