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  • The Predictable Conclusion of Obama's Immigration Speech

    The President gave a speech this afternoon where he expressed the need to fix America’s broken immigration system.

    He had a lot of good things to say about immigration. For instance, the President emphasized the positive effects of immigration, stating, “It doesn’t matter where you came from; what matters is that you believe in the ideals on which we were founded; that you believe all of us are equal and deserve the freedom to pursue happiness.” True. No disagreement here.

    He also emphasized that reforms in legal immigration “will also help make America more competitive in the global economy.” Again, Mr. President, kudos for supporting reforms in a poorly run legal immigration system.

    He made valid points about the border—including investments in manpower, fencing, and technologies that are making the border more secure.

    The conclusion of his speech, however, was incredibly predictable yet disappointing nonetheless. The President again proposed an amnesty for the 11 million illegal immigrants inside the United States, something he has done twice a year since he was elected. We tried the amnesty route in 1986, and not only did it not work, but it made the problem worse.

    But let’s follow the White House and forget history for a moment. An amnesty would cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars—at a time where debt is at its ceiling and budgets are busted. It would also reward those who broke the law and came to the U.S. illegally over those who came to the U.S. the legal way.

    Neither of those two side effects would accomplish President Obama’s stated goals of improving the economy through immigration or recruiting the best and brightest to come to the U.S. legally.

    It is unfortunate. The President had a real opportunity to push forth a plan that would respect the rule of law, promote the economy and national security, and actually solve the illegal immigration problem so that future generations aren’t forced to make these decisions all over again. But he didn’t—instead he emphasized the need to “put politics aside” while ridiculing rule of law advocates and then used tired talking points to placate the pro-amnesty crowd. He even mentioned passage of the DREAM Act—the mini-amnesty legislation that hasn’t passed despite plenty of opportunities. Most see it for what it is: an amnesty dressed in nice clothing.

    The right solution is a plan that shows a real commitment to border security, robust workplace and immigration enforcement, a temporary worker program, and visa reforms to get employers the employees they need.

    Obama’s speech had a lot of colorful language—but his conclusion wasn’t pretty.

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    19 Responses to The Predictable Conclusion of Obama's Immigration Speech

    1. m.e.in Texas says:

      He just doesn't understand!

    2. Cmore says:

      Well Obama said that theborder is more secure now than before as usual,but 13 people were found dead in that area the other day,also he is making mote deportations this is true,however this is a smoke screen just to get the votes he needs in Congress,also this is just placating to immigration acitvists groups for support I'm 08 and again in 2012, these groups are stupid to think that he really cares for what they want.

    3. John Lamb New York says:

      As you have clearly stated it was predictable, He portrays himself as a leader. However, He panders to the Latino vote . He preaches change, change,change but, gives no specifics and he plans to ram this down the throats of America whether we want it or not just before the 2012 election. The failing economy low job numbers poor housing picture, he has nothing else. He is just hoping that the smoke and mirrors will cover up all his mistakes.

    4. Al Viggiani New York says:

      This man who was elected as our President is tearing the fabric of this Country in so many ways im not sure we can fix the mess he is creating. This man will go down in history as the man who put the final dagger in the heart of this Nation! I feel he is "THE ENEMY WITHIN".!

    5. Concerned, Mequon WI says:

      This man is dispicable. He will lie through his teeth to get re-elected. I wonder if the Hispanic community will believe his lies again before they realize what he is just giving them a false promise.

    6. Barbara says:

      What happens to a country when all your decision are based on winning the next election?

    7. Rob, New York says:

      I believe you low-balled you cost estimate dramatically. If we grant these illegal aliens citizenship, when fully implemented, I can't see it costing anything under $100 billion a year.

      The current estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is about 12 million but we don't know how solid that number that is. I think it is safe to say that if amnesty is granted , that number will soar. There will be a cottage industry set up to manufacture any documents required to prove what ever it is these illegals need to prove to be granted citizenship. If those documents are challenged by government officials, they will be sued in court almost every time by La Raza, the ACLU and any other pro-amnesty group in an attempt, and very likely a successful one, to exhaust government officials to the point where they decide the effort just isn't worth it and routinely approve the documentation without challenge. Mexican nationals will storm the border in an attempt to qualify for amnesty. There was a Rassmussen poll taken a few years that asked Mexicans (roughly) "If illegal aliens are granted citizenship in the U.S., how likely are you to immigrate to the United States? 51% said they would and why wouldn't they? Welfare here offers a better life than a middle class Mexican would experience at home. If we grant amnesty to illegal aliens, we might as well annnex Mexico and make it our 51st state.

      Then there'always chain migration. President Obama said that he doesn't want to split up families. I bet we could get another 700-800 thousand out of that.

      These illegals are uneducated and unskilled. Consider that according to the IRS, in 2010, 51% of Americans paid no Federal income Tax; 49% did; Which group do you think our new American citizens will fall into? Consider that 60% of Americans get more from government than they pay in taxes. Where would our new citizens fall? Consider that in 2010, only 51% of American income came from salaries; the rest came from government transer payments. Do we want to add 12-20 million low income citizens to that pool of money?

      It costs $24,000 to educate a child in the Los Angeles school district. That's about what an illegal alien makes in a year. What if they have two kids; three kids? In New York State, it costs about $18,000 a year. Same situation.

      If we grant amnesty to these illegals, it will be another nail in the economic coffin of our nation. It will show that President Obama not only wants to redistribute wealth among the citizens of this country, he wants to redistribute wealth to anyone in the world. And with our country in such dire economic straights, why is it the responsibility of the citizens of this country to pay for the education, the health care, the retirement, the welfare and the incarceration of the citizens of Mexico and Central America simply because they are here, they want it and they can't get it from the country from which they came?

      We no longer have the type of economy that can absorb 12-20 million unskilled uneducated people. Besides we are creating our own group of unskilled, uneducated citizenry to the tune of a few hundred thousand a year. They are called high school drop-outs. How are they going to make a living?

      If you want to beat this amnesty argument, just talk about the money.

    8. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      If his lips are moving, he's lying

    9. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Jena! We are not equal. That is Socialist tripe! We are created with Equal Rights and we have (supposedly) Equal Justice guaranteed under Law. How can it be that the Revolving Door Policy gets worse and worse, the thing that lets Criminal Aliens run amok granting superior rights to Illegals in Criminal Justice?The Illegal Aliens don't go to jail like Americans do, they get preferential treatment! They get released and deported (or just let go) and they are right back out on the streets! What is really going on is the effort to Steal Election in 2012!

      Amazing Obama says the illegals will have to learn English! Golly! They have fought against learning English for fifty solid years! Obama loves to say the right things but he when it comes to doing the right things? He won't do anything that doesn't serve the Progressive Agenda! Oh! Sure! He has some use for the Aliens! Using people, now that is in the realm of possibility! Will he actually do anything that benefits American Hispanics? Hell No! Not now, not ever! That isn't what he does.

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    11. Jim Z, Somerset, NJ, says:

      We MUST open the floodgates. Obama is alienating so many REAL US Citizens who can vote that his best re-election strategy is to IMPORT NEW voters who share his disdain for the rule of law. What better than 11 million people whose very first act on US soil is to violate our laws. Sound like OBAMA VOTERS to me!

      If you visit Cuidad Juarez (that's in Mexico, by the way) you will probably find ACORN going door to door there – prepping for the 2012 elections.

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    13. AD says:

      Cmore, it is not that he doesn't understand, it is that he doesn't care!

    14. shelly kavana, LA says:

      Based on the Immigration reform, I would like to say here that it is not fair for us legal residents. I applied for my green card at my country in 2002, then I had the reply in 2003, congratulating me for green card, I went through back ground, medical and paid a lot of money on these things. Then we were given our visa to come here. If I did that in my country to come here legally, why don't you send these undocumented people back to their own country and tell them to get it from their own country. I am working full time, and yet I cant afford to pay my health Insurance and my taxes are too high. So do you expect these illegal immigrants to pay taxes? I have heard most of these illegal immigrants, most of them are my friends, saying that they wont pay taxes or buy insurance because they are too expensive once they are documented. Which does not sound good to me because I pay my taxes, and yet not getting some of the benefits, but yet these illegal immigrants are getting it.

      So to Mr. President, I am recommending to send illegal immigrant back to their country.

    15. Carol,AZ says:


      Learn a hard lesson in humility we border states have lived with for almost three years.

      el Senor Obama doen't want our borders secured.

      All the lip sevice he quoted,"we did this and we did that"… was in a large part, money left over from the Brush administration.

      The fence fund was cancelled completely and money diverted to MX.

      We did get a token ~ 250 National Guard troops,of the 6000 troops asked for, by Senator"s, Mccain and Kly..

      Here in AZ, parts of our border is so violent now, it's completely unprotected.

      In this sector, for the safety of our border agents, who requested an increased number there, we just don't have the man power to safely protect the border and also cover their backs.

      To counter this for us, and the rest of America, we have passed a bill and will raise funds privately, to put- up our own dang fence.

      I check the website today to get my own donation download, to send a check.

      The fund has grown larger, with over a million, in donations.

      It touched my heart to know that America believes in us and also supporting us through some unspeakable truths here, and in TX.

      If you also believe in us :please post where you are:,our website to help get the job done. http://www.keepazsafe.com

      Also: get the daily updates from another site that doesn't lie. http://www.borderlandbeat.
      You must understand there, we have a war on our border. To date close to, 40,000 MX citizens are either dead or missing. This year over 100 Americas have been killed in MX and all murders are unresolved by our own government.

      Please cintinue to support us any way the power of your pen, will educate and inform.

    16. Bobbie says:

      Mr. President, I just had to wonder why we are misleading the children? Why do we call punishment on children when their parents violated a very serious law and placed great financial burden and crimes on the people you serve!

      If I were you and we are we, I would've explained to the children that their parents made a known and unfortunate decision and selfishly took advantage of others not in control of their parents decision. If I were you and we are we, I would've told them by their mother's choice is why there are problems and why her children are in this predicament. If I were you and we are we, I would've explained to the children that it will be by law they are sent back but can return by the legal immigration process. I would've been straight forward, honest and up front. But I am me and YOU are you.

      It's called responsibility, Mr. President. And being accountable and held accountable for it. What we can't do, Mr. President, is allow people to break your laws and then reward them. What we can't do Mr. President, is appease and accommodate unlawful acts. The parents of illegal status did this, Mr. President and America's governments. NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    17. Drema White says:

      It's my understanding that the USA has to pay Mexico to take these illegal immigrants back, no wonder the government doesnt want to send them back

    18. Drema White, WV says:

      It is my understanding that the USA has to pay Mexico to take the illegal immigrants back. No wonder the goverment doesn't want to send them back.

    19. Carol,AZ says:

      RSVP, Drema, WV:

      You have been mis-informed.

      All of us pay for deportation since ICE, is, a Federal agency.

      Mexico does NOT pay the USA reparation ( money paid for damages ) for all costs on this issue.

      You are also correct ;

      Mexcio doen't want them back, it's their new age policy, of getting rid of their over population and poor.

      Further, unported to you on this issue, border states: AZ , TX CA and N. MX are over-flowing with violent Illegals from many South American counrties and Mexico that we are all supporting in each state, in our jails and prisons.

      These cost are suppose to by paid inkind by the counrties of origin, and if not, reinversed cost, to each state by the Federal Government. In both cases we have rec'ed a blank check.

      Since we both know we are flat-lined broke in America, and all border states are going broke over this issue, you should be very happy your in W.V.

      In CA, just passed, by their state's Supreme court, a bill, that will allow ~ 48,000 incarerated prisoners to walk, to save costs. They have stated that half are illgal immigrants.

      There's NO PLAN in place to deport.

      CA is just too lazy to make plans that would help them out of the mess there..

      They have also announced that they are allowing "early releases" for only "non-violent criminals."

      Along with that news: watch out for, " the flying pigs, singing CA Dreamin", wearing sun glasses.

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