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  • AZ Gets State Defense Force Law; Now It's Time to Act

    It sat on her desk for over a week, but yesterday Governor Jan Brewer (R–AZ) finally signed S.B. 1495 into law. The new law takes an important step and allows the governor to mobilize the Arizona State Defense Force (SDF) “for any reason” she sees fit.

    Arizona’s constitution has long allowed for the creation of an SDF. This latest law, however, removes many of the restrictions on mobilizing this force. No longer is the governor required to wait for the Arizona National Guard to be physically located out of state before calling up the SDF. Whenever the need exists, the governor may act.

    Brewer should certainly be applauded for not adding S.B. 1495 to the stack of vetoed bills yesterday afternoon. However, according to the Associated Press, it appears that while “Brewer believed it was prudent to sign the bill … [she] has no immediate plans to actually create the force.” The passage of S.B. 1495 does no good if it is not followed by action.

    Arizona must now “Put Up [Its] Guard!” and create an SDF. With little to no cost to the state or its taxpayers, an SDF would be an invaluable force multiplier and homeland security resource for the state of Arizona. In today’s age of strained financial resources and budget cuts, states like Arizona can ill afford to ignore the capabilities of these forces.

    To date, 23 states and territories have an SDF. It’s time that Brewer jump on board and make Arizona number 24.

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    11 Responses to AZ Gets State Defense Force Law; Now It's Time to Act

    1. Jack, Arizona says:

      Title 32 of the US Code authorizes states to create State Defense Forces should they choose to do so. Under Title 32 of the USC, those State Defense Forces, or "SDFs", *cannot* be forced into federal service. Unlike the National Guard forces, SDFs are intended to remain within the boundaries of their own state, and to remain under the exclusive command and control of each state's Governor.

      Title 32 State Defense Forces already exist in 23 states (plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico). Those states that have activated their State Defense Forces include California, New Mexico, and Texas. The fact is, Arizona is the only southern border state that does *not* have an active State Defense Force.

      Our group aims to correct that situtation. With your help, we can make it happen.

      More information about our effort to see the Arizona State Guard become a reality can be found on our website at http://www.arizonastateguard.com .

    2. Katheleen Chandler, says:

      Because we are so afraid of what/who exactly?

    3. Phillip Ficarra, PA says:

      "Because we are so afraid of what/who exactly?"

      I can answer this question with a sign installed by the Federal Gov't 80 miles from the Arizona/Mexico border and 30 miles from Phoenix.

      It simply reads:

      DANGER – PUBLIC WARNING (Capital letters match sign)

      TRAVEL NOT RECOMMENDED (Capital letters match sign)

      Active Drug and Human Smuggling Area

      Visitors May Encounter Armed Criminals and Smuggling Vehicles Traveling at High Rates of Speed

      That should answer the who and the what.

    4. Robert Massingill says:

      One thing to fear could be a collapse of Federal Government / Dollar if the debt is not dealt with.

    5. James, Maine says:

      I believe SDF's are good policy so long as they are put together properly, and enforced with prudence by moral character, however; poorly written and under the authority of unscrupulous government they could be disasterous to the citizens. Let's pray the states that have legislated SDF's continue to be maintained by those of good faith.

    6. George Colgrove VA says:

      This is the idea of citizen protection. When our DoD, DHS, and DoJ are political branches of a corrupt federal government, we can see their little value in protecting this country. DHS allows people to cross north of our borders and allows our guns to cross south of the border. The DoJ is failing at seeking convictions of terrorists; they allow for voter intimidation. The DoD is failing at all fronts in resolving the war on terror we have been embroiled in for 10 years. After spending over 7 trillion dollars in those 10 years the DoD (practically spending over several thousand times what the terrorists spends) has yet to produce a military that in many experts minds that is state of the art and modernized. States should have the right to form their own civilian defenses as I feel it can clearly be seen we cannot count on the self-serving federal workforce.

      This was the original vision Washington and the other founders had for this nation's defenses. Citizen Militias would be formed nationwide. These men would be employed in their day-to-day work, but would train and be prepared for war at any time.

      Upon War that was declared for by congress, these militias would be combined under the commander in chief (Washington) who would then guide them into war. Upon completion of that war these men would disperse back to their homes – back to their normal lives and stay prepare for the next conflict. Any Army congress did raise would also be discharged back into civilian life.

      This lasted until WWI to an extent, but more so after WWII. After WWII, we lost civilian control over the military complex – the consolidation gave birth to more direct control by the military industrial complex that formed during the wars. The original body was created in 1947 and was called the “National Military Establishment” NME which was later titled, the Department of Defense. It was created to reduce rivalry of the two military departments, that of the Army and the Navy. The Air force at the time belonged to the Army and the Marines are still under the Navy. The legislation also created the Air force as a separate branch. Dissention of this move was out of fear of centralizing too much power and control in one body. During this time, the country was at peace for 3 years. Passage of the department was at the end of 1947. We were at war with Korea in 1950. We have been at war with someone since.

      All of the founding fathers, though they saw the importance of a strong fighting force, did not see the virtue of paying for a standing army, though they did see the virtue of providing for a navy. Makes sense as a navy would be fundamental for border protection at the time.

      In a nutshell the founders applied significant restrictions on a military and declaring war. They restricted the federal government by compartmentalizing the parts of war. Th founders gave congress the powers to declare war or call forth the Militia to control national crises just short of war. For two-year terms, congress provides funding for an Army. In all cases, congress was to provide and maintain a Navy. Congresses role is to ensure the Militia has the funding for its operations, however leaving to the states the power of appointing officers and the authority of training the Militia. Congress is the regulatory body over the military forces.

      States were originally forbidden to keep troops or a navy during peace times unless authorized by congress. This was done so with title 32 of the US Code, which allowed states to manage their National Guard or other state control security forces as the Militia.

      The President in times of war is the commander in chief of the military forces, – Army, Navy and the combined efforts of the Militia of the states when called into service.

      At the time of the constitution writing, the Founding Fathers often spoke against a standing army as they felt that an idle military could be mischievous. Warnings in the same light were provided by General and later President Eisenhower when he warned America about the Military Industrial Complex. Considering that today we have been at war almost constantly since 1950 and today with our defense contractors taking over half of the defense budget (nearly $400 billion out of roughly $700 billion), one starts to wonder about the founders and Eisenhower’s wisdom.

      Locally controlled security forces is vital to having an efficient and transparent national security force. It will provide optimal oversight on conflict engagement. It gets the politics out of war. These forces, though run locally can be brought into national service by a declaration of war. In these instances, our soldiers would be protected from engagements like the three wars we are in today. More of our soldiers were killed this year than 2009 – things are not getting better for our solders under Obama as was promised. Our soldiers will upon completion of war, will return to normal life. Meanwhile these people will be able to protect boarders and our local infrastructure – state by state.

      By a strict interpretation of the constitution, a federal level department of navy is essential. A department of army/air force is transient only during war – for which during peacetime there should be none. In all cases locally run state security forces should be in place. The thing is, we have had them all along, it is called State Police and National Guard. AZ did not need to create a new tier, which will only cost the citizens more money they do not have. They should have better positioned what they already had.

    7. Steve S. California says:

      The concept that the Air Force and Army are not needed during peacetime is fatally flawed. This is not 1941. We do not have the luxury of taking months and years to convert factories which meke cars to those which can build planes and tanks, etc. The issue will be decided much sooner than that, and being unprepared ogten invites conflict. Not only that, but an effective fighting force does not develop overnight, and the corporate knowledge gained in combat, thought potentially a double edged sword, is an integral component of the military arsenal. Frought with danger the military industrial complex may be, but disbanding it is far more so. This is borne of the lessons of histroy, not of opinion.

    8. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Wacky as the Obama Administration is? Eric Holder will be suing Arizona for using its State Defense Force. Is that why Brewer isn't planning to use it? I hope you all know that Americans Do Not have an 'inalienable' Right to Self Defense! Not even vaguely! Just try to Defend yourself! They'll give you a Felony for stopping a Misdemeanor! Yes! It is that crazy!

      Good luck, Jan. I'm sure there is a little Arizona ant they can use, your SDF can't deploy "You'll be stepping on these ants!"

    9. AD, CA says:

      Under the Militia Act, these SDF's are the Organized Militia component, but there is still the un-Organized Militia to cover "their six".

    10. George Colgrove VA says:

      "Our problem is to achieve adequate military strength within the limits of endurable strain upon our economy. To amass military power without regard to our economic capacity would be to defend ourselves against one kind of disaster by inviting another."

      - President Dwight Eisenhower, State of the Union address, February 2, 1953.

      When does reason step in?

    11. Maj.WilliamMartin says:

      One thing I find of most interest is the Military of "Today". While there are many valid reasons to have a Military, One only has to watch a few Youtube videos and see what is really going on.

      First though I will start with the current passage of the NDAA. Now after doing what was already being done, It is now Law. Therefore, Now that it is LAW I would like to remind all that there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq. Then there came to be… Then these Al Qaeda were moved to Libya where they fought on the FRONT LINES with the NTC/ REBEL'S. Who with NATO killed 50,000 under a Humanitarian Aid.

      One might also look up the definition of what a REBEL "IS", To coin a phrase from Bill Clinton. Then these Al Qaeda were "Bused" to Syria to meet-up with U.S. Special Forces and now are destabilizing the Syrian Government. Now the CRUX of the Issue, The Youtube videos for Hillary Clinton in where SHE admits that the Al Qaeda are MADE IN AMERICA. Yes a Mercenary Force created by the U.S. Government.

      The same Force known as the Mujahedin/Al Qaeda whom Ronald Reagan dedicated a Space Shuttle Launch to. The CIA also admits that "They" created the Al Qaeda in a effort as towards prosecution of MAFIA type figures so that they could Indict the TOP Leaders and not just the henchmen (Like the SS of Germany) The Leaders could be sought for their involvements.

      This brings us or the U.S. to the NDAA. It is clear that in its words, Anyone who Supports or gives AID to a Terrorist. This Government is GUILTY of that very Fact. All you have to do is see where the News reports that the U.S. sent ARMS to the Al Qaeda in Libya. Probably also to Syria too as this country is involved in Regime Change in Country after Country and in Democratically Elected Nations.

      Who is going to file Charges against Our President and those in Congress that approved of these Arms Sales to Al Qaeda? Or if not Sales, Then the Giving of Arms to them? This is the same as in Somalia where the U.S. Traffic's in Arms which are then sold to buy Food for the starving Somalian Soldiers who sell their Weapons to the very ones they are Fighting. Then Clinton asks for Millions in AID to feed these same ones that they made refugee's because of US Arms sales.

      This is also why it is only in LEAKS that we find out Who was Sold WHAT. For Our Government sell's $50,000,000,000 in Arms and does not report much of where it went. We only hear it when it is for Planes that a US Company can Profit from for US Jobs.

      It is clear that the US has no major Exports. You can Google Earth the Coastlines of America and see there are Few actual shipping Ports that We American send our Products out of this Country. Our main product sent is Humans to work in other Countries. Mainly by those this Government has bombed back into the Stone Ages.

      If one was to properly treat the Defense Acts of this Country we with know without a glitch that when Yamomoto of Japan during WWII said that there was a "Rifle behind every Blade of Grass." That is OUR DEFENSE. The Countless Millions of Armed Citizens/Hunters that probably create the largest Standing Army when called to defend this Country.

      However, There has been a up-swing in Guns being bought in the last 5 months that show that the People no longer TRUST this Government. I'll sum this up with the Nazi's began killing their own Citizens as did Stalin and Mussolini.

      From the Patriot Act forward the Freedoms in this Country have depreciated greatly. Cop's (Not All) Have been abusing their powers and Filming these Event's have lead to jail time. One would only see that they don't want this Police Action Filmed for the rest to see. Finally, the HOAX war on Drugs is a laugh while you have Our Soldiers growing Opium and Heroin in Afghanistan because it is "There way of Life" there.

      The DOJ wants to Criminalize Whistle Blowers of any kind. They are the ones receiving the Indictments. Not those who allow the Crime in the first place. You fight Crime by working from the Top Down, Not from the Bottom Up. As it is always found that whether the CIA is selling Drugs or the ATF is Selling Arms it is THEY that create the Problems and give Guns and Drugs to those that could not find them.

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