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  • Amish Milk: The Latest Target of the Obama Regulatory State

    Milk might do a body good, but if it’s unpasteurized milk sold by an Amish farmer across state lines, it’s a whole other story… or at least according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Washington Times reports:

    A yearlong sting operation, including aliases, a 5 a.m. surprise inspection and surreptitious purchases from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, culminated in the federal government announcing this week that it has gone to court to stop Rainbow Acres Farm from selling its contraband to willing customers in the Washington area.

    The product in question: unpasteurized milk.

    It’s a battle that’s been going on behind the scenes for years, with natural foods advocates arguing that raw milk, as it’s also known, is healthier than the pasteurized product, while the Food and Drug Administration says raw milk can carry harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

    And so, let the nanny state regulation begin. Well, actually, let it continue. We’re seeing an awful lot of it these days, especially when it comes to food. Take vending machines, for example. Heritage’s Diane Katz writes:

    To temper the snack food cravings we are supposedly incapable of controlling, Congress is forcing vendors to post the calorie counts of vending machine items. Thus, we’ll supposedly pick the healthier brand of potato chips, cookies, candy, and soft drinks.

    Expect to see more of it. Last year, President Barack Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which grants the FDA a host of new powers. Katz explains:

    The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act would authorize the FDA to dictate how farmers grow fruits and vegetables, including rules governing soil, water, hygiene, packing, temperatures, and even what animals may roam which fields and when. It would also increase inspections of food “facilities” and tax them to do so. And, fulfilling the dream of a long line of agency officials, the bill grants the FDA unilateral authority to order recalls.

    On top of being costly ($1.4 billion in new spending between 2011 and 2015), the necessity of new regulatory powers is questionable. The motivating force behind FDA regulations — and the reason for the crackdown on Rainbow Acre Farms — is a concern over food-borne illness. Katz says that incidents of such illnesses “have actually been declining for more than a decade, in spite of higher consumption of the raw foods that are most often associated with outbreaks of food-borne illness.”

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    97 Responses to Amish Milk: The Latest Target of the Obama Regulatory State

    1. Chris W. says:

      I don't mean to simplify this…but…these people are insane. Controlling EVERY aspect of our lives: That's their primary goal. We cannot let that happen; we've tolerated this too much already. There is a great way to take control back, placing it where it belongs: in the minds, hearts, and hands of THE PEOPLE. That great way to reign in control? Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote in elections always; and again, I say vote. Oh, and by the way, drink milk; it does a body good.

    2. Michael says:

      Please get the Government off of our backs.They need to get rid of all of these government beuraucracies.

    3. China Lanier says:

      Yeah, well we all know that the pesticides, antibiotic and hormone residue in the milk and food is far better for our bodies then then the pure as God intended!

      Go back to teaching hygene in school so folks learn the importance of washing, hands, and store bought food, before eating … that would get rid of your bacteria

      This big "America is Fat" campaign that wants to change the make-up of foods would be better spent on getting kids off their butts and out the door to play. Y'all remember what that is don't you? It's a prehistoric concept that was invented long before the video games that are also causing physiological changes in ones body aside from excess weight!

      Spend the money on education and bring back phys ed and recess in schools. LEAVE OUR FOOD ALONE or at least, leave our choices alone!

    4. Fred from Florida says:

      While I have to side with the FDA in regards to the safety of pasteurized milk versus raw milk (raw milk advocates are

      Luddite eco-freaks who advocate the simplistic and easily disproved notion that "natural" or "organic" food products are "healthier" than "processed" or "chemically treated" foods) I strongly disagree that it's any of their business which product you choose to purchase and consume. It's an individual choice and the Amish should be allowed to sell their product wherever they like.

      It should be left to the consumer whether they want to take the risk of drinking unpasteurized milk or not and more likely getting sick just as we have the right to order rare steak at a restaurant knowing full well undercooked meats have a heavier risk of containing bacteria and the like. Leave the decisions about my health to me if you please, not the bureaucrats at the paternalistic FDA.

    5. Michelle Johnson, Or says:

      This is supposed to be a free country. People have a right to choose to drink raw milk! They have a right to choose to let someone else do the milking! The government should reduce expenses, stop trying to control every little thing and quit imposing on peoples freedom!

    6. DeLia CA says:

      Ms.Katz do you have data/references to back up your statements regarding the declining incidence of food borne illnesses and recall?. Seems every week (at least) there is some news story about illness and/or death as a result of bacteria in food production. The results of pasteurization far outweigh potential risks of not.

    7. Joseph, Friendswood, says:

      We are consumers of organic & raw milk. It's the only thing that does not cause an allergic reaction in my wife & kids. I would like to see the FDA justify it's actions against a lawful business. (it's pure harassment, and I would be willing to wager some of the lobbying is from grocers). I am sending this article to my senator & congressman with this note. Thanks for posting this!

    8. JT says:

      NExt the FDA will try to regulate the milk form a Mothers breast to her baby.

      They will be telling the soon to be Mother what foods she can/can not eat so she can produce a certain type of milk for her new born. GOD SAVE US FROM OUR SELFs.

    9. Lois Theis, Kansas says:

      I remember growing up getting "unpastuerized" milk from a farm where milk cans were covered by cloths to protect from having flies get to the milk…and, all of us grew up enjoying cows milk! Today, collecting milk is such a clean process, and the incidence of milk being contaminated with harmful bacteria would be greatly limited. Farmer milk producers should be contacted to describe how dairy cows are handled and milk collected today, and compare that to how the Amish producer was handling cows and collecting milk.

    10. JT says:

      The FDA can not control the food from China but they can attack our Amish folks. WOW. How about the mother that is breast feeding? Should we make her pasteurize her milk before feeding her baby? I was raised on a farm and we drink our milk as it came form the cow. I think ALL Dairy farmers still do. You didnt /dont hear about them getting sick from raw milk. I am so glad we have agency's such as the FDA to instruct me as I am not smart enough to think for my self. GOD SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

    11. Marsha, TX says:

      Can you imagine, the FDA is over the drug companies who poinson us by the thousands every day and they can spend an entire year doing a sting operation on one small Amish farm? Thank goodness they are there for our protection!

    12. John Hunter NC says:

      Yes,"raw milk can carry harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria".

      So can other foods. But pasteurizing milk destroys the healthy bacteria that is

      there. It essentially makes it dead food. zing, homogenizing If raw milk is so dangerous why do we still have cows? How did the calf's survive?

      How did the human race survive for thousands of years drinking raw milk?

      Man thinks he can improve on what God made by pasteurizing, homogenizing,

      irradiating, hydrogenating, and genetically modifying foods, etc. And what are

      the results? Well, it created a lot of jobs for hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals,


      What is the real agenda behind it? Population reduction. Margaret Sanger

      founded Planned Parenthood for the purpose of limiting the population. The

      death panels in 0 buma Care is for the purpose of reducing the population.

      The more people there are the harder it is to control them.

      "We have to get rid of the unproductive". Well then, why not get rid of the

      illegal aliens?


    13. Charles Jennings says:

      For those partial to natural foods such as unprocessed products,allow the privilege of enjoying their choice but with the clear notice appearing on the product of the possible consequences Of course there are complications involved , but precautionary measures can be addressed.

    14. Nancy Manchester, NH says:

      I thought it was always against the law to sell unpasturized milk across state lines!

    15. James, Maine says:

      It is a good thing our ancestors did know about all the dangers of whole, nutritious foods. Had they known, the chemical, inorganic production that has led to obesity, and weaker immune systems might have begun much sooner.

    16. Ranchman-Okie says:


      I'm not convinced that gov't approved milk is any better for the body than raw milk, and in siding with the FDA, even in theory, yet stating we have the right to consume whatever we want, however we want it, I think you're playing right into their game of control over us. This whole movement toward raw milk has a lot of proponents so there must be something to the benefits of it. I just think it needs more research into it before we condemn it, that's all.

    17. Don Vande Yacht, Riv says:

      I am retired but spent my whole life in the dairy business. As a kid, I worked on a dairy farm. As an adult, I owned a cheese manufacturing plant. I know that unpastuerized milk can cause problems. Why would you want to take that risk with your children and grandchildren?? This is not an Obama issue but a health risk issue. I am not an Obama supporter but I do think that health safety is important.

    18. Sarai says:

      This is nothing new. Obama is really no worse than Bush, Clinton, or Papa Bush. It's the big ag lobby-ers and thier lackeys in the congress and senate that are destroying our country.

    19. David, CA says:

      Brought my kids up on raw milk. My daughter could not tolerate pasturized milk – broke out in severe diaper rash and had asthma like breathing. Doc said she was allegic to milk and we put her on soy. cleared up. Two months later, we tried pasturized again with same results as before. By happenstance, tried raw milk. Rashes & breathing issues cleared up in three days and that was that. No more pasturized milk. I can count the number of times in her preteens that she was sick on both hands (less than 10).

      The FDA works for the pharmaceutical companies. Healthy people = less profits!

    20. Raymond Ball says:

      This is so much more communism!! BHO is without a doubt a communist! He may claim to be a Christian but he is really a communist.

      But aside from that, if the Republican Congress will get off their butts and act, they can deny funds to these projects and they will die before they even get started. Deny funds to prosecute the Amish, deny funds to the EPA and the FDA for use in these projects and it's over!! So republicans, get off your duffs and do something besides a lot of showboat talking!!

    21. GraceUnderFire says:

      Listen up, guys – our FDA is a benevolent protective agency! If it weren't for them keeping our pharmaceuticals safe, we would have people dying or being injured from all kinds of drugs that were unsafe.

      After all, nowadays we NEVER have to see ads on TV from lawyers telling us

      - Avandia causes heart attacks,

      - the highly effective acne drug, Accutane, causes horrible intestinal diseases or birth defects,

      - that multiple brands of hip implants and hernia repair products fail or cause serious damage,

      - Advair causes your bones to deteriorate

      etc., etc.

      The FDA does a fine job of making sure that NO ONE has to suffer needlessly because of any serious drug side effects. After all, they spend years and years making sure these drugs are absolutely SAFE, holding them off the market for years until they are totally satisfied with the clinical studies.

      And let me remind you – it was the FDA that warned us way back in the 1970s that eating eggs would cause your cholesterol to skyrocket, and you should avoid them like the plague!

    22. Tony in MO says:

      It sounds like typical government. They can check the citizenship of cows and bottles of milk, but forbid states from checking the citizenship of illegal aliens.

      So what else is new?

    23. Julie Bickel, Santa says:

      If the producer lists the product as "unpasturized" shouldn't that protect the consumer. People should knowingly be able to eat / drink what they want. They do need to know all the facts about what they are consuming.


      In our area, we sell strawberries and broccoli and wine grapes. We are so over-regulated, it is crazy. What a joy driving to work at 6:00 am and watching the field workers exercising before work because the farmers have to provide stretching before they start. My boss does not have to pay me to stretch before I start my work.

      Julie Bickel

    24. William Links Wiscon says:

      when i was a kid if our parents wanted us they just had to either yell outthe window. or call a neighbor and have them call out a window for which ever child the parent was looking for. we always were outside. most of my friends including me lived on ranches of different sizes. so either we worked outside or were playing outside. this was in the late 50's early 60's. if you had a tv it was black and white and only got 2 channels.

    25. William Links Wiscon says:

      part 2. we drank milk right right from our own cows. none of us ever got sick from it.same with eating fruit from trees on my parents ranch. like oranges grapefruit apricots, and lemons.

    26. tom monteith says:

      Thats one way OB greates new job's–had to hire extrar people to raid at 5 AM and forces the rest of us dairy producer to produce milk at below are cost with no profit!!

    27. Ruth Ann Hausman, Ph says:

      Each time I say to myself I can't believe it, another example comes blasting forth. "It" is the continuous trek of the government to totally control every aspect of our lives. They are slowly but surely taking away the ability of ordinary people to think for themselves. To research a subject and form an opinion. They want to use our money as they see fit. Now they are dictating what we can and cannot eat or drink. This is getting creepy. If people want to drink non-pasteurized milk, and they know what the so-called experts say about it, then let them drink the blasted milk. Maybe they are right and Big Brother has made a boo-boo on this subject. Good grief, if the intrusion continues as it is, I can only tremble with the thought of The Stepford Wives in my head!

    28. Terry Bell says:

      If the Federal Government is allowed to determine how much power it has, How much power will it eventually have?

      It will have all power.

      Therefore I am for limited Government.

      The States must step up to the plate and defend both it's self and it's citizens against this encroaching behemoth.

    29. P. Meske says:

      I can't help but recall that Muslims, the Amish, and Christian Scientists are the only ones exempt from the Obama health plan. I guess the Christian Scientists better not try to sell anything across state lines, or they're next…

    30. Mr. Harris Oregon says:

      With each passing day (I am 71 years of age) I never cease to be amazed at the attempts (and mostly successful) intrusions into our private lives. How we should eat to what constitutes an approved toilet. Before I left the ranch it was a ritual when milking, some for the bucket, some for the cats, and some for me. I am constantly reminded of those who think themselves as a god (they are not) and desire full control over all. I blame most of the problem on the people that allow this to happen. I a from the old school, I am an American through and through. I, and I alone, am responsible for my actions and as far as anyone else is concerned …. It is none of their business.

      May The only true God bless all whom seek his kingdom.

    31. George ndiana says:

      It is utterly ridiculous for the goverment to pursue those who want to live without the contaminating influence on natures gifts to men. I think we should grab the bull by the horns and kick out those who in goverment are milking the public.

    32. Vivian Wells , Tulla says:

      We are looseing so many of our rights to choose and no body wants to say anything about. It won't be long till they come in and see how much air we are consuming and charge us for doing it. Obama promised us change and he sure gave it to us. This doesn't even look like the America I knew. Why can't we get people to stand up and say " we won't take it any more."

    33. Myron, CA says:

      In this day and age we really shouldn't have to worry about unpasteurized milk being unsafe. I was recently in Germany, taking a river cruise. They served milk on board that was the best tasting milk I've ever had, except when I lived on a farm when we drank milk still warm from the udder. It almost tasted like half 'n half. I asked why it was so good and they told me it was unpasteurized.

      Enough government regulations. Like someone said, will mother's milk be next? Will it be contraband if she doesn't eat the right foods while nursing?

    34. henry eroh pottstown says:

      Milk from the farm cooler always tasted better but in reality if people could see what is left in the seperators in a processing facility they would rather have the processed milk- Myself I always liked milk from the farm cooler and still do buy from a local farmer once in awhile- I drink at least 3 gals each week of the processed but only 2 per year from the local guy- Yes we have way to much government in our life- we pay so much for fuel while our gov spends millions on military- carrier's-planes- imaginge how much fuel they use- the use of air-force 1 so our useless pres can be kissing the world's idiot's butt's – nothing is ever going to change so all little people will pay and suffer.

    35. SAM37, North Carolin says:

      It's all about controlling every aspect of our lives. Most people drink milk because they think they are getting a lot of calcium. In fact, eating one serving of yogurt provides more calcium than 4 glasses of milk! And, with all the antibiotics and who knows what else give cows to "keep them healthy", do you really know what you are drinking? Ever notice that babies that are breast fed have soft stools and look a lot healthier than babies that are given milk!

    36. Shirley Andricks, Br says:

      So it's alright to put cancer causing chemicals in "food & drinks" that our FDA approves? How many Amish people have you heard die from these bacterias? Look at all the meat that has already been FDA approved and yet cases of death from E coli and Salmonella have been reported. Natural is better without all the interference from an unnatural Government.

    37. Skippy, TX says:

      @DeLia, CA: All the recent incidences of recalls have been from "FrankenFarming".

    38. Jean, Henderson, NV says:

      I thought Liberals were naturalists!! Surprise! This idea of Obama's Regulatory Commission going after the Amish is so ridiculous anyhow! Where is the Freedom in our country today?

      I wonder if they'd persecute all the farmers who have milk cows and drink the milk even tho it's not pasturized? We raised one Gurney milk cow on our farm and I made cheese, soups, puddings and all sorts of things for my family – we were a healthy bunch.

      Seems like Obama and his commisssion are nit picking on the little guy because they are cowards to attack the bigger more important issues.

    39. Pamela says:

      This is by no means the first such case imposed by this new overreach of the federal governments new law on food modernization. GOP warned that this bill would also infirnge on homeowners rights to grow their own gardens. Right here in Ga the government is suing a homeowner for growing too many vegetables on his private property!! He gives these vegetables to family and friends and people at his business and sells any excess at the local farmers market. He was imposed a $5,000 fine for gardening in excess. We no longer have rights as property owners thanks to Obama's continued power grab. We must stop this now. Don't believe me, here's the full story: http://youtu.be/TRlXieQohhA
      Government gone wild!!

    40. nancie, Oklahoma says:

      It is my understanding that the federal government was to have Limited input on the way United States citizens live their lives…"how quickly can we replace this administration?" They (many in Obama's administration) have little experience in living the life of average Americans, little understanding of the free market system, and a hugely inflated egotistic opinion of their "wisdom" about the way United States citizens should live their lives. They are a wearisome lot !

    41. Glenn Perritt, TEXAS says:

      Ok folks…lets get real…. This is indicative of ONE of the major problems with the US Government and the out of control agencies with questionable authority at best… A year long sting and investigation??? Id like to see the budget for that….overtime, surveilance costs, forensics, etc…. are any of those costs going to be recovered by the harassment, prosecution and if convicted, the conviction of this renegade dairy farmer??? I really doubt it…. comparable to the war on drigs which has been an utter failure….we spend more on enforcement of antiquated laws than we recover in assets siezure, and fines… NO WONDER THE U.S. IS IN SUCH TROUBLE…. We as citizens are being backed into a corner slowly but surely… little by little… EVENTUALLY we as citizens will exert our authority OVER THE GOVERNMENT…and Im sorry to burst your bubbles, but I dont see this happening at the poles on voting day… My ancestors shouted "Remember the Alamo, Remember Golliad" at the Battle of San Jacinto for Texas Independence….MAYBE WE will shout "Remember the Dairy Farmer" or "Give me MILK or GIVE ME DEATH" !!!

    42. Lisa says:

      In my humble opinion, it all comes down to this…grow your own as much as possible, share with friends and neighbors who can't, and buy local.

    43. Monica Murgatroyd, C says:

      Well? Is everyone happy with the Socialistic CHANGE they bought 2 years ago? Isn't this just grand? Enjoy that CHANGE, America, because this isn't even the BEGINNING! He's had almost 3 years to destroy this country and our own people sold us down the river!

    44. Dratha, Alabama says:

      I grew up on a family run dairy farm. My family drank unpasteurized milk everyday, several times a day. We never got sick. I can remember going to the dairy barn grabbing a big dipper, opening the milk cooler spout and filling my dipper with the best ice cold, pure milk. I sure do miss those days….. I really hope the government will learn to leave such decisions to each individual person. The government is not entitled to decide what we eat and drink. I remember when the word 'freedom' actually meant something.

    45. Shannon, Florida says:

      I drink raw milk and so do my kids. We have been drinking it for years and never, not even once, gotten sick. As a matter of fact, my son was allergic to dairy, but raw milk poses no problems for him whatsoever.

      It is outrageous to me that the FDA will happily give their "ok" to relatively untested drugs, genetically modified foods, the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides on our crops, antibiotics and growth hormones in our livestock and all sorts of other CRAP THAT KILLS US, but they've spent a YEAR (and how much money?) on a sting operation to bust AMISH PEOPLE – because they sell milk over state lines!!

      It's totally ridiculous.

    46. A Resister says:

      This is a fine example of how the World Health Organization's "Codex Alimentarius" is alive & well and being pushed forward in the U.S. Trust me, this goes far beyond an isolated incidence of an Amish dairy farm being raided for selling raw milk. Codex Alimentarius is promoted as an innocuous way to standardize food guidelines, but in reality it is ultimately the perfect disguise for global control of our food supply. Codex Alimentarius will eliminate our current US guidelines and replace them with new ones mandating that: ALL dairy cows must be treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone; EVERY animal on the planet must be treated with subclinical antibiotics & exogenous growth hormones + ALL food be irradiated, including "organic" foods! Yet it reinstitutes dozens of toxins that have previously been outlawed in the US! It also reclassifies vitamins & minerals as "toxins" and drastically limits their availability & potency. By their OWN estimates, implementation of this will result in 3 BILLION deaths. In reality folks, this is NOT about "protecting the American people" whatsoever; instead it is a sinister attempt to usurp individual freedom from the American people and hand it over to globalists. FYI, it has already been accepted by the European Union, Australia/NZ, Canada & others. This fits perfectly with Biblical prophecy and we must be pro-active in continuing to be aggressive in taking a stand against this! Watch this informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTs408Nzl0A&fe

    47. Ron Fleener, Oregon says:

      I seldom drink milk anymore, but years ago I used to seek out raw milk. Even occasionally made my own butter. I'm still alive. There are risks in life. Remember a few years back when there was a huge outbreak of, I believe salmonella? turns out the greens involved were organic. This is just another step in putting small, independent producers out of business. They won't be able to afford all the fancy safeguards. I will make this prediction: there will still be food safety problems, there will still be outbreaks of various kinds of bacterial infections.

    48. JE Missouri says:

      I find it interesting that they went after the Amish since they do not have to follow our laws or constitution. I wonder if there was an original concern if his cattle were carrying TB if he bought some from a state that was not TB frree. TB is a major reason why milk is pasteurized. If we sell our goats or cattle to a farm in another state they always have to be tested for TB and sometimes brucellosis as well. I test every year on my own herds whether they are being sold or not for my own families safety.

    49. cathie, copperas cov says:

      we better watch out next thing you know we won't be allowed to have a personal garden.

    50. Jennifer, Portland O says:

      …The Big Brother disease is giving me a disease! I am SICK TO DEATH of their "We know better than you" attitude(s), politics, lobbyist, far LEFT ways! USA Folks better wake up & begin NOW to see that we get the conservative win in all branches of government. TRUE Conservatives. Watch the country decline further if this is not done in the next election cycle, as well as the obvious November 20-12 Presidential election. Serious times require serious measures.

    51. Rick, Arkansas says:

      I have been reading about the pros and cons of raw milk for years. I am convinced by many hours of studying the issue that the benefits of raw milk far outweigh any supposed risk. It is the totally dead, ultra pasteurized stuff on the grocery shelf that's doing more damage. The live nutrients in raw milk make one healthier than drinking that poisonous, hormone filled, antibiotic laced, dead "milk" on the shelf. check out the Weston A. Price Foundation website to learn some real facts.

      All of that aside, freedom of choice should be part of our American liberty. Maybe the "milk-busting police" should go guard our borders from illegal drugs instead.

    52. Ruth Runnels says:

      Once again this is all part of the "Hope and Change" Obama and his elite touted." Hope" that they could take charge of every aspect of our lives and "Change" our way of thinking to agree with theirs. This is nothing more than government control and sadly this president and his administration see fit to give more power to the FDA, EPA, DOE, among others. This allows them to make radical changes that affects our entire way of life. The only "Hope and Change" we now want is to remove them from power. Vote them out in November and restore our Country to its original roots. We need our American Pride, Our Constituional rights and Freedom of Choice back.

    53. Sam, NY says:

      It is against the law in any state to sell raw milk without a license. This is about obeying existing laws, not additional regulation. A listeria outbreak from milk from a licensed farm caused deaths and miscarriages, so government regulation is there for a reason. ALSO- just because the dairyman is Amish does not mean that he does not use pesticides or antibiotics. Know your facts before you sound off like Donald Trump.

    54. chedgpath says:

      Well, thank Heaven! Those sneaky Amish are undermining the security of our country! Where would we be without the keen eye of the obama administration?? Goodness knows, I would much rather have a sting operation on an Amish dairy than on some harmless little drug dealer near our schools.

      It just gives me a feeling of security knowing our commander in chief is paying attention to these things because we don't have enough sense to do it ourselves…

      …give me a break.

    55. Mama America says:

      Let them alone and let them drink it at their own risks. If you have a "normal" immune system (which drinking Raw Milk helps promote) you can fight off many of the illnesses and bacteria that they're afraid of. The numbers are really quite low. How often do the Amish get sick?

    56. Diana Coley Lindsay says:

      Sad is just not strong enough to express what has happened to me inside since the Democrats and their "police state" has taken over. Stay out of our lives, do what you are supposed to do and no more. This administration and its poking, pushing, digging and involvement in our lives has got to be stopped. We must, must vote them out and keep those that think their way out of our lives and our government. The policies of the Obama administration is all that my grandchildren have known and they just have no idea what has happened and will continue to happen to their lives and future as long as the left wing democrats are encroaching on our lives. Pray that we are strong enough and hearty enough to vote them out in 2012.

    57. Judy says:

      It is rediculous how our government is spending more and more pof our money controlling more and more of our lives. When will it stop? We need to take a stand, and start deregulating.

    58. Scott, Indiana says:

      Get these government clowns out of our lives.

    59. Dan, Tennessee says:

      And how is this not socialism?

    60. Dave Gindraux says:

      This is America, ( we the people) please come together as one and remove this corrupt ungodly administration, let us return to our greatness with God leading us.

      What can we do to help these victims, first pray for them and pray that God leads us and that our eyes are opened to what is taking place.

      David Gindraux

    61. Stoney, California says:

      I think there is a bigger issue here. It's called law suits. Everyone is afraid they will get sued if they don't go by "the rules." So in order for us to have more freedom we need to be willing to take responsibility for our actions and not blame it on…something or someone. Until we are willing to say, " Ok I'm going to drink this milk, eat this food, etc. and if I get sick then I promise not to sue the farmer, or the fertilizer company, or the irrigation district that provided the water, etc…" There lies the problem. We want the freedom but not the responsibility that comes with that freedom. When something goes wrong people look for the deepest pocket. It's to bad.

    62. Mark, Ohio says:

      This whole issue has nothing to do with risk of consumer health. It's about restricting commerce to those that successfully lobby Washington. It is NOT illegal to give raw milk away, only to sell it.

    63. Barb, Michigan says:

      This is unbelievable, what an intrusion from this government. I can believe it though, it is more important to after small family farms, Amish or not, than to go after the real criminals, yea, wait, it is harder to go after the real criminals, oh my, wait what was I thinking? This is criminal going after the American People, for what, selling a dairy product that my own dad grew up on!!! he survived, no one got sick No one died, my Grandparents was raised on RAW or unpasturized dairy products, No one got sick No one dies,or even developed Allergies, its a take over of this country,by this so called President, and his friends who are not even real government officials, they aren't even legal because they have not been confirmed by Congress , like other Government appointed officials are. Not Legal!!! and they are dictating to us and our family farms!! God Help Us All!! America Please Wake Up!!! before its too late!!! and Please vote Republican to Help Save This Beautiful Country and US from Obama. This is comming from a Democrat who is Disgusted by what Obama is doing to this Country!! I will be voting, but for a Republican!!! Like others have said " God Help Save Us From Ourselves" Please vote your Concience!!…in 2012. Our freedom depends on it!!

    64. Linda Squire says:

      I am a dairy farmer and a veterinarian. We produce a wholesome and clean product, but I have always purchased pasteurized milk for our family. I appreciate and understand modern methods of production and sanitation procedures that dairymen use on the farm, but pasteurization is just time-proven, good science! It provides the extra assurance that I deem necessary to safeguard the health of my family. I do not believe that the benefits of drinking milk are negated by the flash heating and cooling process.

      While government agencies are busy harassing farmers and consumers, they are ignoring a potential problem that could be far worse than the sale of a few gallons of unpasteurized milk. Almost all fluid milk sold in this country is produced in this country. However, certain dairy products, such as milk protein concentrates, milk ingredients, and caseinates, which are a type of milk protein, may be imported without any labeling as to the country of origin! These products may be imported and added to domestically produced milk in processing and cheesemaking, and the labeling of the final product may not reveal this fact. These products compete with American-made dairy products and they make it very difficult for American dairy farmers to receive a decent price for their milk. Write to your legislators as well as to USDA and FDA and DEMAND country of origin labeling (COOL) for ALL imported dairy food items, dairy proteins and milk ingredients! BUY AMERICAN! American farmers produce quality foods and they put Americans to work in the process!

    65. Theresa, Ohio says:

      Milking a cow or goat is a normal farm activity. A factory farm is often automated so the farmer need never touch the cow or goat. In a family farm a person cleans the udder and often hand milks each animal, giving full attention to the task at hand. The milk from each animal is put in a separate container, then strained into clean, sanitized jars, or into a large milk tote. In a factory farm the cows walk into a milk station and a machine does it all the milk goes directly into miles of rubber hoses, each cow is milked by the same machine and goes thru the same rubber hoses until it ends up in large vats where its cooked(pasturized), then it has to be cooled and goes thru more hoses until it finaly goes into the milk jug. My concern with all the factory farming is HOW DO THEY CLEAN ALL THAT HOSE????? and WHO TALKS TO THE COW/GOAT WHILE ITS GETTING MILKED? A family farm takes the time to know each animal. At a factory farm they are just another piece of equipment.

    66. nichole says:

      And this is exactly why, gardening is in danger! Not a myth in my book.

    67. George Colgrove VA says:

      This is insanity. I will never buy milk that is labled unpasturized. I do however know people who believe that drinking untainted milk is a good thing. They are even willing to pay more for it. The bottom line is that people should be allowed to buy what they what with out a fed in the way. In this case it is good that a governing body can do research and provide information and warnings regarding products we buy – in this case unpasturized milk. But we, the customers should be making those choices once absorbing the data.

      I will also add that I do not beleive that governing body needs to be one and I do not believe that that body has to be in the federal government – -something that can easily be bought by special interest and also one that will drive policy for self preservation.

      It is time we really take the opportunity of the finacial crises the federal workforce has made for us and reevaluate the ligitimacy of these federal departments. Lets get back to self regulation. Step one – get rid of these useless and damaginf federal departments. Time to get back to the basics.

    68. Bean, Indiana says:

      This is just part of the continued attack on small independent, sustainable farms.

    69. Rae Wille says:

      If you look to the history of all the problems milk was having with bacteria it was because of poor farming practices with dairy farms next to breweries in crowded cities and the cows eating bacteria infected refuse. Around the time they figured it out it coincided with the whole pasteurization process that Louie came up with. So instead of looking to the whole truth of needing to make sure cows don't eat garbage, they make an unnatural process look like the only solution. So now, not only is the bad bacteria killed, but also most of the good vitamins, enzymes, and taste!

    70. George Colgrove VA says:

      Correction – and humor
      "I do however know people who believe that drinking **untainted** milk is a good thing."

      My above statement is obvious! I ment to say "unpasteurized". Should drink coffee a little sooner in the morning!

    71. Jill-Maine says:

      The whole goal is to try and take over every little aspect of our lives until we don't have any decision making power and the govt. is completely in control. We better wake up and get rid of the socialists

    72. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I grew up with milk direct from the farm,I ate veggies from our garden and YES we used DDT, we bought veggies from other gardens and fruit from the orchards, beef, hams and sausage from farmers, ate eggs out of our hen house as well as the fryers and roasting chickens we raised. After getting married I ought milk from a farm as well as butter and never did anyone get sick, in fact we were probably heathier than most kids today. Today I would have to drive at least 50 miles to buy milk and we have farmers markets instead of fruit and veg. stands at their farms or orchards. Where I bought milk and fruit is now Tyson's Corners, they call it progress, I am not so sure.

    73. Abigail says:

      Besides the control purposes observed above, this is also about bureaucratic self-justification. They know who pays their salary, and they know we'd like to defund them. Scare tactics like inflating the problem in order to swoop in to save us have become the order of the day. We can expect more of the same: it's what bureaucracies do!

    74. Sandy, Richfield, UT says:

      We've been drinking raw milk for decades. In fact I raised my kids on RAW milk. Last year we didn't have any raw milk to drink I got food poisoning on salad that was government inspected and regulated. It was so severe I almost died. Several in our area were poisoned with the baby romaine lettuce.

      Won't this government ever learn? Get OUT of our business Obama, we are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. At least we can balance our own budgets.

    75. Laura- Florida says:

      How come these liberal's fight for "freedom to choose". But only on certain issues.

      And haven't I recently heard about several "outbreaks" of illnesses from, pasteurized and regulated food sources?

    76. Denise, Utah says:

      I find it interesting that the only freedom of choice these liberal loonies want to give the rest of us is the right to an abortion. Any freedom to choose anything else is over regulated, over taxed, or banned, everything from light bulbs to cars to refrigerators to toilets. Now we can add raw milk, fruits, and vegetables to the list. Witness the over criminalization of America!!! Get rid of these elitist, self serving minions we call politicians! I call this tyranny!!

    77. Sally Sue, Colorado says:

      Well said by Rick from Arkansas as well as a few others. Anything Raw and unprocessed is better for us than all the rubbish on the shelves at your market. But I believe the government wants us sick, drug dependent and filled with fear as that is how they can control us. And as far as Obama is concerned he is only a puppet for the Bilderberg Group. What everyone should also be asking is, what is fluoride doing in our drinking water??? Look up sodium fluoride in the dictionary so you know what the definition is. Then decide if we can trust our governments?!

    78. Lynda Womelsdorf Pa. says:

      I would like the goverment out of my food choices. I have been making these decisons on my own for 67 years. I intend to continue doing so. i object to President Obama and his wire interfering in the lives of American family because they think we are to stupid to run our own lives.His ego sickens me. I am looking forward to a change.

    79. ResourceUser, Idaho says:

      Did the FDA test the milk in an independent labratory or test it at all to see if it actually had salmonella, E. coli and listeria in the milk? Or, was it presumed to be present? The possibility that those bacteria might be in the milk is good enough to break into a private business and raid it? In the past year E.Coli and salmonella has show up in many "FDA" and "USDA" inspected vegatable and meat processing plants. I am drinking non-pasturized milk right now on my cereal and I will make ice cream with non-pasturized cream today! Come and get me boys! I will be waiting for you. Brown shit jack booted thugs! Bring the black chopper too!


    80. Linda Maddox says:

      Doesn't Obama and company have more important things to do? Give me a break!

      A while ago they were after the Amish for growing vegetables, they were accused of selling them. ha.

      Looks like Obama and co. don't like it if you can take care of yourself and you have no need for food stamps or Welfare.

    81. Sandy, Richfield, UT says:

      Regarding Linda Squire's comment: "I am a dairy farmer and a veterinarian. We produce a wholesome and clean product, but I have always purchased pasteurized milk for our family. I appreciate and understand modern methods of production and sanitation procedures that dairymen use on the farm, but pasteurization is just time-proven, good science! It provides the extra assurance that I deem necessary to safeguard the health of my family. I do not believe that the benefits of drinking milk are negated by the flash heating and cooling process."

      Linda, if you believe that flash heating and cooling process does not alter the milk, try feeding one or two of your calves the pasteurized milk for 3-4 month and see what happens!

    82. Kent, Winter Haven F says:

      It would seem that if the government was serious about healthy and nutritious food being the law of the land that food stamps would be the next logical place for new regulation. "Junk food" should be illegal to purchase with food stamps.

    83. Tim, Tennessee says:

      Let's review. The Amish almost never get sick. There are no cases of things such as autism, etc. in their communities, but yet we are upset because they are selling raw milk? I mention autism because I have an autistic son. Even with the recent "proof" that vaccines don't cause autism, I am still not convinced. That, however, is a topic for another discussion. Nevertheless, if it isn't vaccines that are causing autism, it has to be something else. Could it be our eating habits? Since their are not cases of Amish children diagnosed with autism (and I'm talking NONE), could it be because of the way that they live and eat. Shouldn't we then be following their example instead of prosecuting them?

    84. Linda Squire says:

      Regarding the comment posted by Sandy, Richfield, UT on May 4, Sandy, I have been raising calves for over thirty years. I have two pasteurizers in our milk prep area to ensure that if one breaks down, I have a back-up. All our baby calves are bottle fed four feedings of fresh colostrum over the first two days of life. After that they receive bottled pasteurized milk twice a day along with a free choice grain/hay starter mixture for almost three months. They are gradually weaned off milk onto solid foods. We also maintain a closed herd, which means we have raised every cow on the place. This aspect of our operation helps with herd health and helps prevent the introduction of new viruses and bacteria that could be brought in by new animals. The calves do very well. Actually they thrive, and health problems are usually rare and minimal. When they arrive into the milk parlor, they are in great condition and they actually like people!

      My comments were simply my point of view. The debate here is really not the benefits or risks of pasteurized vs raw, but the stealing away of our freedom to decide and choose! I was trying to point out the hypocrisy of our federal government, when overzealous agents harass Amish farmers and deprive informed consumers of their freedom to choose, while simultateously allowing imports to flow in WITH NO LABELING AS TO COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. This practice is not only misleading, but it also deprives us of our choices and forces us to let government bureaucrats and agents decide what is best for us.

    85. Angie, Ohio says:

      I grew up on a dairy farm and consumed raw milk everyday as did the rest of my family and most of my neighbors. No one ever got sick from drinking this milk. In fact we are probably healthier for having been raised this way.

      But beyond that, we should be able to choose if we want to consume raw milk not be dictated to by the government.

    86. Nadeem JuwLe, India says:

      It has always been so… businesses push governments to push smaller fish to the wall and usually succeed. In India less than 5% of the milk must be pasturised… I have been drinking raw milk since childhood and have not taken any kindly of medicine for over two years (easily) and not more than thrice in the last five years…. so where are the illeffects of raw milk….am not Herculees.

    87. Mark, MD says:

      This intrusion into our private lives will only become worse once Obamacare is fully instituted. The government will be calling the shots on who get what services and treatment and if someone is found to be sick from ignoring a government "health mandate" such as "Thou shalt not drink raw milk", good chance they'll ultimately be sent to a death panel. After all the government gave fair warning which was ignored. Why should the government have to pay for reckless behavior. This also goes for smoking and drinking. The government doesn't want to care for you, they only want to control you.

    88. Omamaisaloseer, Tula says:

      LIBERALS – believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. It is the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need.

      Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems.

    89. tommy says:

      i drank raw milk all my young life,and was never sick,got old enough to join the Marine Corp,and was heathler than most of the people in my platoon

    90. James says:

      Oh please, if there is one thing they can find "bipartisan unity" on it's eroding our freedoms (just look at the Patriot Act or SCOTUS's 8-1 4th Amendment ruling). The right wants to regulate what you can put in your own body just as much as the left does. They have different priorities but it boils down to the same thing. Obama is just continuing the inexorable grinding against freedom that has been going on for a long time (WWI or earlier). If anything it has slowed compared to the previous two administrations (the FDA is enforcing a law that already exists, albeit a very wrong one).

      This article is taking a cheap shot at the President and avoiding the tougher question of at what point the government can step in and tell us what we can't ingest. Some people draw the line a pot, some at tobacco, some at alcohol, some at hydrogenated oils, some at sugar, some at raw milk. What we need is a national dialogue about the role of government in our personal lives, and by what standard of safety do we decide what should be legal and what should not.

    91. Barbara says:

      The story demonstrates the government agency has morphed into a freedom squasher with their thug-tactics. We should cherish Amish dairy farms that produce a healthy alternative in milk products. Raw milk isn't for everyone but it is a choice.

      What next? Chicken eggs?

    92. Pingback: The Sunday ‘Report;’ 05/29/2011 « Justincase505's Blog

    93. Deb Speelman says:

      I'm appalled to see government over-reach and, blatant religious persecution, in this instance. I am also shocked that there are no other comments here. I have posted this story on my Facebook page. I would hope more of us would!

    94. abb says:

      I feel sorry for us americans , they traind us just to follow orders. what americans need to know , milk is regulated not because of any thing ,but to make the rich get richer , so only hand full of people can
      have control over 300 million slaves , please take back control ( we the people ) its time

    95. Remodel says:

      It is in reality a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    96. mw3lobby says:

      Thank you for some other informative site. Where else could I am getting that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

    97. swampcat says:

      Humans have existed as such for about 50,000 years; other primates and mammals have existed for thousands of years prior. The point? The world, actually and amazingly, was able to struggle forth without the FDA, government overlords, pasteurization, genetically adulterated foods, and pink slime for eons.

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