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  • The Speaker’s First Step on the Journey Toward “Saving the American Dream”

    Conservatives have a clear objective: to drive down government spending and debt, protect America, and balance the budget without raising taxes. In New York City last night, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner (R–OH) outlined in remarks about the debt limit a useful first step to take. But, as the Speaker’s remarks indicated, Congress must take many more such steps in the journey toward that objective. The Heritage Foundation has set forth the rest of the steps on the road to that objective with its plan released today: “Saving the American Dream: The Heritage Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending, and Restore Prosperity.

    Speaker Boehner spoke bluntly to many of the nation’s economic leaders assembled at the New York Economic Club:

    My message to you tonight is that we will not succeed in balancing the federal budget and overcoming the challenges of our debt until we commit ourselves to government policies that will let our economy achieve long-term growth.

    Speaker Boehner told them that the American people have simply had it:

    The revolt we have seen by ordinary citizens over the past few years is nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime. And it’s happening in part because the arrogant habits of Washington are having real economic consequences. The debt limit debate presents our nation’s leaders with the opportunity to reverse these habits and prove that we’re starting to get the message.

    President Obama has asked Congress to increase his authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States, which is currently limited by law to the already-massive sum of $14.294 trillion. The Speaker made clear that Congress should not pass legislation to raise the debt limit unless:

    • The legislation has “significant spending cuts and reforms to reduce our debt”;
    • The “cuts should be greater than the accompanying increase in debt authority” and “in trillions, not just billions”; and
    • The cuts should be “actual cuts and program reforms, not broad deficit or debt targets that punt the tough questions.”

    He also noted that “tax hikes—which will destroy jobs” are off the table.

    In discussing more broadly what Congress must do to deal with overspending and overborrowing, the Speaker also emphasized the need for reform of the so-called “entitlement” programs:

    And to those who contend that the economy is too weak to take on the challenge of entitlement reform—I would simply say, you’ve got it backwards. The truth is that making fundamental reforms to these programs would be good for the economy and good for the next generation.

    Speaker Boehner—helping to implement work by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI), which was adopted by the House of Representatives—has described a useful first step that Congress must take with the opportunity that presents itself on debt limit legislation: significant cuts in current spending and changes to the federal budget process to ensure that Congress does not return to its traditional profligate spending habits.

    But there is much more to be done—and soon. If the American people want to save their dream for themselves and future generations, they should follow The Heritage Foundation’s plan for “Saving the American Dream.” The Heritage plan would drive down government spending and debt, protect America, and balance the budget without raising taxes.

    The Speaker has spoken. The American people will count on his word that Congress will not raise the debt limit without deep spending cuts and strong improvements in the federal budget process. Let us hope that the President and the majority in the Senate were listening, too, and that, together with the Speaker, they will set America on the journey to a bright economic future—a journey whose steps The Heritage Foundation has outlined in its plan for “Saving the American Dream.”

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    9 Responses to The Speaker’s First Step on the Journey Toward “Saving the American Dream”

    1. Raul, McCloud CA says:

      Mr Speaker, one of the most important conditions to this plan is tax reform. Without it, the cuts mean nothing. Republicans in the House and Senate will continue to ursurp the will of the people by adding "readers" to every single spending bill and budget proposal.

      Budget reforms aren't nearly as important as the need to prevent the Administration's ability to run around the War Powers Act and seek approval from the UN. Mr. Speaker, you were a member of Congress when President Bush did exactly this; twice. You voted for and borrowed the funds for two wars and established the Department of Homeland Security as well as Medicare part D and created a budget deficit. Sorry but you can't speak out of both sides of your mouth on this issue…you have ZERO credibility.

    2. Bobbie says:

      I don't understand why there is a need for a "raise" in the "debt limit" if proper spending cuts, constitutional constraints and accountabilities are implemented?

      There shouldn't be a "raise" in government ?limits?, beyond the peoples control until a significant number of people are living free from government dependency and paying their share in taxes! Government's goal should get people off the dole!!!!…in a country of freedom.

    3. Paulo G Batista says:

      Great work heritage foundation. Congratulations to the entire team of professionals.

      Paulo G Batista

    4. Raul, McCloud CA says:

      Bobby,,,,with all due respect, even the Heritage Foundation's Plan to "Save America" doesn't balance the budget for another 10 years…can't be done…the debt ceiling must be raised to protect us against higher interest rates and falling into another recession.

    5. Charlene O'Conn says:

      Please don't give in to the progressive liberals again. You have the upper hand, use it.We don't need more taxes or higher limits. But the most important issue is Obama Care. Our whole democratatic way of life will be gone with this government takeover. It's an invasive power grab.

      You will have my support if you fight like a conservative.

      Charlene O'Connell

    6. Bobbie says:

      But Raul, the only reason America is where it's at is because of the actions of government, past and present. These acts of overreach and intervention are the expense that led us here. The government has to be disciplined and held accountable to it's business of governing not compete against the people they serve and the people's business the government obligates payment and dictates regulations to.

      It was government intervention that collapsed the housing crisis, government intervention that caused medical expenses to triple, government intervention subsidizing businesses that shouldn't exist if they can't make it on their own or if their decisions caused their own consequences. Government bailouts to the "greedy" ceo's the President was proud to call them. Government policies destroying to collapse private sector businesses. Government intervention in public education and look at those results!

      All this cost tax payers needless money, time and wouldn't have if government members respected their oath of office and our expectations of their oath of office, enforce the laws written and hold ALL CITIZENS accountable to laws and respected the country's people's freedom and personal dignity.

      There is so much wrong when authority keeps putting money INTO all problems they've caused and refuses common sense advice on common sense resolutions. But we keep falling deeper at greater expense. If people are held accountable government wouldn't have to be "big, big."

      When the government sets the example of irresponsible, "people" haven't learned or aren't expected to be responsible, so they follow the leader. Inner weakness.

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    8. Dee Va. says:

      I still say there is no reason in the world to raise the DEBT LIMIT once all the cuts are done along with OBAMACARE it will be good…..that ILLEGAL MUSLIM OBAMA doesnt need any more of WE THE PEOPLE'S MONEY………………….

    9. Dennis Crane says:

      I am pleased to see the speaker's strong statement. There are many who believe the GOP will cave to the press of vested interests and continue deficit spending. Speaker Boehner's strong statement will help allay these fears. The GOP will rally a strong majority and receive the nation's mandate if it continues to insist on fiscal responsibility and strong growth policies. The GOP must be obstinate and stand up for America's interests into the future.

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