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  • Morning Bell: Winning the Long War on Terror

    Four men and one woman lay dead—among them, Osama bin Laden. The operation, which was planned for months, came after years of searching and intelligence gathering. In the end, it was America’s use of “hard power“ and the strategic interrogations of detainees that brought about an end to the terrorist mastermind. But make no mistake, the long war against terrorism is not over.

    Thankfully, bin Laden is gone, but the terrorist threat still remains, along with continued operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. That work is vital to ensuring that another 9/11 does not occur and that another bin Laden does not emerge from the abyss to attack our homeland and our people. But despite those conflicts—and a new one in Libya—President Barack Obama has called for $400 billion in cuts to our already overstretched military, undermining its constitutional role of protecting America.

    Jim Talent, distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation and former U.S. senator explains:

    The Navy has fewer ships than at any time since 1916. The Air Force inventory is smaller and older than at any time since the service came into being in 1947. The Army has missed several generations of modernization, and many of its soldiers are on their fourth or fifth tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Reserves have been on constant mobilization; many vital programs, such as missile defense, have been cut; and in the past two years, no fewer than 50 modernization programs have been ended.

    Giving our military the tools and funding it needs is one of five key steps America must take to win the long war on terror, according to Heritage’s James Carafano. Others include finishing the job in Afghanistan and Iraq, continuing to hold terrorists accountable, staying alert on the home front and utilizing security measures that maintain our freedom and safety. Carafano writes:

    Now is the wrong time to take the foot off the pedal in the effort to crush the transnational terrorist threats aimed at the United States and its friends and allies. There is important work for Washington to do to ensure that the likes of al-Qaeda never threaten Americans with the likes of 9/11 again.

    That’s why this May, The Heritage Foundation will focus on the need for American leaders to commit themselves to our country’s defense during the third annual Protect America Month. The month will include special Heritage publications, events and speeches by national leaders. The Honorable Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, will deliver the opening address on Thursday, May 5, discussing the state of our military. All events will be streamed live at Heritage.orgClick here to view the full schedule.

    Just as killing bin Laden was not the work of one man or one woman, ensuring our common defense and winning the war on terror is not just a Republican or a Democrat issue. Over the past 20 years, administrations of both political parties have underfunded the military—all while increasing our military’s commitments abroad to confront an increasingly hostile world, without sustaining the capabilities necessary to fulfill them. That is tremendously unfair to the servicemen and women who protect us, and highly dangerous to the American people.

    The death of bin Laden was a tremendous victory, but the war is not yet over. We ask our military men and women to put their lives on the line in order to protect America. Now it’s up to Congress and the president to give them the tools they need to get the job done today and into the future.

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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Winning the Long War on Terror

    1. Jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Get a clue ! Our "overstretched military" is due to our determination to supply the world with WMD's that come back to be aimed directly at us and our allies. Our unwavering dependence on the very danger President Eisenhower deftly warned against – the military industrial complex – is our biggest mistake in promoting capitalism. Profits in that industry have flourished due to the tax breaks and government breaks because they are jobs and they are profitable, especially when other nations see the U.S. as one of the biggest threats to their resources and very existence. Until we reduce our dependence on fear as our profit motive and modus operandi for continuing to be the largest producer of weapons on earth, then we are clearly dooming ourselves and the planet to the destruction we so allow our Republican 'friends' continually pile on the fear that another bin Ladin will attack us if we don't increase the defense budget and to hell with education and social services.

    2. clarence swinney says:

      Underfunded the Military???

      You are kidding or stupid?

    3. Evelia in Tallahasse says:

      America has lost all common sense about taking care of our home AMERICA

      we are so involved in saving the other countries and we have been forgotten our Americans. We should be taking care of the border of Canada and Mexico! How

      many have died in the middle ease? How about Mexico? 36,000 and counting.

      We will then act stupid and say "how did this happen" when the killings move up Mexico to the US! Why do we not get out of ALL the middle east and start

      drilling our own oil? We made the middle east rich or they would still be in tents

      in the desert. We made India rich by sending all the outsource jobs. Then we

      made China rich by buying everything from them and borrowing money from them.

      When are we going to take care of AMERICA? Reason corrupt government

    4. aposematic, VA says:

      There is only one way to defeat terrorism; and sure the stronger militarily we are the better to do it; but, that one way is to tell the truth about the fiction that is the "so called" Muslim Religion and Islamic Law (Sharia)–it is not a religion to start with–it is autocratic rule disguised as a religion to keep their slaves in order–and certainly is NOT anything even close to a "Religion of Peace". As long as our Leadership plays to these fictions, terrorism will thrive and we will cower in fear of offending a myth.

    5. Albert Sanchez says:

      BHO's use of the word I over and over in his Sunday night speech shows his total lack of regard for anything except being reelected in 2012.

    6. James Michael Tierra says:

      Even Heritage misses the point,we need to stop the spending on all programs go back to to 2007 levels. and live within our meens. The military should be number one to maintain and fund but no one can tell me that there is no waste.

      Bring our troops home and install a strong missile defence for our country.

    7. George Colgrove VA says:

      "Our problem is to achieve adequate military strength within the limits of endurable strain upon our economy. To amass military power without regard to our economic capacity would be to defend ourselves against one kind of disaster by inviting another."

      - President Dwight Eisenhower, State of the Union address, February 2, 1953.

      When does reason step in? We have a $14.3 TRILLION DEBT!

      People already on Social Security are recognizing that there will need to be cuts in entitlements. Entitlements will see a slashing like nothing ever before. But we also have run-away defense spending and to suggest this should never be touched – doesn't make sense.

      S&P changed our outlook to negative

      Walmart announced their customers are out of money (that is middle America!)

      "…one independent ratings agency has given the U.S. sovereign rating a "C"."

      Just two steps above junk.


      The GDP grew only 1.8% – mostly due to reduced government spending – meaning the private sector is not growing!

      13% houses are vacant

      American household incomes have dropped 23% – the fed reserve.

      We have met a new enemy, the one Eisenhower warned us about. Our economy has been stretched too far. How much farther are we going to take it? In who's hands will our military might be in after the USA no longer exists?

      In fact we have met the enemy and the enemy is us. Why when it seems so clear – so vivid that we must stop the madness, we are hammering even more to drive ourselves deeper.

      We got OBL – it is now public. Sure there is more to do, but we are spending thousands times more than the enemy in this battle. It supposingly took us 8 months to get OBL after finding out he lived in that place for 6 years! We have spent $7 trillion on these wars. Libya has now topped a half a billion. We are $14.3 trillion in debt. If our ratings get any worse, the interest on this debt will be crippling. We are looking at a population no longer willing to go deper into debt. We are looking at a long time before incomes start rising again. We are looking at balanced budget of just over $2 trillion and it may verywell likely take most of that to pay back the principal and interest of that debt. The federal workforce will need to consider a federal government budget of a trillion dollars. It is what it is. Defence will take a hit and a big one. Entitlements will take even a bigger hit.

      We made big mistakes in the last 10 years. The republicans set it up so that we were paying back the debt we had in 2000. It was going down. But 9/11 caused this nation to go into a frenzy.

      My God! Look what we have done! The debt at its lowest in the last decade was $6.36 trillion in 2001 – the last year we made a principal payment. Now it is 2.25 times that.

      Like I said when will reason step in?

    8. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      As long as the current president is in the Oval office, the military will continue to languish due to continued funding cuts. This is the strategy of the socialists to weaken our nation and set it up for takeover by the NWO via the UN.

      Albert, you missed the "me" he used over and over again in additon to the "I", as if he were there. It's just the narcissist coming out of him. He can't help himself, he's just that self-centered. The "messiah" complex thing, nothing gets done without him being the center of it all.

    9. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      We have a Pres. who's been running for reelection before he was sworn in the first time, now he sees his image in the tank and decides this is now the time to get Bin Laden. Remember he's known since Aug. 2010 where he was. His aim is to destroy this country as we kow it, this is why last week he showed his birth cert., why wasn't this done before he was sworn in. Nobody should be sworn in as POTUS without a certified Birth Certificate on file. He and his henchmen are cunning an evey move well calculated, just as Bin Laden's were. It's a shame we have a POTUS that we cannot trust, Nov. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

    10. Frank, Florida says:

      I agree with The Heritage Foundation that we need missile defense, & to modernize & re-equip our military forces. The exact size & makeup of the numbers of ships, planes, missiles & ground troops needed to do the job is unclear, but it needs to be large enough to deter possible future Chinese aggression, deter the launch of nukes against us by Iran & North Korea, as well as win the asymmetrical war against militant Islam. But we do not need to keep many thousands of troops around the world guarding places from Europe to Japan & South Korea in hundreds of basses around the world. The money saved from calling many of our troops back home & closing many bases can pay for much of what is really needed as listed above. I'm not 100% sure that the defense budget necessarily needs to be increased to do this! At any rate, we really can't afford a defense budget increase today as confidence in the US Dollar plummets & inflation kicks in due to massive budget deficits & a boom in the money supply. Noble prize winner Milton Friedman said it takes about 2 years before inflation really starts to kick in from an increase in the money supply. So we are just beginning to feel the effects of Obama's trillion dollar deficit "stimulus package" (a bad, outdated Keynesian idea not suited to our economic problem today, instead we badly need big budget cuts & a balanced budget) & record Federal budget deficits ($1 trillion plus per year deficits "paid for" by printing up trillions of "funny money" & selling ever more Treasuries which simply worsens the problem). I believe our present head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff pointed out that America's greatest military threat comes from the threat to our economy! So lets start to make the necessary federal budget cuts NOW, which would do more for national defense than all the new things our military leaders want right now. But, like I said, we might be able to do BOTH (both cut overall defense spending AND make smart modernizations) if we do it the smart way & not the dumb way by doing what we normally do: throw money at the problem.

    11. Norm LA says:

      Some other figure head from the enemy will step up, prove himself through an attack somewhere in the world. bin laden II. BHO almost sounded like Bush, giving credit to the Navy Seals. It is campaign time, still, for BHO. Planned for months ??? I'd like to know how they knew the target would be at that place, for months The Navy Seals should have had a standing kill order. Why did they need approval to shoot bin laden ? It is great this one is dead; he ordered 911. Obama did not plan the mission; he would not know the first element of planning. This one does not have contingency plans for anything but his election effort. That was evident when Egypt erupted. Personally I remember today what Obama has done to our country and this media made hero needs to be defeated at the ballot box. He and his buds are the ones who prolonged the fight in Iraq and with it, more da for their own benefit, with their comments to the press everyday

    12. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      It sounds great. Cut the military because we are not in a major war. We don't need all the expensive programs. We are no longer in a cold war,or a war that directly endangers our security such as WW2. The problem with this kind of thinking is that we have to have a modern well equiped fighting force so as to make potential enemies think twice before engaging the US in a major struggle. We were woefully unprepaired to fight the second world war. The air corps was undermanned and our aircraft were obsolete.Our navy was all but gone after Pearl Harbor and the Army was not ready to fight and were still using WW1 supplies. We have already illiminated the best fighter our Air Force has ever had. The F22 Raptor. Virtually all aircraft are older than the pilots that fly them. The Navy is at less than 1/2 strength strength and the ships are so old that they can't keep personnel because so many sailors are engaged in corrosion repair as opposed to jobs they were trained for. We are setting ourselves up for a major disaster and time is rapidly running out.

    13. Tommy M. says:

      With taxes as high as they are, in an unstable economy, and real unemployment closer to 20% than to 10%, we should increase deficit spending by increasing our military budget? We spend more than the next fourteen countries combined. When all Americans are forced to tighten their spending habits, the military should continue keeping military contractors afloat?

      It is disheartening to hear Heritage say we must increase military spending when we are already deficit financing it.

    14. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      I listened to Representative Rogers on the Bill Bennet show this AM. Clinton decimated the CIA and military during his administration. This was mostly corrected during the Bush administration. Five years ago the CIA got a "slang" name from a courier that ultimately led to Obama's demise. Obama inherited a CIA that is mostly up to speed thanks to Bush. To Panetta's credit he kept Congress apprised of the situation to the extent that Rogers said "I will support you even if the raid is a failure." So, there is ample credit to be passed around. My question is: "will Obama admit this fact or simply present himself as the boy wonder and bask in his glow”?

    15. Norm LA says:

      Some other figure head from the enemy will step up, prove himself through an attack somewhere in the world. bin laden II. BHO almost sounded like Bush, giving credit to the Navy Seals. It is campaign time, still, for BHO. The Navy Seals should have had a standing kill order. Why did they need approval to shoot bin laden ? It is great this one is dead; he ordered 911. Obama did not plan the mission; he would not know the first element of planning. This one does not have contingency plans for anything but his election effort. That was evident when Egypt erupted. Personally I remember today what Obama has done to our country and this media made hero needs to be defeated at the ballot box. He and his buds are the ones who prolonged the fight in Iraq and with it, more death and injury, with their comments to the press everyday.

    16. Don Ruane says:

      I do not believe the death of Osama Ben Laden is that important. We see that he has already established terror branches in all the Muslim world.

      There is no possibility of winning the War on Terror until we admit that we are in a Holy War with all of Islam. The enlightened Ones tell us they are at war with all the western world and our leaders tell us the Enlightened Ones are wrong.

      I have read the Koran 3 times and I cannot tell a good Muslim from a bad Muslim.

      If anyone reading this post can tell a good Muslim from a bad Muslim, I would love for them to tell me how.

    17. Robert, North Richla says:

      Yes, we must support our defense budget – the #1 Constitutional priority – and the reason for joining as these "United States" was to defend ourselves. That is not an excuse for raising the debt limit – nor is it fuel for compromise on our spending issues. Our "brisk" economic growth will soon be coming to a halt.


      May 2008 Oil futures – $ 120 per barrel May 2008 gasoline – $ 3.61 average

      May 2011 Oil futures – $ 112 per barrel May 2011 gasoline – $ 3.96 average

      May 2008 Gasoline futures – $ 3.00/gal. May 2011 Gasoline futures – $ 3.34/gal

      Strong, worldwide, oil supply inventories are not supporting the speculators as much as 2008, so they have moved into gasoline futures to push our gasoline prices even higher (to date) than they were in 2008. Our Congress does nothing; our president does nothing; and we have zero leadership from republicans.

    18. Jill-Maine says:

      It boggles my mind when they talk about cutting money to the defence budget. China and Russia are beuilding their mititary and the world has never been as dangerous as it is now. Our enemy lives among us and they don't wear uniforms.

      Time to ramp things up I believe.

    19. Carol,AZ says:

      The question must be asked :

      Whom do you believe for INTEL over all issues based on Terrorism?

      Should we believe Sec.Clinton who told all of us, "we had a partnership with PK over the capture and killing of Bin Linden?"

      This compound was built and operational for six years.

      According to PK, they "had NO knowledge that Bin Linden was living and operating there? "

      "Winning the long war on terrorism?"

      Cut off the funds to Iraq and get out.

      Demand oil for payment for supporting them for eight long years and hope that this unstable country can function for a least six months by whatever form of government they plan to put- in place.

      Anyone who believe here,this counrty will be democratized must also believe in the tooth fairy.

      There is NO WIN for this kind of mind set.

      It will never happen in this part of the world.

      AF, is runned by drug lords and has NO central Government. Russia tried for ten years to control this region of the world and got their butts kicked.

      We've learned nothing from their experience.

      When I listen to the news regarding any info about National Security.

      I want to hear the FACTS from our military leadership, NOT from from our politiczed DC, news media that start their supercilious spree.

      War means the people get killed.

      Regardless of how terrible that sounds now, the bottom line about all things terrorism is: .

      You kill the terrorist before they kill you.

      Is that winning? I hardly think so. It's survivalbiliy under unspeakable horrors. It's US or them.

      If America hasn't gotten that through their thin- skinned vineer over ALL isues terrorism by now, for policy, and the thousands of bodies stock piled, that have followed Terrorism in various parts of the world, we are ALL blindsided about the word" Terrorism."

      Now we hear the "Moral Issue " once again over Water Boarding.

      I don't feel guility as an American about this technique to garner INTEL.

      If it will save American lives and other lives around the world WHY does our media continue to hammer away about this issue?

      THE other quetion posed is the Retaliation question over the recent murder of Bin Linden.

      Certainly with operational cells all over the world, the only stop-gap between us and them is INTEL

      .Our military is the best equipped, and trained in the world. Let them do thier job.

    20. Robin Johnson, Maine says:

      We are only half-way fighting this war – on the battlefield, with bullets – which we do very well; but we are missing a key component: the battlefield of the mind, in particular as it relates to their religion. A strategy that that does not incorporate their very motivation is a serious flaw. Whether this is an over-site or by design, it needs to be corrected.

      Make no mistake, this is a struggle of the ideals between two religious beliefs: Christianity (and it's roots, Judaism) and Islam. It has been on-going for centuries. It is not the Christian or the Jew whose position is "convert or die"; but the Muslim, and has been since Muhammad invented the religion some six centuries after Abraham. Is it any wonder why the Crusades was really fought?

      To curb and curtail the onslaught of Islam, it is imperative that we employ strategies that minimize their religion and make it disadvantageous for them to continue militant avenues.

      Specifically, Muslims cannot be defiled by swine products without risking their eternal rewards. Therefore, we cannot ham-string ourselves and our methods in utilizing every available means at destroying their motivation for war. To do otherwise is a plan for failure! Me must use, and make known that we use, swine products in our battle with them! We must inform them that we use pig fat on our bullets, and bury their dead with pigs; thus removing the promise of heaven from them. This strategy has previously worked on the Philippines when a Muslim uprising was averted.

      Is this insensitive? Let those who were beheaded answer that question: Let those on the USS Cole and in our embassies answer: Let those killed on 911 answer!

    21. Frank E. Vincent says:

      Of course The Heritage Foundation has emphased the democrats methods of improving our economy. Remember that President Clinton closed hundreds of military installations and cut back our military. Before President G.W. Bush could take immediate action against the terrorist states and camps around the world, he first had to spend billions for training and retraining our military forces and supply the equipment. Well —Here we are again, this President is trying to cut back and put our country in peril should we need to respond to a major threat or crisis.

      I request the Heritage Foundation show the relationship of these Presidents and the administrations and show the reader specifics.

      Thank You

      Frank E, Vincent

      Hermiston, OR 97838

    22. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Bin Laden is said to be dead. Saddam Hussein is dead. So what exactly is the end game in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are we continuing to put our young men and in harms way? To suggest we can stop terrorism by allowing our troupes to be slaughtered is far beyond stupidity, it's criminal! These terrorist are not killing

      Americans because it is a "military action". To them is a "religious war" that has

      been raging for centuries. Could it be that Eisenhower and Kennedy was correct when they spoke of a "military complex", meaning war means money?

    23. Bill B, Michigan says:

      Now is not the time to squabble over maintaining and improving our military might. The elimination of bin laden will only make room for one or more replacements. Our military has been overworked and stretched for some time and it needs to be upgraded, especially now with a mad enemy. The elimination of special interest subsidies and programs must be undertaken by Congress in-order to provide funds to properly up-grade the military and protect our freedoms.

    24. Harley, Palm Bay,FL says:

      The hardest thing I have with all of this is that a governement that has continually lied to me, and all of us, about so many things is asking us to believe that this boogeyman who eluded the most sophisticated intelligence gathering community and military power in the world for 10 years is now suddenly dead; and without even a body I'm supposed to believe them?!

      I'm a very intelligent person, and capable of a great many things and thoughts, but I find it very hard to believe it to be true without conclusive proof.

      We found Sadam, he was captured alive and lived to be tried as a war criminal, and witnessed him being hanged by the neck until dead. We killed his sons and we were shown photographic evidence to support these facts; but we are told to blindly believe and have faith that our President finished this job? A President who's shown utter incompetence in all aspects of his leadership was the responsible party for this HVT mission… hogwash.

      Bin Laden was a product of the CIA, built to combat the Soviet invasion of Afganistan as a leader of the Mujahideen… and now the CIA claims credit for his temination. Just like Sadam, CIA developed him to counter the Iranian powers.

      But, why not capture him and try him as a war criminal too? Why allow this thing to go down as a kill mission? Is it for political expedience for a 2012 bid? For World Leader Bragging rights? Or, is it even remotely possible that he never even existed to begin with, but was as much an actor as anyone in Hollywood?

      War is a profitable venture, make no mistake about it. If this is true then we should be done with our operations in the Afgan region, right? The job is done… we got him, time to come home, right? Time to use our military to protect our "close" borders, time to finally be proactive with our human resources, assigning our servicemen and women to protect the home front! I'm betting that this changes nothing. Many military industrial contractors are deployed into the theater and are making good money in doing so. We will continue to be a controlling power in the region, and for profit… but before everyone reading this jumps to the OIL conclusion with me… it's not oil I'm talking about. Afganistan has one of if not the largest supply of Lithium on the planet. I belive that is why the Russians wanted that land so badly… and why we will have to stay put there, not for oil, not for poppies… but for lithium. All wars are fought for one reason, wealth; the protection of it, or the potential of it.

      What's more, is just a few days after this is announced, the media has already shifted to the next potential mastermind, the next up and coming boogeyman, but get this… he's not of international or extra-American origin… but one of us! Born in 1971 in New Mexico!! So, I suppose now any of us could be… dare I say it, a terrorist! Gasp… Seriously why is everything becoming the reality of a one George Orwell's novel 1984? We can't travel freely, without harassment by the TSA… papers please!! If we shop at XYZ-Mart, we're asked "If we see something, say something" All in the name of protection?!?! The government has the athority via the "Non-Patriot Act" to wiretap, investigate or track any of us, without even probable cause or a search warrant… Just by stating this opinion I could be watched! Many would say, well if you have nothing to hide then what's the difference? The difference is that I was born in America with God given Freedoms and Liberties, not granted to me by a State or Principality, or even a document forged by the blood and sacrifice of our founding Fathers, but by an omnipotent and omnicient Creator. That is the difference, this is not a free state any longer. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, as much as I belive in my Creator, but no one in this grossly mutated system of government evolution seems to agree with me. We have grown quitely accustom to the rise of tyranny, it's been happening so slowly that the majority are still asleep at the wheel, and exited the off-ramp, even paying the toll with their freedom without even knowing.

      I never willfully asked, nor condoned the theft of my rights, in trade for my protection from men including this one, that we could never find, and now is …expediently… vanished! Left, Right, Progressive, Conservative… it doesn't matter any more… nothing happens in this world, unless there is the potential for change… monetary change. Sharpen your perceptions folks we've been had, in just about every way possible.

      Take my advice… get your spiritual houses in order, love your families, and friends, protect yourselves and the one's you love, prepare for being selfsufficient, learn to farm, and provide for yourselves because this world is going down, and faster than they wish to admit. We will be the last to know, because they've lied to us about far less, so far more isn't out of the realm of feasiblity… and neither are dead actor/boogeymen.

    25. mike hutchings says:

      what nation is it that you have when the outer defences are stripped and the core principles of our founding are worn without respite… and the people on the board..who would defend us…are no longer real to the play makers above it all…. just pieces to be tested to destruction… much like the freedom that defines us is being….that's not where the elite seek power….their power comes from tearing what we aredown past the foundations…on the way to a new celebrity driven subjugation. it's a long familiar walk they wouldhave us take to the train station and the new paradise to come

    26. KC - New Mexico says:

      Strength through our military and intelligence gathering must be funded appropriately. The last real advancement for the military was under President Reagan. Cutting military aid is not the answer when there are so many stupid and wasteful funding actions in place today. Fix the tax processes; reduce spending in the socialistic areas, and cut spending in the foreign aid areas. Finally, send the bill to the Middle East countries to pay for our assistance, deaths, and injuries!

    27. Andrew Cali, Morton, says:

      The military gets shorted in favor of the biggest, most bloated government we have ever had, and certainly don't need. Unneeded employees, programs, and even agencies. Where does it end?

    28. Hermes LIBERTY New-Y says:

      Standing continually and efficiently for more funding for the military is a duty for us all, as our vigilence is among others, what readjusts the course of this country and history. The Bin Laden nailing is a kind of deterrence against the Arab Surge in the logic of highpoliticians, that follows untold patterns. All and all, the American People and the world citizens should be winning rather than special gods.

    29. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      With all due respect to the POTUS, let’s not focus solely on this between now and the 11/2012 election. A good question to ask now is if BHO will keep us safe from other potential terrorists who may seek revenge against us for bin Laden’s death. Although BHO deserves some credit for authorizing and not hindering this operation, it was our military that achieved this and brought bin Laden to justice. (Yet the demon-crats threatened to delay our military personnel’s paychecks in the event of a government shutdown during a recent budget battle!!) Let’s also not forget that this administration has opposed efforts by states like Arizona to secure our borders. The leftwing demon-crats have called for mirandization of terrorists, and have opposed EITs and water-boarding. In fact, some of these politically correct morons don’t even like the word terrorism, but instead call it something like man-made disasters!! Is BHO really a strong military leader?? BHO and his supporters are taking credit for this, but what if there’s a tragic (terrorist) act of retaliation?? What will they do then; blame Bush, et al?? And I haven’t yet seen the 4/2011 unemployment figure, but surely it’s still higher than it was prior to 1/2009. And don’t forget that BHO and his demon-crats nearly quadrupled Bush’s largest budget deficit.

    30. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      Albert — you got it right regarding BHO's use of the first person in his televised address to the nation on Sunday. This is really standard practice for Obama whose arrogance and condescension know no bounds!

    31. Linda, Louisiana says:

      A Strong Defense for a Nation is based on a Strong Offense. This Great Nation, as great as it is, must have ample and modern equipment, technology, and dedicated/trained personnel. Too many of our citizens judge the Nation by how much it can give to an individual in the form of money/food/goods, and that is exactly where President Clinton and President Obama based each one's election strategy. Too many people are looking for a temporary handout; once the food is eaten it comes out as garbage. If emphasis is taken off of providing an adequate (more than adequate) defense, it will not do any good to have something to eat. We will, if we survive, be slaves to terrorists who will give us only the bare essentials.

      It is time for American (from the Top Down) to wake up to the fact that, if we are going to exist, the Defense of this Nation must have the tools to protect us. Other than providing defense funding, we must cut back on Foreign Aide. We continue to give to these Arab nations who show us no love or respect. Look at what we have given to Pakistan, then look at what they have done for us. Cut their funding; money speaks; it can't buy love or respect.

      Assessment of all aid to foreign countries must be done immediately. Give those countries aide based on what each gives us. If any of those countries give us nothing, they get nothing. Cutting foreign aide will go a long ways on protecting this Nation and reducing our deficit.

      A combination of Defense Funding and Reduction of Foreign Aide can keep this Nation from going UNDER. This Nation will be lost if either of the above is not addressed and implemented. Both Defense and Economizing are two necessary items for any Nation to exist and be successful.

      Americans, think about these two items: DEFENSE AND ECONOMY.

    32. RMC CPO WILL Greene. says:

      "That's why this May, The Heritage Foundation will focus on the need for American leaders to commit themselves to our country's defense during the third annual Protect America Month."

      I did a US NAVY Career and Very Proud of it but now I am Old enough to see that We have to QUIT being the World's Protector and Police Force… Let us as the quote says "Protect America"… The USA is in such a Financial Debt situation that we cannot afford it… Bring our Troops Home except for a Few Strategic Locations and concentrate on Saving the USA from Bankruptcy… You must well know that our Status as Holding the "Worlds Reserve Currency" is in Jeopardy If we lose that Status…!!

    33. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Osama bin Laden's dead. YIPPEE-SKIPPY!

    34. toledofan says:

      I think the Delta teams actions were not only a great succdess but a testament to all the men and women in uniform, who on there own, do whatever it takes to keep us safe. They deserve all the credit but as watch this unfold I can say I've been taken aback because it's like the main stream media is trying to show Obama as the President of President. Does he deserve credit for following the lead of George W., sure, but folks look at the last two years and not only the indecisions but what about all the mistakes and there are lots of them. I'm glad he finally started to act like a President, but now will it continue. What about Afghanstan; are we going to commit the resources necessary to win or are we just going to walk away? How about domestically are we going to secure ourt borders? How about our economy is the leadership going to scrap the spending and socialist agenda? I guess one victory means you won a battle and not a war and I just have to say we just can't forget the past two plus years.

    35. John McCartney, 30 H says:

      Starting with the American Revolution, Congress has been "short-sighted" when it comes to providing the tools needed by our military. Only by the tenacity, "sticktuitiveness" of the men and women in our military, and the grace of God have we managed to remain relatively safe from the mentally unbalanced of the world.

      Semper Fidelis, Nurse John

    36. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      What an advantageous event for Obama…"never forget to take advantage of a crisis". It seems that the politicians and you (Heritage) have already forgotten about health care and all the other sins of the Obama regime. Now we will go through all the stories of the SEALS training and how much the politicians back our men & women in service.

      This story gave Obama a 9 point bump in his approval rating…what's next?

    37. Mike, Chicago says:

      What happened to Ken Jarvis? Was he a bin laden fan?

    38. Robert Phillips, Cle says:

      There's a quip that says, "When all is said and done, more will have been said than done." When it comes to stopping El Presidente from carrying out his destructive agenda, all this talk is cheap. It's time to rise up and take back our country!

    39. michael j mudrak car says:

      Beside our numbers in military force and related equipment on the decline.

      We need to consider our decline in manufacturing and the skilled trades that

      go along with them. Tool and die makers,machinists and the list goes on.

      with the loss of our manufacturing in a time of dire need of military supplys

      will china mexico or korea supply us?

    40. paul,the villages fl says:

      We constantly hear about the taliban preparing for a spring offensive.If we know this is happening why don't we just use our ability to strike first and destroy them.It is time we use all our ability and finallywipe them out. Then remove our troops and tell the world we are tired playing games and will destroy anyone who attacks us.

      Since we are so far indebt, why are we giving money to foreign countries with funds we have to borrow.It is time to stop all foreign aid particularly to those that hate us.

      There should not be an increase in the debt limit.that will only incourage more borrowing.Let's start reducing spending.With all the talk about changing social security, Ihave yet to hear about the pensions of government workers,particularly the rewards for congress when they are no longer in office. Term limits would solve that problem.

      Since the government will not stop cheap imports we must do it ourselves.When you buy somethig make sure it is made in ths U.S. If not don't buy it and let the store know why you're not buying. Ihave been doing this but I need evryones help.

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