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  • Monthly Archives: April 2011

    Paul Revere with a Bedside Manner

    Dr. Hal C. Scherz’s tenacious work bringing together doctors across America to make the case for repealing Obamacare brought him a deserved reward earlier today. During a lunchtime ceremony in Dallas, the Atlanta physician accepted The Heritage Foundation’s 2011 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship. Heritage annually presents the $25,000 prize, … More

    Outside the Beltway: Kiss Those Plastic Bags Goodbye, Evanston!

    Grocery bag

    Paper or plastic? How about neither? If you live in Evanston, Ill., be prepared to kiss your plastic bags goodbye . . . and maybe your paper ones, too. Some in the city council are prepared to take a stand against what some see as a terribly pernicious threat to … More

    North Carolina County Wants to Give Parents a Better Option Than Busing


    For years, Wake County, North Carolina, has had a “busing” policy aiming to create socioeconomic diversity in county schools. The district’s experiment to better integrate schools left many students having to take long bus rides to schools far from their homes. “Parents and residents … said busing for the purpose … More

    The Case for a “Greatly Reduced Federal Footprint” in Education


    When Congressman John Kline (R–MN) served as a Marine, “one of [his] assignments was to carry the ‘football’—the package containing the nuclear launch codes—for presidents Carter and Reagan,” writes George Will in profile of the House Education and Workforce Committee chairman last week. Now Kline is quarterbacking the House approach … More

    How Oil Profits Are Good for Americans

    Oil rig

    You could substitute a newspaper article from June 2008 with today’s gas price stories, and no one would know the difference. The story is the same: politicians blaming speculators and big oil while ignoring supply and demand issues and the impact of a weak dollar on oil prices. It’s been … More

    Individual Mandate for Cabernet Sauvignon?

    Cabernet wine

    What a difference a few hundred years makes. Throughout most of American history, barriers to commerce were imposed at the state level. States would engage in protectionism by imposing tariffs on other states goods, thereby restricting trade opportunities between the states. In the Constitution, the framers give Congress the power … More

    Senators Ask White House to Abandon Executive Order Limiting Political Speech


    A group of senators is urging President Obama to reconsider a draft executive order to require would-be government contractors to disclose political contributions. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), ranking member on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) yesterday sent a letter signed by … More

    Morning Bell: Will Leon Panetta Ensure That America Is Defended?

    Amid a continuing war in Afghanistan, a new operation in Libya, ongoing military efforts in Iraq and a failing foreign policy doctrine, President Barack Obama has proposed cutting the already overstretched U.S. military by $400 billion. And today, he is expected to nominate CIA Director Leon Panetta to serve as … More

    China's Bullet Train Fiasco: A Warning to America


    Well, the Chinese finally have a green-energy idea worth stealing: arrest government officials who foist overpriced, underperforming, debt-ballooning, money-losing projects on taxpayers. Earlier this year, Liu Zhijun, Minister of Railways in the People’s Republic of China, was arrested following investigations into cost overruns and poor performance of the ministry’s showcase … More

    Chinese Officials Seek to Drive Lighthouse Church Underground

    China police

    On Easter Sunday in Washington, D.C., thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the annual sunrise service. The freedom to gather at this public monument and for churches across America to hold outdoor sunrise services is a freedom we often take for granted. Not so in China. The Shouwang (“Lighthouse”) … More