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  • Monthly Archives: April 2011

    EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska

    Gas prices in Santa Monica, CA

    There are an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil waiting to be tapped in the Arctic Ocean, off the coast of Alaska. But after spending five years and nearly $4 billion, Shell Oil Company has been forced to abandon its efforts to drill for oil in the region. With gas … More

    Morning Bell: Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat

    All across Western Europe—the land of platinum-plated social benefits, the 35-hour work week, tony retirement plans and government-funded health care—countries are coming to the realization that they can no longer afford these luxuries amid skyrocketing deficits. Yet here in the United States, as we face a $14.3 trillion deficit, some are … More

    PODCAST: Taxes on the Rich

    In a timely Heritage in Focus, Heritage expert Curtis Dubay discusses part of President Obama’s budget proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy – those earning over $250,000. The president’s budget this year is $3.6 trillion. Confiscating every single penny from every income earner making more than $114,000 – everyone … More

    Losing the Mexico Drug War: One Protest at a Time

    U.S.-Mexico border

    Galvanized by the brutal slaying of his 24-year old son on March 28, Mexican poet and intellectual Javier Sicilia has become the loudest voice of discontent in the ongoing war against criminal organizations in Mexico. The murder of Juan Sicilia and six other youth is only a snapshot of the … More

    The Debt Failsafe Trigger Danger

    What is the “debt failsafe” trigger that the President rolled out in his speech on April 13? This is an idea that may be introduced into the debt limit increase debate next month, and it is a dangerous idea.  If the Senate’s “Gang of Six” (a bipartisan group working to … More

    Egypt’s Christians Increasingly Anxious about the Future

    Good Friday, a holy day for Christians around the world, is turning out to be a bad day for Egyptian Christians. Thousands of Muslims gathered to protest the appointment of a Coptic Christian governor in the Qena province this week. This incident comes amid a campaign of discrimination and violence … More

    Virginia Protects Religious Liberty in Adoption and Foster Care

    Capitol in Richmond, Virginia - VA

    Virginia residents witnessed a significant victory for religious liberty this week. On Wednesday, Virginia’s State Board of Social Services voted 7–2 to reject a controversial policy that could have forced faith-based institutions to abandon their beliefs and cost Virginia many effective adoption agencies. Governor Bob McDonnell (R) is expected to … More

    Indiana: One Step Closer to the Most Expansive School Choice to Date

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

    On Thursday, the Indiana Senate approved what could become the nation’s largest school voucher program. If signed by Governor Mitch Daniels (R), the plan will allow Indiana children throughout the state to use a scholarship to attend a private school of their choice. The proposal, which has already made it … More

    “No, Minister!” British MPs Rebel over World Service Cuts


    While the Chinese government is investing $7 billion in a new global media push and Chinese television is opening up new offices in Times Square in London, the decision of the British and American governments to make drastic cuts to their international broadcasting systems, including broadcasting to China, has caused … More

    Obama’s Blame of Speculators, Forming of Gas Task Force Misguided

    President Obama speaks at GWU on the budget

    Maybe President Obama should start investigating John F. Kennedy’s shooting in his spare time, because he’s not going to find a satisfying conspiracy in gas prices. Better yet, he could pick up an economics textbook and turn to the chapter on Supply and Demand. His finger-pointing at speculators and formation … More