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  • The Coming Obamacare Train Wreck

    The four co-authors of Why Obamacare is Wrong for America recently addressed The Bloggers Briefing at The Heritage Foundation. Grace-Marie Turner provided the Foundry exclusive highlights from her remarks.

    Obamacare may be fading from the headlines, but the health law still is steaming toward us like a freight train.

    Obamacare is the most sweeping single piece of social policy legislation in the nation’s history, and the very real and legitimate fears of a government take-over of our health sector caused millions of people to take to the streets in protest. Opposition to the new health law was the most important reason that voters elected conservatives to office in record numbers last fall.

    So why is health care no longer front-page news? Largely because President Obama has decided to stop talking about it. And even when he does, he mentions only the early provisions, inserted largely for their political popularity – such as putting 26-year-olds on their parents’ health insurance, policies for people with pre-existing conditions, and “free” preventive care. Many people think, if that is all there was, what was the big fuss about?

    Others think that Obamacare no longer is a threat: The House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal it on January 19 of this year, and two major federal courts have declared all or part of the law unconstitutional. A recent poll showed that nearly half of Americans think it either has been repealed or they aren’t sure. Others think that if so many companies can get a waiver from ObamaCare, they will get a waiver, too.

    But the law is very-much in force, steaming toward us with hundreds of billions of dollars in new and higher taxes, job-killing mandates on businesses, crushing costs for the states, and creation of two massive new entitlement programs. The cost of this new law will be astronomical and will crush not only our health sector but our economy and will rob us of precious freedom.

    The most important thing is for people to stay informed about what’s in this law and the impact that it will have on all of us as families, young people, seniors, employers, employees, doctors, patients, taxpayers, and citizens. That’s why we wrote our book, Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America. The president hopes you won’t read this book so you won’t know what’s in the law. But all of us HAVE to know what is coming because that is the only way to derail this train wreck that is coming in a few short years!

    Grace-Marie Turner is president of the Galen Institute. She is the co-author with Robert Moffit of The Heritage Foundation, James C. Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and Thomas Miller of the American Enterprise Institute of Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America from Broadside, an imprint of HarperCollins. Learn more at www.WrongForAmericaBook.com.

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    8 Responses to The Coming Obamacare Train Wreck

    1. West Texan says:

      The best approach by a majority of states should be what several have already done, outlaw Obamacare. It's not a forgotten problem but rather one that highlights the manipulated and wasteful court process addressing an abusive federal transgression into the rightful and constitutional affairs of individual states.

    2. Joan, New Mexico says:

      Please specifically inform those who are unaware of the dangers inherent in the presidentially appointed 15 member IPAB which will determine health care policy not only for Medicare but for all insurance and which may restrict individuals from using their own money to pay for desired healthcare.(section3403)–MA section 10320.The IPAB (and its decisions) are designated as entities which cannot be altered by future congresses in any way. Very frightening indeed, given the cold hard crowd who crafted this bill.

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Not only Obama is "not talking" about this, but we note Boehner and the other

      gutless Republicans are deathly afraid to face this "train wreck". If ObamaCare is to be stopped, it will take those that know or learn the truth about not only what is in this disaster, but the deals and bribes that Obama employed to get it down

      our throats. The likes of Mary Landreau and Ben Nelson are still their. Until those

      are called to answer to the American people, this train will continue down the track.

    4. chris says:

      The american people are helpless to stop this train wreck. The senators and representatives we elected to represent us refuse to acknowledge the will of the people and vote for the repeal. The president is leading our country to ruin and americans sit back powerless to stop him. The only thing we can do is to vote in 2012 and hope and pray that there is enough of us paying attention to the destruction this president has done to our country and hope its not to late can turn things around. What else can we do??? If there is an answer please tell me. I have contacted elected officials and they are not listening!

    5. Bobbie says:

      Excellent comments. Government isn't qualified to make decisions for us who can make our own. They'll pick and choose like they do businesses.

      Just 3 years ago, co-pay was $15 DOLLARS!!!! Before Obama and his desire to "care." TODAY, UNDER OBAMA IT'S $45!!!! We don't get an automatic raise every year!! WE CANNOT AFFORD! Unfair to put burden on the responsible and nothing from the irresponsible. CORRECTION NOT EXCEPTION!!!!!!! Please stop this unconstitutional danger!!!

      Government claims they're just trying to regulate something people already use?? Bald face liars!!!!! Why has and is the cost going up outrageously, since then? Get the government out they are not truthful.

      We the people can maintain our own health as America once provided. By the words and actions of this administration alone, gimmicks, schemes, angles and traps, there is absolutely no trust in this untrustworthy administration.

    6. steven wetherell oak says:

      The best approach is to have this book available free to the public or release a free newsletter with excerpts from the book to the public. Have the people of the US elect a new president and overturn this bill ASAP. after the next election.

    7. Linnie B says:

      If we are to turn over the Senate and replace the guy in the White House, it will take every one of us to get off the sofa, out of our comfort zone and get out the conservative vote in 2012. Otherwise, we will be stuck with Obamacare through eternity. Education and action.

      Remember, with a $1B war chest, Obama doesn't have to campaign … he can just buy the votes he needs. Obamacare is worse than a train wreck. But it will prevail unless we the people do something!

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