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  • Morning Bell: It's Just Lipstick on a Pig, Mr. President

    Despite the good news this week about Osama bin Laden’s demise, all is not rosy for President Barack Obama — at least in the eyes of the American people. The approval of his handling of the economy hit an all-time low with only 34 percent of Americans giving him a thumbs up, according to a CBS/New York Times poll.

    Looking for a reason why? According to the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report, unemployment rose from 8.8 percent to 9 percent in April. And though the U.S. economy added 244,000 jobs, beating expectations, the bad news is that when the bar for success is set so low, even increasing unemployment and decent job growth can seem like a silver lining on a dark and stormy cloud. Or if you want another metaphor, try “lipstick on a pig.”

    There are other storm clouds in America’s economic picture. New claims for jobless benefits shot through the roof to 474,000 last week, increasing by 43,000, according to a Labor Department report. That’s its highest point since last summer. For the fourth month in a row, labor force participation rate remained flat and jobs are still difficult to find. Meanwhile, gas prices are topping out at $4 per gallon. All in all, the American people sensed what the statistics would show: The U.S. economy continues to drag, and they know full well whom and what is to blame — President Obama and his failed stimulus economic policies.

    Just over two years ago, the president launched his much-vaunted stimulus and said his plan would create 3.3 million net jobs by 2010. It didn’t happen, and the American people have been stuck with an unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, not to mention the cost of a $787 billion stimulus that has been much less than stimulating. The Heritage Foundation’s JD Foster explains:

    At best, stimulus efforts based on government spending and tax cuts with little or no incentive effects have done no harm. At best. It is quite possible most of these efforts over the past couple of years have slowed the recovery while adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt.

    Now America is saddled with the price tag and calls by the president to increase the debt ceiling past its $14.3 trillion mark — all so the spending parade can continue. In reality, it’s the spending that’s the problem. To pay for it, the president has proposed tax increases that will only slow growth as the economy is struggling to recover. Heritage’s Curtis Dubay writes:

    These enormous tax hikes will slow down economic growth because they will transfer resources from the productive hands of the private sector to the wasteful hands of Congress, raise energy prices, and reduce incentives to work, save, and invest.

    Rather than helping the economy get on its feet by tearing off the bonds that are hampering its growth, President Obama has added new loads to drag it down. Regulations, uncertainty and bad tax policy are holding back growth, and now — as the United States nears the debt limit — it’s staring down even more spending that will only make matters worse.

    The American people know the real problem behind the economic mess. It’s the spending. And no amount of makeup will make the president’s economic pig look better than it really is.

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    51 Responses to Morning Bell: It's Just Lipstick on a Pig, Mr. President

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      5 – 6 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      I hope you contribute stuff for me to post on my Blog –

      Ken's Soapbox Blog – http://kenssoapboxblog.blogspot.com/
      We are in a REAL WAR, and WE are the ONLY FREEDOM FIGHTERS.


      WSJ today – 5-6-11

      From the Editorial OnLine page -

      A BS Celebration – "Indiana's Great Education Leap The Hoosier State passes vouchers and dissolves teacher tenure."

      You have to PAY to read it all.

      "Show the Proof, Mr. President – Americans don't want to 'spike the ball.' They want to show they crossed the goal line." – Peggy Noonan – And OLD Reagan Speech Writer.

      "Obama's 'Gangster Politics' – The president is about to order companies that do business with the federal government to disclose their political donations."

      "Kudos on Getting bin Laden, but I Still Need a Job

      JOHN FUND ON THE TRAIL – In Quinnipiac's last poll, voters disapprove of President Obama's handling of the economy."

      WSJ Motto – The News is GOOD,

      and THAT is what Has me Worried.


      KM – "You will not tonite, or ever, be able to convince me that an organization that champions the American worker, is a bad thing."

    2. Lauren says:

      This is troublesome because they are publicizing their "razor-like focus" on the economy. This is not good news for the American people if they are indeed completely engaged on economic problems facing the nation.

    3. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Although I'm all for removing UBL from the face of the earth, I'm disturbed by this president who campaigned on an anti-war platform, against all of his predecessors tactics and initiatives, who accepts a Nobel award for Peace, and turns around and accelerates nearly everything he said he opposed for his personal aggrandizement and political advantage. He is now trying to use the families and everyone he kicked in the butt and some he wished to and still does have in the court system(the interrogators) to come out and celebrate "his" accomplishments. I deeply resent his man's selfish pandering and manipulation of the families. I wished everyone had left him to stand at that site alone. Good for Bush on this one, the truth about this man has got to sink into the blindly supportive left when even Bill Clinton is willing to suffer so greatly by missing out on a photo-op.

    4. don ballew says:

      Obama and the hate America Democrats want to destroy our economic system. So far, he has been very successful.

    5. Ross Odom Fayettevil says:

      I have owned & operated my own companies for over 30 yrs and never has it been this bad. I fully believe that Obama policies are to blame for a lot of this but, I also believe he is allowing those around him to make policy and he is signing off on everything in an effort to bring down America internally. I fully believe it is the intent of Obama and his people to "bring down" the United States of America and to reduce this great country to the level of a third world country. I am a United States Veteran and it makes me "sick inside" to see what is being done, and without a lot of uproar from the right. The GOP is a joke at best or we would not have this problem to begin with. Where are the real Americans who love this country and why are we allowing this to happen?

      Ross Odom

    6. Dick Hays, Boonsboro says:

      The Republicans had better put forth a Candidate with the credendials to get the job done! i.e. Education, Business experience, Voting Record and solid defendable positions on Abortion, Marriage, immigration and the U.S. position in the other countries of the World.

      I would reccomend ugrading all of our Defense capabilities i.e. repace our aging fleet of Nuclear Subs etc. and get out of Iraq, Afganistan and Lybia.

      Better listen to the Tea Party. It is made up of voters that are serious about their Country and willing to take action. We are tired of the lies and B.S. the president is expecting all the sheeple to fall for.

    7. Don Ruane says:

      Isn't it time we Imposed Term Limits on Congress, yes, I said Imposed Term Limits on Congress.

      It is a simple concept. Just Vote for the other Guy or Gal in 2012. If there is a Democrat in office, vote for the Republican, the Independent or the Libertarian. If there is a Republican in Office, vote for the Democrat, the Independent or the Libertarian.

      We do not need a third party, we have plenty of people to vote for.

      It would take someone, like The Heritage Foundation, to combine the concept of Term Limits and the Fair Tax together because this type of Revolution the people can and I think will support.

    8. Curt Krehbiel, Midla says:

      Rather than helping the economy get on its feet by tearing off the bonds that are hampering its growth, President Obama has added new loads to drag it down. Regulations, uncertainty and bad tax policy are holding back growth, and now — as the United States nears the debt limit — it’s staring down even more spending that will only make matters worse.

      Well, that is his goal. So what's the surprise?

    9. Evan, Anchorage says:

      Admitt it, the democrats and, or the republicans are incapable of fixing our economic problem. Just do what Obama's debt reduction commision said should be done, NOW!! If nobody likes it, it is probably a good thing.

    10. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      With the "unemployment rate" rising to 9%, any wonder why Obama wanted to appeared at Ground Zero now, for the first time since he was elected? This shameless man stood on the hollowed graves of 3,000 souls for a pure political photo opt to use as a distraction from what he knew was comming today.

      Thank God more and more people are seeing through the tactics this administration uses to run from the truth. Despite this, the leftest and media continues their slobbering protection of the biggest mistake the American voters

      have ever made.

    11. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      SO, G.W. Bush dropped OSAMA in the LAP of OBAMA ,Obama took a picture,Then said "NO" you cannot see it! WHY? Why did he demand a picture be taken and then confiscate it!! this guy is NO leader for America, He fits very well into the Glove of our Enemy!!

      RESCUE AMERICA on ELECTION DAY 2012 , from the Misguided MISFIT!!

      Dear God, We have learned much about your Love for America, Please sweep our land clear of this imposter, We cannot wait 40 years to reclaim your gift!!

      Help us RESCUE AMERICA !! Thanks for your Precious Love!!

    12. 2dokie says:

      Since the Pres. doesn't seem to understand the basics of economics we're evidently stuck with idiotic redistribution for the rest of his term,along with irrational taxation on everything that contributes to the economie's health. Isn't anyone conscious in Washiington, or has the unbelievable insanity numbed them all into a coma? If so, we desperately need to look for leadership elsewhere. I don't think all the new guys are numbed yet. Alan West is a brilliant orator with a firm grasp of our history and our ideals and i'll bet he knows how many states there are.

    13. Linda in Long Island says:

      Well said!

    14. Paula Brooks says:

      What is disastrous is that while the economy sputters… we can't seem to get our "focused like a laser on jobs" GOP controlled House to focus on anything but silly social issues…

    15. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      Is the American economy and economic mess? Well…yes….but what else would you expect from the occupant of the Oval office who happens to have been a community organizer!

    16. Rick says:

      This president is just a puppet and those pulling the strings are running this country into the ground. Its there greed that is fueling this sceme and why would they care there future generations will have been taken care of. If we don't stop we will cross a line where we can't turn back if not already. Give up mr president cut the strings and go home admit your not capable to do this job.

    17. G. Hugh Bodell, New says:

      The death of Osama bin Laden although being used by Mr. Obama and his PR folk as a victory equivalent with the end of WW II, is unfortunately nothing more than …the death of Osama bin Laden!

      Mr. Obama’s ‘honeymoon’ will be short-lived.

      The country is in chaos, real inflation is approaching 10%, food and fuel prices are rising at alarming and unaffordable rates. We have spent over $1 billion on a third front in Libya with no real explanation as to why. Guns were sold to Mexican drug czars by US Government agents…and on and on and on.

      Shortly the shooting of a really bad guy will fade into the past deeply and quickly. Once again, the sense that the United States appears to have no direction or focus will re-emerge with the renewed strength of a flu relapse.

      A great piece that puts this devastating administration in perspective and not in the reflected glory of six brave US Navy SEALs.

    18. Frank, Florida says:

      Economic reality is, ever so slowly, starting to sink in and not even the lies of top government officials or top politicians (Republicans as well as Democrats) are now able to 100% cover the situation up. The vast majority of Americans not have a deep seated sense of foreboding about our nation's economic situation, even if they cannot see clearly the underlying problems. More & more people are actually seeing the problems fairly clearly now, but "critical mass" has not yet been reached to spur the politicians into the needed drastic actions, which are probably already too late to avoid the coming financial meltdown. I heard recently that the total debt (both public & private) owed by Americans is now at about $675,000 per taxpayer. Even at just 5% interest per year, do you think the average taxpayer can pay $33,750/year? But total debt & interest rates will be greatly INCREASING year by year as Obama continues to push his failed economic policies & inflation sets in ever more. So America's fate is pretty much sealed already! I'm still sort of hoping against hope that Congress might finally do something rational like: cut immediately $1 out of every $3 spent by the Federal Government & not only balance the budget, but also pay down all Treasuries that mature year by year over the next 30 years. But I've heard that in some years TRILLIONS of dollars worth of Treasuries will come due anyways… which would have to be (at least partially) refinanced with new Treasuries. So I'm not even sure that plan will be really workable.

      The whole thing started in 1913 with the re-institution of both the Income Tax & a Central Bank (Federal Reserve). The Income Tax allowed politicians to get perpetually re-elected by offering "free goodies" to some Americans by taxing the rich. The Federal Reserve allowed Congress to secretly tax all Americans through inflation by often avoiding overt tax increases & just printing up more paper money. When paper money was backed by gold (to at least some extent) and the limit was reached on the amount that could be printed, the gold backing was finally dropped. Thus all limits on the amount of paper money (now "fiat money") that could be printed was over. The sky was now the limit… and print they have!! But the story always has ended badly in the past for whatever nation tried this fiat money scheme, because the temptation for politicians to use the power of the printing press for short term gain always ended in long term disaster. America is now at the end of that road. Our politicians are still trying to squeeze out some more short term gains before our nation goes over the financial cliff. But I'm not sure how much longer they can sustain the lies.

    19. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      Truly, the jobs outlook continues to be extremely weak as the President , the Democrats and the Republicans continue to embrace flawed economic policy. The sorry truth is our political leaders refuse to fight the business interests that insist our prosperity is dependent on a free market system that no longer exiists. So we continue to export jobs, factories and industries at an alarming rate while our leaders feign economic sucess through manipulated Wall Street sucesses.Failure is our only future unless we immediately begin to repatrate to the USA the tens of millions of jobs that have been outsourced. Americans must begin producing for their own needs if we are to survive as a sovereign, free and self-sufficient Nation.

    20. Sylvia, Kansas says:

      Gee, when I was growing up; and now with a family of my own … more bills than income has always meant time to get a part-time job. You know, add income to the home.

      I'm for increasing the FICA taxes. No reason to stop such at $108,800/year. And let's stop giving BILLION $$$$$ breaks to BIG OIL. I'm already paying enough at the pump, no reason BILLIONS of my & your tax $$$ should be going to them too. And if you're fortunate enough to be earning millions of $$$ each year …. your tax rate should be more than mine. You've evidently utilized more of what our nation offers to make such income. I congratulate you while envying you; but still think you ought to be paying more. And corporations may have a higher tax rate on paper … FACT is they're not paying any such rate as the tax code includes all kinds of rebates. I paid more than GE, Carnival Cruise Lines … and so did you.

    21. toledofan says:

      The economy will teether on the brink until positive steps are taken to cut the spending and slow the growth government. It's almost getting to sound like a broken record but words without actions aren't going to work. The policies we have in place regarding the outsourcing of our manufacturing base, off shore drilling restrictions, the inability to drill in Anwar, the prohibitions placed on the market by the government agencies like the EPA, Land Management, etc., all place un-necessary burdens on the economy. This coupled with the arrogance that spending will fix all our problems created the mess. To pass a budget for last year the Democrats couldn't even agree to save about 38 million, a drop in the ocean compared to the trillions we're borrowing.

    22. STEVE says:

      Corptocracy is not what we want, Trickle down does not work, Congress is stuck on abortion, and some of you want to blame the President.

      If the President tried to implement the commisions report some of you who are the loudest would have a hissy fit.

      Welcome to America!

    23. florin, waterbury, c says:

      Yes, I agree: we should put term limits on Congress. We have doddering, drooling old men hanging on well past their capacity to serve – I think 65 years of age would be a good cut off point.

    24. Frank J. Randazzo Cy says:

      As Lloyd said earlier the scandalous photo op Obama had in N.Y. followed by his photo op today (at the navySeals training facility) is a direct result of his I MY ME thought processes. The Bush administration put in the tools to get Bin Laden. At the same time his Attourney general Eric Holder is prosecuting the same CIA men over their interrogating of MSM. which led to them getting Bin Laden .UTTER HIPOCRACY!. He needs yes again he needs this diversion to mask todays jump in unemployment TO 9 PERCENT .Photo op that away mr. president!!!!!.

    25. Roseanne Dayton, OH says:

      The Fair Tax would be a great first step towards fixing our economy. People who dismiss it without even reading the two books written about it should educate themselves first before deciding that they agree, disagree or are in the middle.

    26. James Lucas, Illinoi says:

      The old adage: "Figures don't lie…but liars can figure"….applies to government statistics….not directly to the President. Many of the jobs created are minimum wage. Jobs continue to hemmorage to off-shore. Know why Fed., State, and Local Gov't.s are all hurting for cash ? Loss of tax revenues. (Duh ???) why…..l do Federal politicians first look at cutting domestic spending vs. foriegn/defense spending ? Example: 1. How much did the Osama hit operation cost ? How much was expended in Iraq ande Afghanistan (and…to what end). How much money (at interest) was barrowed from our good friends, the Chinese Red Communists…..to give away to other countries and the U.N.? Why is the U.S.A. the only major country inthe whole world NOT to have National Health care ? And now the so-called Economic elite want to tank Social security and Medicare ??? Why not raise the limits of those who contribute to $500,000 which would then include the so-called "polictical class" and those who NOW benefit more from this country than they contribute. And finally….How many corporations can now contribute an UNLIMITED amount of Money to political campaigns, but pay NO TAXES. Billions of dollars in tax subsidies to OIL COMPANIES who are raking the american people across the coals every day??

      Ask your Congressman/woman and senators about the above. JHL

    27. Carol,AZ says:

      Mike , loved the pig analogy.

      When I utilized a "pig metphor " comparing, the deficit to, " a Pot Belly Pig," your site deleted my comments.

      Just for the record:

      your quote was utilized duing the 2000, POTUS.campaign," to put lipstick on a pig".

      In the S/W, the Pot Belly pig is, a breed of animal.

      Regarding your article for; " reported numbers of highs and lows" about all things Obama, and labor stats:

      Yes the numbers are skewed.

      How could this administration function otherwise facing the millions of unemployed Americans? How many of these nameless faces are now unaccountable, since they've exhausted their benefits and have joined the homeless.

      Reported here; on any given night in L.A, CA, 60,000 homeless live and sleep on the street.

      No mercy from the City of Angels for these faceless, nameless people. But whose speaking about this issue from CA?

      My grandfather spoke of his experience during the Great Depression. He explained to a child that ;"There were no jobs." He expalined that entire families were broken up in order to feed, provide shelter, and,"to survive another day."

      He also explained what hunger met to millions fo Americans during that period in our nation's history, now overlooked.

      The NY Times has quickly forgotten what bread lines, the Wall Street Stock Market callaspe, and men selling apples on the streets.

      The N.Y. Times and CBS, disconnected over this issue, joining L.A,'s ability to ignore 60,000 homeless in just one city.

      We have refused to look at fear hoplessness and the people that are just like us, who were once employed for thriving companies, now out-sorced and jobs shipped overseas.

      This cultural climate from our D.C leadership,"to support emerging nations," is the new age American experience.

      To remind all of us of another phase garnered during the 2000 campaign:

      The true meaning of "shovel ready jobs."Accept there're no shovels this time around.

      The last I heard,the N.Y.Times was in dire fiscal straights. But albeit, we rarely hear from anyone posting comments on this site from N.Y..

      You pointed- the punitive damage that the "pig" has done morphed into a wild boar.

      No amount of comestic cover-up can mask.the pathos this leadership has cause, and continues to casue.

      "The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

      Thomas Jefferson

    28. Natalie, Denver says:

      It is not lipstick on a pig…..it is the pig. Just another Obama deception. Google Peiczenik's interview. This guy was head of covert operations for five administrations, consultant to Tom Clancy, and the real life Jack Ryan.

    29. KC - New Mexico says:

      Don Ruane has a great point – term limits! We do not need the professional politician who only thinks about re-election and greed. Look at Reid and Pelosi as examples of how polictics destroys the individual in being able to really perform in the interests of the country.

      The Republicans or Independents need a leader from the business community who understands how to fix financial and economic issues. I am waiting to hear from a prospective candidate who is not affraid to speak up, tells it like it is, is honest, and most importantly knows how to problem solve.

    30. Leith N. Wood Richmo says:

      Wake up America and take back our freedoms from a lying, incompetent, socialist president, who wants the government to control every aspect of our lives. Have courage, speak the truth to others, fight for freedom and kick him out in 2012.

    31. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Reading Ken Timmerman's "Shadow Warriors" is greater confirmation that my Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy is NOT nutty! If 'Precedent' Clinton did Purge the CIA (like he did DOJ) you would expect exactly what Timmerman reported: CIA colluded with State to wreck the Iraq War best they could. Point is, Bush W was a Great Man and all, but being a RINO is defined by his blindness to the Shadow Party (Demo-crats). He left all that fell Clinton Machinery in place! Just like with DOJ was filled with Progressive 'un-prosecutors' the CIA was filled with actually disloyal people doing Anti American things! Well, undermining Chalabi (an anti Sadam banker) for example and confirming that rascal, ElBaradei (IAEA grad who was recently poised to 'help' in Egypt) closed the trap on George W Bush! But see, he's A-OK somehow with the Obamagang! Point is, the Economic Collapse of America was always the Goal of the Left! One Trillion wasted in Iraq and One Trillion wasted in Afghanistan (Pakistan) and One Trillion wasted in so called "Homeland Security" (making war on Arizona, like "Yeah! Sure! Attacking Arizona ought to 'improve' our security!")

      I am not Extreme in saying "Impeach Somebody in the Shadow Government! Anybody!" It will eventually reach up to Obama, targeted or not, Obama is the center puppet on the Left! Obama will not allow the Ship Of State to be saved! We will not be able to 'nickle and dime him to death on the Budget!' The only way to stop the Train Wreck is Investigate, Impeach, Defund and Abolish the Unconstitutional Forms of Government that Obama and his Gang have 'community organized!' Don't be a RINO and just let them get away with it! That is all the DINOs have left us to do! But of course they say "That's Crazy!" Of course they do! They're DINOs!

    32. David Ferguson Jopli says:

      All great comments and true but how do we correct the problems? If these people who are supposed to be representing us, were working for company's, I think everyone would agree, they would have been fired. Most Americans seem to think voting them out is the only way, and it would work well, IF! people payed attention and in fact did, of course that is not the case. There is another option we have, given in the constitution. Article. II. Section. 4. which reads.

      The President,Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason,Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

      Isn't taking money for favors, Bribery and isn't reducing our country's ability to protect itself and placing it in debt for no good reason, Treason? Why allow these people to continue to destroy our country, while we set and watch them preform their circus act?

    33. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      In my humble opinion the "gangster government" Obama machine will be going into overdrive beginning with the "new" jobs number that came out today. Unless and until the "gangster" media, underwritten and supported by George Soros, is overtaken by those willing to risk threats, career annihilation, slander, calumny, etc., Obama will be victorious in 2012 and the U.S. will no longer be anything but a hollow shell on the way to extinction through regulation, taxation, lawlessness and forced compliance. Even some Fox News shows and anchors are slowly but surely falling into the compliance mode. Is there still such a thing as integrity with full and honest disclosure?

    34. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      The reason politicians cannot think clearly in Washington is that the city was built on a swamp. What do you get off the swamp?? Swamp Gas, this is what happens to the brains of career politicians. I agree with term limits and I think all of these Rep. and Dems, Ind. as well should live in the suburbs, then maybe they can clear their heads at night and think about th vote the next day.

    35. Kim, Ohio says:

      The take over by this president is simply amazing. Acorn stuffing ballot boxes, illegals voting and so on. A candidate not willing to prove he was a born citizen is linked to more corrupt people than Al Capone and the American people voted for him any way or so it looked that way. He has lied and deceived for almost 4 years and he still has followers, WHY. He has taken us to a point of no return and as the pied piper plays the mice are following him right over the cliff. Have the American people became that complacent ? My biggest question is why the republican party is just standing back and letting this happen. The only one you hear speaking out is Shawn Hannity and he's not a politician. When republicans ran the country you heard the democratic voice all the time. The ground "O' incident by this president made me sick, his political agenda is sickening. This man hates the United States and burns it's flag and people are still supporting him, May God help us in 2012.

    36. MacWell, New Jersey says:

      Most people think the FED is somehow connected to the federal government, legally, but, the FED is a wholly owned banking cartel in the hands of about 12 major world banks. If you want more info on the FED and how dangerous they are to America, do a search for the book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island", follow the links to the free .pdf that explains everything about the FED. It's about 10 pages long so it's not too long a read, but very worth it.

    37. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      Same old tired rhetoric. Our problems began a long time ago as you all well know. Pres. Obama is NOT your enemy. The enemy is us. We only started paying enough attention AFTER we started losing our jobs to all the greed and corruption that came home to roost. Or maybe capitalism is really broken. Perhaps we would all have a better understanding about our government if every family in the U.S. had someone in Military uniform (like I once wore) to give us a better direct appreciation of the sacrifices made for our so called democracy. No, many of us have been busy looking the other way, eating fast food and driving fast cars and playing video games and living La Vida Loca. In any event, following is a link that should cause some reflection about where some of the money goes today.


    38. mike hutchings says:

      the walrus said…….


      its time to talk of many things,

      of little men adance on strings,

      that put the best face on things,

      the walrus said on reflection…..

      i think that i have heard enough…..

      there is no substance requiring

      either thought or tusk…

      the walrus said these last words….

      i'm clearing out….

      i've seen shellfish with more sense

    39. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Yes spending is behind the national debt and annual deficit. Spending more than the rest of the world COMBINED on National Security, now more than $1 trillion a year, is a pretty hefty portion of the spending, but do we hear from the Right that that figure is too high? Not that I''m aware. We hear plenty about the down-the-road cost of Medicare and Social Security and virtually nothing about the cost, in dollars, of our extravagance on the combination of National Defense, Homeland Security, Nation Building, Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries, and Veterans Affairs. Those five interlock the result of foreign policy decisions that drive up the costs related to each, decisions like those that have us projecting our power everywhere in the world and maintaining more than 700 military installations, large and small, worldwide.

      In flush times, as I've said here before, such extravagance is easier to justify, for there are benefits. In lean times, though, debate is in order, not just propagandizing to win the support of those easily fooled. A $14.5 trillion national debt and $1.5 trillion annual deficit are lean-times facts, just as more than $1 trillion a year spent on National Security is for ALL countries except the U.S. an extravagance.

      When does the debate start, folks at Heritage Foundation? When it does, I want to be there.

    40. SSS says:

      " We remind everyone that The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish" taken from below the box.

      You lost me as a reader. I am a conservative and do not like the policies President Obama and Pelosi so dearly love, but I for one am tired of the childish way articles about both parties are written lately.

      Like him or not the President made a great choice with a massive impact with Bin Laden killing. But this article is very childish in how the message is delivered, not in the subjust because it is true. You would think an adult conservative would be able to better choose his words to sound not " well my dad is bigger than you dad"

      I will no longer use you as a source of opinion or information now.

    41. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      So Obama visited Ground Zero yesterday for the first time in three years? BIG WHOOP! It's too little, too late.

    42. Sherry says:

      The Navy SEALs did the Osama job well with the intelligence we got from interrogating Osama's cronies, thanks to G. Bush. We could be attacked again in retaliation.

      Unemployment: jobs are all going over seas. Gas prices: we can't drill.

    43. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      What we have is stupidity (lifer Republican politicans) chasing ignorance (Barry O. and the socialist Democrats). It's a game and America is failing because of their greed to stay in office.

    44. Mike, Charlottesvill says:

      One thing you need to note, which is just fundamental economics:

      The definition of unemployment is someone who does not have a job but is actively looking for one. During times of recession, you have a lot of people who are jobless but give up looking for jobs; these people are called 'discouraged workers'. Discouraged workers do not factor into unemployment figures by definition from the BLS.

      Flash forward to recovery: you have a movement of people from the discouraged workers category who start looking for jobs again, i.e. they become unemployed. This usually happens during the first signs of economic recovery. If you look at recession vs. unemployment stats, there is always an increase in unemployment immediately following concrete signs of economic recovery. It's just all in the way the government defines unemployment.

    45. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      The American people have failed to listen to those who opposed the actions of the government since the FDR progessive movement. Americans now are three kinds, namely: those who are unhappy about what has happened and in one lifetime to their world–to its morals, principle, and ways of thinking–and have intutitions of a dire sequel; those who only now begin to read the signs and are seized with premonitions of disaster; and those who like it. We now have more who like it than the other two groups. We have reached now that time–like the fall of other great empires–no more bread to throw; the moral and ethical decay of its people; and politicaians still promising many things to the people.

    46. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Term limits, yes. Elected positions were never meant to be career jobs with incumbents entrenched in self-serving activity with the express purpose of staying on the public dole for life or when getting tossed out by voters drawing a lifetime pension for a few years of what they erroneously call "service"

      to their constituents…BS

    47. Robert, North Richla says:

      Every single one of these points was covered during last year's election. The only reason you have to continue replaying this information is that our new Congress has done NOTHING to stop any of this socialist madness. If we had all 535 seats filled by [lying, gutless] republicans they still would not do anything. Just look at Eric Cantor – the mighty lion from Virginia – who has become the wimpering pussy cat and Joe Biden's favorite whipping boy. The first spending resolution vote told us everything we needed to know: only six republicans voted against the compromise – and they knew it was going to pass.

      After the "massive victory" Rush told us about, we only gained six patriots.

    48. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I think we need to "make hay while the sun shines". This House needs to begin the process of being the most legislative and investigative House in recent history. We need to create our own version of Cloward-Piven and swamp the US Senate with bills that one by one rescind/defund everything the Obama/{Pelosi/Ried triumvirate accomplished. At the same time apply the rule that if it was passed/enacted/reregulated during the last 2 1/2 years it needs to be investigated and the perpetrators put under a microscope.

    49. Al from Fl says:

      democrats are going to use scare tactics (so what's new?) regarding many of the steps that need to be taken if we are to regain economic stability in this country. The republicans are going to have to work hard to educate the public on what they are trying to do and ignore the polls. We have to stop spending and rein in the entitlement programs. As for those who worry about "silly social issues", it's the degradation of our society's moral fabric that contributed heavily to the problems we are in. Too many people have their hand out today.

    50. Kevin H, college par says:

      Got to wonder what world many of the commentators and posters live in. People saying Obama and Dems hate America and are destroying the economy. Please look at where every economic indicator was when Obama took over and where they are now – like GDP jumping up, stock market doubling, people's household worth jumping, going from 750,000 jobs lost a month to 200,000 jobs gained a month – yeah, he's just been terrible. You need to break out of your bias and look at the facts.

      Would be good to look at the actual numbers, instead of buying all the misinformation being through around. I realize the numbers might hurt to look at because you'll see how wrong you've been – but i recommend you do it.

    51. HawkWatcher says:

      Kevin, I've looked at all the numbers, not just a select few, and they indicate that we conservatives are not misinformed. For instance, the value of the average home has dropped 30% under Obama, so how did household worth jump, as you claim? Unemployment just rose again, and jobless benefit claims are through the roof, regardless of the distracting lipstick numbers you post. When all pertinent numbers are considered together, Obama is clearly a one-term failure.

      I've also examined Obama's ideology, his words, and his actions. He and other radicals are doing what they promised: fundamentally transforming America by destroying what we have. We correctly informed Americans will not let this happen. We see the lipstick on the pig, why don't you, Kevin?

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