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  • Small-Business Owners in the Gulf Share Similar Hardships

    Nearly a year after the administration first halted oil drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico, stories of economic hardship still surface, all with the same theme: The slow pace of permitting punishes all those whose livelihood depends on the oil and gas industry — even those who had nothing to do with the spill and whose safety records are impeccable.

    Fergus Hodgson of the Louisiana-based Pelican Institute for Public Policy reports just such a story today. Writing in The Pelican Post, Hodgson profiles Cliffe Laborde, who, as the owner of the supply vessel company Laborde Marine, has felt the “permitorium” pinch firsthand. Even though the drilling moratorium has long been officially over, more than two-thirds of Gulf of Mexico deepwater rigs remain idle and, as a result, Laborde Marine’s service rates have fallen to less than half their prior levels.

    “It’s resulted in a lot of sleepless nights,” Laborde said in an interview with Hodgson.

    Despite the difficulty, Laborde Marine has retained its approximately 200 employees, but, as Hodgson points out, that doesn’t mean they have sufficient work to do.

    Laborde has much in common with businesswoman Leslie Bertucci, who we featured in a video to mark the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Bertucci owns R and D Enterprises, which supplies equipment to transport chemicals to and from deepwater rigs. Like Laborde, Bertucci has faced a steep decline in revenue, yet has chosen to retain her employees.

    Unfortunately, the ongoing hardships of people like Laborde and Bertucci have lately been largely overlooked.

    “To rub salt into the wound, President Obama has made misleading statements and concealed the industry’s bottlenecked activity,” Hodgson writes. “This unofficial permitorium, without a timeframe, has created an unpredictable process. And the suspension of lease sales until 2012 means the long-run outlook is just as grim.”

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    6 Responses to Small-Business Owners in the Gulf Share Similar Hardships

    1. chad w. says:

      The industry they all work in experienced one of the worst environmental disasters ever. And you wonder why the Obama Administration doesn't resume business as usual? My heart goes out to the business owners. But they are not victims of the White House. Their problem is that a very terrible accident damaged their livelihood.

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    3. Dave Raymer, Fort Wo says:

      "“To rub salt into the wound, President Obama has made misleading statements and concealed the industry’s bottlenecked activity,”

      POTUS Obama has built his career on misleading statements, bait and switch, etc. At Facebook, to kick off his campaign, he blames the current economic situation on the Bush Era tax cuts, even though the records of the IRS show revenues soared (up to 44%) after the tax cuts. POTUS Obama does not want the oil industry to recover, he does not want the price of gas at the pump to go down. Allowing that to happen would removed any need for his high speed rail boondoggles, the EPA foisting defacto, unconstitutional laws masquerading as regulations and policies for fuel efficiency that push automotive vendors to produce plugin electric vehicles with limited ranges.

      If you add all this up, either the current administration is completely incompetent or they are taking deliberate action to create a situation wherein the government has near complete control over the movement of the population of this nation, outside of their immediate urban / rural areas

      If I can't buy a vehicle with an effective operating range of greater than a 100 miles, between 8 hour recharges, I must rely on scheduled mass transit, with a much higher cost to the consumer, to visit anyone outside of that 100 mile range.

      This is about power and control, or its about incompetency. Take you pick, both are equally frightening in my opinion.

    4. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      "Obama making misleading statements". HE'S LYING! He came to South Louisiana for photo opts, sat down, pretending to eat local seafood, and LIED to the people, not "mislead". He has a hatred for oil and and agenda to

      distroy our nation's economy throught high oil prices, causing higher gas pump prices, which he is causing by reducing the overall availablity of world wide crude.

    5. Richard, New Orleans says:

      How is that "laser focus on jobs" working out…

      If these small businesses hadn't done the right thing, i.e. retain more staff than the workload needed, then the unemployment numbers would be higher and might more clearly show the negative impact of the permitorium.

      Just shows that no good deed goes unpunished…

    6. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Tina, have you noticed that the same kind of rope-a-dope strategy has been employed by the Obama Administration all over the Nation? "Say one thing and do another!" The 'permitorium' is a match with the American Businessman who can never get enough predictability to make that hiring decision! "Oh! We Democrats are all about Jobs!" Then they do everything under the Sun to stop Jobs! To the Republicans they say "I'll gladly give you an empty promise Tuesday, for a hamburger today!" (Another Fox News laugh!)

      "I've got a New Idea!" says Obama. "Tax the Rich!" That joke isn't funny anymore! It isn't that Obama hates Jobs so much, he just really hates the Rich! He just hates people who create jobs, but somehow he just loves jobs. I get sick because I lost a Career to Progressive Policies, so a job is a 'wienie' that I just can't celebrate! Even if you win you lose! "That's Obama Hope!" Yeah, sure! Whoop de doo!

      We Americans have paid Billions of Dollars for an Energy Policy! Created a whole Department! And what do we get? Ten dollars worth of crap. "No Energy at all! That's our Policy!" Huh?

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