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  • It Takes a Village to Lobby: The Hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood

    Large majorities of the public favor parental notice before an abortion can be performed on a minor girl, and the laxity of current laws on the issue continues to draw the attention of policymakers- and the support of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, which routinely challenges parental rights in this area.  But Planned Parenthood is fully capable of setting a standard of parental rights when they align with their interest, as news out of California demonstrates.  Planned Parenthood there is requiring parental consent for Sacramento teens to lobby against legislation that would warn women considering abortion of the psychological effects they may face.

    As Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of California presented AB 1306 before a health committee on May 5, Planned Parenthood took teens out of school for Teen Capitol Day in Sacramento.  Their mission: to meet with lawmakers and oppose the bill that requires women to be provided with a pre-abortion counseling session informing them of possible psychological and physiological side-effects.  Before the teens could be ferried to the state capital to fight against a bill that has the physical and mental well-being of women in mind, they, naturally enough, had to obtain the permission of their parents.

    It is ironic how Planned Parenthood sends out a permission slip for kids to go on a lobbying trip, but provides abortions to minors, without informing their parents, in more than a dozen states.  In addition to those 14 jurisdictions, which include California and the District of Columbia, the other states allow for young girls to get around telling their parents about their abortion through judicial bypass procedures, often thanks to aggressive lawsuits from Planned Parenthood.

    The millions of dollars Planned Parenthood has spent to eliminate parental consent laws for minors seeking abortions show a fundamental disrespect for the family and the authority of parents to direct the upbringing and safeguard the well-being of their children.  The bypassing of parental permission furthers their goal of government policies that supplant parents and substitute the judgment of an abortion provider for the values of the family.

    The absurdity that Planned Parenthood requires a note from Mom and Dad to go on a field trip, but not to receive an abortion, underscores the profound inconsistency of public policies that undermine the family.  How many parents would agree that their daughter’s secret abortion is a matter of less concern to them than an afternoon in Sacramento?

    Jane Abel currently is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation.Click here for more information on interning at Heritage.

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    18 Responses to It Takes a Village to Lobby: The Hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood

    1. West Texan says:

      Planned Parenthood pares everything down to vital functions, believing it's their right to remove that as well. Field trips are great as an educational tool. But it's obviously the lack of cognition by teen demonstrators that appeals to Planned Parenthood's organizers.

    2. Bobbie says:

      It would only take a village if all human life is born from ONE WOMB!!! As reality displays we are all born individually from the individual womb of our own individual mothers'. This allows us to have minds of our own with a potential only as individuals can reach on our own individual accord without organized influence of government runners. Because human life is born from individual wombs, it is usual and human instinct that the owner of the womb and the provider of the seed, be the providers, caregivers, teachers and nurturers of that life until fit for society. America once respected FREE THINKING! Now they dilute that ability and work forth to promote a village of collective thinking to derange our minds ability to think freely for ourselves.

      My God what is wrong with these people? To take away the the responsibility of upbringing of children from parents that gave them life, now forced by the hands of ignorance, non-accountable, make up rules as we go, no morals necessary, government?

      Abortion is just as much life threatening as the killing of the infant! FOOLISH TO PUT A CHILD UNDER THE KNIFE OF GOVERNMENT.

      Why aren't the supporters of abortion providing the expense? Where's the line?? Since when does ANYBODY HAVE A RIGHT TO CHALLENGE PARENTAL RIGHTS OF THE PARENTS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD?!! No one, planned parenthood, should have any capability of setting ANY standard of PARENTAL RIGHTS in line with planned parenthood's careers! On a school day? NO SPECIAL INTERESTS should be in place of standard education. This is a personal matter that is being influenced by (wrongfully) authoritative narrow minds. Government runners teaching socialism, not personal accountability of an act that takes responsibility. They're not teaching common sense and their acts show importance of parental permission in field trips over the health and protection of minors physical being?

      Personal influence of staff does not belong in public schools! DRAW THE LINE!!! Get government influence away from OUR children. It does NOT take a village. It takes the parents that brought the child into the world. THE GOVERNMENT UNDERMINES THE VULNERABILITY OF THE YOUTH!

      Although sexual nature comes just that way, naturally, government is spending money on teaching homosexuality, PROMOTING promiscuity in kindergarten, while providing access to the results. Get the village (government) out of the upbringing of our children! This is cruel and criminal. How can ANY CONSIDERATION regarding ANYTHING PARENTAL BE IMPLEMENTED BY STRANGERS IN GOVERNMENT?? It makes me literally sick to my stomach!

      WHAT caused government this power to take parental responsibilities away? WHAT gave government authority to make every part of our PERSONAL, PARENTAL AND CHILDREN'S LIVES POLITICAL? WHAT gave government the BIAS to influence death over the value of life? Why is government stepping into everything with burden and difficulties on our simple lives and at our expense?

    3. Alex, Australia says:

      Wait on, I thought abortion was 'safe' – so if there are side effects, why are PlannedParenthood so damn determined to hide them?

    4. Preacher Cruz, India says:

      These kind of things ake me sick. They can't give your kid an aspirin without parental consent but they can transport them from the schools without your knowledge to have an abortion! Seeing as how there are risks and side effects to this "procedure" it is unbelievable that they can actually convince people that parental consent is unneeded.

      The people they are "convincing" have had their minds darkened by evil though, so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.


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    6. freewomyn, Arizona says:

      You are oversimplifying this issue. Planned Parenthood opposes parental consent laws because they put young women at risk. The fact is that the majority of teens who seek an abortion DO involve their parents in the decision. But for teens who come from abusive homes, parental consent could put the young women in danger.

      You gave the example of California, so let's talk about that. Teens as old as 12 years old may get a pregnancy test or an STD test or treatment without parental consent. Again, this is an issue of teens who have a good relationship with their parents will involve them in the decision. However, teens who come from unhealthy families should be allowed to seek medical treatment and make responsible health care decisions without asking an abusive parent to sign off on it.

      The permission slip to ride on a bus is a liability issue. Anyone who wants to put minors on a vehicle – even a church group – would need to get a permission slip in case the vehicle got into an accident.

      Try to apply a little more nuance to your arguments – I expect more from a think tank.

    7. john says:

      It is very serious crime against God to perform abortion. if any teen pregnant then govt took care of that child upto this girl become job holder. then this type of pregnancies decreased.

    8. L.N. Smithee, San Fr says:

      Bobbie: Amen, sister! Cultural shifts like minors' "right" to seek extra-familial entities for approval of conception and abortion didn't happen overnight, it happened because when the government (in the form of public schools) stuck its nose in-between parents and their daughters, the parents largely conceded control, allowing it to do the job that only parents ought to do. When government is given an inch, it takes a yard, and little by little, here we are: Suspensions if a kid brings an aspirin from home under "zero tolerance" rules, but no recourse for parents if a teacher or counselor is shuttled away during school hours for a secret abortion.

      To mix languages, "loco parentis" has become "muy muy loco parentis."

      Alex also makes an excellent point. The airwaves in the USA are filled to the gills with pharmaceutical ads that have disclaimers warning about side effects ranging from dry mouth to low blood pressure to thoughts of suicide to death. If the abortion procedure itself was duplicated in a pill and advertised on TV, what would the disclaimer sound like?

    9. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Abortion is murder, period.. Planned Parenthood is just an enabler to loose morals, and lack of respect for life. When life is not "Respected" then we are no better then the animals which kill for the sake of food.

    10. Amy, Texas says:

      Stop lying to people, Heritage Foundation.

      Planned Parenthood (hence the damn name of the organization) works to PREVENT ABORTION. Maybe if you wingnuts would leave birth control and sex education alone, they wouldn’t have to perform as many abortions.

      Telling our kids lies about breast cancer and “post-abortion trauma” isn’t going to keep them from having sex and having abortions – it’s just going to scare [] them and keep them uninformed.

      Leave Planned Parenthood alone, they save lives and give women the necessary healthcare that you misogynistic [] would deny them.

      /end rant

    11. Henry says:

      So called Planned………..parenthood. There is nothing planned about killing life. There is zero responsibility on the part of the teen. It's all about let's get it on and the tax payers will pick up the tab, either way the tax payers will foot the bill for irrational behavior.

      If I had been knocked up, my parents would have beat, me and then I would have taken care of the baby.

      Our society has lost our morals.

    12. L.N. Smithee, San Fr says:

      "freewomyn" wrote: "[T]his is an issue of teens who have a good relationship with their parents will involve them in the decision. However, teens who come from unhealthy families should be allowed to seek medical treatment and make responsible health care decisions without asking an abusive parent to sign off on it."

      The spectre of "teens who come from unhealthy families" has been a bloody shirt waved by abortion advocates in the same way that they used to spout off about the thousands of women per year that had no choice but to seek partial-birth abortions to save their lives. That turned out to be a crock, as an honest abortion providers' lobbyist (Ron Fitzsimmons) admitted in 1997.

      This notion of the teen girl whose abusive parents "will kill her if she admits she's pregnant" is ubiquitous, yet mysterious — where *are* these murderous monsters who are the reason why government must potentially stand in-between EVERY parent and daughter? In this era of "baby mamas" and "baby daddies" when being a teen mom can make you a reality TV star on every other cover of People magazine, can people like "freewomyn" cite even a single example?

    13. Bobbie says:

      Thank you, L.N. Smithee!

      freewomyn, planned Parenthood shouldn't exist. If it didn't exist, parents would be and would bring their children up with self reliance and personal responsibility. Society would be set as it once was. No government necessary when those are in place.

      freewomyn says planned parenthood opposes parental consent laws because they put young women at risk. I say, “at risk? you mean like having their bodies invaded to have their fetus killed?”

      freewomyn writes: The fact is that the majority of teens who seek an abortion DO involve their parents in the decision. But for teens who come from abusive homes, parental consent could put the young women in danger.

      Holy speculation! Totally agree with L.N. Smithee! As I say (again) “danger” like having their bodies invaded to have their fetus killed? You're improbability is a private matter. You act like this is a normal phenomena. It isn't and because people can be held accountable, they should be. All people have to take responsibility for their own actions. Individuals are the only ones who control their own. Punishment teaches. Laws enforced, teach also. Yes there are rotten parents out there but the law is out there too which means no other government intrusion is necessary. Suggesting abortion to save face is damning and ignorant. Teach responsibility and arrest the parent who puts “danger” on the child.

      Why would 12 year olds be thinking about the actions that result in the need for these invasive treatments? The earlier the better to teach responsibility. Teens who come from unhealthy families should use their minds to seek counsel through family, friends, charitable organizations etc. their narrow minds look to government to depend on. Pretty rude to infringe these personal matters on people that have no control of them. Why would anyone trust health care decisions made by government strangers when there are honest organizations without obligation?

      uh oh, freewomyn writes: The permission slip to ride on a bus is a liability issue. Anyone who wants to put minors on a vehicle – even a church group – would need to get a permission slip in case the vehicle got into an accident.



    14. Sluggo 11 says:

      These people are sociopatholocially evil. The very idea that they don't even want young girls to fully understand what takes place in an abortion is indicative of how criminally dishonest they are. Nevermind that women are coming out in droves to say how emotionally scarred they have been and how many psychological and social problems they deal with following an act as heinous and monstrous as this. PP just has their cash cow menatility and the cold, pathologically wicked act of butchery goes on and on. This is what happens when one sells their soul or suffers from a seared conscience. The truth no longer registers with them and for all intents and purposes they are given over to a reprobate mind, lacking the very humanity itself that they so passionately claim to represent. Yeah, right…….This article just points out yet again the complete hypocrisy and insanity of the pro-abortion movement and the industry as a whole. God help us.

    15. Sluggo 11 says:

      For Amy in Texas: Look up the most recent stats on planned parenthood's "counseling" services. Their ratio of abortion to "counseling" recommendations is like the difference between the earth and a golf ball. Nice try with that little bit of hogwash which I suspect stems from your own willingness to buy the lies and help further them. Then again you could just be willfully ignorant. Had you the interest in truth required of intelligent response you would have done a little digging before publishing your flawed comments.

    16. Preacher Cruz, India says:

      Wow! I get sick of the constant attempts to equate opposition to abortion to misogyny! NTW, so does my wife. WHY? We realize that respect or love of women is NOT shown by allowing them to be mens playthings and to allow men to be free of consequence. This is the illness of liberalism…..The ability to hold completely contradictory thoughts and ideal in your head at the SAME time and believe them BOTH to be 100% true. OR the ability to convince yourself of the truth of YOUR position even though 65% of the world disagerees and there is ample evidence to the contrary.

    17. kathryn says:

      Bobbie. I have to ask, how is it that eliminating planned parenthood will suddenly make parents raise their children better?! I find it completely contradictory that you say something so outrageous and then tell freewomyn that she is being speculatory by saying that most girls involve their parents in the decision to have an abortion.

      What I really find interesting is those of you who say that the government should not be allowed to make decisions regarding abortion, but then stand in favor of abortion laws. What you hypocrits are really saying is that you only want the government to go away when it isnt doing things your way.

      And maybe Im missing something, but I poured over the internet looking for some sort of support for the claim that teachers and counselors are taking students out of school to get abortions. WHAT?! thats a load of garbage, its not happening, at least not legally! And Planned Parenthood didn't "take teens out of school", they provided an option, a choice! Dont tell me that they stole your children away from school without your knowledge, and then throw a damn fit over THE PERMISSION SLIP!

      Let me be clear, Im not in favor of abortion. It's immoral, people shouldnt have sex if they arent ready to accept ALL of the consequences. But really people, dont fight stupid with more stupid.. you arent going to win that way..

    18. Bobbie says:

      kathryn, Planned Parenthood wasn't always in existence. Parents were accountable to provide for their children and their upbringing. They were responsible for their choices because it was at their expense. Since the government is providing for weakness, what makes you think it will be "suddenly" to get parents back to the strength they once had?

      if an institution is going to be called "planned parenthood," how and why would any consideration of abortions come in? Talk about contradictory, only this is at the expense of the innocent. People uninvolved. Whereas the act to become pregnant is by choice then by anything else.

      The government offers more than it's title. Encouraging irresponsibilities and who knows what? It's misleading and controlling the health of those who are convinced it benefits them at no and reduced costs. These areas are private personal matters and shouldn't be expensed otherwise as no one can control what you choose to do, Kathryn. Why don't you think you should carry out the responsibilities of your own actions? Why don't you think everyone as individuals should be expected to as individual people?

      kathryn, you seem thirsty, have some Kool-Aid.

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