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  • Morning Bell: Top Six Reasons We Got Osama bin Laden

    Taking down Osama bin Laden was an achievement resulting from a culmination of a decade of national security policy. Soft power and diplomacy helped along the way, but it was hard power and military might that made it possible. President George W. Bush put the correct policies in place, including the PATRIOT Act, Gitmo and increased intelligence gathering. President Barack Obama was wise to continue executing many of the same strategies. Here are the main reasons we were able to take him out.

    #1. We Invaded Afghanistan. Anyone who is a hunter knows you have to flush game out before you bag it. It often works the same way with terrorists. The Taliban refused to give up bin Laden because the two groups were joined at the hip and saw Afghanistan as just the first step in building bin Laden’s worldwide terrorist empire—pushing him out was job #1.

    #2. We Set Up Gitmo. When the full story of the long war against terrorism is told, we will learn that detaining and interrogating enemy combatants was a critical tool in winning the war. Indeed, we have found that when we released Gitmo detainees, many of them went back to the battlefield. There are already reports that detainees through lawful interrogations provided key intelligence cues that helped tracked down bin Laden. CIA Director Leon Panetta told NBC News yesterday that “enhanced interrogation techniques“ were used to extract information that led to the mission’s success.

    #3. We Increased Intelligence Gathering. We had a number of intelligence operations running inside of Pakistan with the help of the government. We used the data collected there, in Afghanistan, at Gitmo and at other facilities around the globe to diligently and patiently connect the dots. This high quality analysis is not possible without modern technology and military equipment and dedicated personnel.

    #4. We Didn’t Quit Afghanistan. Afghanistan provided a base to keep bin Laden at bay. Drone strikes limited the enemy’s freedom of movement. The base in Afghanistan helped collect intelligence about the enemy and in the end served as the base to launch SEAL Team Six to take the enemy out. Our mission in Afghanistan now remains to help build a nation that can govern and protect itself, so that it can act as a seawall to keep the Taliban and their al-Qaeda sponsors from going back and forth across the border. This is a job worth doing and one that can be done. In fact, recent polls show that in the wake of taking out bin Laden, there has been an upswing of Americans who are now convinced that the war in Afghanistan can be won. They are right.

    #5. We Protected the Homeland. At least 38 terrorist plots have been foiled since 9/11. Our ability to protect the homeland while we hunted bin Laden was an important part of keeping him cornered until he could be hunted down.

    #6. We Provided for the Common Defense. Protecting America can’t be done with special operations alone or just by lobbing drones and cruise missiles at the enemy. (That was the Clinton strategy, which failed.)  SEAL Team Six may have gotten bin Laden, but it was because conventional forces chased him out of Afghanistan, we rounded up prisoners and sent them to Gitmo to be interrogated, and we established a presence in Afghanistan to hold bin Laden at bay and then launch operations against him. A strong military and special operations strategy go hand in hand. The troops who have been fighting this battle since 2001 are brave warriors who deserve the best equipment and tools to get the job done.

    President Obama should be praised for his command this weekend, as should the military and civilian leaders of the past decade who gave him the necessary security apparatus to make this an easy decision. Obama should not use this one victory to reverse course, deplete our military readiness, abandon the war in Afghanistan and weaken our national security. We should remain vigilant in the ongoing war against terrorism.

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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: Top Six Reasons We Got Osama bin Laden

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      5 – 4 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Mike, Chicago on May 3rd, 2011 at 8:13pm said:
      What happened to Ken Jarvis? Was he a bin laden fan?
      Mike – Thanks for asking.
      I never post, if I don't have anything to say,
      or answer a comment.

      HF has changed.
      They must figure is they write about BAD
      it will make the GOP look bad.
      And, they don't want that.

    2. Dale Silvers says:

      Thank God for GWB. His administration has stood up for what protected the USA! BHO has done nothing but destroy our freedoms and play golf, it does not take courage to send someone else in to battle if you think it will further your political career. We have good men in the military, CIA that deserve the credit for killing UBL but I AM SICK AND TIRED OF OBAMA TAKING CREDIT FOR OTHER PEOPLES COURAGE. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO DRILL FOR OIL HE IS A COWARD AND TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. The worst pat of all is HE and the people around him are just as naive and incompetent I would like to see a debate between BHO and Allen West or Herman Cain and have the LAME MEDIA call it a RACIST event!

    3. Rebecca Crisp says:

      Amen. We stayed the course while others played politics with our national security.

    4. Kupe, Virginia says:

      You forgot:

      #7 We increased the size of our forces in Afghanistan, once the unnecessary distraction of Iraq was eased.

      #8 We decisively took action on promising, but less than perfect information about bin Laden's whereabouts.

    5. Roger, TN says:

      Anyone remember the uproar when it was noted that the Bush Administration had plans for sending kill teams after senior Al Queda operatives. Never instituted, but on the drawing board. Where are the critics now that we invaded soverigh territories of Pakistan and killed Bin Laden?

    6. Elizabeth, Orlando, says:

      I'm amazed at the number of "conservatives" proclaiming victory and praise of Obama. Without a body there is no crime. How do we know Bin Laden didn't die of natural causes or years ago of kidney failure, as some doctors predicted? Obama needs a boost in his approval numbers, he's falling fast and in order to prevent a primary run against a stronger Democrat such as Hillary Clinton who could beat Obama by a landslide, he needs an extraordinary event. At this point, Americans are not worried about the terrorist from other countries, they are awakening to the terrorist in our capitals. Wake up.

    7. Roy Wagner, Westervi says:

      The reason that he was killed was because of Barrack Hussein Obama was trapped by his own "TAKE NO PRISONERS" policy. He promised to close Guantanamo and there was no place that wanted to house Osama bin Laden.

    8. Vigiland Patriot says:

      Read the book Extreme Prejudice by former CIA asset Susan Lindauer! It will enlighten you on the other side of the PATRIOT Act. Transparency, at any government or media level, is nearly extinct these days!

    9. gerald skey, princet says:

      While I agree with yor comments about the several factors that led to locating bin Laden, I disagree with the conclusion that Obama should be praised for his command.

      The facts are that we, through the diligent work you have described, located bin Laden. His compund had been under surveillance for many months and I would imagine that we knew how many people existed within the compound and, probably, the extent of the weaponry within that compound.

      Unless one has experienced the sudden arrival of combatants emerging from helicopters, it is impossible to explain the concept of surprise. But trust me that when the helicopters arrived and the Seals got on the ground, there is no possible way that the personnel inside the compound would have had more than a few seconds to respond.

      If one accepts the above, the military result was a foregone conclusion from the outset. What was somewhat surprising was that we did not alert the Pakistani command and that may have been the most daring part of the attack. But still, we knew that the attack was not going to last more than about 40 minutes at most and I would doubt that the Pakistani Air Force could have possibly reacted in that time, but still that part of it was daring.

      Personnel within the compound had been living there for a yet to be determined amount of time and noone had any expectation that the attack was coming. While there may have been retaliatory fire from within, the fact that we did not sustain a single casualty would suggest that this was as one-sided an attack as there ever was. Indeed, bin Laden was unarmed and yet shot in the head. Knowing a little something about fire arms, head shots are extremely rare and most probably that shot was delivered within a couple of feet.

      Personally, I felt no elation about this man's death – he was a symbol, to be sure, but had not been a factor anywhere in the world for a number of years. He was a man consumed by hatred of the US and anyhting non-Islamic which made him a member of a not very exclusive club in the middle east. But taking political advantage of the situation and praising Obama for making a decision that was presented to him on a silver platter is not what makes a leader. I also took note of Obama's specific and self congratulatory comment in his statement that the attack took place "on my Order", as though he truly was or is a leader. In that same vein,I shuddered a little when he read the final statements in his speech invoking the words from the pledge of allegiance "one nation under God…" as though someone's notion of what "God" is had anything to do with it. Query, does the success of the attack mean that "our" God is better or more powerful than 'their" God?

    10. HankS_FtLauderdale says:

      Don't forget about Iraq: Identity Of Bin Laden’s Courier Was Provided By Al Qaeda Operative Captured In…Iraq http://tinyurl.com/4yyjnwa

    11. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Will Eric Holder prosecute Osama … Oops!, Obama for ordering the killing of the terrorist without providing his due process rights?

      Keep focusing on this story and in the meantime…healthcare continues, NLRB removes rights of non-union workers, budget battle is lost on clueless lifer Republicans, China continues to become the econoimic giant in the world and what does Heritage do…chase Obama's public relations winning story about catching a reprobate.

    12. Debbie Myers, South says:

      As usual, the Heritage Foundation provides us with the most articulate and balanced assessment of what has recently transpired. Thank you. God bless our military troops, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. I pray that the troops come home, but in a timely and rational manner, as to not undue the work that has been done over the past 10 years.

    13. james n. y, says:

      We went bankrupt

    14. Martin, Atlanta says:

      This was the most compelling piece I've read in a long, long time. I already believe everything that was said. But the author connected the dots very well. The issue is bigger than vindication for Bush's decisions. In short we should keep up the offense.

    15. james n. y, says:

      The country is going bankrupt

    16. Kurt, Maryland says:

      Now, let's bring our troops home!!!

    17. Dean, Houston says:

      Don't forget, we got Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Iraq, and he was one of these that gave up info (or clammed up when shown info) when being interrogated.

    18. Luke Blackford, Houm says:

      and "WE" got Obama reelected

    19. Norm LA says:

      Nice article summarizing all that George Bush initiated and that the current office holder continued, reluctantly. And the latter bashed Bush to win his office. Will any elected official publically praise Bush, as if he wants to be recognized ? His books tells us No. Thank you George Bush for doing what you thought was right, despite the kicks levied against you from all in DC; elected and the so called press. . .

    20. Mike, Chicago says:

      You left out the most important reason – the Regan administrations support of Bin Laden that helped empower him in the first place. Bin Laden wouldn't have become such an evil person without Regan's support, and none of the reason listed above would have mattered.

    21. Don, Texas says:

      Understanding the enemy, studying his tactics, makeing use of his weaknesses, and having the resolve and determination to defeat them is a must in this war. With the new found understanding, cooperation, team spirit and togeatherness that the Democrats and President Obama have found in themselves after the last election, I'm sure victory is just around the corner. I mean, who would have thought it……….Nancy Pelosi congratulating George Bush. Ahh, the warm fuzzies. Seems like another "Word" moment.

    22. Dan - Ireland says:

      Please remove my e-mail address from your listings. I no longer wish to subscribe to an e-mail that supports a Wild West 'get 'em dead or alive' sort of justice. Perhaps the rest of the world is badly out of touch with reality regarding the continuing murder and brutality being inflicted by the US Governemt/forces… but I don't think so. It is interesting that you say, on your site (below the "Your Comment" box) that "other forms of incivility will not be tolerated," yet you seemingly applaude murder and mayhem.

    23. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      What purpose is served to continue scarificing our young men and women in Afghanistan? bin Laden is "reported" dead, so what is the objective? It's misleading to suggest that our nation will be one bid safer or better off by putting our troupes in harms way fighting a "holy war" that has been ragging for centries. Or that we can bring about democracy in a land that is barely out of the stone age. As soon as we do finally pull our troupes out, Afghanistan and Iraq will revert back to the same as it has alway been. Spilling our young blood will not change this timeless land that cannot be change.

    24. Joan, Dallas, Texas says:

      Bravo, America. This should prove to everyone that interrogation techniques, as unpopular as they may be, keeping Gitmo open, treating enemy combatants as enemies of war, and defending America from within and abroad absolutley necessary. Thanks to President Bush for putting measures in place to keep America safe, and thanks to President Obama for seeing the light. Hope this wasn't done strictly for a political boost in the poles. We've been tricked before, America.

    25. Lynda, Beacon, NY says:

      God bless every person who has been part of this long search..many have given their lives, many have suffered physical losses than cannot be repaired, families have supported loved ones in the military by sacrificing so much personally. One person cannot achieve something like this..it has been a very large team effort of brave men and women who love their country over many years. Read everything you can… become educated on events, people, and be part of an educated electorate that uses reality not "pipe dreams" when "pulling the lever". God Bless America.

    26. EARL, QUEENS, NY says:

      As we’ve seen over the past 27 months, BHO has this “I, I, I, I, ME, ME, ME ,ME” attitude. He will take credit for any good news, such as when the unemployment rate goes down 1/10th of 1% (never mind the fact that unemployment rates have never been this high for so long since the Great Depression!!). And when things go wrong, BHO blames Bush and the GOP. Even now, BHO doesn’t seem to want to credit Bush’s policies, yet it was Bush who kept us safe after 9/11/01. With all due respect to the POTUS, let’s not focus solely on this between now and the 11/2012 election. A good question to ask now is if BHO will keep us safe from other potential terrorists who may seek revenge against us for bin Laden’s death. Although BHO deserves some credit for authorizing and not hindering this operation, it was our military that achieved this and brought bin Laden to justice. (Yet the demon-crats threatened to delay our military personnel’s paychecks in the event of a government shutdown during a recent budget battle!!)

      Let’s also not forget that this administration has opposed efforts by states like Arizona to secure our borders. The leftwing demon-crats have called for mirandization of terrorists, and have opposed EITs and water-boarding. In fact, some of these politically correct morons don’t even like the word terrorism, but instead call it something like man-made disasters!! Is BHO really a strong military leader?? BHO and his supporters are taking credit for this, but what if there’s a tragic (terrorist) act of retaliation?? What will they do then; blame Bush, et al?? And I haven’t yet seen the 4/2011 unemployment figure, but surely it’s still higher than it was prior to 1/2009. We know the economy’s still flat on its back, and its obvious the truth will soon cause BHO’s approval numbers to fall back down from this temporary boost. And don’t forget that BHO and his demon-crats nearly quadrupled Bush’s largest budget deficit.

    27. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      It is the FIRST thing President Obama has done right! Box Score, then, ten thousand wrong things and one right thing! Big woop! Thanks so very much for so little, I suspect there is something wicked in it! But you know, I am 'extreme' Right! I actually believe in Representative Government! My central premise is that the War On Terror is a gigantic smoke screen! It masks the horrible fact that our Government has been 'taken over' by Progressive Socialists (actually hard core Cold War Communists in drag.)

      1. We should have reopened the McCarthey Investigations when the Soviet Union fell and word came back that the Rosenburgs, et al, were actually in the pay of the KGB!

      2. We should have tasked the FBI to accumulate dossiers on the principle actors in the Weather Underground and Students For A Democratic Society (the SDS.)

      3. We should have Impeached 'Precedent' Clinton for High Crimes, and reached RICO with Conspiracy, Attempt, etc. Demo-crats wrote his Article of Impeachment, which is why he 'got away with it!'

      4. We should have investigated more Unamerican Activities, what has led to the Indoctrination of Americans through Movies, Textbooks, Rewriting History and perpetual Government Programs (that are Un-American by design!)

      5. We should have Prosecuted those Progressives who developed Un-American Curriculum.

      6. We should have undone the Damage (Cold War Damage) which has accumulated to Unamerican Beliefs among our American kids! They don't even know what Citizen Sovereignty means!

      Instead, we have wasted a couple of Trillion Bucks on foreign gangsters we call terrorists! The Communist Gangsters are in the White House! We have lost America to the Domestic Enemy! Obama is planning to make it impossible to change America back! Somehow, High Crimes don't matter anymore. The Vote 'shouldn't matter so much?' Yeah, sure Nancy. Sure.

    28. vaag says:

      We got the guy—mission accomplished. Now let's leave tomorrow and let the Afghans return to the middle ages which is where they are happiest. Keep the spy in the sky going for a long time.

    29. Elle Hughes says:

      Obama wants to take all the credit for getting Osama Bin Laden in the hopes that we the people will re-elect him in 2012. That won't happen . As you pointed out in this article, it took many years to get this man and Obama got lucky when one of Osama's couriers told us where Osama was living. The Navy Seals who carried out the project are to be commended because without them, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive.

      The American people need to see photos of Bin Laden as proof that he is indeed dead . We cannot take the word of a man who claims to have an "open and transparent government" and then carries out business behind closed doors .

    30. JLassiter says:

      Obama has known where Osama was since last August. Obama had Osama killed to get the attention off the fact he tried to have Libia's president killed and got his son and grandchildren killed instead. The pictures of a dead Osama will come out when he needs another distraction.

    31. Sjirk Zijlstra says:

      I find the whole Osama killing story very iffy,

      1. there are many reports that the real Osama died a long time ago

      2. It is almost impossible that the Pakistanis did not know that he lived in Abottabad. Pakistan should be dumped as an "Ally" because they are NOT. They knew all along that Osama was dead or they knew that he lived in Pakistan, either way they are not worth to be considered an "Ally"

      3. The repeated harping on the 99.99% for sure DNA match is highly suspect, when did we get the DNA from the real Osama?

    32. Ronald, Illinois says:

      My only comment is to the fact that the U,S, assinated a person on the orders of our government. As I learned in school, we do not have the right to "take out" another person. period. Our government was wrong and especially if that person was UNARMED., Police are not even allowed to do that. He should have been captured just like the rest of his crew and brought up on charges in a military court. I REPEAT. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFE….NO ONE.

    33. Robert Smith, 513 La says:

      # 7 It was politically expedient for the resident at 1600 Pennsylvania to do so.

    34. Hermes Liberty New-Y says:

      We should remain vigilent and,..after the sensational of Ibn Laben killing, reflevt on why now and who are really behind his demise. There are aware people who knew all the time where he was hiding, just as some know who his behind this Arab world surge, Let us think outside the box.

    35. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      I totally agree with the methods/procedures used to take down Bin Laden. This was a total AFFIRMATION of the policies put in to place by George W. Bush. It is ironic that the policies used to take down Bin Laden were criticized and bashed by the current occupant of the Oval Office. Now, after two years, he plans to visit ground zero … to make political points for his reelection in 2012!

    36. Bill Royan says:

      Obama should only be given credit for strengthing his re-election. If this wasn't political, nothing will ever be political again

    37. Biagio, Northeast PA says:

      WOW. Great analysis!

      All who read your wonderful material are all of the same conservative mindset, and to see you compliment the president for a job well done is impressive.

      Let’s face it, we know that he has done a very poor job on many other levels, but to give him credit where credit is due is both fitting and proper!

      Way to go!!!!

    38. Ed Turk Independence says:

      The true gain will be in how we use this event to shape our future relationships in the region.

    39. randydutton says:

      Left out:

      A secret was kept for months in Washington DC! That may be the most important issue.

    40. Bob Royer, Lexington says:

      Good article, but you neglected to mention NSA surveilance and wire tapping programs. My understanding is that the courier made a phone call that was intercepted, and that helped confirm the location. This was another toll put in place by the Bush administration and criticized by the left.

    41. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The best thing we did. Or the worst thing we did?

    42. Disgusted, Illinois says:

      The man killed, was it bin Laden or a close resembling double?

      Why the QUICK burial at sea?

      Why NO clear photographs of the body?

      Do we have a DNA analysis technique now that can give positive identification results in a few hours?

      I would like someone to comment on my concerns regarding these questions in light of the facts that the administration is famous for "slanting " the truth.

    43. Tom Murray, Gaston, says:

      Thank you all for The Morning Bell. I couldn't do without.

      With regard to Bin Laden's demise, I feel his strategic worth would have been much greater had Mr. Obama not made enhanced interrogation techniques illegal. Can you imagine the amount of intel we could have received had he been waterboarded and interogated properly? Following that premise, Mr. Obama's decision regarding interrogation has, once again compromised this country's security. It follows that sans the authority to question Bin Laden in such a manner, there was no incentive to keep him alive. A military tribunal could have taken care of the legal side, post interrogation. Yes, there are compelling reasons to seek an immediate justice, but what if…?


      Tom Murray

    44. CiaoGino, Tampa says:

      The CIA Director (Leon Panetta) declares that "enhanced interrogation" contributed to the removal of UBL. Diane Finestein unequivocally states just the opposite. Of necessity, one must be wrong and the other right. This dichotomy and it's solution should be on the forefront of every media outlet together with proof of which view is correct and which is wrong. The proponent on the wrong side would then either have to explain his/her position or simply admit he/she is nothing more than a political hack.

    45. Fred says:

      Hoo-Rah! you hit all the "the points of light." Told it like it really is. Perfect analysis. I can olny hope that all these policies puor our in place during the previous administration stay in place and full support for our military is renewed. Give our men and women all they need and more to keep them the greatest military the world has ever known. Let this be a warning to all our enemies.

    46. Zack says:

      Such BROAD talking points from another conservative blogger. Can I give you the top 100 reasons Bush and conservative policy FAILED to get Osama bin Laden or can we just let history confirm my statement? Remember when Bush INVADED Iraq under the false notion of WMD's? No? Yea, that's kind of why we went into that country. Remember when Bush stated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGmnz5Ow-o. President OBAMA ordered the operation. President Obama should and WILL get credit for this. The war on Iraq was a $3 TRILLION war that had nothing to do with 9/11. Gitmo had NOTHING to do with his capture. Just face it guys, this was a goal that Obama set his first day in office and he reached his goal so give HIM credit. Your spin does not work with educated americans Heritage. FAIL!

    47. Cameron Wylie (Seatt says:

      The coup that finally nailed Bin Laden was a brilliently

      executed maneuver as stated, but it does not, and will not, illustrate as you

      have stated, that all the strategies employed since 9/11 have been correct.

      One inescapable point as we move forward, is that our presence in Afganstan

      will never correct the culture to resemble anything approximating the

      American concept of democracy. The struggle to keep America and the

      western world safe, is a far more complex one than the effort to try to change

      by our presence in that region, a culture thousands of years older than our own.

      No one alive today will ever see these Islamic people change the mindset

      that is rgarded as thier birthright.The recent revelation that Bin Laden was

      "holed up" in Pakistan shows exactly what I mean. We will never bring this

      situation into our perspective by providing "walking targets.. of our precious kids"

    48. Alistair, San Diego says:

      Zack, your phenomenally ignorant. You're simply parrotting the narrative of the media, whose SOLE MISSION was to tear down Bush no matter what.

      I remember the years Saddam spent ignoring over 20 U.N. resolutions and I remember that we should have assassinated the bastard after Gulf War 1 but the elder Bush decided not to, then got slammed by Democrats over tax hikes that the DEMOCRATS had ASKED FOR in the Clinton/Bush election. Thus we lived through 8 years of pathological lying, a co-dysfunctional presidency, and a screwed up admin that was corrupt as hell … were it not for a good economy Clinton would NOT be remembered well … of course the sychophant media still talk him up even though he didn't actually do squat.

      Do you remember Gulf War 1 or are you too young? The ENTIRE WORLD believed Saddam had WMD's of SOME KIND, including BIO, CHEMICAL, and his OWN CLAIMS of Nukes (un-confirmed at the time, but believed to be possible). There were many reasons to believe Saddam was an unstable bad actor who should finally be dealt with … when they HUNG him it was a fine fine day for the World. It's been quite convenient for the Liberal left to re-write history, making Bush out to be a unilateralist, war-mongerer, blah blah blah. I think you'll find that people who lived through those times see things a bit differently, especially if they think for themselves instead of being led around by the nose by a phony lying media.

    49. Kevin H, college par says:

      Really? There are already conspiracy theories that this whole Osama thing was made up? Man, no matter what Obama does, the far right fanatics refuse to give any credit. Same exact people that want his long birth certificate verified.

      The US military and intelligence, based on efforts from President Bush and Obama, were able to find and kill America's most wanted criminal.

      I think one of the more important aspects to come out of all of this. If John McCain was president, Osama would still be alive and well. There are multiple videos of McCain stating that he would not go into Pakistan if he found out Osama was there. Fortunately, Obama did not have same thoughts and Osama is now dead.

      And to those saying this is political, I ask what isn't political in DC, or around the country? Did the Oil Spill get turned into politics? Do you recall any of the past Republican National Conventions with 9/11 signs all over and 'we will never forget' flashing? Do you not remember the 'Mission Accomplished' sideshow President Bush put on the aircraft carrier, with his fighter pilot suit, jumping out of the jet? Everything is political. Politicians build a record of accomplishment and when it is time for election – they stack that record up next to their opponents – and let the people decide. You really think 18 months from the election is the opportune time to make such an announcement? They planned this all very carefully and when they had the shot, they took it.

      Obama absolutely should use this politicially. There is no question. When conservatives question whether he has the strength to fight, or to pull the trigger when needed, all he has to say is 'We got Osama'. When the far right says he weak on terror, 'We Got Osama' – it is an immediate response to the any attacks on his foreign policy.

      I just don't understand how these far righties can be upset over this. Osama is dead. The 9/11 mastermind is dead and you are angry the president is letting the country know? give me a break.

      President Bush was re-elected in 2004 because of 9/11. President Obama will likley be re-elected in 2012 because of the killing of the 9/11 mastermind.

    50. Paul furlong, Miami, says:

      This is the dumbest excuse to drive us to enslave a nation, kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in foreign countries where there just "happens" to be oil and drive our own country into bankruptcy. I thought you were on our side. Guess not. Cancel my subscription…

    51. mike hutchings says:

      some of us did all that….some stood in the way….and hedged their bets…

    52. mike hutchings says:

      let me clarify that comment…..how many lives have been lost due to the adolescent angst of the blessed peace makers desire to be reasonable…. to their fellow travelers? soldiers and fighters are the true peace makers.

    53. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      CAUTION, remember "Wag the Dog" This is a decoy to keep us off of "Obama Care'" and the taxes, and what ever else the sneaky Libs are trying to impose on us. The timing of this is NOT coincidental, it is well planned by a devious person who sees his numbers failing and will go to ant length to stay in the WH. They never before hesitated to show bodies, so why now. This will also cause the militant Muslims to try another mass murder and BHO saw how 9/11 gave a rise to Bush's popularity so he thought iot a good idea. This is not a man who puts Americans first, he is a egotist as well as a socialist. Again CAUTION

    54. Andrew NY says:

      Number Seven should have been, as our President stated, because we're one nation under God. "….Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain." (Ps 127:1) Interesting you left off at the number seven, thanks.

    55. Judy L. Holm Arkansa says:

      My opinion is that Obama allowed this to happen at this time for pure political reasons. He is not concerned one bit for the safety of our military—He won't even salute them or our flag. True American? I don't think so!!!

    56. Mike, Chicago says:

      Thanks for responding, Ken.

    57. Judy L. Holm Pea Rid says:

      My opinion is that obama will use it politically . That's why he did this at this time and that's the only reason, to promote himself. He could care less about anyone else, even the one's that blindly follow him.

    58. Ron, Fremont Nebrask says:

      If barack gets re-elected on the strength of an effort that has involved so many other people, it would be the biggest misteak since Clinton said, "Osama Bin who? No we don't want him"

    59. doctordave says:

      My take on the Obama "cave in on Muslims" is that someone in his political pack

      told him to go for the kill, since it may show voters that Obama is 'for the military" and against terrorists. Of course, if he had no gain in the issue he would have punted just like his other moron Clinton president did when Obama was available for the taking "PRIOR TO 9/11". I think both of Clintoon and Obama were gutless on terror. Being DISBARRED ATTORNEYS in their state, I can see where law does not compute with their brains.

    60. Lee, Indiana says:

      OK here we go:

      FACT: Saddam HAD WMDs(biological/nuclear/chemical) proven by the fact they just poured stuff out and contaminated many areas as proven by our troops having health issues AND fact he killed Kurds with them.

      FACT:Bill Clinton signed into law the resolution to FOLLOW the UN in take/knock Saddam down, this helped us go into Iraq. After the quislings in the UN wandered arounf trying to find their male members to take him down as he wasnt selling oil for food, he WAS selling oil for food with heavy weapons in it. Strange he buy a ship full of grain from Russia but pay enough to buy it and many heavy scuds hidden in it.

      FACT:evidence was found of hidden weapons like nuke/chem capable scuds, and opened and empty nuke scud warhead containers.

      FACT:Saddam had literally billions in loose cash, both real and counterfeit AMERICAN dollars.

      FACT:Al-Qaeda (sp) soldiers WERE found training with Saddams own elite troops and communications between him, his underlings and subordinates and Al-Qaeda higher ups. Fact they were working together has never been fully proven but they were cross training to work together, remember they are all muslim and want to go after Israel.

      FACT: the liberal media and liberal politicians are never going to admit that Bush and some of his policies did a huge amount of the leg work to get Osama.

    61. prustage95, Kabul says:

      I see what you did there. Take the top six republican myths used as justification for unwarranted government action then when Bin Laden is caught say it was *because* of this that he was caught. Sort of closes the loop and makes us all feel it was all worthwhile.

      Pity it happened to be a black democratic president who pulled it off. Thats OK just claim that he was "wise" in continuing what Bush had started.

      This article is so delusional the writer ought to be hospitalised. The depressing thing is the number of commenters who agree with this nonsense.

    62. 2dokie says:

      "We will all hang together or we'll all hang seperately" is still true, and maybe more than ever before. If both ends of the political spectrum in this nation cannot find it in their souls to behave with dignity, respect and honesty you will find noone has your back when your enemy finds it. The Dumbocrats have introduced the big lie, adapted from the Nazis, into american discourse. If this persists you can take a civil war to the bank. The people, all the people better be the govt's only concern… not every freak fringe interest group. Political prostitution has to stop, ie: subsidised ethanol, the compact flourescent bulb, replacing chlorinated flourocarbons …every phony legislated product replacement for false reasons has to stop. This kind of nonsense can only fail. The idiotic inefficient practices that have become the hallmark of DC operation has to end. Govt. functions are going to have undergo the same transformation that industry has, and I don't mean moving jobs off-shore! F

    63. EARL, QUEENS, NY says:

      Can we really blame Bush for not wanting to be seen with BHO at Ground Zero?? For over 2 years, BHO has been using Bush as a scapegoat for his errors. As we’ve seen over the past 27 months, BHO has this “I, I, I, I, ME, ME, ME, ME” attitude. He will take credit for any good news, such as when the unemployment rate goes down 1/10th of 1% (never mind the fact that unemployment rates have never been this high for so long since the Great Depression!!). And when things go wrong, BHO blames Bush and the GOP. Even now, BHO doesn’t seem to want to credit Bush’s policies, yet it was Bush who kept us safe after 9/11/01. And most likely it was Bush/Cheney’s policies which led to bin Laden’s capture. But we don’t hear BHO praising Bush or admitting Bush was right. With all due respect to the POTUS, let’s not focus solely on this between now and the 11/2012 election. A good question to ask now is if BHO will keep us safe from other potential terrorists who may seek revenge against us for bin Laden’s death. Although BHO deserves some credit for authorizing and not hindering this operation, it was our military that achieved this and brought bin Laden to justice. (Yet the demon-crats threatened to delay our military personnel’s paychecks in the event of a government shutdown during a recent budget battle!!)

    64. michael j mudrak car says:

      Obama is so indecisive after knowing where bin laden was it only took eight months

      to come up with a plan.

    65. Zack says:


      It's weird that you get all worked up, emotional and personally attack me for providing a video of Bush to show just how ignorant he was. It's not the media that influenced me, it was the legislative, economic and diplomatic history of President Bush. Also, the media just provided that video. That is one of many video's were President Bush made a complete fool of himself. It's not the media or it's influence, its him and him alone.

      you stated-

      "You’re simply parrotting the narrative of the media, whose SOLE MISSION was to tear down Bush no matter what"

      -Im pretty sure the majority of the media & America(with a 30% approval rating during the time) had many reasons to go after President Bush. Did you live in this country from 2000-2008? Personally I think he had his up's and downs, some things good, some things bad but the the majority of America did not like that President by any means.

      I just wanted to post your statement again…..

      "You’re simply parrotting the narrative of the media, whose SOLE MISSION was to tear down Bush no matter what"

      -take that statement and multiply it by about a million for this website and all other conservative media outlets in this country that tear down Obama. The "liberal media" is only used by conservatives. It has been a pitiful excuse and always will be. It's false and just makes conservatives look desperate everytime they use it. Conservatives are all over the tv, radio and newspapers. That is a different arguement that I would love to take on.

      you stated-

      "were it not for a good economy Clinton would NOT be remembered well … of course the sychophant media still talk him up even though he didn’t actually do squat"

      -again with the "liberal media" excuse, it does not work regardless of how many times you use it. Sure, the economy had nothing to do with Clintion policies or the Democratic Congress, It just magically happened. Also, another subject that I would love to debate :)

      you stated-

      "Do you remember Gulf War 1 or are you too young? The ENTIRE WORLD believed Saddam had WMD’s of SOME KIND, including BIO, CHEMICAL, and his OWN CLAIMS of Nukes (un-confirmed at the time, but believed to be possible). There were many reasons to believe Saddam was an unstable bad actor who should finally be dealt with … when they HUNG him it was a fine fine day for the World"

      -You sure are obsessed with age! I know what you are trying to do and it wont work. You are trying to expose that age has something to do with the credibility of this debate, that is really akward for you! Since you are so interested im 39, born 1972…. does that not qualify me for this debate….or lack thereof? Sure I remember the Gulf War, my Uncle fought in Desert Storm, captain of the 24th infantry. I also remember videos of him before and after deployment. Taking out Saddam was good, trying to force democracy upon people that neither understood or wanted it, leaving over 100,000 iraq citizens dead, thousands of american servicemen dead, costing 2 trillion dollars(actual figure), 10 years and counting we are still involved and having the entire world disregard us a a diplomatic country was another thing. 9/11 was the perfect excuse to invade Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and nothing will change that fact.

      you stated-

      "It’s been quite convenient for the Liberal left to re-write history, making Bush out to be a unilateralist, war-mongerer, blah blah blah. I think you’ll find that people who lived through those times see things a bit differently, especially if they think for themselves instead of being led around by the nose by a phony lying media"

      -again with the "liberal media" excuse, its not really helping you. Did I not live through those times? Pretty sure I remember exactly what happened from 2000-2008. You keep bringing up media as if it's only "liberal media" again, just destroying your own credibility. It also seems that while you defend Bush and most likely the Heritage Foundation that you are caught up in partisan media yourself….no? Let me ask you one question… Does conservative media tell lies? are they also phony? do they not disregard the truth? Do they not spin every story under the sun?

      I'm not sure why I waste time on debates like this, but what the heck :)

      whos next?

      btw prustage95, your comment is perfect, well said!

    66. Camilo Cienfuegos says:

      The idea that Afghanistan may become a viable representative government is something out of Pixar or Lucas Films. Whomever thinks this probably also believes that Pakistan is our ally.

      The net effect of 9/11 ought to be the clear policy that America would not anymore tolerate states that sponsor terrorism. Removing the Taliban and Saddam Hussein I call a good start.

      American interest is probably better served if instead of doing nation building in Afghanistan we turn our attention to removing the mastermind of the bombing of the PanAm flight and the disco in Hamburg, now while he is weakened. That would give Iran something to think about.

    67. Johnny Smith, Tallad says:

      Good article, Obama was forced into the corner on this one. Now that he has committed to this he certainly knows how to use it to his advantage. As long as this subject can remain in the forefront the people of the U.S. will not hear about his poor performance on other fronts such as the economy and healthcare. prustage95, Kabbul, You are very in tune with the politics of today, too bad your a liberal with blinders on, and why is it you must bring into the conversation race???? Running out of defensive moves for this guy aren't you…

    68. zack says:

      the bottom line is Bin Laden was caught under Obama and you CANT STAND IT! It drives you insane that President Obama decided which action to take and caught the guy we have been chasing for 10 years now. Heritage and everybody here has NO CLUE how this man was caught. Nothing listed in this blog has anything to do with his capture. His capture is so far beyond your claims. But yes, all of the things placed in the blog above worked because we caught him sometime during those 8 years? Everything Heritage listed worked because we caught him while those things were in place. I mean, are you listening to yourselves? Do you hear how insane your claims are? This was a strategic, quiet, straight forward capture brought by intelligence that was organized under the COMMANDER AND CHIEF. Give Bush credit for trying, give Obama credit for doing what we failed to do for 10 years now. Give up, this debate will not go in your favor conservatives. You have already lost. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure im still awake reading some of your comments. Seriously, its just beyond hilarious.

    69. Anne Gelinas Westfie says:

      It is a good day when the policies put in place by President Bush have proven to be exactly what we needed to take Bin Laden down. Good work on all counts to all involved and excellent work by our SEALS! Americans must be proud that we are and always will be a super power regardles of if others say we are not. There is a confidence to be a super power that supercedes all things and that is what makes America and Americans different. We know the price paid to become a super power and we know how to work to give people around the world the same opportunity. Expecially women who need their freedom. God Bless America always.

    70. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      The absence of GW Bush the other day at Ground Zero has given drones, leftists, the lame stream media, et al, another excuse for Bush-bashing. But, can we really blame Bush for not wanting to be seen with BHO anywhere?? If I were a former POTUS, I wouldn’t want to be near a man who was constantly blaming me for his foolish policies, fiscal follies and failures as the current POTUS!! And even if I knew I had made some mistakes as POTUS, I’d also know that this man compounded my errors, turned them into disasters, and still blames me for his irresponsibility!! Likewise, many people may have enjoyed BHO’s speech the other day. But why won’t he give any credit to Bush, or admit that Bush and Cheney were right?? Were it not for Bush’s policies (which BHO has opposed in the past), bin Laden probably wouldn’t have been located or captured. Remember that it was Bush who kept us safe after 9/11/01. And most likely it was Bush/Cheney’s policies which led to bin Laden’s capture. And now we just learned that the 4/2011 unemployment rate is back up to 9%; higher than it was at any point during Bush’s 8 years. And let’s not forget that this has been the longest period of unemployment rates this high since the Great Depression.

    71. Pingback: Top Six Reasons We Got Osama bin Laden

    72. GeeWilly says:

      We got Osama because Obama has more steel in his nerve than Bush/Cheney had in their entire bank account. Our former president and cabinet loved their money and power,… Obama wants justice for America. Thanks President Obama for having the kahounas to track him down and order the kill! Bush lost interest.

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