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  • What's Your Monthly Gasoline Bill?

    If you’re an average American, your monthly gasoline bill is a humongous $368.09. That comes to nine percent of a household’s total income, more than double what it was just two years ago, according to a CNNMoney report. And as a percentage of income, the poor are getting hit the hardest.

    In parts of the country where mass transit isn’t an option, driving is the only way to go. So while higher gasoline prices might not matter as much to someone living in New York City where subways are king, that’s not true in states like Mississippi, where you need a car to get around.  CNNMoney explains:

    While gas in the state is relatively cheap, Mississippians have some of the lowest incomes in the nation, with the median household earning $36,646 a year.

    In addition, many drivers in Mississippi commute long distances and have older cars that lack fuel efficiency, said Rozell.

    At an average price of $3.64 a gallon, households in Mississippi spent $434.52 on gas in April.

    There are some who might use this fact to argue for rapid expansion of mass transit (which isn’t practicable in rural areas) or the adoption of fuel efficient vehicles (try telling a family of four with an unemployed breadwinner to go buy a new car.)

    There’s a faster solution to help with the immediate pain: End the oil drilling moratorium, President Obama. Allow access to domestic reserves, roll back regulatory burdens on companies and issue offshore drilling permits. All of which would boost our domestic energy supply. As a Heritage Foundation report finds, that’s the answer to rising fuel costs and higher energy demand in the U.S.

    We want to know, what’s your monthly gasoline bill? Have you had to change your family budget? Share your story with a comment below.

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    13 Responses to What's Your Monthly Gasoline Bill?

    1. Jay, Atlanta says:

      We have 3 drivers with an 18 year old and 2 parents. We're over $500/month now, since I drive ~50 miles round trip each day to work. What have we changed?

      I traded my old SUV for a more fuel efficient one. I now drive my 25 year old car that gets ~30 mpg most days to work, and we complain about Obama a lot. Fortunately, my employer is re-looking at the telecommuting policy, so I expect I'll be working from home at least one day a week now. Many of the people I work with have become full time telecommuters or have added a day to their schedule. That's not an option for many.

      Speaking of old cars – this is what amazes me most as I looked for a replacement recently (I actually traded my old SUV for one older, btu with less miles and better fuel economy, because it makes no sense to pay the exporbitant prices for new cars) – is how gas mileage has actually decreased over the last 20 years.

      I have a 1986 BMW 325 that gets about 30mpg and is very simple and weighs 2700#. Just try finding a modern car, with all the required safety equipment on it, that weighs less than 3000# and gets over 25 (real) mpg.

      We need less hybrids, and more diesels in this country, as the diesel engined car is capable of delivering 40+mpg without sacrificing comfort or safety and won't need a $6,000 battery replacement at 100k miles.

    2. Theresa, Nebraska says:

      My monthly gas bill is $100. I was recently fortunate enough to be able to buy a fuel efficient car which really helps.

    3. Mark in NH says:

      GAS BILL $290 last month.up about 10% over the previous month… I live in a town of 686 people and commute to a "city" of 23,000… sign me up for some of that mass transit…

    4. Common Sense, Arvada says:

      $260 so far this month, plus whatever is on my husband's gas card, probably at least another hundred. We have 4 drivers:

      – one 60 mile round-trip commute to work

      – one 30 mile round-trip commute to work

      – one student with a round-trip 3- mile commute 6 days a week

      – one student with lots of local trips within a couple of miles

      – lots of family driving with at least one 30 mile round-trip a week

      With my son graduating from high school plus a nephew's wedding, we have a lot of extra driving this month.

      For any family activity, someone has to pick up my mother-in-law who lives about 15 miles south of us. For Mother's Day, that means a 30 mile round-trip for her, plus another 30 mile round-trip from our house north to the restaurant to meet other family. For graduation and the wedding, about the same thing. Add in several school concerts, graduate practice, a ballet performance and a number of graduation parties, and you can see that gas is killing us.

      The only thing helping is that my husband has been getting a lot of overtime lately.

    5. Dana, Michigan says:

      What I wouldn't give for a $300 gas bill – we normally run about $600, but right now, it is way more. You have to consider proximity to towns – we live 30 miles from town, so of course that makes a huge difference.

    6. Liz, TN says:

      Our family lost $18,000 dollars annualy, due to my husband losing his job twice in the past to years, due to small business closing. We have been blessed with his new employment. However, we have almost depleated our rainyday savings trying to fulfill our obligations, and we have cut all non nessesisary spending. We are now unable to help those who are less fortunate and that is sad to me…. we are just hanging on until we can't anymore and if something does not change we will probably lose everything we have worked for over the past 20 years. I trust in our Lord and I know that we can start over if that happens….. But our government needs to STOP SPENDING and start CUTTING so that we do not lose our country also.

    7. Michele, Hamilton, M says:

      We spend about $140 a week. We are still trying to recover from 2008 gas prices. I paid a lot of bills with credit cards because I was spending all of the money on gas and groceries. Now my credit cards are maxed out and having a difficult time paying those…and still have to buy gas and groceries. Our economy can not continue down this road. Poeple say the housing market crash was because of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack. Well that is a big part of it, however, I know a lot of people who had to quit paying bills just to put food on their tables and gas in their tanks just to continue everyday life.

    8. Tom, Sullivan MO says:

      Our gas bill last month with 2 adult commutes a nd an 18 yr old driving everywhere was $1,293 up from $865 the month before.

    9. Clayton Quinalty / B says:

      I'm a courier for the company I work for and use my own vehicle on the job. Gas is $3.79 here today. I spend $ 54.00 each fillup 3 times a week.$162.00 per week, $648.00 per month. IRS only allows $.51 per mile, mileage deduction. Should be at least $.61 per mile. Hope I can hold on till the next election, maybe things will change for the better then.

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    11. Ryan, Pennsauken NJ says:

      I used to spend about $160 a month on gas commuting back and forth to work (20 miles each way).

      I live just outside of Philadelphia so there is a strong transit system in this area. I recently started taking advantage of it by purchasing a bike and using the local light rail to do my work commute. The monthly pass for the light rail is $50, so I’m still saving a good amount (and getting some exercise).

      @Liz in TN: You say the government should stop spending, but we actually need to spend more on mass transit infrastructure and renewable energy so we don’t have to be beholden to the price of gas.

    12. kyrilloz/Savannah/GA says:

      I must spend about $70/mo in fuel driving a vehicle that gets 15 mpg on the highway. I don't drive unless I absolutely have to. Do to unemployment, I don't commute.

    13. Cal, Lexington, KY says:

      I drive an average of 2,400 miles per month for my business, yes I am a traveling sales rep and that requires direct contact with client and prospects. My car gets 19 mpg, not great but it is safe, paid for, and I can not afford a new one. I spend on average of $491.00 per month on gas. Twelve months ago (May, 2010) my average per month gas expenditure was $337.00. This is an increase of slightly more than 45%.

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