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  • Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Seniors Prefer Ryan's Budget Over Obama's Plan

    The liberal attack machine is operating on overdrive to attack Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, but it’s failing to convince a large number of Americans, according to two new polls.

    A surprising USA Today/Gallup poll today revealed that a plurality of Americans over the age of 30 — including Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and seniors — support Ryan’s proposal to reduce the deficit over President Obama’s plan. The only age group preferring Obama’s plan were those aged 18-29.

    “Pluralities of middle-aged Americans as well as those 65 and older prefer Ryan’s plan to Obama’s,” according to Gallup.

    The news comes as liberals and the mainstream media attempt to vilify conservatives over the Ryan budget during the congressional recess. News outlets from Politico to the New York Times have bought the liberal line that Americans are revolting.

    The USA Today/Gallup poll would suggest otherwise. And it’s not the only evidence. Last week the CBS News/New York Times poll — a survey that skews to the left — found a plurality of Americans support Ryan’s Medicare reforms. John Fund reported for the Wall Street Journal:

    A startling 47% approved of changing Medicare from a program in which the government ‘pays doctors and hospitals for treating seniors’ to a program in which the government ‘helps seniors purchase private health insurance.’ Only 41% disagreed.

    These developments have thrust liberals into a state of panic, fueling ridiculous accusations about Ryan’s proposal and leading to acts of incivility at town-hall meetings. My colleague Mike Brownfield outlined three of them earlier today on The Foundry.

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    7 Responses to Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Seniors Prefer Ryan's Budget Over Obama's Plan

    1. Bobbie says:

      people should look beyond the scare tactics (that reveal obamacare consequences) and words of fear coming from those in opposition of Paul Ryan's well put together with benefits that reflect the same as the fear mongers plan and realize none of those mouths of fearful words have an idea of their own to correct this massive problem outside our control and in the control of government.

      Programs in government control are failures due to government: incompetence, ineptness, unaccountable, fraud, corruption, all at tremendous costs. The democrat fear mongers would rather overlook these problems than take accountability to correct these problem for the good of the country and the people they serve.

      The country is much stronger when people are in control of their own and within their own means. We look forward to limited government to regain our freedom and control of ourselves to know we can find our own resources and not look to depend on government for our health care. EVER! Look at the failures and crisis all connected to government. Government is a suspicion of our demise after all, they'll be taking over and in control?

    2. West Texan says:

      18 to 29 prefer Obamacare? Oh boy, are we in big trouble! All that education money was obviously wasted on failing public schools. Very disturbing.

    3. George Colgrove VA says:

      I think the key here is privatizing medicine. Something we used to do. People inherently know that if you have choices, costs go down and quality goes up. The elderly knows this by experience by the way things used to be. Young folks know this by the amazing electronic gadgets they play with. Phones and portable game consoles that would have cost thousands just a few years ago are cheap along with a contract with a wireless phone company.

      Kids also know they are being saddled with a huge national debt, a probably more are starting to really pay attention.

      Ryan's plan is the best we have on paper to date.

    4. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      We need to go back to when Insurance meant covering trips to ER, hospital stays, surgery and treatments assoc. with these. Routine visits and shots were paid out of pocket, When kids were little an office visit was about $10.00 and $3.00 to $5.00 extra for their shots. You didn't have long waits as no one ran to the Doctor's for every sniffle and scrape. As a nurse I am aware that prevention is the best way BUT this starts in the home and running to the Doc's with every sniffle exposes you to more germs. Our pediatrician had a sick room for kids with fevers, still can have cross contamination, they also made house calls, these ran about $25.00. If we returned to this doctors could practice medicine not worry about all the paper work for the goverment and Insurance companies. Insurance would be cheaper, not as many claims and people would start to treat minor things at home. A phone line nurse was also available, this gives advice for minor ailments. ER's would not be paid by Ins. for routine care, sniffles, and minor scrapes, these would go to a local clinic or be treated at home.

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Isn't that amazing the Indoctrinated ones, now Under the Thumb of Liberal Academia are the only ones so duped! Maybe Socialist Indoctrination wears off for a few people after they get away from their Immersion Therapy at Public School. (God knows we aren't Educating!) Can we extrapolate that it flattens out at 38%? That is, 38% of the Indoctrinated will never get better? They will never get over the Indoctrination they took in their youth? (Like Russians who could never adapt to democracy?)

      The other thing is, Obama doesn't have a Plan! Generalities and hypno therapy for everybody, Mass Marketing is his Plan! "We'll tell you what it is after we 'get the votes.'" Tax the Rich isn't a plan, it is Soft Murder of the whole Demographic! "Just take everything they ever will have!" That's a plan? Price Healthcare so far out of reach you must have Insurance! Then steal as much wealth as you can! Waste so much in mandated coverage a guy can't get their teeth cleaned! Let alone a prescription. Hey! What a solution! Just Don't Pay The Doctors! Wow! Brilliant! Only trouble is we already did that!

      The Obama Doctrine is "Nobody Do Your Job!" And crazy! They don't!

    6. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      Since our 18 to 29 year olds favor Obamacare, it seems that the schools have proven their methods to use propaganda to our children a success. However, it is still up to us as parents to education and to re education our younger people because experience is the best teacher not some liberal professor's ways.

    7. Crista R. says:

      As a gen Y'er (at 29 years old) I would have to say that most of the people in my generation are apathetic about coming changes in medicare, and that presenting the question as "Obama, Ryan, no opinion" is a false choice. Most of the people in my generation are pretty certain that we're going to be hit by the dutch door, knowing that we're going to have to pay for these services, while the likelihood that we'll be able to get a return on them is low. So let's be real, either I'm going to be paying for my grandmother and mother through the system with Obama, or through the system (grandmother) and out of my own pocket (mother) with Paul Ryan, but I have no illusion that I'm not going to be paying for it; it's all just a question of how.

      I mean, come on, the babyboom generation was hailed as the budget buster, and now we're not even going to deal with them (in either plan) until after nearly all of them have retired? What a scam!

      Maybe if health insurance weren't attached to employment, we wouldn't need to have the conversation about what to do at retirement; we would just keep the plan we've probably had most of our lives when we retire. Or maybe they can deregulate the whole darn thing, and I can diagnose myself on WebMD just like the doctors do it. Or maybe we can offer a public option, so I know someone isn't raking in the profits while I'm well, and kicking me to the curb when I'm sick.

      In any case, do whatever ya'll like. My treat. Really.

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