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  • Morning Bell: Bin Laden Dead

    Justice has been done. Nearly 10 years since the 9/11 attacks that left more than 3,000 Americans dead, Osama bin Laden was killed by a small team of U.S. military personnel operating under the authority of the Central Intelligence Agency. We first want to congratulate the men and women of our military and intelligence communities, past and present, who worked tirelessly across three Administrations to bring ultimate justice to the man who killed so many. The war on terror, though, is not over.

    Bin Laden’s death is the most significant victory in the war on terror since the 9/11 attacks, more important than the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 2006. Bin Laden’s elimination vindicates U.S. strategy in the region, started under President George W. Bush, and it will be seen as a major success for the United States, showing the world that America will remain committed to hunting down its enemies as long it takes.

    But while America should take great satisfaction in this tremendous achievement, the United States must remain vigilant against a terrorist threat that is not yet vanquished. Terrorists are trying to attack us both at home and abroad; with 38 terrorist plots foiled since 9/11, these attempts will certainly continue, if not get worse.

    With bin Laden’s death, which came by way of a small, covert strike force, there will be an impulse to believe that this action validates that covert operations are a cheap and simple answer to the most vexing national security problems. They are not. They are just one tool in the tool box. Among those tools, too, is the strategic and lawful interrogation of detainees, including those at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama and Congress should not use bin Laden’s death as an excuse to turn back the clock on the counterterrorism tools we need, like the PATRIOT Act.

    That full range of tools must be applied to the United States’ continued efforts against terrorism in Afghanistan and around the world. Bin Laden’s death is a demoralizing blow against al-Qaeda that could be followed up by additional strikes against other al-Qaeda leaders. But though this is a significant achievement, much work remains. First and foremost, the United States must finish the job in Afghanistan and not relent in defeating the Taliban.

    The operation also highlights that Pakistan is truly at the epicenter of global terrorism. The fact that the world’s most-wanted terrorist was captured in a major Pakistani city 150 kilometers from the nation’s capital should silence those Pakistanis who rejected the idea that bin Laden was hiding in their country as a Western conspiracy. It should also strengthen President Obama’s hand in pushing the Pakistanis to continue to take action against other terrorists on their soil.

    The details on Pakistan’s involvement in the operation are still unclear. If Pakistani intelligence played a substantial role in locating bin Laden, it would generate a deep reservoir of American goodwill for Pakistan. If, on the other hand, it was largely a U.S. unilateral operation, the positive impact on relations would be more short-lived.

    Ayman al-Zawahiri will almost certainly take over as al-Qaeda’s new chief. Zawahiri had in recent years become both the public voice and operational planner of al-Qaeda. However, since bin Laden was the founder and spiritual head of al-Qaeda, his death will demoralize the ranks of the organization and thus will likely be a major strategic setback for the movement. Zawahiri does not carry the same mythical aura as bin Laden and thus the organization will likely lose its luster among young recruits.

    But threats remain. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is responsible for three terror plots here in the last 18 months, something that the organization’s core could not accomplish. And, likewise, the Taliban just last weekend launched a new offensive against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Those are facts the U.S. government must bear in mind as the debate begins over the defense budget. There is no “peace dividend” with bin Laden’s death — our military is underfunded, and we must not shortchange our military men and women who are fighting to protect America.

    Though al-Qaeda suffered a significant blow last night, it was not a fatal one. It is worth stating again: the war on terrorism is not over, and the war in Afghanistan is not won. America must remain vigilant and continue its global fight against terrorism.

    Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.
    President, The Heritage Foundation

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    102 Responses to Morning Bell: Bin Laden Dead

    1. NeoConVet says:

      Exterminating Vermin is a good thing…too bad we had to pollute the the sea.

    2. Jeremy, Illinois says:

      It will be nice to see stronger proof of Osama's demise soon. We live in a country of skeptics and I'd like to hear their silence before this turns into some "9-11 was an inside job" nonsense.

    3. Zbigniew Mazurak, Pl says:

      The problem is that Obama is already using this victory, which he had little to do with, to get himself reelected. This is unacceptable. And this would've been equally unacceptable if President Bush had used something like this to get himself reelected.

    4. Jim Horn says:

      Osama's elimination took far too long to accomplish, no thanks to our most evil, unreliable, unfaithful, useless, ally, Pakistan. Good riddance to Osama and all of the evil that he represented. And, screw Pakistan….

    5. Hilda Morris, Richmo says:

      I note that you do not mention the name Obama, and you have no concerns about the costs of a doomed war.

    6. Hermes C LIBERTY says:

      Hail to our Military.

    7. Christopher Popham S says:

      With all due respect, my fellow Americans, it would be very wise to withhold

      any final concensus, opinion or speculations now that the announcement of

      Bin Laden's death has been made. As always, there are far too many holes

      in the report, in the president's address and in the main stream media, for any

      of us to reach such a quick and final answer to what really happened in

      Pakistan over the past few weeks. Of course we'll never know the truth of the

      matter, because that is Washington's strategy; to try to make us believe one

      'truth', when in actuality something else is going on.

      Be not deceived, for personally, I am standing back from all this news until the

      dust settles, and IMHO, so should all of us.

      Bewrare the wolf in sheep's clothing.


    8. Dale, El Paso, TEXAS says:

      Our military, expressly our Navy SEAL's, have been victorious! This is a great day for America. One of the things we need to be grateful for is that President George W. Bush placed into motion the tools needed to set last nights victory in place and that his predecessor reaped the benefits of it. The nation owes a great word of thanks to W. But…as it has been correctly said, this is not over by a long stretch. What I wish so much is that we as a nation…are you listening politicians?… would actually declare a state of war on terrorism just as we declared war on Japan in 1941. Then, we could truly unleash the full fury of our military on anywhere we think that terror cells exist, collateral damage be damned! That was the thing that finally got the worlds attention in WWII and I still believe it can work today. We are the most powerful nation on earth and, the most compassionate when we have to be. Ecclesiastes 3:3 says "a time to kill and a time to heal." In my opinion, the time to kill really began last night and needs to be carried out with a great goal in mind; TO STOP TERROR! Once that has been established then we can have a time to heal. May God continue to bless our nation and may we continue to remember from where our blessings come.

    9. Kenny Alligood says:

      Did I read that right?? You are advocating for the Patriot Act to continue? You have got to be kidding me! The Heritage Foundation with your constant messages about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not saying the Patriot Act needs to stand…. wow … I can not even think of a stupid reason much less good one for that contradiction to even be allowed to have the Foundation's logo on it…..

    10. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Bin Laden in my opinion since we bombed his cave has been a bogeyman our government used to support a continuing war in the Middle East, and now has become a strawman to enhance the reelection effort of our present government, especially the two presidents involved.

      I understand that many would consider me a cynic, but I'm sorry folks this whole thing looks very orchestrated to me.

    11. DonnaRose Florida says:

      Very good, reasoned, intelligent piece. We must remain constantly vigilant. This is not over, not by a long~shot… There are many more maggots willing to slither their way to "the top". My prayers remain with Our Military, LEO's and First Responders, their families and all who strive to keep us safe. Today we celebrate..forever we must remember and cherish the cost of freedom.

    12. Heinie in FL says:

      Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!

    13. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      CAUTION, there is always someone to take his place and the replacement MIGHT be more treacherous than he was . As long as there is a world there will those who seek to rule it with evil. God Bless America and yes BHO will use this to his advantage, we as liberals must continue to show him for what he is, a socialest and a tyrant. I find that, they knew since last summer where he was, that they waited until the campaign was under way to strike, coinstance or not.

    14. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      I agree in part with Mr. Mazurak. Obama using the death of Bin Laden as a campaign stump is despicable. President Bush gave the order to find Bin Laden and get rid of him. He, and all other traditional minded Americans kept the faith, while liberals used every vile name and anti war rhetoric they could against he and us. President Bush deserves 100% of the credit, Obama none.

    15. Matt, Dover says:

      Good, but I'll be more likely to believe it if a see the body. At least make it seem like an effort is being made to show evidence. There's software that can tell if a picture has been photo-shopped.

    16. Carol,AZ says:


    17. Brad Kelley, Severna says:

      We have cut off the head of the snake. How long the body survives only the future will tell. But for the moment, rest assured, al-queda is trying to stitch on a new one.

    18. Nancy Smith, New Yor says:

      Had bin Laden's demise occurred closer to 9/11, had our Towers been rebuilt and repopulated with thriving businesses, this success would have been much sweeter.

      Thank you to the superior and patriotic men and women of our special forces for this successful endeavor. We owe them so much…….There is so much that they continue to do for America in the face of dwindling resources and no support from this Administration. To these exceptional people we should be offering our thanks.

      As far as Obama is concerned, — he cares not for America and has no special attachment to our Armed Forces — he will use this and them — for relection purposes.

      God Bless America.

    19. Concerned, Fresno, C says:

      An interesting chain of events; but why bury the body at sea?

    20. Mary............WI says:

      I agree with "Planet Earth" comment. GW Bush treid for 8 years to capture Osama Bi Laden. I find it appalling that Obama would take credit for Bin Ladens death. Although my husband scolded me for my comments NOTHING will change my mind. President Bush led this battle…period! That said, MAJORITY of the credit MUSTgo to the men and women in the armed services for their unselfish commitment to end the horrendous acts of terrorism across this planet.

      As for Pakistan, Shame on you….You milked the USA for all you could get and did nothing to help in return……dishonest and shameful….the USA gets the last laugh. No more hand outs for you until you play fairly.

      Continued vigilance is a must….things sure could get rough out there in retaliation for Bin Ladens death.

    21. George Colgrove VA says:

      I have become very cynical when it comes to this topic. My hopes are on the simple story and a big thanks to the troops who risked their lives with this mission. And I hope that my thoughts are misguided.

      I am certain they got him years ago. Obama needs some points in the polls so he is doing what he can to take them. Look for some resolve in the war on terror soon. He put Panetta in charge of the DoD. Panetta is the cost cutter for the democrats. Obama needed a big event to bring cause to the reduction of forces and a reduced DoD budget – both of which a growing number of people want to happen. As this show plays out, look for magical peace starting to form in the Middle East. Look for Obama's poll numbers to go up. Look for the DoD budget to get slashed. Obama timed this absolutely perfectly – not too close to the next election, but close enough to start the needed work on reviving his image.

      This scenario was talked about years ago with Bush – when the news was reporting the OBL had assumed room temperature. We had years of photos of OBL that only a skilled Sasquatch photographer could take. We had pain-staking recordings full of static analyzed by federal agents were nearly certain that it was OBL. We never had anything concrete that he was alive.

      The left in the day felt the conservatives were keeping him "alive" for political reasons.

      Conservatives concluded that Bush had more to clean up with terrorism and that OBL being dead would weaken the resolve to finish the work that had to be done. They further felt that if Bush did take advantage of it, we would never support Bush again (taking advantage of a crisis). Well, let us see what this week holds out. It can be played in a couple ways, OBL becomes the martyr Islam needed to raise a ruckus or this will die out soon. If they just killed OBL last night or last week (depending if Obama is telling it or others in the media), then look for retaliation hits. If peace looks eminent, then I say OBL was toast a long time ago, and most likely because of illness from complications of the 2001 attack. Either way, the left will fall behind Obama with gusto – making him a hero.

      Where this kind of announcement would have been bad for Bush, Obama will gain many points. The left who have long since drunk the Kool-Aid, will promote him as a hero. In addition, Obama is looking for ways to gut the military. With the conservatives asleep at the wheel, he will garnish support of this venture while at the same time protecting every DoD union federal worker.

      Just like any cover-up OBL is already "buried" the evidence at sea in less than 24 hours! Right! There are also no pictures. Also, look to Wikileaks for some entertainment in the next few weeks. Obama does not play his cards well and if there are federal workers who have a bone to pick with Obama and who have access to key documents, I suspect Wikileaks either has or could get some fairly damming stuff soon. If Obama was going to play this card, he had to right now – his timing is perfect. We have a royal wedding for cover if things go bad. However, his hand may be weak. The federal workforce has far too much access and those in the DoD who have not been letting this crisis go to waste, may not be ready to let this cash cow go so soon. The defense contractors get almost $400 billion from us taxpayers (well over half of the operational budget of the DoD!) There are far too many people who have a big stake in this deception.

      This could go either very well for Obama or it could put the final nails on his political coffin. At this point, the stakes have never been higher for this man. This was an all or nothing play.

      Like I said, my hopes are on the simple story and a big thanks to the troops who risked their lives with this mission – but like I said, I have gotten to be cynical with this corrupt government – I fear nothing is simple. Keep your eyes out.

    22. F.D. O'Toole says:

      I can't help but think what the reaction of the liberal press would have been had this happened on President Bush's watch. Grudging praise for our military but aspersions about unilateral cowboy adventures…references to possible illegality combined with a failure to bring Bin Laden to trial…and finally,,.dark musings suggesting Bush would have to bear some responsibility should there be reprisals against US civilians.

    23. West Texan says:

      The wicked witch of the East is dead. Like the fantasy land of OZ, the danger is not over yet. Like Ed said, to properly address such continued threat requires having the proper and necessary tools. Now is not the time to let our guard down.

      Although I'm happy Bin Laden was finally taken down, he'd basically become an insignificant player. His demise will obviously now assume a new cherished position of Martyr to his twisted following. Bin Laden's lieutenants, on the other hand, will be looking more closely over their own shoulders. That's good.

      The operators that took Bin Laden got the trophy prize while doing humanity a big favor. They're well deserving of praise. Bravo Zulu!

    24. Frank Candido Bloomf says:

      God bless America its military and President Bush and his policies especially his Guantanamo Bay policy !!

    25. Richar Jones says:

      The idea we should still have our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan fighting a guerrilla war has been proven patently wrong, both is lives and Treasury. There is a much better and cost effective way to do what needs to be done, one that utilizes our superior military capabilities in the form of surgical strikes against terrorist any where around the world. We don’t even have to admit we did it, we eliminated the evildoers and save countless lives. That is true justice and justice done without equivocation. Isn’t it time to start thinking outside the box?

    26. Dawn Macarthur RI says:

      I am proud of our military. I have read that DNA testing was done. Maybe it is just me, but shouldn't we also be able to see the body? The public does not have the luxury of being able to view the DNA results, or any other physical evidence of Bin Laden's death. I would like to see the proof as well.

    27. Doubleace62 says:

      Well if Bin Laden is dead I am happy. Before I celebrate though, I would like to hear it from someone who actually was there, rather than the untrustworthy man in the White House. I am saddened to say that I do not trust Obama, nor do I believe much of what he says. He has lied too many time to be believable.What a coincidence that they found and killed him just in time for Obama to use it as a tool to get reelected, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    28. P. Griffin, Indiana says:

      Awesome job, Seals, in taking out Bin Laden! I'm just sorry to see our President grabbing onto your coattails in order to take credit for your courageous accomplishment. And I imagine it must really break Obama's heart for Americans to learn that the hellhole known as Pah-kee-ston, as he so fondly pronounces it, is the country that sheltered Bin Laden and allowed him to carry on his evil terrorism for all these years.

    29. Owen K. , Nebraska says:

      While the death of Bin Laden is a great victory in the War on Terror, there is something that has me puzzled. As a new subscriber to the Morning Bell newsletter, and as a Conservative, I am puzzled by the endorsement of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act contains provisions which are in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am concerned about such issues as the requirement that any deposit in a U.S. bank totaling over 10K, must be reported to the Dept. of Homeland Security. And, your bank is not supposed to inform you of this when it happens. This is but one example of such privacy violations. Why does the Heritage Foundation support an Act that violates such Constitutional rights that Heritage supports? Just curious.

    30. John, Rhode Island says:

      "turn back the clock on the counterterrorism tools we need, like the PATRIOT Act."

      Right… the ends justify the means. Who cares that the gov't is crapping all over your civil liberties. They need us to give them up so they can keep us "safe".

    31. MJF, CT says:

      Just goes to show you that you cannot hide from America. We will find you even if it takes years. If you attack our People, you are a dead man walking as Bin Laden has learned.

      And to those who whine that it took too long, this is not a 2 hour movie, this is REAL life! It takes time to find scum like this, you want to be sure you have the right person and you want to make sure you can take them out.

      Thank you Special Ops. You have given closure to the victims of 9/11. God Bless all of you and I hope you get back to your families soon.

    32. DJ,MI says:

      Do not use this as a reason to continue the uncontitutional Patriot Act.

    33. Mike, Chicago says:

      Now is the time to turn up the heat on others who would do harm to us. Pakistan was never really an ally and we have to stop aid to their country along with others who are really against the U.S.A.

    34. Concerned,Illinois says:

      With all due respect, Patriot Act is not needed. What was needed and is still needed is top notch people in FBI, CIA, and local law enforcement. With information sharing and an eye on the prize, these groups can do the job, without the added expense of homeland security agency. That's my view.

    35. Kat Dancing, Oregon says:

      Why is this Bush's victory when he, instead of focusing on Bin Laden, went after Hussein who had no part in 9/11, which has been shown and agreed upon. Bush capered about on an aircraft carrier with a mission accomplished banner. THAT was a campaign stunt, or stump of you prefer.

      I don't see this as a campaign stump, it was an official announcement, made in a very somber, intelligible and un-animated way.

    36. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Almost as slick as an Israeli operation. Bravo to the Navy Seals and the super worker of U.S. Intelligence Services.

    37. michael j mudrak car says:

      I just hope that the american public is not stupid enough to believe that Obama is

      the one who by his own hand completed the action. AS will be portrayed by his

      own run media and used for political growth.

    38. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I too agree with Pragmatic in Texas and Mr. Mazurak that Obama’s use of OBL’s death for political purposes reflects poorly albeit accurately on Obama’s immature level of judgment. It would be well worth the investment to have a body language expert analyze then report on Obama’s body language during his “it was me” announcement of OBL’s death. Other than taking credit for virtually everything from finding to pulling the trigger to me he seemed almost angered that OBL was actually found, attacked and killed by the professional warriors of US Forces.

      The success of this entire operation should provide us with many valuable lessons learned concerning what our intelligence capabilities need to be in order to continue to protect freedom and defend us from this type of threat to our security and our way of life.

      It is very important to remember that we need to remain vigilant and maintain our resolve as we prosecute the global war on terrorism. This is no time to relax but to hit as many known cells as fast as we can regardless where they are located. In order to make more progress quickly we should shift tactics by allowing more collateral damage by conducting major combat operations (MCO) rather than counterinsurgency (COIN). Let the warriors do what they were intended to do first by eliminating the threat to freedom and peace then bring in the state department and nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) to rebuild-restructure and transform that area to one of peaceful existence.

    39. RUTH SC says:

      I am terribly skeptical about all the events happening at the same time. We are not hearing about the 480 taliban prisoners who escaped a little over a week ago, Obama grinning on TV about his birth certificate and joking about it on Oprah, now we find out that a week ago bin ladain was shot, killed and buried at sea within 12 hours so that we could comply with islamic law? Does anyone else smell a dead fish? I am normally not so skeptical but you must admit we have the most underhanded president we have ever had and all seems to play right into his re-election plans. Why should we have cared about his body being disposed of so quickly? I don't think he cared about the bodies of those lost on 911, This man may be more dangerous to us if in fact he is dead, and how would we ever prove it. What was the price for 480 freed taliban prisoners? It had to be planned, it could not have been done the way we were told. Something is so wrong and how long til we learn what it is?

    40. dave van kley, michi says:

      Can someone tell me when they started spelling his name with a U…i thought it was spelled osama? hats off to all those involved….including the president!

    41. Mark, Indiana says:

      Mr. Mazurak and Pragmatic: Let me get this straight… When you saw Obama give a brief address to the nation last night, a year and a half before the next presidential election, in which he announced that the most wanted terrorist in the world had been killed after nine years of searching for him, your reaction was, "How despicable that he is using this on the campaign stump?"

      Dale: You must realize you cannot win a war against a tactic, terrorism; and that indiscriminate killing leads to increased anti-American sentiment from the friends, family, and countrymen of those who are killed, which in turn begets more terrorism.

    42. Val says:

      Hooray, I'm so glad to know Ben Laden is gone forever. I hope he went straight to hell..I congratulate the fine work of our US military, I do wish Obama would hold his tongue, and stop saying he is responsible for the military's success. Obama is trying to take the Glory / Credit, to use for his campaign. There is no end to his Ego, Trickery, and Lies. Congratulations again to our US Military..

    43. J.R. , Kettering, OH says:

      While a great victory for America today, we must be "vigilent" for the coming of terror attacks in the future. We must not let our guard down even for a minute!

    44. James Lee, NY says:

      On the contrary, bin Laden’s death should force the US to rethink its strategy in the region by recognizing that its responses have largely been overreactions to a small group of people (contrary to what Glenn Beck says, only about 0.001% of all Muslims are terrorists). Think about the figure you just cited, “38 terrorist plots foiled since 9/11”. This means that there have been less than 5 terrorist attacks per year in the last ten years! Does this warrant two wars that have proven to be both unpopular (abroad and at home) and unnecessarily costly? Does this mean that we have to subvert our own vaunted constitution, which conservatives purport to care so deeply about, just to catch a handful of people? The wars arguably created more problems and enemies than they were meant to solve. On the other hand, bin Laden was killed by a small group of elite units. Furthermore, bin Laden was killed in Pakistan not Iraq or Afghanistan. It is high time that we put the “terrorist threat that is not yet vanquished” back into perspective, begin withdrawing from the area, and start focusing those resources more where they are needed. For example, there is some truth to your claim that Pakistan is an epicenter of global terrorism. Therefore, would that not further warrant the need to shift our energy and focus more toward diplomatic/economic ties with countries in Asia and around the world rather than spend so many resources by ourselves, as the US is so apt to do? The proof is in the pudding: Bush had eight years to catch bin Laden and needlessly broke ties with almost the entire world just to pound his chest and look tough. Obama caught bin Laden after about 2 years on the job with a more agile and precise operation, as well as coordinating with, however unreliable they may be, Pakistani officials.

      Furthermore, you never really defined what “finish the job in Afghanistan and not relent in defeating the Taliban” means. What does “finish the job” mean? What does defeating the Taliban mean? (I think I heard that phrase used in a cartoon somewhere). Does that mean we keep overreacting and send unnecessary surges of troops where a surgical operation is needed?

    45. PRONOY KUMAR GHOSE says:

      I congratulate American force for their victory over evils and killing laden. Now it is time for America to ban Pakistan from all welfare aids. As Osama was under the shelter of Pakistan, it is proof that Pakistan nurtures terrorist, Pak is a terrosist hua. Pakistan is a threat to global peace. So Pakistan should be banned from international community, Pak should be destroyed & vanished and Pakistan should not exist in the world map any more otherwise more & more terrorist will be created from Pakistan soi

    46. Carol,AZ says:


      An excellent video to say, " thank you to our troops."

      Click at the top of the page.

    47. David, Chicago says:

      Apparently, readers here have access to news feeds that I do not, since I've not seen Obama exploit this issue (yet). While Bush may deserve significant credit, and blame, we should not overlook the timeline of events that led directly to yesterday's action…

      Four Years Ago: American intelligence for the first time uncovers the name of Bin Laden’s trusted courier but cannot locate him.

      Two Years Ago: American intelligence identifies areas in Pakistan where the courier and his brother have operated but cannot pinpoint exactly where they live.

      August 2010: American intelligence locates the brothers’ residence, a compound about 35 miles north of Islamabad in the city of Abbottabad. The compound is so large, secluded and secured that analysts conclude it must shelter a higher-value target than a courier.

      September 2010: The Central Intelligence Agency begins to work with President Obama on assessments that lead them to believe that Bin Laden may be located at the compound.

      Mid-February 2011: United States government authorities determine that there was a sound intelligence basis to pursue this direction aggressively and develop courses of action.

      March 14: Mr. Obama begins a series of National Security Council meetings to develop options for capturing or killing Bin Laden.

      March 29: Mr. Obama convenes the council’s second meeting on the operation.

      April 12: Mr. Obama convenes the third meeting.

      April 19: Mr. Obama convenes the fourth meeting.

      April 28: Mr. Obama convenes the fifth meeting.

      April 29: Mr. Obama authorizes the operation before flying to Alabama to inspect tornado damage.

      May 1:

      2 p.m.: Mr. Obama meets with his national security team to review preparations.

      3:50 p.m.: Mr. Obama told that Bin Laden had been tentatively identified.

      7:01 p.m.: Mr. Obama told that it was a “high probability” that Bin Laden had been killed.

      11:35 p.m.: In a televised address, Mr. Obama announces Bin Laden’s death.

    48. MaryK, Kentucky says:

      Though I completely agree that using the death of anyone as a political ploy is abhorrent, I was stunned to see on Twitter last night the huge number of people praising Obama for "killing Osama" as if the man did it himself.

      I truly feel that the "hold" that Obama has on youth, particularly, and the minorities is so great that they will not look to the fact that this began in the CLINTON administration, way back in the day, and that Obama was just continuing the fight.

      I also find it very strange that he knew where Osama was (by Obama's own admission in his national address last night) for 8 months, yet, just now decided to give the green light. I will be very interested as to why now and not back in, say, December. Was it because he was holding it out for his own political use or was it truly something more…….I admit I was a Hillary supporter, but still, this seems a bit crazy for me.

    49. Suspicious says:

      Osama Bin Laden dead? Where is his body? Why was he buried at sea automatically? For what reasons? Makes no sense. Obama's political move and timing are VERY suspicious.

    50. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      God Bless our Military men & women.

    51. Kevin H, college par says:

      Why on earth would the President not use this in a political fashion? Every single move every single policy maker has made over last handful of years is used in a political fashion and now Obama has, yet again, done something the previous president was unable to do – find and kill Bin Laden.

      This is a huge moment for our military, and four our country, and for our Commander in Chief.

    52. Kristen McFarland, F says:

      I originally postd this on another web site..and this is a time for objective reflection:

      Like all things Obama, I strongly urge people to be skeptical of all of this uproar concerning the 'death' of Usama (sp) bin Laden…as a US Navy retiree, I spent almost twenty years within the American military intelligence community; this has provided me with a certain perspective unlike most who actually believe everything put out by our illustrious media..I, frankly don't buy any of this…some years ago, I sensed something was up with our media in regard to bin-Laden…I had a feeling and a strong one that bin-Laden had long since departed this earthly existence..I don't know how I knew, it was inexplicable, but I did…and it was perhaps a year or two after Tora Bora…and also in conjunction with photographic evidence that didn't jive with some original footage of already known bin-Laden pictures…it was more instinctive than anything else…needless to say, I do believe this clueless administration and the pandering of the leftist media, are ongoing attempts to get Obama's faltering and plummeting poll numbers back up…it will actually be a wasted effort and fail..it will last, as one poster, I saw recently claimed, until the next trip to the gas station or the grocery store…the American people live from one reality to the next..and I have to wonder..this crowd outside the White House…sure looks a little too orchestrated for my tastes…

    53. toledofan says:

      I think this was a very good accomplishment, Bid Laden was a criminal, but, I think, that, listeneing to Obama's speech yesterday, I sense that he wants alot of the credit. Maybe he deserves it for giving the order but I'm not sure he's commited to do whatever it takes to win the war against terrorism in general. I mean, if we had good intelligence and we knew where Bin Laden was and Obama did nothing he would have been completely made a fool of.. I think the Delta Force needs to get all the credit and, honestly, it sounds like the White House participation was minimal at best. Anyway, I was surfing channels and when I went to Fox G. Rivera was hosting the show and he made this out to be like the most important thing of all time and that this was one of Obama greatest accomplishments. Maybe I'am just callus but I just think the words of the President just don't seem to match the actions and until there are more major accomplishments or we can declare victory, I'll sit on the fence and ride this one out.

    54. IValueU, Chaleston, says:

      Post Operation News Release “Botched”

      When the news banner scrolled “”buried at sea” my glee turned to skepticism.

      Why was there a rush to bury at sea so quickly after the attack? The proof of Saddam’s capture and death was in open public forum and was not rushed.

      Since questions were raised about the “buried at sea” statement, now it is released he was taken to a naval ship, wrapped in white sheets and buried facing the east according to Muslim tradition. Give me a break. Although it is not unusual for contradictory statements, half truths and out right lies to come from the white house, it is most disappointing the release of this news could not have been better handled.

    55. Gary, Alabama says:

      "…our military is underfunded…"????

    56. Joe, Earth says:

      A couple of red flags in this article: 1)"President Obama and Congress should not use bin Laden’s death as an excuse to turn back the clock on the counterterrorism tools we need, like the PATRIOT Act." – How many of you out there want the government to have the ability that the patriot act provides?

      2)"our military is underfunded" – as opposed to what? Blackwater or XE?

      3)"the Taliban just last weekend launched a new offensive against U.S. troops in Afghanistan." – the Taliban are not synonymous with Al Qaeda. We should think long and hard about why we entered into Afghanistan. Think about it people.

    57. Katherine, Seattle, says:

      Oh please, just admit the president did a good job, stop giving credit to George Bush. If Obama get reelected is because he´s the best fit for the White House. Period.

    58. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      The news of bin Laden's death is feel-good stuff signifying not much more than another step along the way in the "War on terror." How many more steps remain –few or thousands? Much depends on what we do or don't do in the "war" hereafter, for terrorists won't relent as long as we support Israel as openly as we do and as long as we maintain military presence in the Middle East. And certainly there will be retaliation for bin Laden's assassination, perhaps spectacular retaliation.

      Our persistent stance regarding terrorism–refusal to talk with terrorists or negotiate diplomatically–and the systematic projection of our power into their world guarantee the expectable, ongoing terrorism. The result is an impasse unresolvable except through further bloodshed and, for us, great expense.

      It is nice to know that the $80 billion a year we spend on Intelligence–about 50 times what is spent by Great Britain–produces results. For the world's greatest debtor nation, though, the cost might be too great. Surely, the $1 trillion a year we spend on National Security all told–more than is spent on it by the rest of the world COMBINED–is too great. At $14.5 trillion in debt, no country should be spending that much without open debating of the foreign policy decisions behind such extravagance. (With an annual deficit of $1.5 trillion as kicker, talk with our enemies would be a lot cheaper, considerably more budget friendly, no?)

      I am not overly optimistic that the results of any talks will be acceptable to those addicted to America's power, to America having its way in the world. But I am willing to debate anyone who suggests we're not spending enough on National Defense or on the overall package called "National Security." Our successes in WWII have been followed by SuperPower-on-call expense unmatched anywhere else in the world and a string of interventions and outright wars no countries elsewhere have had to face. It's time to reassess the many decisions behind Uncle Sam's conversion to Uncle Squander. High time.

    59. Don Whittemore Bingh says:

      Hats off and great admiration for Seal Team 6. Once again America can strut her stuff in spite of the present administration.

      Ok Team 6, just two more minor projects, one in Syria and one in Libya and it's party time in the good old USA. Hurry home!

    60. Diane, NC says:

      I have been watching ABC news and always see the smirkish grins when they talk about Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. Then I have the TV on last night and while a Donald Trump show is on, the news jumps in with their special report. So I thought they interrupted at this point on purpose, especially after we had to wait and wait and wait to hear from Obama. Then to hear the news again as they already told us what happened, and watching Obama taking credit for it, which I found repulsive and offensive. They think all Americans are idiots and we don't see what they are trying to do. All of this just when his popularity and polls are dropping. Disgusting and looking a little desperate to me. Then I hear of a special force involved, and of course a couple in this special force saw him and identified him. Probably the only ones to have witnessed this. They also mentioned on the news that the leaders over there would be wanting to see proof and that was how I felt and couldn't wait to see the proof this morning only to find out it was buried at sea. It seems like a ridiculous plot and scam to me. I was a skeptic when I first heard it, but was giving it until the proof this morning . . . . of course until I learned it was buried at sea.

    61. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Navy seal team 6 and those that supported their efforts are the heroes here. Not obama. This country needs real heros to look up to and Seal team 6 is real.

      Ganted that as comander and chief obama should be proud of what his warriors accomplished. Great leaders place credit where it belongs and it belongs with Seal Team 6, not the white house, no matter who the president might be.

      God bless Seal team 6.

      Only question, why was there such a hurry to get rid of he body?

    62. Disgusted , Illinois says:

      My congratulations go to our military and the members of this operation.They and ONLY they deserve the credit.As for the " community organizer " just exactly what did he do to have this mission succeed other than to reluctantly say O.K. when presented with the request by the military to proceed with this mission.

    63. Jill-Maine says:

      Now Obama says finding and killing UBL was his highest priority but back when interviewed by Katie Couric he was satisfied that UBL was hiding in a cave somewhere, out of sight and out of commission. If it wasn't for waterboarding we would never have gotten one terrorist. This president is the bidggest blowhard ever to sit in the oval office. Whent he hell is America going to wake up?

      Our military makes the worst of the worst look good and they don't brag about it.

    64. West Texan says:

      All the conspiracy theories popping up here about bin Laden's disposition are void of any reason. I don't trust Obama anymore than most folks posting here. Especially when it comes to economics and respecting federalism. But it's hard to hide the truth when more than a few people are directly involved in an operation of this kind. The participants are well aware of their actions regarding the mission. Listen to their words. We should be hearing from them soon enough.

    65. Pingback: ThinkProgress » FLASHBACK: Bush On Bin Laden: ‘I Really Just Don’t Spend That Much Time On Him’

    66. Jesse says:

      Actually intelligence started under Clinton. USS Cole ring a bell? Probably not. We just didn't start taking on these threats with such wanton fervor until AFTER 9/11. It's a cumulative effort over three presidencies.

    67. Ernie Rosenberg, McL says:

      Only partial justice has been done. Bin Laden enjoyed almost ten years more of life than his 9/11 victims.

    68. James, Maine says:

      Obama made the final decision to take the coumpound. Fine, we pay him to make those decisions. It doesn't mean he should be on stage patting himself on the back for doing his job. If credit is due, credit will be given. The President of these United States should be secure enough with himself to let others decide, while he pays due tribute to the military forces that risked life itself to carry out his commands. God bless these fine young men for acting with courage, and carrying out due justice for all of us at home…God bless you all.

    69. mike hutchings says:

      one down many more to go….hearts and minds….not in the cards with the muslim brotherhood…..you can't deal with someone bent on life's fullfilment in the great beyond…..the president gave the go ahead to pull the trigger….good for him that he did…sometimes reason is a luxury…and everyone should take a carefull look at the allies we gather….the oil based empire set up after ww 2 is splitting at the seams…the old is giving way….so lets see how the empire deals with the popular will of people….paid off by whatever oil money was left over when the princes and kings took their cut…they have no reason to like us…because our leaders across the top have nothing but contempt for the founding principles….most would sooner admit to believing in santa claus the jefferson and adams…

    70. ckirkland, Virginia says:

      Let's thank our Navy Seals and all other operatives that were involved in this operation. CK

    71. Illinois says:

      Congratulations to the Military. We are proud of your work. Also, Congratulations to President Bush for setting the stage to get the job completed.

    72. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      And the proof was given a burial at sea.

    73. Ronald J. Sakowski says:

      Events got out of hand for Obama and Eric Holder. They had to act now or relinquish the opportunity to eliminate Bin Laden and acquire some political leverage. You can only close hold information so long. Obama wanted him captured so he could be put on trial as a distraction in the run up to and during the 2012 election What is most dispicable about this is to have our brave military incur the additional risk that goes with a capture mission vs. outright killing. I cannot have more contempt for Obama. I am maxed-out.

    74. Carlos Ft Worth says:

      I don't want to give obama credit for the success, but I know that if this mission had been a catastrophic failure, there's no way we'd let him distance himself from it. If it had failed would we have blamed President Bush? If the answer is no, how can we credit him? I don't like obama but I'm getting tired of being a hypocrite. Good Job Mr. obama. Now get to work on the economy.

    75. R BUCK GRAY, Pittsbu says:

      I'm concerned that the statement "Justice has been done" is a liberal cop-out. In my mind it tends to trivialize the scriptural concept of heaven and hell. You may counter with that is of no real concern to the pagan, but I would remind you that many terrorist have been taught that a reward of a number of virgins await their killing acts.

      I take no comfort in the slaying of my enemies for I recognize that there, save for the grace of God, go I. And save for the of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will have to pay for my own many sins of rebellion toward Him..

      I am rather proud of the Navy Seal's capabilities and actions to help keep this country free from pirates and terrorists.

    76. MrBigJim - Michigan says:

      As Someone Stated On Another Site:

      "This Whole Thing Is A Smoke-Screen For Obama. Wait And See What Happens

      At The White House Within The Next Week!"

      Amen, MAN!

    77. Ron, New Mexico says:

      Thank you to our special forces and George Bush for all they did to make sure Osama bin Laden got what he deserved and President Obama for following through with the game plan given to him.

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    79. Pingback: Career Wall » Blog Archive » Right Rushes To Praise Bush For Obama’s Order To Kill Bin Laden

    80. Richard; Walnut Cree says:

      Point #1- Bin Laden was killed in a compound that was less than 100 yards from the nearest Pakistani military base.

      Point #2- The intel regarding Bin Laden came directly from "waterboarding" Khalil Sheik Mohammed.

      Point #3- No one has yet to explain the elaborate preparations for an "Islamic religious burial" at sea! Bin Laden was killed on land … NOT … at sea. Why therefore all the political correctness?

      Point #4- Obama claims that he's a Christian and yet failed to send any govt. representatives to Pope John Paul II beatification — yet he managed to find the time to entertain Muslims at a White House dinner and pray with them in public.

      Point #5 – FOURTY NAVY SEALS took part in the exercise WITHOUT notifying Pakistan. This raises the question of TRUST along with the expenditure of billions in assistance to a nation that had to know where Bin Laden was and kept quiet about it!

      Point #6 – Why NO MENTION of President Bush and his role in the gathering of intelligence that led to Bin Laden's demise? Is it too much to ask Barack Obama to display a modicum of CLASS?

    81. AD, CA says:

      This operation should be a wake-up call to those in the ISI who have been playing more than one side in this encounter.

      If we can find OBL and deal with him, the small fish survive only by the grace of the shark who owns the reef.

      It's time for a whole lot of people in the ME/SA to "get their heads straight"!

    82. 2dokie says:

      Black Jack Pershing used a good tactic to stop a Muslim invasion of the Phillipines, but all we need is to condition all muslims to loose all body function control when they even think of the US. Out west here when we kill a varmint we just take it over and hang it on the nearest barbed wire fence. That's all the consideration a varmint deserves.

    83. Raghu Nathan , Banga says:

      I would suggest that US do the following post-Osama ASAP.

      1. Say that Osama has been buried under full islamic traditions

      in an UNKNOWN location. Not in Arabian Sea. There is a danger

      that jihadists may start calling Arabian sea as "Sea of Osama" and

      ask muslims to go to some selected spots in the Arabian sea to offer

      their respects to Osama.

      2. Move credible American forces around Pakistan borders & demand

      a. The Gen.Kayani & Gen.Pasha resign owning responsibility

      for the failure to apprehend & hand over Osama to US.

      b. Bring ISI under civilian control after complete restructuring.

      c. Bring some known Western sympatheiser as COAS who

      will guarentee change in strategic direction of Pak Army.

      d. Ensure new Pak Military leadership to severe its ties to Jihadists

      and stop promoting anti US sentiments in Pakistan using their

      proxies in right wing & other assorted politicians.

      e. Clearly tell Pak military that in the event of a Coup , US forces

      will enter Pakistan in support of Civilian Govt & restore the legitimate


      3. Ask Indian govt to organize a bipartisan declaration that states Pakistan

      people need help under the new dispensation & not make any threatening noise.

      4. Ask Pakistan Government to consider all US Govt passports

      for granting Pakistan VISA automaticall to enter Pakistan within 48 hours.

      If the current situation is not taken advantage of by the US to reform the

      Pak Military & ISI , they would have lost a great opportunity.I do hope

      that US will do the right thing quickly.

    84. Gale Wheat says:

      Before his election, Barak Obama promised to track down and kill Osama bin Laden and today he made good on that promise. We are so used to bungled military campaigns, out right lies and imcompentence that we hardly know how to react. However, I suggest the people sharing their paranoia, conspiiracy theories, and bah humbuging keep quiet today and let Americans celebrate this victory.

    85. Ted says:

      It's a great shame that the reaction of so many is to treat this as a political stunt by President Obama. I thought the statement by President Obama was handled very well. I haven't seen President Obama take personal credit for this at all. He of course made the final decision to proceed with the mission, a decision that really should be commended, but he was also careful to praise the work of President Bush and our allies in the war terror. There are legitmate issues to raise with the current administration but this really isn't one of them. This a major victory in the war on terror and it's a shame it can't be enjoyed. I am really dissppointed by many of the posts here. Lets be rational enough and partiotic enough to give credit when credit is due and criticize when criticism is due. To take offence with everything President Obama does simply because we support a rival party is sad and pathetic.

    86. Steven, Louisiana says:

      He used his wife as a shield? He didn't use his wife as a shield? Also, we should urge Pakistan to step up its war on terror? When did they sign on to fighting the war on terror? If the most dangerous terrorist alive lives smack dab in the middle of our so-called allies country, what does this say about our choice of allies? Pakistan was behind the whole thing; they never intended on cooperating. Last time I checked, they are a Muslim country. Seems like the government is the last to realize that Muslims, America, Freedom and Cooperation don't seem to mix. Gosh! Our friends in the mutual war on terror betrayed us; what a shocker!

    87. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Why didn't Obama just wait until the day before the polls opened to "find" and kill Osama? Even Hollywood would have been impressed with those theatrics.

    88. Claudia- CA says:

      Long overdue, justice has been served in the elimination of the head cockroach-Osama! Sadly, the remainder of the Radical Islamic terrorists are also like cockroaches-they hide in dark places, are diffficult to catch/kill, multiply far too quickly, and spread their filth where ever they exist!

      With our American Military and Seals, we have a chance to truly use Raid after Raid to exterminate these cockroaches!

    89. TexasRedneck, Texas says:

      Since most "friends" of the Heritage Foundation consider themselves Christians, is it too much to require that our response be more like Jesus? We celebrate death and violence as much as the secular world. This article could have been a Pentagon press release. I know I will be dismissed an an "ignorant pacifist" but before my dismissal, please find for me the passges in the New Testament that support vengeful wrath against an attacker? When Jesus rebuked Peter for striking with his sword, it was with full knowledge that HE was the one that would suffer the consequences, not Peter. We need to hold the teachings of scripture more dearly than our own self-preservation – it would be better to die a REAL Christian than to live as a completely assimilated secularist CHINO – "CHristian In Name Only"

    90. bill sinnott says:

      Great, Usama is dead. Now 100,000 people will rally to his cause while we continue to occupy the middle east and the rest of the world, leaving America undefended and broke while we get stripped searches and rectal exams to get on any mode of transportation. The president can order anyone he wants killed, "guilty until proven guilty, without really proving guilt," which means he could have "homegrown terrorists" imprisoned, tortured and killed after being clandestinely kidnapped. Maybe innocent people will be black-bagged in their own homes and secretly kidnapped for years without anyone knowing, perhaps ever. All this on the whim of a bureaucratic dictator who accuses you of a crime. Government is your best friend, though. Keep telling yourself that America.

    91. Mark, Illinois says:

      I suppose it is pointless to mention that it is illegal by Constitutional law, Federal Statute and International treaty for the president to order the assassination of anyone…

      It's good to be the king.

    92. Jonathon, NYC says:

      People here with comments like "screw pakistan" are the most inept. More Pakistanis have died fighting in the war on terror than anyone else. But you wouldn't care about that, all that matters is the death of one old man?

    93. Thinker2.0 says:

      Wow….I want to see the picture, no picture no truth. who konws….it is the time to show US

    94. George Colgrove VA says:

      Enough with the self-congratulatory pats on our backs. With all the hard drives we got, the computers and flash drives, why were we not hitting targets hard and heavy in the last 48 hours. The local people are saying that OBL's compound was not all that secret and we have found out that OBL was living there for 6 year. We are also told that it took 8 months to make sure he lived in a non-secret location and that once all was known; it took the Commander in Chief over 16 hours to think about it.

      If you ask me, it is looking like we are purposely dragging this thing out for maximum payout. After 10 years and over $7 trillion dollars, 300,000 new DoD union federal workers and $300 to $400 billion annual payouts to defense contractors and moreover, a looming $14.3 trillion national debt this "accomplishment" is looking pretty small.

      America has had a taste for blood since 9/11. That has just been delivered at a massive cost of thousands of soldiers lives (over 900 since Obama took over) trillions of dollars out of our treasury both now and for decades to come, but also in programs like NASA which is slowly going on mothballs, our dollar is near junk status, over 15 million people are out of work, 13% of our homes are empty, 1 in 6 people are in poverty, over half of our population gets a government check in one way or another, and we have greedy public workers now working against the greater good but rather for their own personal gain.

      The Taliban, years ago said that their primary goal was to bankrupt the USSR – they succeeded. They have also said that they want to do the same to America. Well with the cooperation of the federal workforce it looks like as we got the king pin – they ended up winning the war. Terror still exists in greater amounts today meaning OBL aside we have not accomplished anything. With our economy about to enter an abyss, it looks like the Taliban has succeeded.

      Where it took the Taliban decades to erode the USSR, it took less than 10 years to take out the US economy – why? They had the perfect weapon – greedy federal workers and elected officials looking to fill their pockets.

    95. Chris Muzzey, Athol, says:

      Hold up now! Let us Americans ask the first questions here. 1) Why was Bin Laden not taken ALIVE and interrogated? 2) Why was he buried at SEA? 3) Why wasn't other nations privy to and involved in this strike. Terrorism is a worldwide threat! Nazi German leaders were TRIED at Nuremberg! This appears all too political an act on the part of President Obama and his cabinet and too many wise Americans seem to overlook these extremely valid points!

    96. Chris Muzzey MA says:

      Hold up now! Let us Americans ask the first questions here: 1) Why was Bin Laden not taken ALIVE and interrogated? 2) Why was he buried at SEA? 3) Why wasn't other nations privy to and involved in this strike and other decisions pertaining to all actions taken involved in this event. Terrorism is a worldwide threat! Nazi German leaders were TRIED at Nuremberg! This appears all too political an act on the part of President Obama and his cabinet and too many wise Americans seem to overlook these extremely valid points!

    97. America1, America says:

      Clealry some hypocritical nonsense.

      Now touting the PATRIOT act and clearly refusing to acknowledge the word "Obama."

      If this had been done under Bush's watch, this article would be doing nothing but touting Bush.

      This is why the right-wing is losing members…not enough of us are as crazy as this.

    98. Marge, NC says:

      How can you say that justice has been done when an unarmed sick old man is captured and executed without a fair trial? You seem to care very little for the rule of law.

    99. jacklyn nikkel says:

      Am I the only one who doubts that he is really dead. How convenient for our

      president to orchestrate this for political gain.

    100. The situation will not improve. People now are afraid of flying once again. Airline companies will only stand to lose again.

    101. Pablo Tam says:

      All intelligence services, not just the CIA, should be on red alert.

    102. Dee Va. says:

      I dont believe that OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead for I also dont believe that OBAMA WOULD KILL ONE OF HIS OWN…That goes for the one in LYBIA NOW…………….

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