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  • The Most Exciting Two Minutes in School Choice

    The Kentucky Derby may be known as the “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” but developments in school choice over the past few months have been the most exciting since Milton Friedman first proposed the idea in 1955. Indeed, this is the new normal: we are now taken aback by the states that haven’t implemented some sort of school choice option for families, whether its tuition tax credits, vouchers or online learning.

    And with every state vying to outpace the next in providing educational opportunities for children, it’s hard to keep up with the proliferation of opportunities.

    2011 is shaping-up to be a monumental year for school choice. The year kicked-off with big changes in Wisconsin, where in February, Governor Scott Walker broke the union stranglehold on public education and lifted the cap on the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the nation’s oldest voucher program.

    In March, Utah passed a statewide online learning program. The Beehive State passed the The Statewide Online Education Program, which allows children in grades 9-12 to take highschool coursework online from public or private providers anywhere in the state. Also in March, in an historic win for low-income children in the nation’s capital, the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program was restored and expanded, thanks to the leadership of Speaker John Boehner.

    In April, Arizona created education savings accounts (ESAs) for special-needs children, who can now receive 90 percent of state per-pupil expenditures in their ESAs, which they can use on a variety of education options, including private school tuition.

    And in May, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels enacted the largest school voucher program in the country, which will help an estimated 600,000 children attend a private school of their choice.

    Now, children in Oklahoma could soon benefit from a proposed tuition tax credit program. A bill which is headed to Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk would provide scholarships to children in low- and middle-income families to attend a private school of their choice. Oklahoma is building on the voucher program for special needs children passed early last year, and is on its way to having one of the most robust education markets in the country.

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    10 Responses to The Most Exciting Two Minutes in School Choice

    1. sambo says:

      The government knows we are not happy with the education system. This is how they are keeping thier fingers in the pie. The state is not responsible for our children. We are. It is our job to make sure they are educated. It is time we started putting education back in the family and local community and out of our state capitals and D.C.

    2. Robert Tucker Hillsd says:

      It's about time we started true education reform in this country instead of the old progressive model of throwing more and more money at a failing system.

    3. Diana Brown says:

      Can anything be done about illegals children getting an education. Since being here illegally is a crime, why are their children allowed to go to school on the taxpayors' dime. I am all for the school voucher plan and Boehner's plans for the education system. Help.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Lindsy Burke, thanks for all the good news. Have you had a chance to check the Curriculum Requirements for Charter Schools? Home Schooling, Religious Schools and other potential beneficiaries of the new Voucher freedoms? It has been 56 years the Right Wing has been screaming for this basic educational freedom! We have never ever got one inch of give and take from the Left Wing! Now that we have three whole generations of students arguable Indoctrinated in the Public Schools? People so lost they could vote in a Third Generation Communist to the Presidency? You have to wonder if the 'public perception' manipulations have been completed for so called Independant Schools, so that even the students who escape their Progressive Indoctrination leaving Public Schools are 'caught' by hard nosed Curriculum Requirements meant to Indoctrinate Private students "whether they like it or not!"

      Just asking! I personally saw the Progressive Curriculum go in! These Progressives do not give an inch! "Oh! Oh! Here they go again! Giving us half a loaf!" It must mean that base is already covered or else the Demo-crats would never allow it! From Kenneth Timmerman's book "Shadow Warriors" there is an omenous phrase on page 220, "Perception Management!" The Demo-crats are managing American Public Perceptions. It is so bad that the truth hardly matters anymore. They say the truth IS the perception! That is a wrench that would destroy any human mind, but that is what the Left does best!

    5. Rodey, Riverside, CA says:

      In a country that values freedom and the free enterprises system it's only fitting to have competition in education the best in academic achievement. Academic achievement in reading, writing, arithmetic, science, etc., is no less important than competition in sports. And like sports, there will be winners and losers. Failure is an option. How we deal with it creates character. If one fails, then one must pull themselves up by the bootstraps and move forward doing the best they can. Anything less is a waste of time and the human spirit.

      But like everything else, education has gone far too far beyond the basics and has become an indoctrination of perverse and anti-American ideas. So let they who believe thus keep their progressive, liberal, socialist, "anything goes" ideology. I choice is more aligned with the good, wholesome, Christian ideals that our founding fathers sacrificed dearly for and that proved to make America GREAT!!!

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