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  • Obama Still Channeling His Inner Carter

    Comparing the foreign policies of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama has been like comparing apples to, well, apples.

    Carter tried accommodating America’s enemies. He cut back on defense. He made humility the hallmark of American diplomacy. Sound familiar? It might be too much to argue that the current President’s doctrine plagiarized the peanut farmer. But it is not too much of a stretch.

    Carter and Obama not only had similar styles of engaging with the rest of the world, but both of their presidencies fell into the same pitfalls. Enemies perceived their penchant for half-measures and exploited them.

    Now, the mission of Seal Team Six has had some people musing that Obama has shed the shadow of Jimmy Carter. Carter comparisons, however, are likely to come back again and again. The chief goal of the Obama doctrine is to do as little as possible to get by in the world. Each of his decisions to send troops into harm’s way—including the Seal Team Six strike on Osama bin Laden—reflects the President’s minimalist approach to the exercise of American power.

    The only way Obama can banish his inner Jimmy Carter is to abandon his own doctrine.

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    5 Responses to Obama Still Channeling His Inner Carter

    1. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      I'm wondering if these two presidents are not kin by some great, great, great grandfather from there generations. It maybe possible that some evolutionary genetic drift has appeared that forms the same ideology shared by these two males. Its for sure they both think alike when it comes to leadership. We could blame it on education, but one of them was not an elementary student of this country, so, this rules out the programing of elementary education. Nevertheless, both did attend colleges in the United States that recieved tax dollars to support there system. Wherefore the simularies may have come form, its found in all of history and societies that have disappeared. One of there genetics gave them charisma without substance.

    2. Kevin H, college par says:

      That's funny. If you compare President Obama to President Carter, can't imagine who you compare President Bush or Senate McCain to.

      It was President Bush who faield to realize the dangers America was facing and it was his adminsitration that totally dropped the counter terrorism ball. You can look back at Attorney General Reno's last budget priority memo to the Pentagon and see counter-terrorism was the highest priority and repeatedly mentioned. You look at Attorney General Rumsfeld's first budget prioprity memo to the Pentagon and you won't find counter terrorism mentioned once. It's amazing how no one gives any blame to President Bush and his administration for the autrocities of 9/11. You jump all over President Obama for teh underwear bombing attempt, but no blame placed on President Bush and his administrations lack of counter terrorism strategy?!?! The worst attack on American soil came under a Republican president and Republican congress. Those are the facts. You can try and spin it all you want, but facts are facts.

      And which president went into Pakistan and had Osama captured and killed? President Obama! Senator McCain said he would not go into Pakistan to get Osama because it's a sovereign nation. If the Republican McCain was in the White House right now, Osama would still be alive and operating as the head of A-Q.

      How many dictators have been overthrown since Obama was in office?

    3. Roger S., Mass. says:

      Being "Mr. Nice Guy" is not the same as "treading softly but carrying a big stick". That said, there is a thin line which every President has had to, and will have to, walk in our international relations: Making it clear to our foes that antagonizing us is not a good idea, while at the same time not "scaring" our "allies" with an overly aggressive posture. — Allied statesmen too have populations to convince, with more or less large factions either pacifist or anti-American. So, some measure of sensitivity toward these "foreign assets", which we do need, is necessary and appropriate. — The key to a believable balance toward both ends is knowing which to prioritize. It is here, that Carter and Obama were/are both simply too inexperienced, on the one hand, and probably had /have the wrong philosophy concerning conflicts on the other.

      Reagan and Bush Sr. did a superior job, and pretty much all successes for which Obama is currently taking credit belong in reality to Bush Jr. who laid the appropriate foundation. Concerning OBL, just ask 2 questions: Given Washington's typical "enjoyment" of "leaking lips and emails", how long would it have taken for the news to get out that last Sunday BO had OBL practically on a silver platter but passed on the opportunity? Next, if so, how long thereafter could BO have counted on a political career, any political career? So, given the current WH occupant's past "deeds", a third question: How much of that decision was driven by a genuine desire to "do the right thing", how much by "clear and present" political expediency? May everyone here answer that for him /her self. I have my own answer!

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    5. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      "How many dictators have been overthrown since Obama was in office?" – I would not be so proud of that achivement. The constitution was created to keep this country from having a "King" which would have ultimate power to take America into any war of his choosing, or to kill a "Dictator." We are no better then a "Dictator Regiem" when we start playing the worlds decider as to who other soverign countries can put in power. What if China decided that our president wasn't the right person they liked, would they then have the same right to remove our president by force?? and yes Bush and McCain are Big Government Republicans, they just are not as "Big" as the current administration.

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