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  • Morning Bell: Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat

    All across Western Europe—the land of platinum-plated social benefits, the 35-hour work week, tony retirement plans and government-funded health care—countries are coming to the realization that they can no longer afford these luxuries amid skyrocketing deficits. Yet here in the United States, as we face a $14.3 trillion deficit, some are calling for increasing our government’s ability to borrow even more money without any concern for spending reform. Congress can’t allow that to happen, lest we become the Europe of the West.

    The U.S. government is fast approaching its $14.294 trillion debt ceiling — the statutory limit on how much money it can borrow to finance spending. Just how big is that? To put it in perspective, it would take essentially everything that Americans produced in all of last year to pay off the existing national debt. That comes out to $45,000 of debt for each American.

    Unfortunately, it’s all too common for Congress to reach that ceiling and keep raising its own credit limit, letting itself borrow and spend even more. In fact, Congress raised the debt ceiling from $6.4 trillion in 2002 and nine times thereafter to its present levels.  Hopefully, though, this time will be different.

    Yesterday on “Face the Nation,” Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) said, “I will vote ‘no’ on raising the debt ceiling unless we have comprehensive, dramatic, effective, and broad-based cuts to federal spending including the reform of entitlement spending.” Sen. Kirk’s instincts are right. The solution starts with Congress. David Addington, Vice President for Domestic and Economic Policy at The Heritage Foundation, writes:

    Federal spending has been out of control for decades, and federal borrowing has therefore also been out of control for decades. America has amassed a giant, unaffordable debt and a giant, intrusive government. This did not happen by accident. Congress passed all the laws that made it happen. Fortunately, Congress has under the Constitution all the power it needs to solve the problem it created. It needs only the will to do so and the support of the American people.

    Here’s how Congress should use that power. As Addington writes, Congress should not increase the debt limit until it puts the government firmly on the path to financial responsibility. And it can get there by cutting current spending, restricting future spending, and putting a more effective federal budgeting process in place.

    The Heritage Foundation identified $343 billion of potential spending cuts that could be made on top of the cuts passed by the House in February and the repeal of Obamacare appropriations, which the House approved in January. When it comes to future limits on spending, Congress can impose enforceable caps on out-of-control entitlement programs and pass a balanced budget amendment. The budgeting process should be reformed, too, by making it more transparent and imposing new limits on federal agencies. Merely raising the limit without reforms is the worst option, Addington says:

    [T]he least acceptable outcome is for Congress to continue to raise the debt ceiling over and over, doing nothing to drive down federal spending and borrowing, and to pile trillions of dollars in debt upon the shoulders of America’s children and the generations to follow.

    President Barack Obama and White House officials have warned of global economic Armageddon if Congress does not act now to raise the debt limit. Their warnings, though, are reckless hyperbole. A greater threat is the U.S. government’s unchecked expansion of unsustainable deficit spending. Congress must break its pattern of borrowing more and spending more by acting now to cut spending and get the government’s fiscal house in order. Only then can it avert a real crisis.

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    69 Responses to Morning Bell: Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat

    1. Turner, Massachusett says:

      the real prodigals are the older generation. they have been the voters and leaders who developed this entitlement mess, and they should bear the brunt of the pain rather than kicking the can down the road onto their kids and grandkids. Let's call it "the price of retirement." People are living longer and they should work longer. Start extending the benefit age NOW. Set a tax tier that is higher for the wealthy older people to help pay for the benefits they felt they should have. This is a cause that should rally every young person in America. The older generation has been weak to greedy and lazy politicians.

    2. nancy, Texas says:

      I am repeated disturbed by Republicans saying "I will vote NO unless….." Unless???? Just vote NO. I am sick of the republicans making concessions on this stuff. We voted them in to say NO and if they can't do it, we will replace them with someone who can.

      I expect Conservatives to stand hard and fast against all spending…I am not afraid of a gov't shut down or any of the other dire warnings, we have to face the music and there is no better time than the present.

    3. Jack Kyle says:

      We will soon know who is serious about cutting spending and who is not- we will remember next election! It is time to stand up for America!

    4. ThomNJ says:

      And therein lies the problem: "I will vote 'no' on raising the debt ceiling unless …"

      It outght to be I will vote no on raising the debt ceiling PERIOD. Adding the caveat "…unless we have comprehensive, dramatic, effective, and broad-based cuts to federal spending including the reform of entitlement spending" is nothing more than weasel-wording a position that allows some other spending icreases funded by debt in the future and allowing one to exceed the limit again anyway. That position is NOT a commitment to changing how Washington spends our money.

      THAT is a political sidestep to make it look like one is serious.

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 25 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      If you are not for legal abortions,
      you are FOR illegal abortions.

      Leon Lundquist, Durango CO on April 22nd, 2011 at 10:35am said:
      I have to rebut Ken Jarvis, the Ryan plan doesn’t wreck Medicare. Nobody can pay $30K for Insurance, so the Market crashes! See? Joe Blow won’t have Insurance because Obama crashed the Market! How? With Fifty Years of Over Regulation! We pay more for Administrative Costs and Government Interferance than we pay the Doctors! The cost of Medicine isn’t for Medical Care at all!
      Deregulate Medicine! All the way back to the Stone Age! It would be better than what the Communists at Apollo Alliance have in store for Grandma!

      *** To Leon – Do you have a Spread Sheet?
      Do this.
      Take your monthly premium,
      and add 15% increase every year.
      How old are you?
      I am 80 – If the GOP end Medicare
      premiums for an 80 year old will be – At 80 – Monthly – $7,428 – Annual – 89,148
      YOU have my Email address – LET ME KNOW WHERE I AM WRONG.

      Denise, Utah on April 22nd, 2011 at 10:40am said:
      Ken, you need to quit putting all your faith in the Federal Government. Those of us who do our own thinking know that the Federal Government has a terrible track record for being efficient. The reason heath care, college tuition, energy, home prices, cars, etc. are so expensive is because of government meddling. Medicare is broke, by the way, as are all the other entitlement programs you are so fond of. Health care innovation should be bringing down the costs of health care. The government refuses to initiate tort reform. With all the malpractice suits going on no wonder doctors are ordering tests and procedures that patients don’t really need. Government and its programs are NEVER the solution. Wise up!!!!

      Denise – Thanks
      You Imply – YOU are Too smart to let the govt fool you,
      Well, do you pay into Soc Sec and Medicare NOW?
      If you work you do.
      What will happen to the $$$ You have already paid in?
      Email me the Answer. I'll include it in my RADIO Show. Thanks

    6. Tony, Brick, NJ says:

      I agree with you guys that, like any household, our government should reduce spending and not incur any more debt. But sooner or later we have to address the revenue side. I think we should raise revenue by lowering personal and corporate tax rates to 15% and 20% respectively and closing most, if not all, tax loopholes and getting rid of many corporate and personal deductions. We should, however, keep incentives, or create more, for corporations and small business to hire and invest in capital improvements and, in general, do business here.

    7. Carol USA says:

      Obama put us in this mess, when he lied to the American people, while signing the stimulus bill that unemployment would sky rocket if he didn't sign this bill.

      Wrong! he did and it did.

      Now he is telling us something else. If we do not raise the budget celing the world will wobble out of orbit and we will all be doomed. You can not believe a word out of his lying mouth. In fact the only time he isn't lying is when his lips stop moving.

    8. Mike, Chicago says:

      Thank God that there are Republicans in Congress that hold spending in check. I think some democrats don't care about America's debt and the excessive taxes that some have to pay.

    9. Ellen Gall, Florida says:

      Not a comment: a question. As an elderly, I know that all the many years I worked FICA, 14% of my salary — besides the IRS, ins., etc. came out of every paycheck I received — as was from all non-gov employees. I also know that the employer paid these "taxes" (including my Social Security payment) to the government on a regular basis. I want to know "How much Social Security presently comes into the Gov's coffers, regularly,today, now, this minute, while our Congressmen are discussing the dismantling of the receivables of this money to the elderly." I want to know the exact amount that is "listed" in the budget for consideration. Thank you.

    10. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      Tax reform should be included in this mix.

      The games congress has been playing for years are made possible by a tax code that not one single person in the USA does, or can, understand. A Flat Tax that affects every citizen could provide us with the necessary transparency in order for us to decipher what congress is doing with our money… and where it is coming from.

    11. Arlene Long 1902 Lun says:

      The cuts should be equal to the amount that would be needed to raise the debt limit. Therefore there would be no reason to raise the debt limit.

    12. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Stop increasing the debt limit !!!!!!

      It was wrong under President Bush, and it should be even more obvious that it's wrong under Pres. Obama. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya all three are foolish endeavors, similar to trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Barbarians will never be governed as a democracy or a republic, it's not who they are.

    13. Robert Phillips, Cle says:

      In this article you write, "Congress should not increase the debt limit until it puts the government firmly on the path to financial responsibility." It seems to me with this comment you open up the country to more reckless spending with this approach, for with the Congress we've had for decades "give them and inch and they'll take a mile." The right approach is, "Congress should never increase the debt limit beyond where it is now." When is enough enough? If fact, let me suggest a better approach. Move the debt limit to where it was before, just over 6 billion! And once that's done, put the Congress on notice that no more debt spending until our current debt is completely alleviated. Then our children will rise up and call themselves blessed because their great grandparents wised up and stopped shafting them!

    14. Lloyd in California says:

      As the media is asking if the Republicans are willing to shut down the Government, they need to put it right back at them, "No it is Obama and the Democrats that are shutting down the Government by not cutting spending" Repeat, repeat,repeat no matter how many times they ask just like on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace had to move on, so will the rest of the media and the Republicans will have gotten their message out. Time to play hardball just like the liberals.

    15. michael j mudrak car says:

      Why do our representatives Ignore the voice of the people ?

      They all know what has to be done but yet for some reason or a hidden agenda

      that they do-not have the guts to stand up and do what is necessary to put our

      nation back on a firm footing. The hand of God has made us a great nation and

      now is the time we need to turn our nation back into his hands.

      Pray and may GOD bless our nation

    16. Barb Upstate New Yor says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen this is all a crock. Not raising the debt ceiling will not cause what everyone is screaming about. Liars and more liars. Stop spending and stop borrowing. It's all theater…it's a play to keep us in chaos and knowing nothing and also to overwhelm the sytem and crash it. They are without shame or conscience. Guess what friends God is real, and like Christ told the Romans, "you would not have me if God had not allowed it." We pray and stand in faith. The meek shall inherit the earth…not the 'New world order' or Islam and Shariah, not George Soros and all the minions he controls and finally and surely not SATAN.

    17. Robert, North Richla says:

      We'll see if Senator Kirk is true to his word, unlike others in the GOP. Even if they passed Rand Paul's draconian $500 billion in spending cuts they would have to raise the debt ceiling by at least $500 billion dollars. And with Speaker Boehner's ominous $350 million in accounting tricks, they will need to increase the debt ceiling by well over a trillion dollars. These miscreants can cause a lot more damage to our nation in the next 18 months, while you wait for the next election. Ryan's "plan" and the Senate's balanced budget amendment (which does not address or limit federal mandates to the states) are do-nothing options similar to the "deficit-reduction plans" we saw in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

      They pass a law [a waste of paper] that says "by God, whoever is here next year better do something. The only people that need to "wake up" are the 100 million welfare recipients. It is time to set their alarm clock.

    18. RennyG Maryland says:

      On the note of cutting spending. We taxpayers have been paying for most of the salary, benefits of federal and state government employees, including unions, while they have been along for the ride during these trying times. Their salaries have grown equal to or greater than private industry, and are still getting increases. I suggest they all take a 5-10% reduction in pay to help off set our spending. I wonder what that number would amount to? Make it a two year cut with a gradual reinstatement as things improve. Stop hiring government employees,

    19. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      Ah Ha! another "crisis" for the Dems, libs and progs to take advantage of. Scare the old people, bamboozle the young, and screw the middle class. the sky is falling now, what the third time lately or is it the fourth? Gee, who can keep count, they keep coming up with more crises all the time.

    20. enbe, so CA says:

      unless you're like the U. TX. and bought tons of Gold for its endowment.

    21. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The correctly polite word "hyperbole" cannot be used when dealing with Obama. The word is LYING. Obama, Geithner, and the others are looking into the camers of the left wing media (and Fox) and lie to the American people. The government will not "default" if the debt limit is not raised. In "85, '94, and '02 the debt limit was reached and bypassed by months without default. The Dems (and some GOP) are deserate to get their greedy hands on more borrowed money to continue the "redistribution of wealth, ideology, thus add another nail in this nation's coffin. Wake up America. Obama and his gang are accomplished

      liars and deceivers.

    22. John R. Hanson says:

      Neither the Party has any intent other than to continue to expand their power through wealth confiscation, regulation, fiat money and debt. They attempt to placate the public with smoke and mirrors and voodoo accounting and someday cuts 10 and 12 years down the road.

      They play Good Guy/Bad Guy depending on which constituency they are addressing i.e. the Productive or the Dependents of Government.

      Both parties are destroying the country and everyone one of them must be voted out and the Constitution restored and all wars ended forthwith.

    23. Rev Bobby Stubblefie says:

      Is there no end to the madness coming out of Washington–now they want to take over the inernet-they control much of the news media-what ever happened to our Constitution-Im bound by my Bible to render unto Caesar but when Caesar goes against God,s Holy word then i am against Caesar

    24. Frank, Florida says:

      My financial advisor gave numbers to solve the financial crises:

      We've learned we can't collect more than 20% of GDP in taxes for the Federal Government (any attempt to do so stifles the economy & hurts tax revenue). With our GDP @ $14 trillion, then we can't collect more than $2.8 trillion for the Federal Government to use. To stop running deficits, pay debt interest & to start paying off debt that is maturing each year, you need over $500 billion a year. That means, all the things that the Federal Govt. does can't cost more than about $2 trillion a year. But the Federal Government is now spending over $3 trillion a year! That means we need to cut out $1 out of every $3 the Federal Government now spends for the dollar to survive!!

      Even the Ryan Plan doesn't come close to that target. The Ryan Plan will still likely result in the collapse of the dollar soon. Why? Because right now with the Federal Reserve just printing up "funny money" & with which it is now buying up 70% of the newly issued US Treasury Notes at artificially low interest rates, when the "funny money" printing stops on June 30th, someone other than the Federal Reserve will have to buy up 100% of all newly issued Treasury Notes in order to continue to finance the ongoing Federal deficit. But nobody will buy them at those artificially low interest rates, so interest rates on the Treasury notes will increase to incentivize buyers. However, if we refinance old Treasury Notes that were at lower interest rates by selling more new notes at a higher interest rates, the amount of interest we pay on the debt will start to skyrocket and we will enter into a vicious cycle that will end in our financial collapse.

      So everything must be on the table for negotiation NOW in order to drastically cut Federal spending & save the US Dollar. We need to stop printing up any more "funny money", stop selling more Treasury Notes & start paying off old Treasury Notes as they mature. The only way to GUARANTEE that is achieved is to cut $1 out of every $3 dollars now spent by the Federal Government.

      For the last 2-3 years, I (& many others) have lost faith in the US Dollar & I have put most of my spare cash in gold & silver & have lowered my cost of living by paying off off all my debts. I continue to warn others about the seriousness of our nation's financial situation, but with little effect.

      It will be very interesting to see what happens after June 30th, when the Federal Reserve says it will stop printing up new "funny money". The other thing to watch out for: the loss of the US Dollar as the world's sole reserve currency.

      Good luck USA. It may not yet be too late to save the US Dollar, but I'm not hopeful!!

    25. Mike Blue Ridge,Ga says:

      I say do not raise the debt ceiling unless nobama care is repealed. No repeal no debt ceiling raised and that is just the start.

    26. Cliff Garrison says:

      Congress should not increase the debt limit under any circumstances. They should cut spending by elimination of programs that do not work and redundancies. Further, there are Presidential Cabinets that should be eliminated, starting with The Department of Education (return control back to the states), The Department of Energy has produced none and costs the taxpayers billions of dollars, eliminate it. The Environmental Protection Agency has cost the nation millions of jobs and billions of dollars and ruined the lives of countless numbers of private citizens by preventing them use of their personal property; eliminate it.

    27. Searcher, Virginia says:

      A vote to raise the debt "ceiling" (really a target to be exceeded) is a promise to spend more money. Any rationale to do so is unacceptable.

    28. Cris Payton, Crab Or says:

      Yes, I agree that Congress should vote no to raising the debt ceiling but in order for them to do that we, the people should back them up regardless of what we perceive will be the consequences for us. We the people have been guilty of expecting the government to provide us with everything.

    29. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      The only hope we have of saving our country is the republicans, so I hope they don't let us down. Then next years elections come, vote ALL thoase politians out that didn't support us, meaning at least 90% of the dem"s. and any repub's that didn't vote with the people. We need to take charge of the gov't. that is supposed to be working for us, and seems the only way to do that is vote them out, and watch the voting because of all the corruption.

    30. James Michael Tierra says:

      I enjoy reading Heritage every day on my computer, but i feel you are wrong when it comes to the debt limit. The goverment cash flow is enough to pay our bills including the interest on the debt.So lets stop now and quit spending money we do not have, please do not raise the debt limit.Lets stop this credit cycle and not leave our kids and grandkids with this debt burden PLEASE!!!

    31. donna tuscaloosa ala says:

      i agree. one of the new buzz words is transparent. lets put it in simple terms, that is , how we spend the money EXACTLY is what the nation needs to know.

      when i get $25000, i can look at my check book and see how i spent it.

      the priorities are food, utilities, mortgage, car note, etc. then and only then do i spend money on other things. in fact putting just a few dollars in savings may be something i also do next. no credit card debt i cannot pay off within one -2 months.

      when the nation does these things then we will see economic recovery.

      oh by the way, i do not get the $2,500 unless i have put forth work in order to obtain these funds.

    32. Patricia Trucksess, says:

      TOO Much Government and TOO many regulations with waste and unproductive


    33. randydutton says:

      There many additional ways to cut spending. Here's one:

      Change the budgeting cycle for most federal agencies to biennial. From first hand experience, I know how much resources go into annual budgeting and contracting with annual money. With biennial money we could reduce staff, get better and less expensive contracts, and reduce political interference.

    34. randydutton says:

      End the subsidies and loan guarantees for 'green' energy. Taxpayers are on the hook for expensive and often unsuccessful schemes that more are about raping the taxpayer and less about solving problems.

    35. Wes Litchfield, MN says:

      Maybe I have just become too much of a defeatist. You know and I know that Washing has been off the deep ends for years. They know it too. But they are too gutless to do anything about it; but worse are the "Obama Zombies", yes, our neighbors that were/are so blind that put the idiots in place. And will continue to do so. I have been to Tea Party rallies, sent, literally, thousands of faxes to Rep and Sens and it does absolutely no good.

      If Heritage can't move deadwood how are you and I supposed to do it?

      If someone does try to do something about it the zombies just vote them out. How are we to win?

      This sucks!

    36. Roy S. Kentucky says:

      I am sure congress will raise the debt limit because I don't think they have the nerve not to. I would like to see the congress refuse to budge on any additional spending or raising the debt limit, but after this last joke of budget cuts, I don't see them standing up to the administration. The trick to solving the problem is to call Hussien's bluff and don't be like a crawfish where you back-up or back-down. If they stick to their guns, the Dem's will fold up like a cheap suit. If you roll the dice and come up with craps, so what, you are no worse off than you are right now. Stare him down, don't blink (like the last time), and you will be surprised at the results.

    37. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Yes, stop the deficit spending. By all means, stop it.,

      When I heard we'd begun yet another intervention, this time in Libya, I knew for sure we had no intention of kicking the habit, though. Ever since our convincing successes in WWII, we've been in intervention after intervention, even war after war. Now it's all on borrowed money. Neither national debt nor annual deficit nor putting the burden of those two on the backs of people least able to defend themselves, it seems, will stay us from our self-appointed rounds as SuperPower on call.

      In flush times, projecting our power into every nook and cranny on earth makes some sense. As the ancient Romans found, there are significant benefits that derive from the risking of national treasure and the lives of our young. In leaner times, however, shame on us. We ought to be shouting to the world "Time out! We're broke. Call on us again when we're solvent."

      We spend more than the rest of the world COMBINED on national security–over a trillion dollars a year. One after another foreign policy decision over the years can easily be viewed as principal cause behind the deep financial hole we're in. It's time for our elected folks in Washington, D.C., to attend to more than the usual political monkey business in addressing spending cuts and down-the-road fiscal planning. It's time to admit our habit and work at sure cure fair to ALL.

    38. Rick74, Manassas, VA says:

      Senator Obama was "mistaken" when he voted against raising the debt limit.

      Republicans in Congress would be "mistaken" to NOT take the Senator's initial inclination into account this time around.

      Shows that everyone could make a good decision at least once, no matter how "mistaken" they believe they were.

    39. paul duncan, ma says:

      These criminal Democrats must not be allowed by congress to continue to steal and spent our hard earned money! if they do allow it, the only armageddon will be for them!

    40. Donald Buechler, Haz says:

      After reading this morning's Morning Bell , I hope that you will address in a future publication what I have heard that most Americans don't have a clue about. Is it true that the Fed is printing money and using that to buy up the Treasury's debt and thus devaluing the dollar in response to foreign currencies? If so, isn't this what Germany did in the early 20th century and people had to use wheelbarrows full of their money to buy ordinary stuff? I know the Fed is monitoring inflation to make sure this doesn't happen, but how can they stop it from happening eventually and taking off uncontrollably? I am getting hints that is why the oil/gas prices are taking off. True??????

    41. KC - New Mexico says:

      First, I am not happy about the debt ceiling being raised – again. However, I am more concerned about how the rest of the world would react to our dollar, and what the overall economy would do if the ceiling is not raised. We are basically in a “catch 22” or dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

      What must happen however is a change by the so called “leaders” in Washington to substantially re-direct the spending process to one of living within the means of incoming revenues. The size of government is too large – 21% of GDP is too much. There is no need for over half of the spending to go to individuals, elderly, veterans, farmers, students, disabled, and the poor. Yes, the government needs to help these groups but not when it is about 55% of all spending. Cuts are needed that are logical and that cut out the fraud and waste. Tax based system must be changed to a flat tax where everyone participates – no exceptions. Finally, our foreign spending must stop, no more funding, no more military aid.

      We need a business direction to this issue, not a professional, unintelligent political direction. Change in how we treat everyone in this country will be painful, change is not pleasant but it must be done. We can no longer be socialistic in liberal direction, and we can no longer give the world and the freeloaders in this country the free handout that is not appreciated.

    42. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      Schadenfreude. Global Dominance is our main goal. We spent money going into Iraq and Afghanistan with the approval of both sides of the aisle and we'll keep spending it elsewhere if we need to. Everything in our U.S. economy has to do with our National Security in one way or another and we'll be damned if we don't keep raising the debt ceiling. It's a matter of scale anyway given the total growth of the world economy over the last thirty years and the growth of the world's population. We just don't like what we've become.

    43. JM, Goleta CA says:

      Now is the time to lower the debt ceiling… not brag about keeping the present one. Now is the time for action. Too many politicians love the path of demagoguery and rhetoric. They worry about reelection before they think about why they are in office. They are not (or should not be) in office for a long term career in the office. They are there to deliver what the people wanted them there for and then to move on. Career politicians get their hands tied too easily by those who can power their whims. They get addicted to the perks that they assign themselves, the power, the prestige, the obsequiousness of those who 'need' them, and who knows what other reasons… just bring up any of the seven deadly sins and you will get the picture!

    44. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I agree. That's why we need the Ryan Plan.

    45. Bobbie says:

      Uncontrolled spending is the real threat? Apparently, members of the federal government aren't grown up enough to see their fault and understands no such concerns, nor cares of any consequences put on the innocent, intentionally!

      Government members are truly the ugliest, who's actions (paid by tax payers but not within the tax payers personal control) promote consequences. EVIL LURKS IN THEIR VEINS! UGLY EVIL!

    46. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      We american's have elected a number of stupid people to represent us. There is something wrong with this type of thinking, as I paraphase, Mr. Kirk will not vote to raise the debt limit unless the broad-base cuts to federal spending is made. Now, that statement is a real challenge to heavy thinkers. If you don;t rasie the debt limit, wouldn't that set the budget and end spending? They would be forced to redo the budget necessities to fit the money they have, including every program. As far as Obama's warnings, who is he to know anything about budgets, he can't even buy his own house without someone helping him. Get your congressman to vote for the debt limit and end the campaign money they want to use to get reelected by rasing the debt limit.

    47. chip fairfax says:

      I am concerned that i keep hearing"i won't vote to raise the debt ceiling uless therre are comprhensive spending cuts". that bothers me because they are not saying "No i will not vote to raise the debt ceiling because it is too high already!"

    48. Al from Fl says:

      Unfortunately the republicans are not adept at the PR game. I listen to some of the talk shows and while the dem positions sound good – why not? who is against being given more? – the republicans don't seem to have the right answers and they don't challenge the outrageous statements made by the dem party talking points. For example, if we don't raise the debt ceiling we will default etc. No we won't, there is still money there for the debt int payment, the question is what is left and what won't get funded. Let the dems justify the 1.6T entities that won't get funded.

    49. Matt Cushing, Frankl says:

      Why are we talking about reducing the deficit? Stop borrowing and reduce the debt! If Congress does not increase the debt ceiling, the first problem is solved.

    50. mike hutchings says:

      who is it that congress represents exactly?….and to what end all this?…..we know how it should be…..but we are coming to know how it really is….. remember boxer the work horse in animal farm….he said i will work harder to the piggish masters at each ginned up problem….they worked him to his death….and then sold his earthly remains to the slaughter house….after elaborate praise of course….boxer was currency and an asset as longt as he produced….who will our remains….as a nation and distinct culture be sold to…..to satisfy debts we know nothing about…. there was a book written after the first world war…..titled….what now little man….the frontier is closed….there is no welcoming land across the sea…..what now little man….what now little faceless men…where is that you lead us….and what slaughter house is underwriting the bills your running up….dont forget boxer the horse of simple faith in everybody….dont forget the piggish masters…

    51. Don Ruane says:

      Just a word to the Republicans in Congress. You cannot trust the Democrats or the President. They lie.

      When the Democrats and Obama say they will do a certain deficit reduction, put it into a BILL and have the Democrats pass the Bill and the President sign the sign the Bill. Then and only then then, introduce the Bill to Raise the Debt Limits. Do not Trust the Democrats and the President.

    52. George Houghtby says:

      I say JUST SAY NO to raising the debt ceiling. How are we ever going to reverse this if the debt ceiling is raised? WE WON'T !

    53. Renny, Maryland says:

      Do not allow an increase in the Debt Limit, period!! As stated, you can't trust them with thier "back room deals" etc.I hope I do not hear one word from the republicans in regards to the effect on the 2012 election. That will take care of itself when it gets there! You were elected to do a job, now do it!! If not you will not have to worry about 2012 and neither will we!!

    54. Lily Grace, Honolulu says:

      I believe that they should NOT raise the debt limit at all. Not the tiniest bit. The Government needs to get their spending cut drastically. Example: my daughter-in-law shared with me that her family of herself, 2 babies, and my son got $600 in food stamps. I certainly believe in helping the less fortunate, but there is no way that in Missouri, where the cost of living is pretty low, does a family of 4 need $600 in food. Remember food stamps cannot buy toilet paper, etc.

    55. Norm LA says:

      Guess the new freshman republicans were not listening at the Heritage briefing, except Colonel West. They all need to know if they raise the debt limit with over 300 billion in identified cuts, we the people will vote them out. And I did not know older people were greedy because we expect to receive the benefits we paid into for 47 years, in my case as I started working full time during high school, now am 65 and working as many hours as they will give me, being paid by the assignment. And with notice, today that my individual health premium is going to double to $1,780/ month in July, I am forced to sign up for Medicare, something I had determined not to do. Would that be greedy, like the Chrysler bond holders, writer from Massachusetts ? No debt limit without a forced agreement to cut spending. The president is only lying to his own voters; the rest of know who he is.

    56. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      Both political parties blame another for the problems. They either dust off the old studeis that been done update the data to fit the curve or thier point of view or appoint a Committee to study the problem. This calms the fears of the people and they think action will be taken by Congress. Sorry, history tells us no. The people talk about specifics such as they have to fix the debt but Congress then talks about generalities, i.e., the enviorment need protection, the oil companies done this to make more money, and etc. So the result is Congress wins. Nothing will be done for both parties are beholden to their constitutients.

      Material gain and economic security simply cannot be guaranteed by any government. They are the result and reward of hard work and industrious production. Unless the people bake one loaf of bread for each citizen, the govenment cannot gurantee that each will have one loaf to eat. Laws can be passed, executive orders can be issue, but unless the bread is produced, it can never be distributed.

    57. Hermes C LIBERTY New-York NY says:

      If the American People needs to be mobilsed again to friendly remind and pushes Congress toward not raising anymore the Debt ceiling and Cuting much more than what is being cut now, we should do so. It is necessary to consider this uncontrolled spending an external act of war, along with other measures like the Obamacare I just could call the Womancare Bill (in reference to the Woman of the Bible) as well. This drift in spending needs not to wait for our children but to attack us anytime it gets stronger and this can be tomorrow. Let us consider it carefully. thanks again Heritage for such Vigilance.

    58. Pingback: Debt Limit Debate « OBX Tea Party News

    59. Robert, North Richla says:

      Please make sure your senators and representatives know how you think about this debt limit issue. So many good comments from people who do not want the debt limit raised – and it will be raised. But will we get meaningful production? Will a Congress finally do something positive? Right now the odds are 427-8 that we get the shaft – and the AP will tell us how little johnny sold us down the river, again. It would be nice to hear the news from The Heritage Foundation first.

    60. hopewell,nj says:

      I really would like to know what happens to people who, in the future, do not have Medicare, no Social Security? Exactly how will they pay for medical care and food, heat, etc? How exact;y will this deregulated free market for healthcare and financial planning work?

    61. Judy S, NYC says:

      Q. What proof do the ObamaCrats have that global Armageddon will ensue if the US doesn't raise our debt limit – and do you have a one page bullet style list of why it is not a good idea to raise it?

    62. Dave Schraub, Indian says:

      The debt ceiling has been raised 64 times, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of lawyers making the laws. They vote to raise their pay they make themselves exempt from every law they pass to screw over the American people,I am sick of these traitors in washington, taking my freedoms away daily. As for Ken Jarvis, he is a liberal, that has been on the government dole all of his life, so wonder how he votes.

    63. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      The dept ceiling will be raised, the lifer politicians will rant & rave but in the end suffer no pain. The Republican lifers and the Democratic lifers and Barry O. and 'the bell' living in subsidized government housing will never miss a paycheck.

      Don't care if you write tons of Heritage papers…it's a game and the taxpayers cannot win.

    64. Richard, Brunswick, says:

      If we are really going to cut spending 38 billion or any amount; then why do we need to rise the debt limit?

    65. Denise, Utah says:

      Ken, I have been paying into the entitlement (legalized theft) racket since I was 12 years old and picking cherries in northern Utah in the 1960's . The money I have paid into all of these programs has already been spent. I don't even count on getting ANY of that money back for retirement or medical care. I think it was Alan Greenspan who said that the government can pay out on these huge entitlement programs forever, the government just can't guarantee the VALUE of that money. I probably will get the money that was stolen from me but by the time I retire my SS check will cover the price of a loaf of bread. Wake up! Have you been watching what the Federal Reserve is doing? They will soon need to start QE3. By that time our dollar will be as valuable as toilet paper.

      Oh, by the way, QE is a made up word by Helicopter Ben that is code for printing money out of thin air. If the Federal Reserve didn't exist we wouldn't have a budget deficit. Congress could not spend money that wasn't there. END THE FED!!!! In the meantime, Ken, you'd better stock up on a little silver. Now, that's real money!! I don't want to rely on the government for ANYTHING!!!! I want to be free.

    66. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvis says: If you are not for legal abortions,

      you are FOR illegal abortions. Ken you may be 80, but that just tells me you should know so much better!

      Who are you talking to? We're for personal responsibilities which the acts of bringing on an abortion, IS and so is the choice to abort. I didn't tell susie to sleep with johnny, why are you holding srangers accountable to the results of personal actions within their personal control?

      The insurance formula you proposed to Leon is flawed by 25 years.

      Denise is absolutely right. People of a free country should never depend on government to be the solutions to the problems of our own lives.

      Our money going into social security is going to you and the like. We will not see anything in return. It's gone due to the placing in wrongful hands. Government. Hopefully when we become elderly, we won't have to depend on government who works for themselves at their convenience and outside our control and held accountable for nothing!

    67. Kevin H, college par says:

      Does everyone know which President had the debt limit raised the most during their presidency? Reagan.

      Reagan signed off on the debt limit being raised 17 times. Yes, 17!!! The next highest number is 7. Under Obama, it's been raised 3 times, so only 14 more tiems to catch up to good ole' Reagan.

    68. Bobbie says:

      Kevin, it's not a competition! REagan didn't drive this country trillions in debt! And because he didn't, 17 x's, without government driven crisis', now that's what I call excellent organizational skills. Reagan didn't need to experience a tax paid community organizer to know how to organize and lead. My personal opinion, I think community organizers are in it SOLELY for "special interest" not essential or reflective to America's principles. Reagan was uninfluenced by politics or any personal ideology, he respected AMERICA and her concept!

    69. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      "Congress should not increase the debt limit until it puts the government firmly on the path to financial responsibility." Let's figure this out: Congress puts the government firmly on the path to financial responsibility——-and THEN——–increaes the debt limit. (!!!!!!!!!!) Right back off the path we go, and Congress has to put the government firmly back on that path to financial responsibility AGAIN……….THEN……….raises the debt limit once more, and so ad infinitum. Don't tell me I just don't understand. I learned this principle when at the age of 10 years, my parents started giving me an allowance.

      "President Barack Obama and White House officials have warned of global economic Armageddon if Congress does not act now to raise the debt limit." Next time you and your cronies come back from the current RAVE, Barry boy, take a look around. You'll find the economic blood is already knee deep!

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