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  • Hysterical Attack Machine in Full Force Targeting Ryan Plan

    It seems like there’s a demagoguery machine working full tilt these days to churn out scaremongering from the left over House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R–WI) 2012 budget resolution passed by the House earlier this month.

    Much of it focuses on Ryan’s proposal to provide premium support to Medicare enrollees, assisting them to purchase a health care plan of their choice. As Heritage’s Robert Moffit and Kathryn Nix write, it’s modeled after the plan that federal workers and employees enjoy, and it would introduce intense competition in a consumer-driven market, which has historically slowed the growth of health care costs and increased patient satisfaction.

    That proposal was enough to kick the left’s demagoguery machine into high gear. Here are three examples of their heightened state of alarmist rhetoric:

    Exhibit 1: Representative Steve Rothman’s (D–NJ) op-ed, “Killing Medicare won’t solve nation’s problems”

    Representative Rothman does quite a job of spinning the Ryan plan, claiming, “For those tens of millions affected, and for all future generations, the Republican plan ends Medicare and ‘privatizes’ health care for American seniors.” Rothman writes that the plan could leave American seniors uninsured, and he invites the reader to see the world through his mind’s eye:

    Imagine the suffering, pain and terror for those tens of millions of seniors under those circumstances. Where would they turn? Charity? Family members? Early death? And why?

    Suffering, pain, and death? It’s hard to imagine a more vivid mischaracterization of the plan. In reality, seniors would receive a contribution to spend on any health plan that best meets their needs (providing the plan meets guidelines intended to protect consumers, while also allowing choice and competition). Those who have more need—the older, sicker, and poorer—would receive additional assistance to ensure no one goes without coverage.

    Exhibit 2: “How could the GOP budget affect you? brought to you by House Democrats in the Committee on Education & the Workforce

    Are you a preschooler? Student? Young adult? Middle-aged worker? Retired worker? According to House Democrats, you’ve got some bad news coming your way. In a whimsically illustrated chart (see one of their graphics, above), they predict dire straits under the Ryan plan. If you’re a preschooler, for example, they warn that you could “LOSE health care if you or your family is low income or has a medical condition.” If you’re a retired worker, they warn that you could:

    •    LOSE Medicare benefits and guarantee;
    •    LOSE nursing home coverage;
    •    Be stuck with the prescription drug donut hole;
    •    Have NO health care cost containment.

    Again, the reality is much different. The Ryan plan empowers seniors to make their own choices and repeals Obamacare to eliminate the negative effects it will have on every American, paving the way for real health care reform that expands access and lower costs without growing government.

    Exhibit 3: Representative Ryan’s plan will lead to rationing, says Donald Berwick, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    In an interview with Politico, Berwick unabashedly says Ryan’s plan rations health care: “If you look at the proposed withdrawals of support to Medicare beneficiaries and Medicaid, it’s withholding care from the people who need the care. You tell me what that is?” And more ominously, he paints a picture of an America where children won’t have health care:

    When I read proposals for reform that say, ‘Sorry kid, you’re on your own,’ that’s the not the country I want to be in,” he said. “And I don’t think that’s the country the public wants to be in.

    Ironically, Berwick has gone on the record—several times—as a passionate supporter of socialized medicine and claims, “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care—the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

    Berwick might want to demagogue the issue, but in order to preserve Medicare for future generations, its looming unfunded obligations must be addressed. The right way to reduce spending is complete transformation of the program in a way that empowers patients and allows market forces to achieve better value for each dollar spent. The only other option is to empower government to reduce costs from the top down, which would entail across the board cuts, restricted access to providers, and more government intrusion into health care decisions.

    The truth about the Ryan plan is much different than its detractors would have America believe, but their attacks are par for the course given the utter lack of seriousness accompanying the left’s approach to the budget crisis.

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    10 Responses to Hysterical Attack Machine in Full Force Targeting Ryan Plan

    1. George Colgrove VA says:

      Ryan's plan is OK but in hard numbers it only cuts $200 billion from FY12 – that's all. Ryan's plan is based on projections – i.e. hope for an outcome based on the unknown. It does not stop deficit spending for another 10 years.

      We can do much better.

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    3. Bill T., Kansas City says:

      It is not a question of can we do better, we have to do better. A good start is to defund and repeal Obamacare.

    4. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      I find it ironic that people from exhibit 1 & 2 are the same ones who supported raiding $500B from Medicare in order to keep the 10-year cost of Obamcare under $1T. Supporters of the Ryan plan, especially House GOP, should be shouting this and other facts from the rooftops.

    5. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I am a retiree on Medicare A & B, this is not FREE, when I worked I paid into Medicare now I have over $100 come out of check each month and pay over $200 a month for supplement, The gov't pays little of expenses, the only good thing it does it limits the cost of a procedure or office visit and then pays a % of that figure with the supplement picking up the balance. Part A is Hospital and the only one not charged, BUT it does not pay all cost. It might be better if the supplement became the primary and Medicare pick up the difference. If you are a gov't . retiree, your Ins. from the Gov't is the primary . The whole system is a big mess and needs to be looked at by someone with Insurance knowledge NOT a politician. Mr. Ryan knows this paln cannot last as it is and BHO has no intention of looking after us, his way is ,just, shut up and die.

    6. Kevin H, college par says:

      Ryan's plan is a joke. It raises the debt ceiling by multi-trillions (so all House Republcians except 3 of them are already on record for voting to raise debt limit multiple times) and it has very little deficit reduction. 155 billion over 10 years? This is the best he can do?

      The Ryan plan does ZERO to lower the cost of health care, the single biggest contributor to future deficits and debt. Obama's plan actually tries to go after the underlying problems instead of shifting the cost from the government to the backs of the aging.

    7. Hermes c LIBERTY New says:

      Great article Mike. The histerical have to be, from now on taken into account, at least as long as the Woman, who is behind before and throughout it is out.

    8. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Imagine the suffering and terror of Seniors when the whole program goes off the Cliff along with the American Economy! Oh dear! Now that is an Iron Clad Scenario, that's the factual probability of suffering! I am actually more afraid of what Federally Mandated Medical Practice will impose on our Seniors! (Obamacare has Feds setting Practice, Not Physicians!) I am afraid the 'care' they will be getting won't be good for them! Not that we can't pay for it so much! Can we impose really crazy Medicine on people, virtual Human Experimentation? Now that is Hysterical! (They did it in the Soviet Union, that is Historical.)

      It scared me to hear Precedent Obama (sic) doing the same gig as Rothman (D)! Was it Cain said it? S-Switch the Subject, I-Ignore Facts and N-Namecall. It is sickening to watch when you know what the Progressives are doing! Nowadays I call it Sorcery, since it is Deception Above The People's Heads. We don't have lawful Kings in our Country but since Obama is a gangster? I think it is 'moderate' to see him as a Sorcerer King! I don't know why they can't use RICO anymore, to go after these Bums (Socialists: Society of Bums, or SOBs). They can still figure out ways to steal Medicaid Money! Why are they crying because Ryan wants to Block Grant it to the States? It isn't the end of their corrupt little world. Really Senator, the sky isn't falling!

    9. Rock Cramer, Parker says:

      Poison Pill in Ryan's Budget?
      I’m thrilled with Mr. Ryan’s budget. It’s a true game-changer for the Beltway crowd. My concern is about how competition is to be enhanced for medical care providers and associated insurance. Does this new budget include compelling incentives for states to open the door to multi-state insurance providers and establish limits for malpractice claims? How quickly does it defund the federal Medicare and Medicaid bureaucracies and relieve providers of the massive and onerous compliance and reporting burdens? How quickly does it end the “DRG” type billing mandates and “batch process” billing that render billing for medical services impossible for the consumer to understand? There is much more.

      If there is a “poison pill” in this budget, it’s the missing path to free market competition in all aspects of medical services and insurance. If the business model that healthcare providers now follow is not changed, someone other than the consumer must be the “gatekeeper.” If this new budget were to pass without free market competition in medical care, we either revisit the failures of the HMO model on a national basis or necessary “support” to individuals from government is chronically underfunded or both. Regardless, absent free market competition, liberal demagoguery is odds-on to prevail long before 2022. Then we move on toward the ObamaCare end-game: a single payer/provider, the government.

    10. BioBasics says:

      Thank you ever so for you article.Really thank you! Want more.

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