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  • This Date in History: Obama Imposes Job-Destroying Drilling Moratorium

    One year ago today President Obama imposed a moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. It banned shallow-water and deepwater operations, setting the stage for a year of delays in permitting. Now a U.S. senator wants to put a moratorium on federal agencies.

    Sen. David Vitter (D-La.), an outspoken critic of the administration’s anti-drilling policies, introduced the Agency Overreach Moratorium Act, which would require congressional approval for federal regulations that restrict energy exploration on federal lands and offshore.

    Vitter said the legislation would expand domestic energy resources and produce much-needed revenue for the federal treasury at a time of skyrocketing deficits.

    “The moratorium was one of the most poorly thought out, mismanaged and ill-conceived policy decisions regarding domestic energy production in the history of this country,” Vitter said. “Look no further than $3.98 per gallon of gas or the seven rigs that have left the Gulf and five that are not working to see how damaging the moratorium has been to our economy.”

    One of the real-life consequences of Obama’s moratorium is the bankruptcy of Seahawk Drilling. Randall Stilley, president and chief executive, shared the sad story of his company’s demise in a video produced by Heritage and the Institute for Energy Research.

    Lawmakers, meanwhile, have seized on the drilling delays to advance legislation. Yesterday the U.S. House passed a bill to require lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Virginia. Two other energy bills are on tap for the House next week.

    The flurry of activity on Capitol Hill comes as the price of crude oil dropped sharply Thursday, closing at $99.06, down $10.19 from its recent high. The wake-up call on Wall Street put an end to speculation about a Suez Canal crisis or a political domino effect across the Middle East.

    The decline in oil prices may be in anticipation of a more dramatic fall in commodities prices across the board. While it remains uncertain how long this sell-off will last, the market appears to be undergoing a dramatic reevaluation.

    But until gas prices retreat from their nearly $4-per-gallon average, lawmakers are likely to continue pursuing energy legislation. Vitter, for example, has also introduced the 3-D Act: The Domestic Jobs, Domestic Energy, and Deficit Reduction Act, which he estimates would create more than 2 million jobs, $10 trillion in economic activity and $2 trillion in federal tax receipts.

    The House Republican Study Committee, meanwhile, unveiled a new plan Thursday called the Consumer Relief for Pain at the Pump Act. It seeks to repeal restrictive energy development policies and mandates that increase the cost of gasoline. It would also end frivolous litigation and reduce regulatory delays that hamper energy production.

    Democrats have also come to the table with their own plans. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) unveiled a plan this week to significantly raise taxes on U.S. oil and gas companies while also using taxpayer money to pursue fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles.

    Samir Kapadia contributed to this report.

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    11 Responses to This Date in History: Obama Imposes Job-Destroying Drilling Moratorium

    1. joecool says:

      This is deja vu. At the height of the Jimmy Carter malaise, the knee-jerk reaction went something like this: Everyone has to save energy, so politicians looked for ways to make a statement – voila! Let's turn off the dome lights on the Capitol! So all across America, dome lights went down, but that symbolic gesture also pulled a black cloud over the economy, at least in the perception of the masses. The perception was terribly bleak, and the perception became reality. Obama and his people might know this if they had any business experience – or any experience at all.

    2. Judith Kassel - Gate says:

      BHO is bi-passing Congress (the voice of the people?) by issuing presidential mandates, asking advisers' and agency directors' to issue secretarial directives – all of which are unconstitutional. The BHO power-grab seems to be unstoppable by the House and Senate! How can BHO decide by himself to give $3 billion to Columbia to build an oil refinery as well as billions to Brazil in the past for oil drilling? Can't Congress REFUSE to approve such idiotic ideas? Can't Congress investigate the EPA unprecedented and unconstitutional use of powerful RULES which it has ADOPTED on its own or at the direction of BHO? STOP Obama's governing by bi-passing Congress and using his office to implement over-reaching (dictatorial) presidential decisions, orders, mandates, and rules! Wake-Up Americans and Congress, now! jk

    3. Jax Tico says:

      How many other countries are drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? How many wells are out there that belong to other countries? Why are they allowed to drill, but we are not? Does it really matter since all of the oil pumped out of the Gulf is added into the global commodity market? This freakin president wanted to hurt the people of the region who depended on those American rigs for their livelihood.

      Until Americans begin to insist that our natural resources stay here to benefit us rather than the rest of the world and not be considered a global commodity, we will continue to pay too much for fuel. What is wrong with extracting our God Given natural resources, (crude oil and natural gas), transporting it, refining it, and retailing it all here in America without consideration to what the price of crude is on the world market? Who cares how the middle east is gouging the rest of the world? We can produce enough to satisfy our own needs if only we asserted our God Given Rights to provide for our selves, our neighbors, and our families.

    4. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      David Vitter is my Senator. Having admitting that, I adsolutely disagree with his statement that Obama moratorium was "poorly though out". Every action and

      manipulation Obama used was to take full advantage of this "crisis". Each decision was well "though out" to product the exact effect it did. From refusing foreign help which cause maximum damage, to the failure of the BOP, was all well planned after he caused the radical left environmentalist to slip into fits of rage when, just a few week before, anounced he would approve more oil exploration.

      This is deliberate and intended to wreck this economy. Why else would one of

      Obama most ardent lackeys, Max Baucus, purpose adding to the price of

      fuels by increasing taxes on oil and gas producing companies? No Vitter, this is not "ill-conceived", it is all part of the plan.

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Obama couldn't wait to stop the Drilling in the Gulf! We like to think BO is indecisive, but wasn't he quick on the 'Kill Jobs Decision?' And then awfully slow to save 30,000 lives in Libya? I think it is cover for Obama, not actual indecision. Likewise, it isn't stupidity or inexperience that explains Obama's 10,000 'mistakes!' Actually it is Treason that explains it best, everything he does makes sense if you know 'Precedent' Obama is a Traitor! For example, creating 100,000 new regulations while he pretends their enforcement won't hurt Business. Like what? It doesn't cost consumers anything?

      Herman Cain used the word Treason (and y'all wonder why Cain got such a bump from the Debate May 5th.) It just might be that 'extreme' is a good thing! The People won't believe a Candidate unless they can penetrate the Left Wing fog of war. I wish Cain wasn't an Ex Fed Banker but he makes a great pizza! So, hey! I suppose we should trust him? We loved hearing Donald Trump try to Vet the Candidate Obama! (How did a 3rd Generation Communist with a bad school record get into Harvard? (Because O was appointed, no wonder the Dummycrats never Vetted him!)

      We mark the one year Anniversary after Obama's most decisive Crime against America! The day he wrecked Gulf Oil! And for no good reason! Even if he has to be in Contempt of Court! No drilling (but Brazillian) shall be allowed, even to this day. Wow! That's some Criminal style of government!

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    7. Jay Linnell says:

      All right it's been a year now. What's changed now except that gas is now around $4.00 a gallon. The job market is in the T-bowl, food is more expensive, the world wants to trade oil in something other that US dollars. Now it's time to become energy independent. No more lip service. Drill Baby Drill. But that is on good unless there is Build refineries too. WAKE UP. We are circling the bowl, it's time to Drill and Build. It shouldn't take years to get permits.

    8. Jay Linnell says:

      It is time to Drill and Build. Drilling more oil is no good unless we have the capacity to refine it ourselves. It shouldn't take years to get permits, after all it's not like the permits have never been done before. Our economy is circling the bowl with high unemployment, inflation (yes there is no matter what the media are trying to feed us). Alternative energy can still be researched but in the mean time our economy is set up to run on carbon based energy sources( oil, natural gas, and coal) which we have plenty of.

    9. Ed, Utah says:

      1.) Government makes 60 to 80+ cents per gallon in taxes.The oil companies make about 2 cents a gallon.

      2.) compare the Fed's dilution of the value of the dollar with the rise in price of everrything, including gas…

      DUH! Why do you think they no longer teach critical thinking or real math or much else useful in our unionized public schools? DUH!


    10. Ed, Utah says:

      Oh yeah, Run, Herman, Run! You kicked tail in the debate…Keep up your great work. Our prayers, our hearts, and our votes are with you.

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