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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Attack on Private Industry

    You might think that a U.S. company’s decision to expand its manufacturing facilities and create 1,000 new jobs here at home — rather than overseas — would be hailed by the Obama Administration as a step in the right direction, especially with nine percent unemployment. You’d be wrong. Instead, President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is doing all it can to throw a wrench in the machinery of private industry.

    The story begins with Boeing Corporation’s decision to build a new assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina, in order to produce the 787 Dreamliner, the company’s fastest selling airliner. (To date, Boeing has 800 planes on order.) The NLRB, which is charged with remedying unfair labor practices, got wind of the decision and last month filed a complaint against Boeing, alleging that the company decided to build the plant in South Carolina out of retaliation for union strikes at its Washington state facilities.

    Those locations have caused difficulties for Boeing. The International Association of Machinists (IAM) regularly goes on strike during contract negotiations, causing Boeing to miss orders and costing it billions in lost business. Boeing considered building its new plant in Washington, but the IAM refused to sign a long-term no-strike agreement. That played a role in Boeing’s decision to expand into South Carolina, a right-to-work state with a good business and tax climate, as Heritage’s Rea Hederman, Jr., and James Sherk explain.

    The NLRB’s actions are drawing strong criticism from Republicans in the U.S Senate. ”It’s clearly outside of the authority of this federal government to be threatening and bullying and trying to intimidate companies like Boeing who should have the freedom to locate their plants anywhere they want. It’s intimidation,” Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said Wednesday. DeMint joined with 18 senators in writing a letter to the president last week condemning the NLRB’s complaint:

    We consider this an attack on millions of workers in 22 right-to-work states, as well as a government-led act of intimidation against American companies that should have the freedom to choose to build plants in right-to-work states.

    If the NLRB prevails, it will only encourage companies to make their investments in foreign nations, moving jobs and economic growth overseas. America will not win the future if Washington penalizes workers in states that have discovered winning economic strategies.

    But in a White House where the cozy relationship between big labor and big government couldn’t be any closer, the NLRB’s moves are just the Obama administration’s latest effort to come to the defense of the union machine. And it’s also a direct shot at private industry’s freedom to make fundamental business decisions, which has serious consequences for the U.S. economy. Hederman and Sherk write:

    If the Obama Administration succeeds, it will chill business investment. Unions raise business costs and discourage employers from investing and expanding. Studies consistently show that unionized employers create fewer jobs than non-union employers. Forcing businesses to invest in states with bad business climates will cause them to scale back their investments. It might create a few more jobs for union members, but will mean fewer jobs and higher unemployment in the economy overall.

    President Obama has remained silent on the issue, with a White House official maintaining that the NLRB’s complaint is an “independent agency’s enforcement action.” Governor Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) isn’t satisfied and has a pointed question for the president, as National Review Online reports.

    I want to ask him why he is allowing unelected bureaucrats to come in and do the unions’ dirty work on the backs of our businesses . . . It’s hurting the jobs in South Carolina and every other right-to-work state. He owes us an answer.”

    The answer to Haley’s question can be found in the Obama-big labor alliance. If the Obama NLRB prevails, it will have struck a significant blow against right-to-work states by significantly expanding labor’s ability to dictate where companies do business, all while solidifying their base of political power. The losers, unfortunately, will be private industry, job seekers and the U.S. economy.

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    94 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Attack on Private Industry

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      5 – 9 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      It is OK for Newt to run for Prez.

      WSJ give approval on Front Page today.

      As of today – 5-9-11 Newt is the Front Runner.


      Daily Beast – CEO Pay Rose 11 Percent in 2010

      The median value of compensation for CEOs of 350 major companies rose 11 percent to $9.3 million,

      The Rich get Richer, and PAY Lower Taxes.

      Tax the RICH, they have the $$$.

    2. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Where do you think most of his billion dollar campaign funds are going to come from?? It's the Unions dummy, it's the unions. That is why BHO does not visit "Right to work" locations, We need to put Freedom back in ALL States and not be controlled by Unions or Goverment.

    3. Aavo - Helena, MT says:

      Who is John Galt ?

    4. Wayne, Columbia, SC says:

      If NLRB wins this, no company operating in a non-right-to-work state will be able to relocate or expand to a right-to-work-state. This will hurt the unions in the long run in that new, start up companies will choose right-to-work-states for their businesses leaving the non-right-to-work state with their forced union memberships and dues out in the cold. So the unions could win now but lose later or america could win now and later. This is corrupt government support for a special interest group.

    5. G. Hugh Bodell, New says:

      Mr. Obama’s agenda is chaos, intentional, orchestrated chaos the choreography for which has been written by his puppeteers. This is a prime example of that agenda. Do not get distracted by his posing and preening over the killing of one terrorist.

    6. Rick says:

      Here again we have a perfect example of greed and corruption on the part of our presdident and his flock of greedy ppl the unions have and will continuee to destroy this country as there only purpose left is to be a voting block for the corrupt left wing. We have lost morte jobs we have a lower standard of education and it costs the taxpayer more as we continue to allow unions in this country. Perfect example being our csea workers. How many to fix a pot hole at least a dozen as one works and 11 watch. But again our corrupt left wing continues to let this copuntry fall as we lose more jobs and allow the unions to destroy the american dream.

    7. John R. Turner, Ariz says:

      Governor Haley,

      You are the Governor of South Carolina, aren't you? Yes? Well then act like it and tell the NLRB to go to HADES. The federal Government has no jurisdiction over where businesses do business.

    8. Robert, North Richla says:

      While I consider Senator Jim DeMint to be one of the Magnificent Eight that are actually doing something, I don't think "letters" are going to scare, or stop, Obama and the other minions. I can still hear the "echoes" of the war cries and demands from last year's election campaigns of how republicans were going to "take back our government" and "make government smaller" and all of the other nonsense. I can't wait to see the "compromise" little johnny and baby eric are being fed for the upcoming debt limit debacle. I wonder how many republicans will vote against THAT?

    9. Curt Krehbiel, Midla says:

      "If the NLRB prevails, it will only encourage companies to make their investments in foreign nations, moving jobs and economic growth overseas. America will not win the future if Washington penalizes workers in states that have discovered winning economic strategies."

      The current administration is not interested in America winning the future. It's goal is to destroy the economy and bring America down to third world country status.

    10. Perry OK says:

      As a nation we have HRT(hostage rescue team). Do we really need one for business? A union that can.hold a company HOSTAGE is sending a ransom note that all should hear. We are in charge not you and if you try and go around us we have the goverment. It sound like a loss of power for the unions that cost all Americans jobs and Money.

      I will not have a union presents in my company. I will close down and go overseas before that happens That is why we as a nation are held HOSTAGE by unions!

      Keep it up liberal America and YOU can have it all. Just who is going to do the work when no one can afford anything.

    11. Linda, Colorado says:

      Obama is determined to destroy this country. I just hope American's have the good sense to make him a one term president.

    12. Walter J. Curran says:

      Republicans and Tea Partym,embers must use every technical means of communication to get the details of the plans and actions and their benefits out to the electronic public. Remembering we are trying to communiucate with persons educated after 1960…

    13. MrShorty, Cave Creek says:

      What further evidence do the American people need to see to confirm that this Administration is exercising Marxist ideals. When the federal government uses its ever expanding power to alter business decisions made in the private sector, that is a very sure sign that the federal government wants to control the manufacturing sector. Ergo Marxism.

    14. Wes, Northwest India says:

      If we allow the Unions to dictate where businesses can operate and what the terms of employment are we will continue to see jobs going over seas and businesses closing shop here in America. It's ignorant to think that we will see and end to the decline in our country with this mentality. Since the Democrats can't see what is obvious to all businesses it will take a change in leadership in Washington before we can expect job growth and a recovering economy.

    15. Dave, cincinnati says:

      REPUBLICANS, DEFUND the NLRB!!!! Use your weapons. Stop cozying up to the leftists. This is war! DemocRATS know it : they stoop to anything to grab and assert power.

    16. Al C W says:

      2012 can't get here soon enough. I am done with what this guy is doing.

    17. Roy Nelson League Ci says:

      Yes, and DOD's decision to rebid the latest Air Force tanker contract and take it away from the original winner, Northrup-Grumman/EADS cost a similar job loss in Mobile, AL. Every decision this President makes or orders examined has a politcal component.

    18. Phil Garner, Mountai says:

      Businesses must be able to do business anywhere they choose in order to maximize profit. Obama and the NLRB sound like they are moving toward "centralized planning". We all know how well that approach worked. If any authority other than the business itself can decide where a business will locate, we are really in trouble.

      Phil Garner

    19. Dale, El Paso, TEXAS says:

      When a president has cabinet members that he has NOT spoken to since he appointed them yet allows the chief thug of the AFL-CIO to come to the White House on a weekly if not daily basis, you know there is trouble! There needs to be a push…or more so and insistence that unions be knocked down several, SEVERAL notches! How dare this administration stop a great American company like Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina and putting Americans to work at good paying jobs! ENOUGH!! What is it going to take for Americans to stand up and tell the left…the minority left I would add…to sit down and shut up?!

    20. BRENT BROWN says:

      Yet another indication of how biased and inept BHO is and why he must not be allowed to continue as president for another 4 years! start no to lay the ground work to vote him and his phony cronies out of office in 2012!!

    21. jack baggett says:

      this is just sad….we need to get this man out of the white house….he is bound snd determined to destroy america as we know it….i believe it is his intention…

    22. West Texan says:

      Senator Jim DeMint is absolutely correct. This administration has been in bed with organized labor corruption from day one. Obama brought his Chicago style cronyism with him into the oval office. It's sickening and needs to stop now.

    23. Robert Boyer Wright says:

      Unions are proven to be out dated losers! They & Obama must GO for the good of the nation as a whole! Robert

    24. Mike from Long Islan says:

      I think that this would be a good time for Boeing Aircraft to institute a suit in Federal Court against the NLRB and the federal government for "unlawful restraint of trade and exceeding the limits of their lawful authority". It could go all the way up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. I think that American business has to "put a little bit of the fear of God" back into these federal bureaucrats and even into the President of the United States himself !

    25. J.R., Jacksonville, says:

      A U.S. federal agency has absolutely no right to discriminate against and restrict the freedom of choice in business decisions of a private industry… or to discriminate against a right-to-work state. In this case, a federal agency is shilling for the international labor unions movement as defined by the United Nations, whose goal it is to have world-wide unionization of all workers of the world. ( See the U.N. website on this topic) Perhaps, this was the purpose of Obama's giving the underhanded and dangerous, United Nations millions of dollars over and above the U.S. dues which are already disproportionately higher that that of other countries. The U.S. and Japan have historically bourne the largest financial cost of funding the Anti-American U.N.

      What Boeing officials know about, however, is Obama"s and his administrations' propensity for punishing its enemies and rewarding its friends. Obama is not only petulant, arrogant and narcissistic, he is also vindictive, dictatorial, cowardly, and a dirty fighter. From his own mouth came the words, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." He is now holding that gun to the head of Boeing, metaphorically speaking, and letting them know he will work to kill their business if they don't toe his imperial line and the unions' anti-constitutional control. Next thing you know, he will try to do to them what he did to General Motors… destroy it, at great cost to the American people. It appears that Obama is intent on making national/international labor unions a fourth branch of the U.S. Government and continuing his White House open-revolving-door policy for union bigwigs.

      The time for impeaching and removing this unconstitutional, anti-American, pro-Muslim President is long past due. He is the biggest threat of tyranny in this country since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, which provides the method and legal authority for removing him from office.

    26. Dennis East Greenwic says:

      This move by the NLRB is strictly political. I do not see why anyone would want to stop a company from growing and adding jobs. The NLRB is not here to protect union jobs yet, that seems to be their sole purpose. I believe that we have to many radicals in government and on the administrative boards that govern us. It is time to reduce the size of these governing boards as well as their power to make everyone miserable. If you wonder why the constitution is not adhered to, look at the power of these boards. The boards circumvent the constitution because their rules are regarded as law and we are forced to follow them. Secondly, they do not have to appear before congress to pass what becomes law. This should be changed if the impact is so broad and punitive as it is in this case.

    27. perfectlyaged tulsa, says:

      The Americans are going to be compelled to march on Washington…writing our Congressmen/women is not doing any good. We need to take our shalaylees and clean out Washington…the President and both parties!!!!!

    28. Gailmarie says:

      It's Atlas Shrugged!!! Stand firm America see the writing on the wall. May God Help us in 2012 this fundamental change has got to stop.

    29. John in Az says:

      My suggest ion is to find a bill the Senate knows Obama is going sign at the minuite attch to it that all labor Unions will loose their tax exempt staus. This seems to be the Democrats statagyIt is time to do to them as they do. Republicans. I for one do not believe any organization should have a tax exempt status,Includes religous and humaniterian organization.

      I also do not believe in the tax system set forth by not the government but the federal reserve system. Our tax system should be set up on acash flow system no deductions,exemptions,or special privilages for anybody or any organization.

    30. Nancy - Brooklyn says:

      Boing should take this to the Supreme Court. The Federal Gov't has no evidence for their unfounded claim and their bullying tactic against a private company is unprecedented. Every day, in too many ways, we see exactly what the 'fundamental transformatin of the United States of America" meant. And it couldn't be more un-American.

    31. SB Henry Olmstead, K says:

      As a business owner I say that your analysis of unions adding costs to the price of business products is dead on, Unfortunately, we're up against a socialist machine that demands handouts instead of handups. Once this cancer seaps into our society it's extremly difficult to extinguish. Thanks Heritage for the daily updates-keep them coming!

      SB Henry

    32. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Please, be honest (to those that know what that means). Is this a surprise to any clear thinking American? Of course their are those that disagree, but when one recognizes the reasons they do, one quickly understands that their hatred for this nation is exactly the same as Obama's. This is who and what is Obama.

    33. Ardath Blauvelt, Hol says:

      So what can be done? Can Congress sue the Board for extra-legal action? Can Boeing sue the NLRB?

    34. George, West Caldwel says:

      I believe this is the liberal interpretation of the 'commerce clause' in the Constitution. Instead of insuring the free flow of commerce they want to control it or destroy it.

    35. quartercircle says:

      Tell them to come to Oklahoma and we will take them unions or not and not law suits. Unions can stay out of the business and they are building a large facility here now so it is ok and not strikes should be in the contract for the jobs to. We want to work here and not strike.

    36. Thomas LaMere, Scott says:

      Maybe the time has come for Boeing to move all of its operations out of the State of Washington. Corporate HQ moved to Chicago and the world didn't end. Unions have a place in industry to assure its members of a healthy working environment, fair wages and a reasonable benefit package. However, when the unions demands outstrip the ability of the corporation to earn a reasonable net profit then it's the responsibility of the corporation to seek an new location that will assure the stockholders (owners) a return on their investment. The Federal Government doesn't belong in this equation.

    37. Stuart Bell II says:

      Look at this situation…. What is being said here is true. The NLRB actions are unconstitutional and destroying free enterprise in our country. If businesses like Boeing continue to go over seas to escape what is happening at home, you are playing right into Obama's lap! He then will be able to obtain more power to continue his quest to socialize the American economy. Stay home and fight this Administration justly! Get together. Organise a coalition to fight back! America needs you now!

    38. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      The surge of jobs to lowest cost areas will continue until there are only service jobs left in the USA. After that, the continued governement apathy toward the flood of illegal immigrants will insure that the service jobs will be come under intense competitive pressure thereby lowering the wage rates and standards for those jobs. In due time, the USA will have lowered it's standards suficiently to compete with any nation in the world at which time I welcome all to our new third world country -the USA. Why is it so difficult to understand that the USA must begin producing for her own needs if we are to survive as a sovereign, free and self-sufficient Country?

    39. Roger S., Mass. says:

      All good points. There really can no longer be any doubt that unions tend to stifle business initiative. Thus, "right to work" and the right to locate in a "right to work" location can be upheld as a practical necessity for keeping the economy "moving". Time for the NLRB to "butt out"!

      But there is another aspect to this issue: the moral/ethical/legal side. If joining a union is perfectly legitimate on these bases and covered by the Constitution's guaranteed right to "freedom of association", then the right to NOT join a union must be included in that definition. Precisely: The right to associate includes the right to not associate or terminate association, else it becomes meaningless.

      So, on this level, one has to ask why there even is an issue. Further, one needs to ask why there exists a Government entity to "watch" over it. It's really none of the Government's business; literally not! Do away with the NLRB: None of what they do is actually any of their business — and we could sure use the savings.

    40. Mary S. Houston, TX says:

      As the distinction between the liberal and conservative economic policies and results sharpens, I'm astounded at the blind allegiance from Democrats. In the face of economic extinction, they grip Obama's tactical, though opportunitist, decision to take BinLaden like grateful June Bugs with finally a place to land.

      Ignoring the Capitalism that has made America great, the mass destruction of jobs, disregarding protective immigration laws, bullying anit-Constitutional interference in industry, and now facilitating self-serving Union power over job-producing manufacturer's locations and states right to benefit from that choice – the left is ready to sell out our future for this brief moment of glory killing BinLaden, albeit monumental, of escape from the grave mistake they made in 2008.

      BinLaden deserves his fate. But as long as we've waited for this execution, and as grateful as we are for the Bush measures in place that Obama chose to use, it's time to get back and get strong about saving this great nation from liberal destruction and never forget, never, never forget what happens when they get into power.

    41. Darrell Crane says:

      I doubt our anti-American and anti-business president will do anything that will improve our economy for the long term!

    42. Rich Pierson says:

      I am so sick and tired of this administration talking out of both sides of their mouths. Either they are for free enterprise and workers rights- including non-union workers or they are not. Obviously, we all know the answer. We all must do all we can to make sure this President in name only will not be re-elected.

    43. Roger, Boise Idaho says:

      Even right to work states are struggling under government over-reach. The company I work for is moving its manufacturing headquarters to Singapore. The reason- Corporate tax rates and regulations (particularly EPA). We still do R&D here, but unless we change our tax and regulatory path, I don't see that lasting for too long.

    44. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      What is new with this news? The Obama administration is against all that does not support the socialist-communism philosophy. We have all the pundits and intrepretations of reading the writing on the wall of this administration, but the readings are: SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND TO THE UNIONS; TO ALL COMPANIES WHO WILL BARGAIN FOR FAVORS AND FLOOD THEIR COFFERS WITH MONEY AND ALL WHO ARE AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING.

    45. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      I hate to disagree but as I understand it this issue is more about what is current law and not about whether the Boeing Co. has the right to build planes where they want to. The NLRB has charged that Boeing is retaliating against union workers for previous collective activities, aka: strikes. But the law says the company cannot retaliate against workers for their previous actions. I’ll bet that eventually workers in S.C. will want better wages and benefits too. And which laws will protect them? Who doesn’t want their lot in life to improve over time? Otherwise we won’t even be able to afford to fly in the planes we build.

      So there has to be something else at play here. Boeing wants to benefit by a lower tax rate in S.C. and use its profits elsewhere. They want their lot in life to improve too. That’s fair. But to claim that 1000 new jobs will be created is a diversion, considering that it’s essentially a workforce shifted from one place to another, and probably, eventually overseas. So, S.C., don’t get in over your head. You’ll be next. The other shoe always falls.

      One last thought. If large American Corporations have such power in Congress, which we know they do, why can’t organized labor try to have some of that same power? When you strip away all of the wrapping, the American Worker is an American Worker … a taxpayer … a voter … whether or not he is a union member. We all have a right to compete with each other but we share a common goal, and that is to improve our lot in life. So, Good Luck and Good Journey.

    46. Richard Franchi Corn says:

      The Navy Seal event…..Nothing has changed. Obama still has his corrosive behind the scenes machinations in place. The NLRB, HHS and Jack Booted Sebelius attacking CEO'S and the list goes on and on. The Osama take down does not change anything.

      And, after he wins in 2012 he is going to nail us to the Progresssive Liberal Wall.

      A man with the chance for greatness…..too much dirt in his past, painting a dark picture for his and our future.

    47. Jim Delaney says:

      The cynic in me tells me that Obama is supportive of this insanity precisely BECAUSE it will produce jobs overseas, thus "leveling the playing field". It's just another demonstration of his sophomoric globalist income redistribution ideology. The guy's a MENACE!

      ALso, is it just me, or have others noticed that the Presidency today has become an imperialist presidency, far more expansive in its exercise of power than anything our forebears could ever have imagined. IF IF the GOP regains the White House and Congress in 2012, I strongly suggest a congressional commission whose job it should be to drastically whittle down the seemingly unbridled–and wholly unconstitutional–power of the Executive Branch. Such power was NEVER, EVER envisioned by the founders. The awful truth is that the USA is no longer a Republic. It is an statist oligarchy, heavily influenced by foreign ideology. It must be remedied before all is lost!!!!!!

    48. Deborah Hamel, Gilbe says:

      Why is the administration even involved in Boeing's operations? Government is supposed to protect the citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic, not become a domestic terrorist! I get it, Obama and his group are making work for out-of-work lawyers and protecting the union organizations. This is throwing the American companies and American workers under the bus to be driven over on the bus' way to third world nations in an effort to share the wealth globally. If I had read what I just wrote even a year ago, I would have dismissed the thought as crazy. Today, I think it ever so true. Look at the water shut-off in California over a tiny fish that could have been relocated, and now our produce comes "Proudly From Chili" and other 3rd world nations.

    49. A. Scott says:

      Wouldn't this be the perfect time for Congress to act and defund the NLRB? I love that Heritage is talking out loud about this but it has to be discussed much louder in more places. This administration is determined to kill America.

    50. Jack Hansen, Fort My says:

      Obama's regime rears its ugly head once more and is audacious enough to think they will get away with tyranny.

    51. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      It should come an no surprise to anyone who has followed the link between unions and the democrat party. Not only is the NLRB (in the Obama Adm.) exacerbating the terrible business climate in this country but they are also creating a chilling atmosphere for those who believe in Free Markets.

      The bullying tactics by the unions will ultimately come back to bite them in the butt big time and that can't come soon enough. Despite these tactics they lost in the recent judicial election in Wisconsin and will also lose in their recall efforts.

    52. michael j mudrak car says:

      It appears obama has bought into democratic centralism and the theory of the new

      world. This should be a homeland security issue and those who provide funds to

      support this tactic should be investigated and their funds be confiscated.

    53. David Ferguson Jopli says:

      Obama is acting like a dictator and his administration is going against the constitution so why isn't gharges being brought against them, if they worked for a company they would have been gone long ago. It's not his job to to deal with private business but it is his job to deal our country's borders.

    54. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      More than one can play this game.

      DeFund the Department of Labor and specifically the NLRB. This is an agency that has not had a positive impact on the US economy since its inception.

      Or, pass legislation to restrict its jurisdiction to WDC and other Federal holdings.(lol)

    55. Bill Wavering, Littl says:

      This is the main thrust of the Obama employment strategy. The only jobsworth creating are union jobs. Thats' because union jobs come with built-in campaign donations to democrats. It's not that the rank & file of union members support Obama. They think he's as much of a ditz as the overwhelming majority of Americans already think he is. It's the union bosses that line up dutifully wherever Obama tells them to.

    56. Ron Costales, Albuqu says:

      This is just like "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

    57. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

      If the unions want to play dirty maybe it is time to legislate the end of unions period. Apparently, they are looking to start a devious campaign of illegal acts. Since the total union membership is less than 12 1/2% of the work force to begin with which tells me the remaining 87 1/2% is non union. By sheer numbers we should be able to legislatively put an end to unions. I think that the time has come to restore Right To Work, federally.

    58. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Mike, you haven't told Obama anything he doesn't already know. If he read this article he would be cheered up by how much damage he is doing. Let's keep in mind, this is an old game on the Left, how they force American Jobs overseas (except flipping hamburgers in the "Post Industrial Era!" Junk Educational Science) Block the domestic option for Boeing? They have no choice but Singapore or Indonesia to build their big boat. What is clear as day to me is the Kloward Piven Gang are intent on destroying the South East portion of America. The soft underbelly of the Big Satan.

      I keep saying if the House doesn't Impeach pretty danged soon they won't have the Power anymore! I have softened on the big guy, Impeach anyone! Anyone at all! How about DHHS Sec, Sebilius? She has been caught Red Handed trying to Nationalize American Healthcare double dealing in Court! Ask Judge Vinson. How about Eric Holder, Sec DOJ? He has been Refraining Prosecution and double dealing in Court in his unofficial War On Arizona! Pick one! Almost anyone in Obama's Administration. They are all dirty as Hell, serving the Foreign Interest on behalf of the Chicago Gang! (Come on! The are a recognized Domestic Enemy from away back!)

      The Union being usurped by card carrying Communists, it isn't at all difficult to see the NLRB is operating in the Foreign Interest. They are intent on destroying the great American Military (and the American Military Industrial Complex) unless they can usurp it! The Machinist Union is notorious for ill timed Strikes, it is a way where a small number of Members can easily be usurped, and the damage magnified. You guys must think it is a joke when I say Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! These Commie Infiltraitors are leveraged to the Max! I say we kick them off their ladder! As Glenn Beck said, "We Surround Them!"

    59. Lydia, Richmond, VA says:

      And this from the administration of a man who's supposed to have TAUGHT constitutional law? I'm not sure any one on this particular board (the NLRB) has ever even READ it!

    60. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Several years ago I attended a conference where the CEO of a large corporation was the keynote speaker. His talk was on Why move offshore with production. It was interesting that direct cost was not the major factor, but indirect cost were.

      The indirect cost were those associated with government interference through regulations, fees, taxes and so forth.

      Also were the fear and intimadation tatics used by the government and it's agencies. The NLRB and it's lawyers were brought up as to the fear of hiring in the USA. Each employee hired increased the risk associated with doing business and the threat of being sued. Benifits were becoming unmanagable and many of them dictated by the fereralor local governments. The employeer was no longer just a boss that offered work, but an employee guardian that insured that all of the employees needs were met without reguards to the companies good.

      Restrictions to how a company did business were set forth by not only theNLRB but every other government agency. The IRS, OSHA, EPA, NLRB, and so many others all contribute to the cost of doing business. To make matters worse most counties, cities, and states have their versions of each of these agencies so the complexity and the threats are compounded many fold.

      Moving offshore lesens or removes many of these factors. Good business practices mandate that you accomplish your goals while reducing your risk.

      This attack aginst Boeing ( a good Americian company) and the state of South Carolina is proof to how correct the keynote speaker was. It justifies his decisions and gives example of what is to come from this administration.

      Private industry is what made this the great country it became.

    61. gary smothers sun ci says:

      i want all to tell me why we do not engage him in a massiverecall effort. even if he loses the election the tremendous damage he has done already will be felt for generations to come.

      one other question please! if thew non elected are pursuing actions outside their appointments why can not cogress by vote fire these people regardless of who or when they were so appointed. it sounds to me as if all congress can do about anything of import is "Whine" about the situation. I would like to see the elected once and for all be in charge if not the hiring, then the firing/

    62. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      No surprise here. He is anti-business, especially ones that are non-union. His union buddies are gonna get richer and he will have a bottomless supply of taxpayer and union money to keep the commies in power for decades.

      Get ready for more screwing by this administration if this should happen. 2012 is the year to stop this corrupt administration and reclaim the country for the true Americans. None of them is in the demonrat party.

    63. Claude Georgia says:

      Canada welcomes Boeing with open arms. Boeing can build it's plant North of the Border without interferance by either obama or the unions!

    64. Disgusted, in Illino says:

      When are you people going to realize and acknowledge that The Constitution of America means ABSOLUTELY nothing to the regime in Washington, to them it is only an outdated and decomposing piece of paper and can be ignored anytime that they choose to do so .

    65. Renny, Maryland says:

      Anyone reading "The Alinsky Model?????" Glen Beck was the only person that brought this to the attention of the TV viewers. Check it out, you will see exactly what he is doing.It's not "him," it's that no one is talking about what his direction is!!

    66. Ruth, Texas says:

      Can companies de-unionize themselves? If "The International Association of Machinists (IAM) regularly goes on strike during contract negotiations", why? Is Boeing not fair in its labor practices and wages? ".. IAM refused to sign a long-term no-strike agreement" … seems to me that's cutting off the nose to spite the proverbial face, especially if boeing ends up going overseas. Then what will those union 'workers' do?

    67. cathy, maine says:

      what about the story I heard that new state of the art NYC cabs, a billion dollar order, are going to be Nissans. I only hope they are built in the US, but I don't know…but what does that say about American car companies and New York City?

    68. Frank, Florida says:

      Both Big Business & Big Labor (Unions) have totally corrupted our government. Their political campaign contributions usually determines who gets elected & once these people are in office they are perpetually re-elected to office by sustained campaign contributions in return for political "payback" (such as tax breaks, contracts awarded, selective enforcement of laws, loosening of regulations, etc). This is why in the long run, it often makes no difference which political party is in power: always bigger government, higher debts, less freedoms & "crony capitalism". But the system is finally on the verge of collapse now.

      In this particular instance, Obama has given political "payback" to the unions. If the USA does not first go bankrupt from his economic policies (resulting in a "reset" of America & its political & financial systems), what is the likely result in denying a company like Boeing the right to build a plant in a "right-to-work state"? For new companies, they are likely to build their first plant in a "right-to-work state" rather than a union controlled state. For older companies with plants in BOTH kinds of states, they should be able to build new plants in just "right-to-work states". For older companies with plants in only union controlled states, they will likely be forced to either build new plants in those same states & fight their unions, or build new plants overseas. The net result: union controlled states will see fewer new plants built there.

    69. West Texan says:

      To Ken in Vegas. Remember the old saying, money talks…. Your favored far left demagogues are not only bought and paid for by big labor, but the same corporate greed you complain serves the right. All at the expense of America's taxpayers.

      So who truly are the culprits of your declared social injustice? It's overindulged Beltway politicos irrespective of party affiliation. Obama and Reid continue to carry the vase of insider corruption through the capital building and oval office.

    70. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      The incestuous relationship between the Obama Administration and Big Unions is such an obvious affair that Mr. Obama should be blushing in pubic henceforth. It is hard to believe that Mr. Obama actually taught classes on the Constitution. What on earth was he teaching about the Constitution? Makes you wonder if he's ever actually read and comprehended the Constitution. The Obama Administration is the first renegade administration this nation has ever had or even contemplated in anyone's wildest exaggeration. Your assignment Mr. Obama is to begin reading each and every one of the Federalist Papers—maybe then you will have a better notion of what the United States of America was at its inception and how from that it is being driven and debased..

    71. Gene MN. says:

      Boeing should be able too move were ever they want to, hopefully this is still a free country!

    72. John Lee Henry, Hill says:

      @ Gene, to hell with the state of Washington and the Union. Maybe Boeing should go to Mexico, that way the Union can get their just rewards and we give Mexican neighbors a reason to stay home. I bet even with Unionized Mexican labor Boeing may be able can get better deal then with Unionized Washington labor, then if you want a job you can illegally migrant to Mexico…

      It's not immoral to make a profit and provide jobs for people that want to work. If workers in SC wanted to be slaves to unions, the would have moved to right not to work states, like Michigan or any other rust belt state dying by the straggled hold of the Unions.

      Unions seen once to be the workers' friend has become the straw boss for the Democrat Party, the same party that went to war to keep African-Americans slaves. The same party, when they lost the war, passed Jim Crow laws in an attempt to keep their strangled hold on the newly freed worker.

      The NLRB regulations are the new Jim Crow laws that work against the American worker (with the African-American and other minority worker being the biggest loser) and the union is the modern overseerer.

      The Unions' main job is to provide their members with high paying jobs and to do so is to make sure that they restrict the labor market, in this case is to save the jobs for thier mainly liberal left-wing StarrBucks drinking white workers in the state of Washington, by stopping jobs going to the more diverse (black, hispanic and white) but willing work force of South Carolina.

      Yes, it is about Boeing and any other business right to place their business where they can make a profit for themselves and their stock holders as well as providing good jobs for people that want to work. It is also about workers having the right to choose where to without the filter of corrupt union bosses and the over reaching Democrat Party.

      If liberal politicians and unions continue to make it hard for a company to do business in this country then we will get our just rewards, a nation ready to be enslaved or exterminated by another looking for room to grow…

    73. ReCon USMC says:

      Let the records show No American President or Adm. or Congress has ever done

      this Big Govt. power hungry evil act before in American History .

      Surely the Constitution and Bill of Rights will Kill this moronic bulling tactic obviously Union lead will get lambasted in the Supreme court if it gets that far I greatly question .

      Only King's , Czars , ruthless Dictator's , Radical Islamic leaders and Marxist/Communist have ever done this evil act to my knowledge . This has never even been done in western European countries to date .

      This is just One of the Thousands reasons why I hate radical total control Freak Socialist, really closeted

      full blown Communist .

      The article below my thoughts failed to say the most important Point is that no one was losing their Jobs at the Boeing plant in Washington state ..NOT ONE Employee …… This is a new assembly line for more Production based on more Business making Boeing a red hot stock I might ad .Their new Big Bus is beating the Euro Bus that has huge problems made in 6 countries .

      Boeing won world wide bide Contracts especially in China and with many Air Lines world wide as well . Since South Carolina is a right to work state the product overhead for equal or better quality products can be made for far less money exactly like Toyota American made in 5 Southern states vs GM and Chrysler in totally Unionized . No Contest ! Union's line workers in Michigan average 84.70 -91. 94 a hour along

      with Legacy cost of $ 712.00 per Car . Toyota is $ 34.71 – 43.11 per hour with huge benefits with no Legacy cost …. meaning paying union people paid not to work now going on for many years .The Obama bail out for GM and Chrysler went to Legacy cost and solved or fixed nothing at GM and Chrysler .

      The terminal cancer still exist there sadly as it does with Presidency .

    74. Ron T. says:

      We may have to wait until 2012/2013, but we can get Eric Holder packing! this guy has shown prejudice, bias, and his loathing for America. He has proven that Roberto Gonzales got railroad. Basically, his feels he is untouchable. Deliberately skirting questions , and investigating anything that protects America. the guy needs to go!

    75. Durk, Honolulu says:

      Mr. Brownfield,

      While a good article, there are two major points missed in your article:

      One: Boeing is not building a new assembly line but an "Additional" new assembly line for the 787 which is way behind schedule. It currently has one already in Washington State which is unionized. (And behind schedule)

      Two: This new plant was built at the company’s expense and the workers there in South Carolina (A Right-to Work State) have voted NOT to unionize.

      This clearly is a "Union Payback" issue which community organizers like our President love to rally to. I'm surprised the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson are not too far behind this "worker abuse" issue.

      Boeing should relocate the plant to Mexico…

    76. Klaus, Ft. Payne AL says:

      Sounds alot like ATLAS SHRUGGED. Do we really want this to happen to our country?

    77. Bobbie says:

      "right to work" sounds strictly communist, communist mindset!!?? Union!. Why wouldn't I have the right to work without being told I have the right to work? Sounds discriminating? And juvenile!!! And insulting to the intelligence, not that I have any so hold your comments…

      but anyway…

      Who's putting their foot down? There's alot going on with no discipline in this administration! NO ACCOUNTABILITY! Something has to stop these radical, extreme, irresponsible acts of government overreach and take-over of America's peaceful, American way!

      This is ONE example of why government doesn't belong everywhere in a country of freedom of the people!!! Where government should be protecting businesses with tax dollars, NOT USING ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY TO COMPETE AGAINST AND COERCE TO COLLAPSE! Unfair practices of governing HAVE TO STOP!!!!

    78. Kay Finik, Indiana says:

      When are the unions going to learn that we are sick of their money hungery, grab it all for themselves attitude? First thing out of their mouths is "Tax the rich". Get a clue….. there are fewer and fewer "rich" people anymore! The union personnel are the rich ones now. Do little work and get paid top dollar. Seemingly the all American way anymore.

    79. rosemarie douglass says:

      well i thing most of the american people are aweckening ,

      the are comming out of ther dream world , the are seen what hi is douing

      now it is time to get the ball running for the next`s elektion, ore impeach him

      just get him out of office , the dollar is not even strog , and soon we be like his contry , kenya

    80. 2dokie says:

      Boeing was loaded with Dumbocrats back when I worked for them. It's ironIc that the beast has turned on its own kind. This is where England was 50years ago.All their products became junk because the old WWII workers were gone,and the new workers were more organised than productive. Then all the tooling moved off-shore. Now, Royal Enfield motorcycles are made in India. We're almost that avarcious and corrupt. The ridiculous truth is: in their stupid, rabid rush for power the Dumbocrats will destroy the very environment that could finance their appetite. I

    81. HawkWatcher says:

      Unfortunately, I can't sit at the bargaining table across from my public employee union representatives and describe what I think might be a fair and affordable wage or benefit for those who work for me, nor do I have any input on other aspects of my employees work.

      Until I can do this, unions do not belong in our government at any level; it's that simple.

    82. Bill in Tennessee says:

      If any revolution in thinking and the body politic ever occurs in this nation, the NLRB will have to be the first of the agencies to be shut down and sent packing, along with the Dept. of Education, EPA, and a few others I'd love to see out of business. This article is just one more example (as if we needed any) of an overreaching government, in the hands of 1960s radicals, setting a socialist agenda for our country.

    83. Robert Phillips, Cle says:

      The governor of South Carolina has shown the answer to the anti-business tactics of the Obama Administration. The answer lies in the states exercising their constitutional authority to run their affairs without federal involvement and showing the Obama administration (or any administration for that matter) that they will not be intimidated and will do what builds the economy in their states, regardless of what the administration says or does. Granted, not all governors will be as forthright with the president as the South Carolina governor is, simply because they receive so much money from the feds that they are hesitant to speak up and take a stand. Or, they are in Obama's back pocket to the extent that he doesn't have to worry about any questioning of their policies from them. Or, if Obama begins to bully the states, simply ignore him. Move on with what's best for your state. For, as is being seen in the state of Wisconsin, and governor Scott Walker, what's best for the states is best for America.

    84. dennis fleury port h says:

      I worked for union shops and none union shops here in michigan. I pefer the none union shops. Why ? I never worked in a none union shop where anyone bullied anyone. Then I landed a job in a Big Three auto shop. " I was always treated well in non-union shops, but in the auto company I worked at for 30 years I saw way too much favortism and much of it was towards both Company family members/or/big wigs in the local U.A.W…….they were always the first to be hired Co family & union family members and were sure to get the cushie jobs and many of both groups played & screwed around all the work day…..while normal people who were lucky to get hired did the bulk of the work. The union stuarts got an office with micro wave..raido…coffee pot…big city&local paper…nd whenever some one on the work floor requested a stuart their call went mostly unanswered. Even when I worked in that big 3 auto company I never felt I was worth the big wages I got and the union always went after the co for more and more wages + benifits. To end this I retired after 30 some years never being satified by the U.A.W. as far as I'm concerned that union rakes the companies their with over the coals. Remember for many years I worked in both union & non union shops. I would perfer that Michigan be a right to work State ' Oh; one more thing " I hated my dues money to go to the unions causes and not the ones i WOULD WANT YET I HAD NO CHOICE !

    85. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      What is Boeing negotiates with the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, to relocate ALL of their manufacturing and corporate headquarters to South Carolina? That would allow Boeing to shed the union problem, dramatically improve production efficiencies and improve their overall ability to produce the new 787 as well as maintain Air Force One and the support for all the other Boeing aircraft in terms of replacement parts. Of course Chicago, Wichita and other cities and their respective states would cry but they don’t seem to be doing anything constructive to help the Boeing Company without harming the remainder of their citizens who do not work at Boeing.

      Unions did have a role in protecting the American workers over a hundred years ago when they battled against unsafe working conditions, adequate breaks, reasonable pay, and other such things like the limiting hours available to work per day. Now we have the Department of Labor, OSHA and other agencies that were designed to protect ALL employees, not just union employees. We no longer need unions in the public or the private sector since we have the agencies and mechanisms to handle allegations of wrongdoing as well as monitor employer/employee actions and all done at taxpayer cost.

    86. Mike, Chicago says:

      Boeing is doing what every company should be able to do. I worked in an union enviornment for 13 years and they ruin companies, while only a few benefit.

    87. GraceE.Pratti Staten says:

      Grace- Staten Island,NY May 10, 2011

      Obama should let private companies come into USA, and if they don't want unions, so be it, its a free country

    88. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Boeing, come to Louisiana. We have people unemployed because of Obama's curtailment of off shore drilling.

      Obama needs to go, and before 2012, and before he does more damage to the economy.

    89. Bernard Mulvaney Fos says:

      It was brought to my attention the President's Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, was on the Boeing board when they agreed to build the SC facility…

    90. Peg Fisk Port Cheste says:

      John Galt has left the building…

    91. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Support the lifer Republicans & the rich CEO's. Support the lifer Democrats and the union bosses. The politicians have you running to catch your own tail and all the while they continue to fatten their wallets, pension funds & free perks.

    92. Pingback: Good news: Obama pressuring banks to bring back subprime mortgages | Right Wing News

    93. Fred, USA says:

      The textile unions got thier way in the 70's. Now look at all the textile manufacturing going on in the U.S. today! Get it?

      Unions are short sighted and WILL and HAVE sacrificed jobs for the money they want now. They will continue to threaten strikes to get the money they want and will ignore claims that business will go away if they are given all they want. The Unions will only believe when the jobs are gone. (I'm not so sure they will believe then either.)

    94. Recce1, Omaha NE USS says:

      Not only is the Obama administration trying to dictate where companies can do business, it now wants to require companies and their senior officers to give the administration details about their political donations, not only for the future but also for the past two years. This is a blatant attempt to discourage donations to the GOP. Will we need to say goodbye to the Hatch Act?

      I once found an excellent definition of Fascism. "Fascism is an economic model in which the state dictates the utilization of privately held assets to achieve public policy goals." Fascism need not be the stomp of jackboots in the street. It can wear a velvet glove over an iron fist.

      In the case of Obama the public policy goals are to create a socialist welfare nanny one-party state and an end to a democratic Republic under the rule of constitutional law with a free market capitalist economy. I believe he's well on his way of implementing those goals.

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