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  • Morning Bell: Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter

    The White House correspondents’ dinner might have been two weeks ago, but President Barack Obama continued his comedy routine yesterday in El Paso, Texas, only this time Donald Trump wasn’t the butt of the jokes. Instead, during a speech on immigration, the president mocked Republicans at large, the rule of law, and any American who takes the defense of our nation seriously.

    Respectfully, Mr. President, illegal immigration and border security are no laughing matter.

    But to the president, they apparently are, especially when it provides fodder for a purely political speech, delivered amid a round of campaign fundraisers in the Lone Star State. After claiming that his administration has “gone above and beyond” Republicans’ calls for immigration reform (which he hasn’t), Obama launched into an all-out assault on the GOP:

    We have gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement. All the stuff they asked for, we’ve done. But even though we’ve answered these concerns, I gotta say I suspect there are still going to be some who are trying to move the goal posts on us one more time.

    You know, they said we needed to triple the Border Patrol. Or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol. Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

    And if that weren’t enough to prove just how political the speech was, the White House went so far as to include catcalls from the audience on the official transcript from the speech, including, “We love you!,” “Tear it down!,” “They’re racist!,” 53 mentions of the audience’s applause and nine mentions of laughter. We get it, Mr. President — you played to your crowd quite well.

    This isn’t a question of racism, the goal posts haven’t moved, and a moat is not what’s needed. In case the president hasn’t noticed, the 1,896-mile Rio Grande, arid deserts, treacherous mountain ranges, Border Patrol and hundreds of miles of fence haven’t been enough. And though the president claimed, “The fence is now basically complete,” a February 2011 GAO report shows that Border Patrol does not have control of the border.

    Maybe, amid all the applause, the president hasn’t noticed that millions of illegal immigrants now live in the United States, and our laws aren’t being enforced. And when Arizona attempted to enforce the law since the federal government would not, the Obama Justice Department sued to stop it.

    Rather than offer effective solutions to the illegal immigration problem, Obama’s response was to ridicule those seeking to enforce the law and offer amnesty for others to curry their political favor. He even dredged up the DREAM Act, a mini-amnesty in sheep’s clothing, which fell flat on its face in Congress. That’s par for the course with this president, who continues to place politics before policy as a matter of routine. The Heritage Foundation’s Jena McNeill explains:

    An amnesty would cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars—at a time where debt is at its ceiling and budgets are busted. It would also reward those who broke the law and came to the U.S. illegally over those who came to the U.S. the legal way.

    Solving the problem, though, isn’t the president’s goal. Cynically winning Hispanic votes is his end game. Heritage’s Israel Ortega writes:

    It’s obvious that political calculations are driving the President’s push for immigration reform in light of his all-time-low support among Hispanics. President Obama’s advisors remain convinced that immigration reform will guarantee their support, despite polling that indicates that unemployment and education are issues that keep most Hispanics up at night.

    Unfortunately President Obama continues to believe that Hispanics are single-issue voters who will reward him for his stump speeches on immigration.

    America faces a real illegal immigration problem. It also faces an unemployment problem, a spending problem, an entitlements problem and a national security problem.

    On immigration, the right solution is making a real commitment to border security, workplace and immigration enforcement, a temporary worker program and visa reforms to get employers the employees they need. On all of the above, the solution starts with a president who is willing to lead and get down to business — but not the business of taking cheap shots to score points in the political arena.

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    108 Responses to Morning Bell: Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      5 – 11 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      The EASY way to END illegal Immigration is


      Close ALL Companies that don't use E-Verify.

    2. Mike from Long Islan says:

      Obama is all about "the big lie". Hitler's propaganda machine worked the same way. Tell the people anything they want to hear while at the same time doing everything that you want to without regard to proper law.

    3. JIm Patterson, Phoen says:

      Look. This Jimmy Carter retread of a president is what he is. Notice leftists don't apologize for this nonsense. We need a presidential candidate that will shove his stinking nose in it and not apologize for being conservative.

    4. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Heritage, you keep chasing Obama and his agenda each day…Today, it's immigration, tomorrow Osama. He sets the pace & tune and you play the 'straight man'. Focus on the main issue, 'Repeal Health Care'. The Democrats and Barry focused for a year on health care, attained their objective and now keep fragmenting your efforts to make any valuable contribution.

      As long as the T.V. talking heads, argumentative-talking radio hosts & you permit yourself to be used by his agenda…we will be dancing to his tune.

      Strategically focus on one thing…get it done, then move on to the next detriment Obama and the lifer Democrats and Republicans have done to harm our country.


      The dept limit will be raised and the lifer-Republicans will cave….take it to the bank…

    5. David, Lynchburg, VA says:

      Obama is a disgrace and is wrecking our country. The only one he serves is himself!

    6. Don, Alabama says:

      I agree we need something better to stop the stampede of Illegals from entering into America. However serveral consideration need to taken into view prior to the elimination of all illegal. Ammesty is surely not the answer. Some businesses such as farming will not survive without these workers. They cannot find labor to do this type of work that will be dependable. A well thought out process, should be put in place to take care of the US and our economy. The work visa card could be the answer requiring everyone to register, and a special tax on these type of workers could be part of the answer.

    7. KC - New Mexico says:

      I like Governor Gary Johnson’s approach which he stated in the 1st debate. Allowing the illegal immigrant the ability to apply for and gain a “work visa” makes sense. They would have a SS card provided and would pay taxes on earned income. This would allow the US to weed out the illegal individuals that have criminal records and send them back to Mexico or Canada. It would also allow us to track these individuals so that at some point in time, they might be able to apply for citizenship.

      The other issue is the boarder – the current out-of-touch leadership in Washington does not have a clue regarding the significance of this issue. Living in a boarder state – Anglos are the minority here – the influx of illegal immigrants is a financial concern as well. The tax payers have to pay for their existence, or a free ride on the USA! Drugs and crime is out of control. Arizona has the right approach since the Whitehouse does not. Watching Obama in El Paso was a joke – he is a disgrace to the Latino’s who are trying to improve their lives and he is totally out-of-touch with the immigration issue.

    8. toledofan says:

      When I heard the Presdient say that the Republicans would want a moat filled with alligators, well, that was just stupid and the point I said enough already. Obama is the President and his main job is to protect the boarders and to keep the American citizens safe; he is failing miserably and instead of doing what needs to be done, he tries to make political hay and do nothing. I guess it's just hard for me to understand how anyone can buy into this no action agenda or the politicalization of everything. I mean aren't the Democrats getting tied of failing and doing nothing?

    9. Kim in Ohio says:

      I hope the GOP can get a candidate that will take on this liar and show the American people just what kind of a worthless leader he is.

    10. C. Kim Chapman says:

      It seems wgen this president disagrees with something, the only thing he can do is joke about it! He never seems to have any substantive suggestions for how to solve the problems!

    11. Harry, Georgia says:

      I grew up in the 40s and 50s. My heart breaks for my beloved homeland. My children (2), my grandchildren (6), and my great grandchildren (4 so far) will never feel the warm comfort I felt knowing that my President would take care of me to let me pursue my dreams and work hard for my future.

    12. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      No, it's not. Obama belongs on the stage. There's one leaving in five minutes. He should be under it.

    13. arthur cantrell says:

      When a snake oil salesman sells his wares, he has numerous "shills" in the audinece to applaued his pitch. Obama must have had the same "fixed" audience in El Paso. He not only insulted the GOP, but all border states residents with tasteless jokes concerning a very serious problem.

      Texas, Arizona, and California have suffered murders and other violent crimes against law enforcement, religious/humanitarian groups, and civilians. I doubt any of the family or friends of these fallen would find any humor or empathy bythe Preesident of the United States, joking about their deaths.



      We, the American people, are not as stupid or naive as our "Jester in Chief" thinks.

    14. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Please, someone tell me what's going on in this nation! This Obama, stands up

      in front of cameras and a hand picked crowd of supporters in El Paso, then stright faced lies. With the exception of a little burb on FNC, no one challenges his out right distortions of the truth. People (including FNC) just wink, smile, and say Obama is playing politics, or he is in "campaign mode". HE'S LYING and getting away with it. Nothing he said was true, yet he stands their unashamed with no thought of honesty and nothing is said. This is one cold, manipulative, lying piece of work. How much longer America before we stand together and stop this madness. We are loosing our country and no one is doing anything to stop it.

      It's not going to wait until 2012.


    15. Jack says:

      Sadly, there is nothing we can do.

    16. Willie Dinger --Kans says:

      I'd like to see the President to enforce the "LAW" and the "CONSTITUTION" of these United States and let the UN mind it's own business.

    17. Karla, CA says:

      Once again, our president is above the law, this time on illegal immigration. A nastier-than-usual campaign has already begun, and he doesn't even have a Republican candidate to smear…yet.

    18. Scott Smith, S.C. says:

      Unfortunately, it's not hard to understand the underlying truth of Obama's mockery of the American People when you realize one simple fact. The intended goal seems to be a complete breakdown of America on a social and economic level. These people in government are far from the stupidity that we believe they possess. I believe this is strategic in nature and must be stopped at the next elections.

    19. mike hutchings says:

      we are not…. a nation but a social experiment…by academics…by their patrons….we are… being tested to destruction….our culture had been rendered equivalent to the most brutal on the planet….we are not… people but numbers to the tower people….the tower people recognize no special qualities in us….the romance that inspired the founders has been distilled into numbers….it bothers the powers overhead that we are greater than they can ever count…they can not accept that humanity is not a species…not numbers….not produce…but a state of transition to another place…a place they will never accept….because it requires faith and belief in what can't be counted…every thing we are as a culture comes back to faith and belief…for the tower people do not feel we are worthy of them… even though we feed them and their great thoughts…as well they quantify the numbers of chaos……..than love us for what we are that can't be explained…

    20. Tom says:

      The workers that companies need are legal Americans, with this high unemployment only getting worse there are plenty if workers to do work, relying on immigrants to work while Americans laze around not willing to take a lower wage job is pathetic.

    21. Fredrica Van Sant says:

      This caper ought to cancel out the new figures of 60% approval!

      I'm an Arizonian, by transplant from Oklahoma many years ago, know many

      Texans and not one who are not deeply concerned, and indeed angry about the

      huge influx of illegals. By instructing the Justice Dept. to sue Arizona, he lost

      a lot of Arizona votes, even those of Hispanics who are legal and can vote.

      This was about the most incredibly uninformed move that could have been made.

      I firmly believe that Obama, in the event of his defeat in 2012, will as a last act declare amnesty. Mr.Obama is out of touch with American citizens and middle Americans as well as the reality of immigration's broadest implications, not the least being cost, as a rule sustained by the states, not the federal government.

      If the exhibit is billed as "sitting down with Texans to discuss immigration" please correct my mistaken impression that it was indeed not.

      Thank you Heritage for addressing this issue. I especially resonate to the

      fact mentioned that it makes mockery of the process of legal immigration and those who went before and did it right – being many if not most of our ancestors.

      There are many avenues by which to solve this problem in a fair and balanced manner. And yes, I have given it much thought and written out a good plan.

      Too bad it has become such a political football. No one really seems to want to solve it, but just to use it for getting votes.

    22. Robert, North Richla says:

      Great article and all true, but Obama's handlers are smart to have him pandering to the Hispanic community, so he can pick up even more Hispanic votes. I was in El Paso on 9/11/2001, and a supervisor with the city (who was Hispanic) said "once we give amnesty to 3 million illegals, who is going to do their jobs after they go on welfare?" His point was that 3 million more people would have to enter the country illegally to do their jobs. As you said, we do NOT have real border security and we do not have any political opposition to Obama and his machine. The investment banks, hedge funds and speculators have made trillions in the last three years – and they have filled his campaign chest with enough money to win three elections. Quite a waste when you consider all of the republican buffoonery – he could defeat Boehner and McConnell with 100 bucks.

    23. Wayne, Missouri says:

      The words "illegal immigration" is a misnomer as there is no such act or sentence if used properly. Illegal means against the law. An Immigrant is someone who comes migrates to another country or location legally with papers or permission. So therefore the term Illegal immigrant" is a political play on words. These "illegal immigrants" are just what it says…illegal. If another country declared war on the United States as it happened before WW2 in the Pacific, we jumped into high gear and defended out country from being destroyed. The illegals are doing more harm than the Japanese and we are not doing one damn thing to stop this invasion. As a matter of fact this limp wrist-ed president does everything in his power to encourage illegal "immigration". The death toll and costs to this nation is unsustainable just as the national debt. The combination is gigantic and will eventually change the face and nature of our nation if it hasn't already.

    24. Judy Connelly, Ms. says:

      I'm not surprised this president jokes about immigration. He's made a mockery of America's laws, the Constitution, which he swore to uphold, he's suing Arizonia. The lists goes on & on showing him as unamerican & an enemy of the people. In his book he says he will stand with the muslims & shows contempt for his white mother & grandparents who raised him. Actually a moat with alligators is a good idea. It wasn't long ago he agreed the muslims had a right to build a mosque at Ground Zero. With Benlauden gone, he's praying & laying wreaths there. Maybe all this patroitism is political. Ya think?????????

    25. Dale, El Paso, TEXAS says:

      The president could not have picked a more "ripe" city for his so called immigration reform speech than the city made famous by Marty Robbins. The great 'Republic" of Texas is predominately Republican and then… there is El Paso. This city has always thought of itself to be more a part northern Mexico than being a proud historical part of Texas and, the U.S.! I have personally known some Border Patrol agents that have worked not only here but along other parts of the border as well and they all have said the same thing; it is a nearly impossible job and thankless at best. They have MY thanks for sure! What is even more irritating is that one Congressman Sylvester Reyes (D!) used to be the 'top dog' of Border Patrol sector here in El Paso and yet, once he got to Washington he seemed to forget what he once was paid to do…ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS! What is it going to take for the politicians… and I'm sorry to say on BOTH sides… to see that we have a real problem and it is not a problem that needs MORE laws! They need to enforce the already existing 'gazillion' laws already in place! If it means that there needs to be an additional 6000 heavily armed patrol agents and or U.S troops along our borders and, REAL fencing from California to the southern tip of Texas, then do it!! Our great nations sovereignty as well as the states on the southern border are at risk!

    26. Chris in N.Va says:

      A moat? Did you say "moat" Mr. Presbo? Well, if we allocate suffiecient funds and start digging next week we can….

      Wait a minute! What's that I see in the distance, on our southern border? It's glistening and reflecting the sun's rays. It almost appears to be….liquid….

      Ah! It's the Rio Grande, which I think in Spanish means "moat without alligators" or something like that.

      Don't our Genius-in-Chief and the rest of his merry band of uber-intelligent, self-important, snifflingly-dismissive speechwriters even know basic geography? What a bunch of arrogant, pompous, preening fools.

    27. edward jensen, denve says:

      I'm not surprised, Republicans can feel free to slam the President, but can't tolerate being slammed. Bipartisanship on both sides of the isle is the root of our problems, and only when we can work together, will we begin to solve those problems.

    28. F.D. O'Toole says:

      Heritage is right on! But what I suspect is also happening this week is that the Left is seething about Osama bin Laden and Obama is throwing red meat to them. The Left has to stomach rendition of prisoners who were waterboarded into giving up the courier's name. Next came the wiretapping of international telephone traffic to find instances of that name. Finally, there is the "two tap" assassination of OBL for which the Nobel Peace laureate takes personal credit (with a gracious thank you to the "little people" who did the dirty work).

      Look for more gestures to the Left this week.

    29. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      Agreed-illegal immigration is not a laughing matter.But try to tell that to Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans who all favor doing nothing about the problem. Once again, this matter is a product of America's business elitist who have a stake in illegally manipulating the supply of labor so as to reduce the cost of business. So much for free market economics.

      America is in a no win situation. On the one hand, we cannot be competitive in the business of free trade thereby driving down wages as tens of millions of jobs are exported and on the other hand we cannot be competitive with the tens of milions of illegal immigrants who also act to drive down wages and our stanadard of living.

      Free market economics is a fraud conceived by those elitists who benefit from the fiction. Let's face it — America is a manipulated economy whose failure is imminent unless we begin to act in a rational manner. If we are to be a manipulated (planned) economy, then the advantage must be given to the American people via the jobs and opportunities that once made the USA a great Country. Americans must produce for their own needs if we are to survive as a sovereign, free and self-sufficient Country.

    30. Spencer, Westfield, says:

      Great synopsis, Heritage. It dawned on me this morning if anyone @ Heritage has given any thought to having a 1/2 hour show on Fox or Fox business channel? Or perhaps XM radio?

    31. TaterSalad says:

      Barack Obama is a pure phony. He takes the southern border fence and mocks it, not telling the truth on its completion or lack of, while we have huge amounts drugs and illegal aliens coming across as he was speaking. How about the agents who have been murdered because you won't finish the construction of the fence Mr. President. You wouldn't be laughing if one of your daughers was murdered by an illegal would you. You are as sorry as they get.

    32. TaterSalad says:

      Mr. Presient, we do not take you seriously when you talk because you have lied to us way to muchatarting with your BS with your lies with transparency during the healthcare debate when you closed the doors to us and then rammed the BS healthcare bill down our throats and then laughed at us. Sorry Mr. President, you are a one termer!

    33. Suzanne, Florida says:

      My first reaction on hearing the "comical" retort to Republicans worries regarding the southern borders was disgust. After thinking about it I realized that he insulted citizens of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, as well as all legal peoples in our beloved county. That he would joke about the situation within months of a rancher murdered and our brave Border Patrol agents being killed, he has the audacity to joke? Per his rational, these poor folks crossing the border, carrying illegal drugs, are coming to improve their lives. Obviously we citizens are of no concern to him.

      Question: When citizenship no longer matters and control of our borders is of no concern what's next?

      Answer: Votes…..legal or not!

    34. Kevin, Enid, OK says:

      I also agree with Dr. Sinopoli earlier. Forget and do not pay attention to BO's mockery of the highest office. Its below you to even address what he does day to day.

      Focus on what should be your agenda now.

    35. TJ M Orlando, Florid says:

      IT'S QUESTION-???????????- Please

      Please advise where I find the guide lines for use of census data to add/subject political boundaries in our constitution. We have people who want to race, income, etc. to establish a new district.

      Where it's been my understanding that such a district is based ONLY ON # of living persons..

      Thanks, tjm

    36. Carol,AZ says:

      Campaign STOP EL PASCO TEXAS.

      What an insult to the great State of Texas where the day before this desperate attempt to rally Latino voters, nine people were gun down on Falcon Lake.

      A Zeta nest was discovered by the MX Navy on an island on Falcon Lake, camped, moving their loads by boat.

      The NX Navy killed eight Zeta cartel memebers during the gun battle and one MX sailor was also murdered.

      re; http://www.borderlandbeat.com
      At this writing mass grave number 71, is being exhumed in Durango by the MX military. Reported; 148 bodies have been located and the exhumation continues. Another mass grave in San Fermando, located 150 bodies , 17 were executed MX policemen. The genocide continues.

      No, America our border is NOT secured and the violence in April was the bloodest and highest body count recorded this year.

      Wtih regard to THE FENCE; We have passed a bill here in AZ to build our own fence with the help from private donations. If you care to help : donations are accepted @ http://www.keepazsafe.com.
      Another point of view rarely reported is the voice from our well established, highly respected Latino communities, throughout the South West. Many whom are ranchers. THEY WANT enforcement on our borders. Those who are Buss owners in the cities are often targeted for extortion, by cartels that operate on both sides of the border. Other Latino Americans have been targeted for ransom,and family memebers kidnapped. Many paid the ransom and the familiy member murdered.

      Just another form of terrorism.

      Be certain of one thing;

      el Senor Obama will not be making his pitch here in AZ.

      We know here: " when you put lipstick on an Alligator its an Alligator"

    37. lostsailor says:

      Stop immigration by illegals just build the fence with one modification set an M-every 400 yards using infrared sensors and remote controls like the predators

    38. Elizabeth Griessel, says:

      Let's get real, Mr. Obama will never want to help the United States better themselves in any venure–only to make us like every other nation in the world. I really feel he doesn't like America.

    39. Mike, El Paso, Tx says:

      This is all an attempt to divert attention from the major issues. Obama is aware that many places such as El Paso do not check credentials before issuing voter registration cards. So the illegals get to vote. Here and elsewhere. Obama was just reminding them that he made it possible for them to stay and not be hassled by the alphabet agencies. He also made it possible for them to collect unemployment. But the major focus we all need to have is not the individual crisis action pieces distract us from ousting this guy and his socialist counterparts in both parties.

      Again throw all the bums out. When republic supporters once again control the government, then we can clean out the individual toilets.

    40. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      If I learned anything reading Kenneth Timmerman's book "Shadow Warriors" it was the strategy of manipulating Public Opinion. What 'Precedent' Obama is doing is called Perception Management. The Left Wing nuts think that Perception IS Reality. Therefor, the truth doesn't matter, it is the Perception that matters. This ploy has worked like gangbusters for the Gangster Government like it did in the CIA at the turn of the Century. People still think "Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq!" The truth is Saddam had WMD, there were sixteen 'shreds of evidence' which continue to be ignored by the Left Wing. It turns out perception is a matter of life and death.

      If CIA had supported Chalabi away back when, the United States Military could have avoided the 3,000 dead and 15,000 injured! Chalabi had a representative government ready to go but Bush was undermined by Traitors in the CIA. Progressive Traitors, who used their Government Positions to undermine a sitting President! Undermine the President with lies! Now that we have Obama the American Perception is being manipulated baldly, the man lies with impunity!

      I think Obama has saved the Immigration Issue for these last two years of his Administration in hopes it will provide him with 2012 Votes. Perhaps, if he gets what he wants, Obama will have a bunch of New Citizens to throw the election his way. Even if he loses, he wins because Republicans will be tarnished in the process. They already have opened the way for Illegals to Vote (no kidding) and I am still waiting for the fallout from the slam dunk Statehood vote down in Puerto Rico. The DREAM Act kids will elect Obama (after they are finished destroying American Neighborhoods!)

    41. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      When BHO opens his mouth you can be sure of one thing, HE"S LYING. Just this past week a tunnel, equipted with elec. and ventilation was discoverd along with the million dollars in drugs. This was in Arizona,and BHO went to Texas. All the border states are experiancing problems and this administration are closing a blind eye. It's very true that anyof us conservatives would not be allowed into any of his gatherings, he has "SHILLS" I am sure, if not they must be illiterate as he changes his opinions more often than most people change their socks. Nov. 2012 is 18 mos. away and along with getting out the vote, we need to bombbard heaven with prayers. His Bin Laden deal was a "Wag the Dod" moment and I am sure he will have others, BHO is desperate.

    42. Fred Goodspeed Helot says:

      It would be refreshing if this President dealt with the issues in a mature, adult manner.

    43. edward jensen, denve says:

      This is only a platform for one-sided rightists to slam the left. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but an Independent Voter, and when I see the kind of propaganda promoted by The Heritage Foundation, I can easily understand why this country is experiencing such horrific problems. I have yet to read a contrary opinion

      on the pages of The Heritage Foundation, and doubt that I ever will.

    44. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Stop the incentives that bring illegals to this country.

      Stop free medical care.

      Stop the jobs.

      Stop welfare.

      Stop free education.

      Stop automatic birthright citizenship to babies of illegal parents.

      Build the wall, build it now.

      Enforce all the laws all the time.

    45. Jeff, York PA says:

      Immigration should not be an issue. When it's about votes and power, it becomes expensive. Other countries that have set models, establish rules about being a

      citizen. We Are to be using the Constitution. These people have become part of the labor force and continue to steal jobs , ship the money back to their relatives and weaken the economy. If Obama just followed and enforced the law. If he just encouraged kids and people alike to take these jobs no one but illegals will take.

      But,He and other in Congress would rather play a costly game. He doesn't appear to be interested in unity, one purpose and less conflict. He doesn't talk about having a standard language in the United States for example. States like California

      spend millions making sure that everyone has printed and spoken options in

      Spanish. Why? We need opinions, we need input from all walks of life, but

      this President and other like him are looking to drive a wedge, rather then lead

      in one direction. Encourage the citizens of the this country to move toward

      thinking like Americans, not separate little micro communities that have

      splintered a united front for better country. He uses taxation as a punishment

      rather then a means to enforce restricting illegals from getting established in this country.

    46. Jim Prather, Zephyrh says:

      "alligators in the moat: is quip from Larry the cable guy. Is he now the presidents speech writer?

    47. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      Why should anyone be surprised at Obama–the snake-oil-salesman, pandering to hispanic voters. The "man" was a community organizer in Chicago and later as a legislator from Illinois his record was largely an indistinguished one.

      The American people would be well served to read David Freddoso's book "The Case Against BARACK OBAMA; the unlikely rise and unexamined agenda of the media's favorite candidate." Let's hope more people wake up to the PHONY in the Oval Office.

    48. Frank, Florida says:

      1) Allow foreign workers to have legal "worker's visas", even if they are already here illegally. Tax them. Make them register as to where they live & where they work. Keep their documents up-to-date.

      2) Fine/imprison employers that do not use E-Verify when hiring.


      4) After the above 3, if workers are law abiding & productive citizens, I think a path towards citizenship for the now documented foreign workers might be agreeable to most Americans.

      Unfortunately, both republicans & Democrats are playing politics with this issue for political gain at the expense of average American jobs & security. Our borders are an open sieve with terrorists, narco-traffickers, "coyotes" & slave-traders crossing it at will. Our government is failing in its #1 job: protect its citizens!!

    49. MARGARET ORTON says:

      I do not listen to President Obama any more than I have to.I seen what his agenda was when he was running for the office he now holds and he has not changed his ways.I do not like nor agree with any of his methods or mandates, I will work with the GOP,conservatives,Tea Party groups, independants and all other American citizens who wan't a Constitutional run country back and running strong. I for one will only focus on people who really have a proven record of getting things done to build our country not spend money we do not have and on things we do not need. God Bless From Maggie

    50. Disgusted. in Illino says:

      The " community organizer " with clipboard in hand has been in office for over two years at which time the House and the Senate were controlled by the leftists ( democrats, for the lack of better words) why was there nothing done about this so called "immigration" ? Why, because the election was too far away and it would not have been politicaly expeditious to do so. Now he can slam the SPINELESS republicans who are "represented" by the two most useless "leaders" namely John Boehner and the wuss McConnel.At this pont ion time, this guy is a slam dunk for re-election just look what the republicans have to offer!!!!!!!!

    51. Dene, New Mexico says:

      Obama is a dam liar. I live 100 miles North of El Paso and listen to the radio stations from there. Juarez is the most dangerous place in the world, even some of our servicemen have been killed there. "Gutsy" would have been making his speech at UTEP right across the border or at El Paso City Hall where bullets from Juarez were found in the side of the building. Better yet, make his speech at Palomas right across the border from New Mexico. He and Chewbaca (Napolitano) don't have a clue what's really going on down here. If it's so safe, why did he fly into Biggs Army Airfield (military installation, by the way he cut the military budget) intead of ELP International?

    52. Bob, San Antonio, Tx says:

      OBUMA is living proof that all squirrels don't run in trees! How this clown ever got elected is beyond me. Any person that thinks can see right through this buffons retoric. Tea Party ARISE!!!

    53. gary sheldon AZ says:

      I couldn't make it through the official syrupy sweet sickening Marxist blather of the El Paso camPAIN speech. It was "RETCHED" !!

    54. Leith Wood Richmond& says:

      What a disgusting display of ego run amok, lack of taste and disregard for all Americans shown by Obama at the border yesterday. He's got to go.

    55. Neil in SF BAY AREA says:

      This guy was elected to represent America? It boggles the mind that we could elect such an ass. He makes one of himself every time he opens his mouth, and the national media just loves him.

    56. Lynn, Austin says:

      Listening to a caller on Laura Ingraham this morning from El Paso, a 55 year old "American-Hispanic" (he called himself that) who served proudly in the US military was appalled by what he saw yesterday in El Paso and how it was reported.

      He said that the audience was a closed hand picked group (and not that many). Tickets to attend were given out at a college campus. He said what the TV/reporters didn't show was the bevy of protesters that were also there. The whole thing was staged.

      This caller was disgusted and said it was such a farce.

      Thank you, Mr. Perry, for not welcoming this fraud to Texas, please instill E-Verify and let's make it a law in Texas that all Presidential candidates show they are eligible to be in the office before they are included on the ballot. PC be damned. Take our country back!

    57. Lynn, Austin says:

      …..I wanted to also comment on the "alligators in the moat" phrase, how totally un-Presdential this imposter is. He is divisive and hates this country. Why are are politicians letting this go on?

      I wish DeMint and Allen West would run in 2012. Liberals are a cancer.

    58. Carol Rydell, Westbu says:

      I cannot believe the arrogance of this president and his condescending attitude regarding the citizens of this United States. He continues to forget that he was elected to represent and lead us, not coronated as our king. We can only hope that those who did not see through his public media-created persona will wake up and vote differently in 2012

    59. Stuart MacLean, Port says:

      We answered the immigration problem at Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. NO MINIMUM WAGE!!!! They worked in "sweat shops", learned skills, sent money home, and became productive members of society.

      Eliminate the Federal minimum wage and "illegals' would be 'legal'. There would be no need to function "under the radar". We're making 'indentured servants' and criminals of our immigrants.

      This isn't a social problem, it's a socialist problem!

    60. Bobbie says:

      Yeah, You're real funny, Mr. President. While the people you serve are violated AND MURDERED by your inspiring behavior of irresponsibility at the expense of lives and money of the people you serve.

      I'm sorry, pardon me, but you mentioned "we did all that." Who are "we" and WHAT DID "WE" DO that's working? Why are you refusing to enforce the law, Mr. President? Why do you refuse to hold criminals accountable and allow their expense on innocent people? Why do you allow the neglect of criminal mothers be the responsibility of all others? Again you refuse to stand to reason. Without your nanny state troughs, criminals wouldn't necessarily be. People would become wiser in their choices. You're not funny, Mr. President, you're dangerous!

      America's states: whoever secedes, we would be more than grateful if you would allow a hard working, freedom loving, independent living family to move in.

    61. Don DeHoff, Boone, C says:

      I have never been amused by the President's Chicago back-alley organizing methods, which he has brought into the White House. His tackyness is beginning to show more and more. His illegal immigration stand is tied-in directly with his overall socialist (Muslim/Islamic?) training and objectives. This Mexcian illegal problem has two important aspects. First, if amnisty is granted, everyone who was illegal, will feel obligated to vote for those democrats who provided them with a "free pass to the promised land". If that happens, no future elected democrat. in the foreseeable future, will ever be able to look their constitutents, spouse or children in the eye and say, "I won my election fair and square", no, not with umpteen zillion "bribed" votes. Second, if amnisty is granted, the illegal flood gates will open still wider and our problems will multiply several fold. When that happens, the very problems from which the illegals were trying to escape, will accompany them to their new home—then what? I see far too much talk about impeaching Obama and all others assocated with his plot(s), and very little specific action—what does it take to get a conspiricy and impeachment plan in action??? Surely, there has been enough public money already contributed to hang a few dozen conspirators.I suggest it is time for all people and agencies promoting our Republic and Constitutional form of government,to "conspire" (i.e, defined as openly working together", to protect our proven way of life.

    62. Barbara, Gainesville says:

      What Daniel Hannon said to Gordon Brown in the UK is true of our president: "You are pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility." Worse than that, where was President Obama while Texas was burning? They needed help and his administration ignored them. He then has the audacity to show up to campaign for the Hispanic vote using the ruse of immigration reform. While he jokes about methods for immigration reform, no one on or near the border is laughing. Try passing these jokes by the families who have lost loved ones in the border wars. He shows no compassion for these families with his joking. Since he's interested in creating a citizenship path for illegal Hispanic immigrants, is he going to offer the same deal to immigrants from Europe, who've been waiting sometimes years to come here legally? What about the Asians?

    63. Ramon F. Herrera says:

      "If current demographic and voting trends continue (AZ and the Tea Party have actually accelerated them), as early as 2020, Hispanics' growing share will prevent the Republican party from having enough electoral college votes to win another presidential election, ever. "

      -The Wall Street Journal, not quite a liberal rag.

    64. ~JL Florida says:

      What disturbs me is the labeling of illegals. They are ILLEGAL period. The word immigrants should not be added to illegal. Immigrants have honored our laws and came through the front door, working very hard and going by our laws, learning more about our history than they even teach in public schools.

      Immigrants are honorable law abiding people who respect our laws.

      Illegals are dishonest, dishonorable and break our laws. People who hire and allow them to live in the U.S.A. are ALL breaking the law and should be held accountable for their law breaking actions. Period. WHY has it been made into a more complex issue and a political football?

    65. Ramon F. Herrera says:

      Brownfield: "And when Arizona attempted to enforce the law since the federal government would not, the Obama Justice Department sued to stop it."

      Proponents of the Arizona and similar legislation (Hazleton, PA; Farmers Branch, TX; Fremont, NE, UT, etc.) are batting about 10 to zero in Federal Court. The most devastating decisions against AZ SB-1070 were hammered down by conservative federal judges:

      (1) Susan Bolton, appointed under the recommendation of Senator Jon Kyl. She received enthusiastic accolades by every Republican senator at her hearings.

      (2) Sandra Day O'Connor (first female justice) appointed by that bleeding heart, pinko, commie whose centennial was celebrated recently.

      The US Chamber of Commerce joined the DoJ in the lawsuit against SB-1070 and related legislation, which has been declared UN-CONS-TI-TU-TIO-NAL by every federal judge who has seen it.

    66. stevekoko cleveland says:

      The only joke on imigration is the joke standing at the podium.

    67. Bob G. says:

      Like everything else about this administration, a total lie!!

    68. Bob Grimes, Bandera, says:

      I returned yesterday from a road trip through West Texas, southern New Mexico and Arizona. Border Patrol vehicles were ever-visable, but sadly, many were just sitting on the side of the road watching vehicles pass. In the Border Patrol maintenance lot near Langtry, Texas, I would estimate 30+ Border Patrol vehicles, just sitting. I passed through at least 5 inspection stations in three states, and while I am caucasian and blue-eyed, was only asked my citizenship. Not one agent looked in the back of my SUV to question what was under a sheet (covering purchases we had made). I'll give credit for the presence of drug-sniffing dogs at each station, but that hardly protects the border!

    69. JohnL2 SC says:

      It certainly is NOT a laughing matter! Obama's remark about alligators in the moat was "meant" to be funny, I suppose, but if that is what it takes to close the border, BRING ON THE GATORS!!

      When the United States can prosecute wars all over the world but cannot, or will not, control it's own borders, the Commander-In-Chief MUST be replaced!!

      Obama must lead, follow, or get out of our way! He is NO leader, so that narrows his options!

    70. Kathy provo utah says:

      I would like to thank all of you who have penned such educated comments. I agree with you on these comments and I am so grateful that my thinking is not alone, I commend you for your thoughts . I feel like shouting " RIGHT ON' and I am grateful some American citizens see right thru him. He (I don't even like to say President) is evil and all out for himself. Taking all the credit for political things, He is a snake in a sheep's clothing. We must band together and let our voice be heard. We will not stand for such arrogance and lack of respect for this Country. He is phony baloney and the sooner people realize his MO, the sooner we can work together to rebuild America. God bless it !

    71. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      Our President, many Legislators, State Officials and even local officials continue to violate their oath of office by choosing not to enforce existing law. They have decided that ignoring laws they don't like is the way to go instead of using the legislative process to change the laws they don't like. They know they would not gain the support of the American people to change the laws to be more lax on immigration, at least until such time as they sway the vote by extending voting rights to illegals, convicted fellons and the like. Good bye America………

    72. David Bess, Carson C says:

      This is just one more item of his Garage sale of America. He has sold off our rights, freedoms and secutity and now he wants to sell off the value of our United States Citizenship.

      Being a U.S. citizen was the goal of many of the people in the world. They wanted to be part of a nation that was free where oportunity flourished. A citizenship that guarenteed life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. Being an American was a point of pride that we all cherrished and defended. Now this man, obama, and his cronies want that devalued to a status equal to being a citizen of a third world country. Being proud of America is no longer politically correct and soon may be a crime. We have been and still are the largest thorn in the side of "the new world order' that george sorous wants and hopes to acheive through his puppet obama.

      We are a constitutional republic governed by rule of law. This man has made a mockery of that and will continue to do so with every chance that presents itself.

      The next nineteen months will prove this out and the country will be so much the worse because of him and his administration. As conservatives we need a pointed plan to stop then new things and disassemble what has already been done. A plan that is set in stone with absolutley no room for compramise. A path back to the America as it was ment to be. Imigration is just another mirror in his bag of smoke and mirrors. obama-care should be the main target as it will destroy America. If you haven't read it you should. It makes George Orwells 1984 look like a nursery rhyme. It circumvents every thing that America promises.

      The GOP and Tea Party need to join defences aginst this marxist administration and defeat them, oblitorate every thing they have done.

    73. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      There is hope. Ken J yesterday posted that consolidation is bad and competition is good. Now that he has admitted this surely he realizes that consolidating health care into the hands of the Federal Government is bad and allowing free market competition is good.

    74. Juanita Valdez says:

      even the very liberal Seattle Times realizes that we are spending millions and millions on illegal aliens (even the Time has started calling them illegal)


    75. Chesterfield, Missou says:

      Many of the aliens are taking jobs that citizen don't want and won''t take. Easier to draw unemployment insurance as the government continues to extend its availability. Citizens should be offered the undesireable jopbs and if refuse should become ineligible for unemployment insurance.

    76. michael j mudrak car says:

      Why not put military recruiters at the boarders and make it easy for them to get in

      six years of service for citizenship. The same for those illegal,s give them a choice

      eight years of military or never cross our boarders again.

    77. Nancy says:

      'odrama' said that "immigration is the way to 'expand' the middle class"…….WOW!!

      He was in El Paso, TX performing for those who are 'South of the Border, down Mexico way'… How could these "immigrants", illegal aliens/mexican nationals or whatever they are called', expand the U.S. MIDDLE CLASS when they are the poorest, uneducated, bottom of the barrel scum (peons, as they are called in mexico) that the mexican dictator CALDERON does not want in 'HIS' kingdom. By allowing these types of mexican nationals/illegal aliens to continue to 'invade' the U.S., they will certainly 'pull' the Good Taxpaying U.S. Citizens (the middle class) down to their level – JUST WHAT 'odrama' WANTS!!!! More Government control of the 'middle class'…………

    78. Bob Lison, Haymarket says:

      I agree with Dr. Henry D. Sinopoli's 09:55 comment. HF needs to bring the hammer down on the economic policy issues and stop amplifying the President's efforts to distract Americans from the vital issue that he is failing to lead on.

    79. AJ, Texas says:

      President Obama has made a mockery of a myriad of critical issues to Americans, immigration being just ONE of them. Since the comments have included some of my views on immigration, I'm taking a moment to mention other aspects of his Texas "campaign/comedy tour" yesterday.

      It is hard to refute that he and his administration treat the American taxpayer money as if it were their personal checkbook. (He threatened to withhold stimulus money from California in the past.) IMHO, Obama is penalizing Texans because of a personal "beef" with Governor Perry. There are wildfire victims who should not be victimized again by Obama's petty attitude. Be a President that serves Americans, Mr. Obama, not a King that punishes his critics.

      In addition, I do not agree that the city of Austin nor residents of Travis County should have to subsidize all of the security that had to be provided for Obama's Campaign Fundraiser yesterday. The DNC and Obama Re-election Campaign raised $2M last night. Americans should not be forced to pay for any campaign or "comedy tour."

      I fail to see how Americans who support this current administration's policies believe this nation is changing for the better. This nation is more divided, much poorer, and growing more destitute daily while we have this politician in office. I have never felt worse than I do now about this nation's future.

    80. Polina, Madison NJ says:

      This destroyer in chief missed his calling- late night comedian …provided he can memorize the jokes and punch line written for him by 7 speech writers.

      What a disgrace of a man we have sitting in our WH who not only pulled the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on our country to get where he is ,but living like a king with unlimited supply of millions and millions of dollars at his disposal and in addition openly laughs at our inability to stop the destruction he so eagerly pursuing with 15 new regulations being implemented while everyone is preoccupied with Osama assassination……

      He actually enjoys watching the fools who still have the anal euphoria and try to please him no matter what……

      I would not be surprised the crowd who cheered him in Texas was Bussed in …there isn't anything He wouldn't do to extend his living like a king for 4 more years and did our country IN!

    81. Roger, TN says:

      Hopefully, he can take the comedic routine on the road full time in 2012. He can even take the Teleprompter with him. He will need it based on his faux paux when he doesn't have one.

    82. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      This is without a doubt one of the best columns published by Heritage. Not so much because I agree 100% but more because it has a healthy dose of "salt" sprinkled throughout.

      It is high time that We The People get a little "salty".

      Thank You Heritage Foundation.

    83. Mike, Chicago says:

      People who support illegal immigration and amnesty are anti-American because it's legal, taxpaying Americans who pay the price. Illegal immigration supporters are also the real racists. They know that most non-Hispanics are legal and they're the ones who pay the price.

    84. Christina Sanchez Da says:

      OK-when we vote for a President, whether he be democrat, republican, independent, liberal, conservative, is he not supposed to represent ALL people of the United States of America?

      I hear so many people say "MY President".I guess he is MY President, only if I am a democrat. But, since I am a conservative republican, he doesn't represent me. I do not feel comfortable calling him MY President

      . Every day I hear him either mocking, talking down to, and constantly calling those that are not democrat, "them"and "us". He is always playing one against the other.

      I pray that he will be voted out in the 2012 elections, and that someone will take his place who will truly have a heart for ALL people of our great USA!

      "He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you-but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

    85. Roseanne Dayton, OH says:

      Never in my entire life have I ever heard a President of our country ridicule the people he serves. He should show respect to ALL the people when elected, not just those of his political persuasion. To do a stand up comedy routine about those who do not agree with him, demonstrates his disdain for Americans.

    86. AD says:

      With this administration, if it wasn't for the cheap shots, they would be dealing with an empty magazine.

    87. Staten Island, New Y says:

      I agree with Janet Napolitano that Agricultural VISA's are the way to go to fix the illegal immigration process. With that, we need to mandate Worker's Compensation by the employers to avoid fraudulent Medicaid claims, plus add Disability coverage, Healthcare, and Long Term Care for the employees who are over the age of 50+, that wind up terminally ill and we end up having to pay their Medicaid nursing home expenses costing taxpayers $180,000 per year per person. Everyone in America can no longer go without the vitally important coverages…Risk Taking, Risk Management, Risk Aversion, and Risk Transfer… America can no longer be the insurance company to free health insurance! Everyone has to start paying their own fair share, and if the VISAs require a lower salary than the minimum wage, so be it…surprisingly…today many Americans may step up to the plate to these Agricultural jobs to replace the construction and manufacturing jobs they lose 2 years ago.. we all have to feed our families. Thank you. Rose Petraglia – BBA Risk Management & Insurance Advocate of Safety Net Protection – Phone: (347) 524-1915

    88. Matt Troy - San Anto says:

      President Obama now thinks he is a comedian. From Texas to the White House. You STINK as President and you are not funny! Secure the boarders and do your job !! "In God we Still Trust," President Obama – NOT SO MUCH !!!

      VOTE HIM OUT 11-6-12 !!

    89. Wayne Johnson, Sunri says:

      Are "We the People" paying for these campaign trips, or is his campaign?

    90. Scott says:

      The way I see it, this can be solved in several ways. The first, of course, is to actually enforce the laws already on the books. Illegals, when caught, are automatically deported to their country of origin. If caught here illegally a second time, they do a year of hard labor in a county or state penal facility, then are deported. Third time, we just shoot them….(just kidding).

      The second step is to militarize our borders, and back-up the border patrol with military air and ground support. I know that our military has a lot on it's plate with now 3 wars ongoing, but we could use our southern border for Advanced Training and Desert Training for new recruits once they finish basic. It would be both cost effective and provide real-time training for our military personell.

      Third step, adopt and enforce English as the official language of the United States. Make English the primary language spoken in schools, universities, colleges, and ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND OFFICES. No more mult-linguilism. If they want to live here so freaking bad, let them learn to speak our language. We've carried this multilingulism way too far. I know third generation Hispanic Americans that can't speak English well enough to carry on a conversation in a bar. And yet, I'm racist because I refuse to learn a foreign language so that I can communicate with some of my co-workers. I live in Montana for pity's sake. This far north, I shouldn't have to speak Spanish to get along with the people I work with.

      And finally, my last fix. It's actually quite simple. Have the USDA or the Farm Bureau create an agency that approves and monitors SEASONAL MIGRANT WORKERS. They recruit them, get them temporary papers, assign them to specific migrant work routes, ensures that they are paid and treated properly, and ENSURES THAT THEY RETURN HOME AT THE END OF THEIR SEASONAL ROUTE. This would allow farmers to make use of the migrant labor force and allows migrant workers to come north to work. Add a little encentive. Say, after five years of seasonal work without problems, the worker is given a green card that allows him/her and his/her immediate family (spouse and children only) to come to the U.S. to work legally.

      These are just some thoughts. I would welcome any comments.

    91. John d. Oliver GySgt says:

      Obama wants to se the hispanics like he does everyone else, for votes! He will tell them what they want to hear and after he gets their vote for a second term he will throw them under the bus!! Look at it this way, he had complete control for two years and jammed obama care through, he could have done the same thing with immagration reform!! But he did not!! Why!! He wanted to keep the issue alive for use now for his reelection!!!

    92. Elizabeth McMullen, says:

      Why can the president fly all over the country on taxpayer money only to campaign for his continued presidency? He and his wife spend enough on fancy vacations! Must we also pay for his silly, obnoxious campaigning too? I object!1 Could we pass a law that presidents may only use Air Force One for United States of America business only, or scrap the plane. Put it in mothballs in a museum "so the price of transportation does not necessarily skyrocket"!

    93. Mike Cephus says:

      Playing politics seems to be our President's priority. He's really good at telling the crowds just what they want to hear. I am not against immigration my paternal grand parents were immigrants also the mexican people bring a work ethic with them that Americans have seem to have lost and, won't teach their children. MR. PRESIDENT you should be working on policy instead of already hitting the campaign trail. Let people immigrate legally. Leave social security alone. and, if your so called health care is not good enough for our politicans it is not good enoughfor the rest of us

    94. Bob Crum says:

      Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. Build a fence as they have done in Israel and stop illegal immigrants from murdering, raping and bringing drugs into the USA. This has been going on for 50+ years and it is time it ended.

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    97. Frank Candido Bloomf says:

      Mr. President, there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. I don't believe that your integrity,sound moral principle, means anything to you. You only care about taking my country down and will never tell the truth about any of your failing policies. Your speech on immigration was non-presidential and a big lie.

      Regradless of my feelings I pray to God for you.

    98. Gerard says:

      Why they are so much hatred to Obama, so far he did better than Bush (the one that got us into this mess). He killed Osama Bin LAden, economy is moving up (slowly, but it couldnt been wayyyyy worse), he secured the border, he implemented a health plan (because yes is better than not having nothing). Stop complaining.

    99. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Why does the current administration want to ensure more people can live in the United States legally? They can't take care of the ones that live here, legally, now. I disagree with the author of this piece. If illegals are granted amnesty, massive votes will be fed to democrats. This country is going to experience class warfare in its most putrid form sooner than later. Obama is the first president to incite bitterness toward the rich and moral in this country. Third world dictators use this tool often.

    100. Steven, Louisiana says:

      PETA will have to talk to the President about using gators as border patrol agents. I'm sure they won't agree!

    101. Don McLaughlin says:

      Let me see…. We have this deficit problem, and it is a danger to the republic, and we are so very serious about it that our program to scrap Medicare doesn't start for ten years … Hmmmmmm.

      And "everything" is on the table … except added revenue … because our debt problems, serious as they are, must not bother high earners … the supposed job creators ….

      Now .. the last time the budjet was in surplus …. yes, the hated Clinton years, all was well until the Bush tax cuts… Sorry … Historical fact; not conservative hogwash…..

      Now… We were alive then … Does anyone remember conservative suggestions that this surplus be used to … fix the roads and bridges, do needed research or reduce the debt …. Nope … The cry was … surplus means they are taking to much of your money…

      Conservatives proved that they simply cannot be trusted with money .. And yes, the tax cuts and conservative unpaid medicare drug plan amount, even after the unpaid wars, to roughly two thirds of the deficit

      The remainder is tax revenue lost as construction companies and workers fell idle in the conservative principles driven housing bust …. stopped paying income tax and home payments.

      When the factual data simply makes jokes out of the actual results of conservative "Vodoo" economics …they simply ignore facts …. as in … this was not intended to be a factual statement! My my, who said that… Not Patrick Henery!

      Now the "conservative" way to "fix" Medicare and Social Security is to leave unlucky Amricans sick and broke to die…

      Real Patriots all…

    102. Linda, Texas says:

      I think obama IS a joke-only we the people are not laughing. He is a total embarrasment to the United States office of the presidency.I just can not believe there are so many people are allowing him to lead them around as if they can't think for themselves, come to think of it they probably can't. They are all standing with thier hand out for all the free hand outs he's promised—at our expence.Letting the illegals obtain more rights than the American people. They come here- have thier kids- we pick up the tab and they do not pay a cent.Then they work here- send the money to Mexico lauging at us because we have such a gutless president.We HAVE to VOTE him OUT!!! With him in office we are screwed.I don't trust him as far as I can spit.

    103. mark spivey wetumpka says:

      my question of the day is is illegal immigration constitutional

    104. Barbara, Texas says:

      Dear Heritage,

      I enjoy reading the Morning Bell. What I long for, are more posts with persuasive substance and less political overtones. I believe that if we clearly define the many benefits of conservatism and contrast it with the stark reality of what the government is doing and where it leads, people will be persuaded by their own common sense. Real facts, policies and actions are hard to deny. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    105. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      Yes, the illegal immigrants are helping to establish the same type of government they are running away from. This can be attributed to present,and past administrations disregarding quotas, and their contempt for this nations laws, and sovereignty. The situation is so bizarre, it must be drug induced. Considering the amount of drugs entering this nation, and the number of it's citizens on SSI ( due to drug fried brain cells, still breeding with offspring suffering from withdrawal symptoms at birth). We can now define American politicians as a by-product of a drug infested nation. Despite that, Bill Clinton pardoned his and Hillary's family members for their drug involvement. And this nations present president admits to having used cocaine in college. Based on statistics of ex cocaine users, intermittent drug tests should be taken from this president. Providing of course that his job is more important than say a truck driver.

    106. Al from Fl says:

      The immigration issue is one of the biggest examples of the failure of politicians, when left in office too long, to do the job given to them by the voters. Both republicans and democrats address this issue not as a problem for America but as a challenge that needs to be carefully crafted to remain in office. Sadly, this issue, which gets worse each year, trickles down to the state legilatures also who tend to shy away from requiring employers to use e verify and use a worker program if needed. This is one area where "business" is also a culprit and the chamber of commerce needs to be challenged on this one.

    107. J. B. Jones Bellaire says:

      Everyone, from the President on down the chain of command, who has a Constitutional duty to enforce our laws and protect our borders, who has delibertately and purposfully been derlict in those duties in regard to illegal immigrates is, in my view, accessory to the many murders they have committed.

    108. manny leon says:

      I live in texas and always i'm Republican and in the las 4 years i see how polticians they used the immigration debate just to be elected ;politics players from boths sides specially from my party see for my Hispanic Comunity of antiimmigrants ,it's sad how to see some republicans politicians hostiles with hispanics.We need politicians moderates to offer solutions not hostiles againts some etnics groups.

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