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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Anti-Energy Policies Are Bankrupting America

    Randall Stilley has witnessed firsthand the Obama administration’s job-killing agenda. As the president and chief executive of Seahawk Drilling, he had to lay off 632 employees before filing for bankruptcy — a direct result of President Barack Obama’s anti-energy policies.

    Stilley’s company owned and operated 20 shallow-water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The lack of energy production — a consequence of Obama’s drilling moratorium and subsequent “permitorium” — led to Seahawk’s demise. Now he’s speaking out, sharing Seahawk’s story in a new video from Heritage and the Institute for Energy Research. (Click to watch.)

    It’s an unfortunate example of how policies in Washington are harming American jobs and also squelching energy production at a time when consumers are paying $4-per-gallon for gasoline.

    Fortunately, not everyone in the nation’s capital is content with higher prices and fewer jobs. Today the U.S. House considers the first of several bills that directly addresses energy and jobs. Lawmakers will vote today on legislation that requires the Obama administration to conduct oil and natural gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and in the waters offshore Virginia.

    It’s a welcome change from the anti-drilling policies first imposed by the Obama administration one year ago. On May 6, 2010, the first moratorium on Gulf drilling took effect, followed by a longer ban that lasted until October. But even after it was lifted, few deepwater permits have been issued.

    The long-term implications are disastrous for America. That prompted House Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) to pursue a remedy through legislation. Today’s vote would ensure that companies continue energy development by requiring lease sales. Two other bills would speed up the permitting process and craft a long-term plan for offshore lease sales.

    “What we’re proposing is to lower gas prices, create American jobs, which ironically will help drive up government revenues, and ultimately, in the wake of all the turmoil we’ve seen in the world, create an environment in which we are energy independent or on a path to energy independence,” Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) explained yesterday.

    Even without the president’s signature, the legislation has already had a positive impact. After it passed in committee, the Obama administration promised to hold one lease sale in 2011. (Ever since 1958, there has been at least one lease sale every year.)

    But while one lease sale is better than none, Hastings isn’t satisfied. He wants the Obama administration to hold four lease sales before June 2012  – including one off the coast of Virginia.

    Aside from creating new jobs and discovering new sources of energy, the lease sales contribute a substantial sum of revenue for the federal treasury. In 2008, the offshore industry paid $9.4 billion for bids on new leases. Last year, that figure dropped to $979 million in lease bids.

    The drop in revenue is a reflection of the Obama administration’s anti-energy policies. And lease sales are only part of the equation. According to the government’s own Energy Information Administration, production in the Gulf of Mexico will drop by 190,000 barrels per day. That means less money from royalty payments on offshore rigs as well.

    Faced with mounting criticism, the Obama administration has defended its policies as a safety precaution following last year’s oil spill. But one year later, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement is issuing drilling permits at such a slow pace that it’s hard to swallow the explanation.

    At the same time, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress are seeking new ways to penalize energy businesses. As Curtis Dubay and Nick Loris write on The Foundry, a proposal from Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) would significantly increase taxes paid by U.S. oil and gas companies competing abroad — exactly the wrong approach with gas prices on the rise.

    Meanwhile, job creators like Leslie Bertucci and Randall Stilley continue to bear the brunt of the Obama administration’s misguided policies. Bertucci, who told us last month about her company’s struggle to survive, has dipped into personal savings to avoid layoffs.

    Stilley didn’t have that option at Seahawk. And he’s not optimistic about what the future holds under this administration.

    “As an American,” he told us, “you never want to look at your own government and say they’re hurting you personally, they’re hurting your business and they’re doing it in a way that’s irresponsible. I’m not very proud of our government right now and the way they handled this.”

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    81 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Anti-Energy Policies Are Bankrupting America

    1. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      Cut now, cut deep, and cut once, don't prolong the fear of the other shoe dropping. Its time for us all to get on with the business running this country for the people.

    2. Robert Root says:

      53 percent of the voting public voted for Obama's policies. I suggest you let the chips lay where they have fallen. When this country, I've served, goes down the tubes then maybe you'll get a response from the 53 percent that voted for socialist policies. It won't be a response anyone wants; 1st a dictatorship then collapse and destruction of this nation we should be proud of, but people that love her, now hang their heads in shame.

    3. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      Hornbeck Off Shore is a company in New Orleans that supplies the oil rigs in the Gulf. It too is facing horrific financial hardship due to the fact the oil rigs are leaving for Brazil. The snow ball effect from the Obama administration is crippling our country. bin Ladin is only a temporary distraction. Wonder what the boy wonder will use as an excuse when the economy tanks this fall?

    4. George Colgrove VA says:

      John Roane,

      I agree fully. It is more than any one of these things the federal workforce is doing to us. It will all kill this country. In many ways it already has.

    5. Jim-MN says:

      When the dear leader is done with his Osama victory laps and dragging out this rediculas diversionary photo crap, he and his regulatory henchmen will begin the continual stalling of a new drilling strategy.

      Same thing with the Debt limit debate. Push it off to Aug / Sept by our own Treasury Sec to stall the Republicans effort to corner the dear one until he can manipulate the process even more.

      Just who are these 48% of the USA that have the favorable opinion of this fool?

      Jobs going down big time again today. Not a word from the dear leader or his administration. The double dip recession is just Sept away from impact.

    6. George Ranville says:

      Heritage! Send your video crews to the gulf and interview the families of these laid off workers and post them so we can share with others. Real families, really hurt by these destructive policies. Release them day after day after day.

    7. Lee Farquharson, VA says:

      It doesn't really matter if the GOP led house passes legislation requiring off shore leases be awarded as long as there is a hostil senate and a president who doesn't care about the law.

    8. Roseanne Dayton, OH says:

      Sure we need better forms of energy. But face it, we still need oil and will for a long time. Why concentrate on off-shore drilling when we have on-shore oil in so many states that has not even been tapped yet? What ever happened to that discovery in North Dakota? Then there's Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania……..

    9. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Don't forget his visit to Brazil and promising them help on drilling and that USA would be their "best customer" He is a disgrace as a POTUS and "WE THE PEOPLE" need to keep alert and not let the smoke screens deter us. This event with OBL is just that, he'll do anything and I mean anything to keep the real problems under wraps, so to speak.

    10. Eddie Little, Housto says:

      As someone who works in the oil industry and lives in Texas. I can tell you first hand how bad this president is for not only the oil and gas industry but also the state I live in. Not only has Obama tried to move Nasa jobs out of the state, but his anti drilling moratorium has hurt our industry to a great extent. Obama knows he will never win this state in the next election. But does everything possible to hurt Texas, including no space shuttle to the Johnson Space center. But the only wasy we can beat him and get back to work provding badly needed energy to America is at the ballot box.

    11. Frank, Florida says:

      It's hard for me to believe that Obama is simply concerned about the safety & environmental concerns with any kind of drilling (especially off shore drilling). We have a hugh budget deficit & we are in need of new revenues & oil is over $100/barrel & gas is about $4.00/gallon. Why not drill? Obama seems willing to commit billions of US Dollars for exploration off of Brazil, while letting our oil exploration companies go bust & basically stop any off shore drilling here. Yes, it would be nice to wave a magic wand & solve our energy problems with solar, wind & bio-fuels; but it's not gonna happen soon! In the end, we need to develop as many different kinds of domestic energy sources as possible to help our economy, which is our #1 strategic military concern anyways. We are on the verge of economic collapse & this is just another sign of either Obama's blindness to the size, scope & imminence of the problem… or Obama is purposely allowing the USA to collapse to help spur in a new world order. (I actually think the latter is more likely, as I don't think Obama is that dumb).

    12. MJF, CT says:

      Either the People stand up to Mr. Obama or we suffer the consequences. It's that simple. Mr. Obama is killing the USA with his polices and he needs to be held accountable. Unfortunately, the GOP is putting up losers (almost the same ones as in 2008) and those that we put in last November have turned their backs on us.

    13. Norm LA says:

      Unfortunately for the rest of us, Obama is in full campaign mode and will not even give on the one lease per year. He will pander to his constituency and that is not the American people. The environmental wackos are one of those groups he will need to retain through November '12. Lets all go out and buy washing machines on wheel; the pres told that to an invited town hall audience member. He thinks gas prices need to be higher yet. They say if gas hits $5 and its getting close to that in L A, his chance for reelection is decreased. I would pay $6 to defeat this guy who is intentionally destroying this great country..

    14. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      George Colgrove,

      If we continue on our current course within a few years the majority of workers in this country will be working in government jobs and or taking government hand outs (not something they earned or paid for) and that will lead to total failure of the country.

    15. george,Ky. says:

      Obama only wants to make everyone stay home with high gas prices and energy costs. Why do we have to buy oil from Brazil??? Meanwhile he flys that dam big plane around burning up gallons of jet fuel that we have to pay for. Drill for our own oil and tell opec to eat there oil

    16. GORDON says:

      Why does everyone avoid stating the obvious? The economic collapse of the United States IS the goal! If these actions were carried out in any other context, by the preponderance of the evidence, no other conclusion could be reached?

    17. GORDON, Pensacola, F says:

      Bankruptcy IS the goal. These actions, viewed in any other context, by the preponderance of the evidence, would allow no other conclusion to be reached. Bankruptcy IS the goal.

    18. allen says:

      What is wrong with giving the oil money to GE for Wind Turbines,? Aren.t they a American Co. just because they are Presidents Obama's Job Czar. they also pay taxes, The Admn. is not stopping drilling in North Dakota where it could be a Oil Field the size of the Mid-East. You have to give some noney to the people who have to think and not work. Just like the School Teachers in the summer time have to start thinking how to teach your childern how to Think and learn to use all those new electronic toys so they can set on their asses and think of ways how not to go to work, work around the house ,make their beds that sort of work is Hard. Obama is going to give every one an VOLT car next year.

    19. Jason, Minnesota says:

      When is a good time to consider changing our energy consumption/resource problem? When the economy is roaring and nobody cares because gas/cars are cheap relative to incomes?

      Yes, offshore drilling companies, and the related jobs, are going to suffer. Yes, creative destruction is difficult – especially as a result of policy.

      Is it in the best interest of our children's children to perpetuate an obviously out-moded system because we want to continue to hold the price of transportation energy artificially low…for now? Does $2 or $3 gas at the pump – half that of the rest of the world – come without political/economic/natural resource risk?

      OPEC flexed in 1973 – giving us a chance to look beyond a few accounting periods and realizing our energy consumption/generation is our problem. Do you assume we could open off-shore drilling and simultaneously replace Saudi Arabian oil? Have we moved one inch in our mindset since 1973?

    20. Mike Harris says:

      Obama' energy policy works…."it is necessarily skyrocketing prices" and bankrupting the "bad" energy companies.

    21. mike hutchings says:

      energy… at free market prices…not legislatively rigged prices…. sustains a middle class…that's not what the government is interested in…no socialist…or if you willl facist…crony capitalist combine….which amounts to the same time…lets call it what it is no matter the drilled responses of the water carrier's of both parties the words invoke…..they dwell in the self interested land of what everyone who is cool knows……this lands co-ordinates are….winkin…blinkin and nod..indeed why wake to reality…when its so easy to follow and not be trouble by the noose laid in plain sight…as long as they get theirs…from someone else who it belongs to but doesnt deserve it….because their just selfish and must be bad…..since i left the ozarks i am amazed at the lack of objective reasoning in educated people of a leftist bent… for the most part they are unable to defend their position in the face of facts….being a hill billy is not all that bad when you consider the programming imposed on those in the know….dirt is truth and an acre of land in the end is an acre of land….four billion dollars in taxes added to the small producers to benifit the cozy combine of the e.p.a and the internationals…..i am glad i never truly left those woods…the arguments of the left on energy… as in much else is on par with the evening news and an insult to anyone's intelligence…..energy is wealth…the lack of it is poverty….metering it… is control of how people live…what kind of house.. how many kids….the argument against production is one against good jobs…..people who have are apt to be less servile than those who dont….. their competion to the two headed snake coiled on the potomac is noted and feared…its the third column ….that will counter the fifth that they embrace as progress…

    22. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Oil lease sales revenue will drops from $9.4 billon to "0". When adding the job lost and the amount of lost revenue to the overall economy that will result, is their any question as to what Obama's true intentions are?

    23. Craig Leonard says:

      Much as I dislike the Obama administration, they are only making worse a situation that former administrations, the congress and EPA have spent roughly 40 years creating.

    24. M. Salhaney, West Bl says:

      Why is the White House letting the world know that they have OBL's secret names,phone/address book, thus are not a secret and those listed will no longer communicate via those addresses? Keep them in the dark while we listen in and track.

    25. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      Legislation on this issue is a fine idea, but how are we to believe this executive branch would pay any attention to it? They have ignored orders from more than one court with no "comupence" as my grandma used to say. If they can ignore the courts, they can ignore the legislature. Can and probably will.

    26. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh! Boy! I sympathize. There a great many Americans who are truly Victims of Government as the Progressive Agenda grinds down the American Way. The so called 'energy policy' costing taxpayers billions of dollars is not Energy Policy, not really. This is a no-energy policy, "You will all be happier and healthier in the stone age" policy. I am beside myself angry at the Government for this destruction, actual destruction of American Industry. It isn't a mistake. It isn't to save the planet! None of that! It is winding American down into second place for the benefit of the New World Order. Please Impeach. Obama is unstoppable if somebody somewhere in Government is not Impeached for High Crimes! This? It is a High Crime and Conspiracy.

    27. toledofan says:

      We live America and for the past couple of years it's like we have to put up with the attitude that we are some 3rd rate country. I honestly don't believe that there is'n''t anything we can't do once we put our mind to it; just look at the number of inventions and major life changing things we've developed in America makinfg life better for everyone. Look at the sacrifices we've made for peace and the number of times we've given freely when disaster hits. It's just amazing and yet we have an administration in place who actually is trying to whittle us down to size and or appologize for our greatness. Actually, it's pathetic that we have to, each day, listen to the complete absurdity of the left; everything is doom and gloom from global warming to giving credit to others when a success is achieved and the constant willingness to spend us into obvilion.

    28. Bob, Spokane, WA says:

      Please help come up with a valid person to run for president, no trumps, no gingrichs, no other old party hacks, no good ol boy lawyers. I suspect it is hard even for the HG to get out of the DC "mainstream".

    29. Curt Krehbiel, Midla says:

      Having more lease sales will not assure more drilling activity. There are existing leases in the Gulf of Mexico and the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska that industry would like to drill but permits to drill cannot be obtained. This is particularly tragic in Alaska as production from Prudhoe Bay and other north slope fields is in decline. The 800 mile long Trans Alaska Pipeline that carries oil from the north slope fields to Valdez where it is shipped to refineries requires a throughput in excess of 500,000 barrels of oil per day in order for the friction in the annulus to keep the oil warm enough to keep flowing. Without additional oil being produced and transported to keep the pipe hot the pipeline will become an 800 mile long "Chap Stick" and a monument to government stupidity. Only by granting permits to drill for and produce more oil can this tragedy be avoided.

    30. STEVE says:

      They could drill all the oil they can get their hands on and it won't effect gas prices. what about all the jobs the oil spill killed? what happens when one of these rigs spills again with the same ole technology, oh yea blame Obama because he allowed drilling.

      You guys are something special, the people that believe you are ignorant and unlearned, they just need to be fed any excuse to blame the government. i.e. Obama.

    31. Richard Odgaard says:

      Amen! A vote to increase our debt ceiling MUST be contingent upon a major change in our energy policy. With that, the new ceiling would never be challenged.

    32. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Forget it…Obama is in New York, Holder is looking for a place to hold a trial, unemployment filings are going throught the roof & lifer politicans are fidddling while the rest of us are burning (money for $5 dollar gas). Keep listening to Limbaugh & Hannity – The experts driving the Heritage Foundation agenda and teach your children to speak Chinese…

    33. Christopher Popham S says:

      The EPA recently denied Shell Oil from drilling rights off Alaska.

      Their 'reasons' were absurd. They said that because the fumes from a much

      needed ice breaker vessel would affect a village of 245 people 70 miles away (!)

      that Shell could not drill. The EPA board is made up of liberal Democrats. And as we all know: Liberalism is tantamount to giving ignorance a political voice.

      A liberal friend said to me two days ago, that he thought the president was an

      honorable man. My fellow Americans, what in the world is honorable about denying

      oil companies from creating jobs and enhancing our energy output?

      May God have mercy on the United States of America as we sink faster and faster

      into economic decline.


    34. Leith N. Wood says:

      Obama is totally incompetant and willfully destroying the fabric of America. We must speak the truth about what is being done to our country now to those around us. The majority of the press has sold out to the liberals. We can make a difference by having courage and speaking out. Do it!

    35. Leith N Wood Richmon says:

      Obama is consciously destroying the fabric of this country and needs to be stopped now. We must speak the truth to those around us and stand up to politically correct garbage. Truth and courage are needed now, not later. We can defeat him, if we fight hard.

    36. randydutton says:


      1. States should be able to share in the oil revenue from 0-200 miles offshore. Currently, they don't get any for the first 50 miles. This is a disincentive for states.

      2. A successful political candidate would declare that the first day he/she is in office, they would reverse most of Obama's executive orders that inhibit energy production.

      3. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing biofuels that are corrosive and damage or destroy Americans' cars, equipment, boats, and motorcycles.

    37. randydutton says:

      $1 trillion sits under 2000 acres of frozen wasteland. We should immediately declare it open for development.

      About 20,000 mostly union jobs would be created.

      Thousands of teachers could be paid with the tax revenue.

      The Alaska Pipeline is dangerously close to being shutdown for lack of supply. The oil from ANWR would help keep it open.

    38. randydutton says:

      PUSH the presidential candidates to declare in detail their plans on reversing Obama's policies.

    39. Ted Wilson says:

      Obama can issue all the drilling permits we want but theEPA DOE or tree huggers will stop it

    40. KC - New Mexico says:

      So Obama was able to finish what President Bush started after 9/11. Obama’s poll numbers increased after this. SO WHAT!!! $4 plus per gallon of gas, higher prices at the store because of energy and distribution, a funny number for unemployed – really much higher than stated, unions demanding more from the tax payers, a stupid tax process that is not fair, a poor economy, terrible education results, and a world that could care less about the USA. Bottom line – this article is just the tip of the iceberg of issues that plague this country. Obama and his high paid team of czars need to get with the program and do what is needed in the best interest of this country. The problems have not gone away – just became worse. We need leadership in Washington that will make a difference!

    41. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Balancing the needs of today's economy with long-term environmental health is no simple matter. We have learned too many lessons from environmental disasters around the world to have confidence in decisions made in the interests of today's economic needs without regard to unintended consequences to land, air and water over the long haul. The BP mishap is just one consequential example among scores of possibilities already behind us or, Russian-roulette fashion, waiting to happen.

      While is is true that jobs today are important, it is just as true that gunning the engine with a caution light flashing ahead is penny-wise, pound-foolish at best. Better safe than sorry. Economies have been known to recover in a matter of years, but ecosystems?

      Lambasting policies of the Obama administration is child's play at the present time. How wise or unwise those doing the lambasting will, in years to come, appear to have been is too important to leave to child's play.

    42. JohnL2 SC says:

      A fool and OUR MONEY soon part!!!!

    43. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      Congress should abolish the existing agencies and create a new agency whose job is expediting safe exploration and production. Our current policies are a national disgrace and impediment, costing us hundreds of billions in imported oil. The production effort must include liquid fuels from our vast oil shale areas in the west, which could yield hundreds of years' supply.

    44. Vance, Indiana says:

      If you want to really make a change in the cost of oil and gas production why not tell the EPA to allow for more refinery plant production. We actually send crude to Japan and other countries to refine and then ship the processed oil and gas back to us – that surely doesn't cost anything I'm sure. The issue is that the EPA and (I'm sure other agencies) apply way to many useless and unnecessary regulations on the plants that it makes it too expensive to build a new one. Put some logic into the regs and get rid of the stupid ones and enforce the ones that actually mean something.

    45. Brad Kelley, Severna says:

      Not very happy about our government right now puts it mildly. O'Bama gave his buddy George Soros', Petrobras, $2 Billion in American tax dollars and opened the Gulf for drilling. Gee, I wonder where that one permit they're holding will go?

    46. Denise, Utah says:

      Wow! It makes me wonder if Ayn Rand had a crystal ball when she wrote Atlas Shrugged.

    47. Roger, TN says:

      Approximately 51% of the citzens of the US paid no income taxes in 2009. There are far less of us working now. The remaining horses pulling the wagon are dying every day from exhaustion. At some point, the liberals/Democrats will realize that there are no taxpayers left, only those with their hands out.

    48. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      "Let me make this perfectly clear"(sorry Nixon) to our women(i.e. remember the Biblical story of Eve?), a campaign promise was made to make a "fundamental transformation of our government into Marxism(Anti-Christ) by candidate Barak Obama, which "only" our women, the more verbal of our species, and the devil(Lucifer)clearly understood! Now, the endtime self-professed Marxist(Anti-Christ) is here to destroy the real "Israel" by the seed of Joseph, not Judah(Gen. 48:16) and our final destruction is here! Eve started this rebellion against our spiritual CREATOR and now she is finishing it, as written! p.s. I'm a happily married man to my Italin wife, but then it also is written that more "gentiles" will be saved than Isralites(by the seed of Joseph, not Judah for you Biblically uninformed! Watch!

    49. George Colgrove VA says:


      Here is some humor about debt management. A high gloss website production that had to cost millions of taxpayer dollars to produce by either a contractor (likely) or fedeal workers. The federal government is operating on 44% capital, meaning that this website was covered by 56% debt. The radio commercial warned that you shoud not spend more than yo uhave money for and that the more debt you incure make life even more difficult to pay back.

      Hmmmmm. 70% of public workers feel current government spending is right.

      I think we need to have the federal workers be required to visit their own website.

      Just some humor – these guys are the last people I would go to for financial information.

    50. Wally, Illinois says:

      In a court of law the claim must be proven by the State before punitive actions can be taken.

      Why can the Government stop actions without proof of endangerment?

      We have the Government calling for protection of endangered species who's numbers are doubling (Polar Bears) yet they don't have to prove anything.

      It's time for the People take control of this country.

    51. Gerri, Clayton CA says:

      And I believe it is highly intentional.

    52. randydutton says:

      Watch the Atlas Shrugged trailer at http://www.atlasshruggedpart1.com/atlas-shrugged-… and see how very relevant the movie is the energy discussion.

    53. Richard, Clovis says:

      The irresponsible manner in which this administration has conducted the businees of the country borders on treason. For the Liberal Element of the governing body to launch such an assault on the people of this country and the financial security of the country itself is just like the terrorists that attach us all over the globe. These are difficult times and require firm leadership, leadership which currently does not exist.

    54. Greg Goetz, Marietta says:

      Even if Hasting's bills all pass with bi-partisan, veto-proof strength Obama will figure out some way to delay, stall, or re-instate some kind of act to prevent them from going forward. This all goes against his green energy policy and his attempt to develop a cap and trade system

    55. Bernard P. Giroux, D says:

      In developing a research paper in graduate school in 1972, I discovered that old US Coast & Geodetic Surveys done in the 1950's, without, I might add, today's technological wizardry, predicted a reserve of between 10-20 billion barrels off the northeast U.S. coast. Why are we listening to environmentalists? Search, find and drill. Design new engines that get better mileage; never mind this push to the small car. This is not Europe. We can travel 3,000 miles in one direction without ever getting stopped at a border. Why should the U.S. depend on others for its energy?

    56. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      P.S. As my point, I see most of these bloggers are men, who have far less potilical influence than even blacks! No? Who were the primary voters for this promised "fundamental transformation of government," into Marxism(Anti-Christ by definition) and Obama, the forbidden foreigner(Deuteronomy 17:15) and self-professed Anti-Christ(Marxist), but our women, the more verbally receptive of our species! Duh! Watch! After all, it will be "men" killed, not they! No? Tell me that again next November, 2012!

    57. rose anderson, Port says:

      Taxes and Regulations and Restrictions on Energy is a National Security weakness

      which will bring us down before a terrorist threat will defeat us.

    58. Renny, Maryland says:

      This is nothing new if you are familiar with the "Alinsky Model!!!" He is on a roll.

      We should be on our knees asking for guidence, because "we" are not going to stop him!!!!

    59. john downey says:

      fox news should interview randall stilley and let him tell american who is responsible for oil price increases

    60. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama should be ashamed of himself.

    61. Disgusted , Illinois says:

      The EPA dictators will not be happy untill all of their MORONIC regulations will destroy this country.

      The bureaucrats there will not be happy untill they make America to look like their favorite country, North Korea.

    62. Al from Fl says:

      Should be pretty clear by now – the attack on America's economy is not simply a case of incompetance, it's the work of those, including the W/H, who want to transform this country into something other than what it has been. Hopefully enough people are aware of this to vote Pres Obama and the dems out of office in 2012.

    63. Madman Vancouver WA says:

      Why are we always talking about the plan when it comes to energy. What's standing in our way right now, the Energy Dept and the EPA and the last time I looked the republicans are in charge of the house. The Republicans can ZERO

      out the budgets of any Department in the government and if they go far enough

      they could save trillions like Boehner wants to do and shrink the size of the mess. I'm tired of all this talk and that's all it is and the people are getting tired

      of it. If they did this there's nothing Reid or Obama can do to stop it.

    64. Pingback: Opinion-Week of May 9, 2011 |

    65. 2dokie says:

      Don't kid yourself, the Marxists are in charge. With the Bakken field and the ANWR we have abundant petroleum resources but only when we put the lie to the global warming-hydrocarbon connection nonsense. Obama has no honest environmental concerns . He's either sucking up to the enviro-marxist lobby or trying to depreciate all petroleum assets for Soros and his ilk to pick them up like a garage sale. That's what passes for "free enterprise"in the US under the Obama government. He stold GM from bondholders and gave it to the UAW that destroyed it to begin with… and now he's sold the govt. interest to the Chinese and sold the UAW out. What a tangled web we weave!!!

    66. Whip Holt, Spring Cr says:

      I,ve just finished reading Matthew Continetti's book, "The Persecution of Sarah Palin", and if you want to find out what Really happened in the 2008 elections, and how "our" liberal leaders in Washington and the liberal mainstream media virtually destroyed her, read it. I'ts available through the Heritage Foundation bookstore. It's scary! And it can happen again in the upcoming election, giving us more of the same for four more years. Eight years of the policies of this administration will completely destroy the nation I love.

      It will take a much more determined effort by conservatives to fight this than has been evident in the past. It has been said by a number of legitimate authors that the entire Democrat Party and many in the Republican Party are actually controled by George Soros and his billions of dollars, that he hates the United States, that he is ruthless and that he has engineered the collapse of several small countries using the exact same tactics we are seeing in the Obama administration. Soros is ruthless. He is also trying to nullify the 2nd Ammendment, which would leave this country unprotected by its citizens, similar to the situation with Adolf Hitler concerning the Jews in Europe.

      I hope and pray that my country will stay viable, and that its citizens will recognize what is happening and "trow da bums out".

      Whip Holt

    67. William J. Parker He says:

      I see no reason for the president's position on energy except his intent to destroy America as constitutionally founded.

    68. Charles E. Spence says:

      It is not just Obama it is any one who is a Democrat and supports the Democratic Party. The Democrat party has replaced the old communist of the past. If we remove Obama in the next election it will do nothing if we do not remove the dogs that call themselves Democrats in the Senate and House and don't forget those so called Republicans like the 12 that just voted for cloture and allowed a former Planned Parenthood board member to become a Life Time Appointed Federal Judge in Rhode Island.

    69. Kinja95 Jacksonville says:

      Getting this country back to work and ending our dependency on foreign oil could be accomplished simultaneously. Start building new refineries, nuclear plants, pipelines, and green energy projects. Increase the off shore drilling as well as in the fields of North Dakota and Alaska. We put 5 million or so people to work and gradually over 10 years as these improvements come online lower the amount of oil imported into the country.

    70. Linda, Louisiana says:

      What will it take to wake this man, who was elected President of the United States up. He's walking on a cloud because HE knew a few months back about the location of Bin Laden. I will not deprive him of the accolades he deserves because Bin Laden was killed under the Administration, but he really deserves very little credit. And now he has told the whole world about how everything was done. This man does not have a clue what to do.


    71. Steven, Louisiana says:

      If 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps, when are we going to get gas subsidy cards? After democrats get finished with their agenda, we are going to have to pay taxes for breathing.

    72. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Hey anti-drilling fanatics: it's not about drilling or spilling, it is about exploiting an abundant natural resouce to reduce the dependency on middle east oil shipped half way across the planet and still subject to spillage.

      Wake up and smell the stench of USA deterioration at the hands of greedy maggots that want to control and/or annihilate us. They don't give a rat's butt about their citizens. As for alternative energy, I am all for it but till then try using your electric toothbrush in the DARK when the WIND is calm…

    73. Robert, North Richla says:

      As long as [250 million] people are willing to pay $ 50-75 per month for the networks, FOX, CNN and MSNBC to tell them what to think – and who to vote for – nothing will "change." The last elections did not "cost" Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Ted Turner or Paul Allen one single dime (more than they were already spending) – and they did not lose ANY power. So, of course, it is business as usual. Stop fretting and get an extra job. Over 100 million welfare recipients, 12 million unemployment bums, 25 million irresponsible seniors (no savings, no life insurance, no investments), plus the investment banks, hedge funds and George Soros are counting on you. Why should THEY change?

    74. Kevin H, college par says:

      Funny you blame obama's policies for gas prices. I guess the last President was to blame when gas reached 4.123/gallon in July of 2008 and reached 3.23/gallon in May 2007 – all after dipping into the strategic reserves.

      I presume Obama will do the same as President Bush Sr. and Jr. and President Clinton – and get into the reserves.

      There is no real Democratic party left. Now you are left with Democrats who are moderate and Republicans who are far right – only Democrats around are the likes of Senator Sanders and Congressman Frank.

      It's time to get rid of the far right members of Congress – they showed with President Bush Jr. that their economic and foreign policies are terrible – thankfully Obama and the Dems are not fixing the wrongs of the previous adminsitration that took the country to new depths of low.

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    77. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      How does one ideate such contorted perceptions? Reality check is in order…

      There is a conservative ascendancy under way, in case you hadn't noticed the national shellacking of Democrats at the polls last fall. Sixty percent of voters sit center-right, and we will take the Senate and White House in 2012 by electing more conservatives to represent us.

      The far-right has little or nothing to do with it.

    78. Obama will also furnish $4 billion retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for staeside auto factories and parts suppliers, so that the new fuel efficientcars can be made in the United States by American workers rather than offshore.

    79. Pingback: “Devastation” form oil as real as Rapture, but got less buzz | TheLensNola.org : Investigative Journalism New Orleans

    80. Erin says:

      So, when unemployment goes from 10% to 8.5% under Obama, that is the Obama administration "bankrupting America". Okay, so what exactly do we call the spike in unemployment under Bush from 4.5% to 10%?

    81. Guest says:

      Replacing high density, high efficiency, cost effective energy sources that have proven cost effective distribution networks in place with low density, low efficiency, high cost green energy sources with no proven cost effective distribution system in place is bankrupting America .

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