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  • Message for Mother’s Day: Parenting Matters

    The approach of Mother’s Day brings to mind the great parenting debate du jour and the very vocal public reaction to the tenets of the Tiger Mom—a style of mothering that pushes and presses children to achieve and won’t settle for second best. On the other side of the straight-laced Tiger Mom is the overly protective Helicopter Mom, who can’t help but want to shield her children from the world’s disappointments. Then there’s the Coach Mom; while not quite the drill sergeant, she wants her children to deal directly with problems that arise and provides practical guidance for addressing life’s frustrations.

    Regardless of what adjective precedes “Mom,” a preponderance of social data demonstrates that a mother’s love and attention is an invaluable asset in the life of every child. While the mundane tasks of changing diapers, bandaging boo-boos, and acting as chauffer and chef might not seem like the most influential job, the selfless nurturing and timely insight of mothers can have a significant impact on their children.

    And the benefits of mothers’ tireless care and counsel go beyond the lives of their own children. As data from Heritage’s FamilyFacts.org details, mothers—and fathers—can have a profound effect on civil society by helping to mold the next generation into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

    Mothers’ involvement has been shown to influence a broad range of outcomes for adolescents. For example, teens whose parents are present when they wake up, come home from school, and go to bed are less likely to experience emotional distress, and those whose parents are more involved in their lives tend to have higher levels of self-esteem and self-control. Teens with greater parental involvement in their schooling are also more likely to graduate from high school and achieve higher levels of education. Finally, mothers’ investment in and communication with their children has been shown to have significant impact regarding risky behaviors ranging from sexual behavior to substance abuse.

    So on this Mother’s Day, hats off to the broad array of moms for all they give throughout the lives of their children.

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    4 Responses to Message for Mother’s Day: Parenting Matters

    1. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Just imagine if there were a real difference between Men and Women? And suppose it were a Divine Design, the human family? People on the Right Wing would celebrate the wonderful difference, the perfect balance between the sexes! "Let Women be Women! Let Men be Men!" Maybe we shouldn't let the Democratic Socialists do Human Experimentation upon the American Family? All the blowback you report in your Mother's Day article is exactly what would be expected! We have proved the importance of the Family by letting the Demo Crats destroy it! Such an Acid Test is worthy of Nazi's and Eugenics Mad Scientists!(Consider Woodrow Wilson's pet, Planned Un-Parenthood was meant to exterminate 'excess black populations' after all!)

      Whatever the Progressives have been teaching in greater Academia, what they have been fomenting in Family Law and what Progressives have done normalizing the defective family? It has been that absolute proof by Acid Test that A Fish Needs That Bicycle after all. Women have all been Betrayed by Radical Feminism! The Human Experiment has failed! Next issue, don't let Progressives do any more massive Human Experiments on the American Public! Okay?

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    3. Sheri Noga MA, Royal says:

      Psychologists have long known that it takes a combination of love and authority to raise the most well-adjusted child. American parents have become increasingly confused by a culture that encourages excess of all kinds. The result of over-focusing on children's needs; significant increases in depression, anxiety, and narcissism in the current generation.

      Parents need to "have the guts" to follow their own instincts and raise children in a balanced way. It's not that hard. Parents need to educate themselves.

      To view my video parody of Tiger Mom, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zrdoOPOGp8

      Sheri Noga, MA

      Author of "Have the Guts to Do it Right: Raising Grateful and Responsible Children in an Era of Indulgence"

    4. Sky, VA says:

      “the tenets of the Tiger Mom—a style of mothering that pushes and presses children to achieve and won’t settle for second best. On the other side of the straight-laced Tiger Mom is the overly protective Helicopter Mom,”

      As a small correction, I would strongly suggest that the tiger mom is NOT on the opposite side of the helicopter mom. The tiger mom is merely a type of helicopter mom – constantly hovering over her child (like a helicopter) and directing her choices and activities and accomplishments, filling every minute of the child’s time with activities of the mother’s choosing, being heavily involved in the child’s pursuits as a direct supervisor and living vicariously through the child’s accomplishments, never letting the child roam free and play free with other kids by herself in a world of their own, never allowing the child to go to sleep overs, making sure the child is always either with mom or engaged in an activity chosen by mom and never just running around playing free with other kids outside in the backyards and streets.

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